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12 Interesting Ways to Make Money By Teaching Online

12 Interesting Ways to Make Money By Teaching Online
Diana Star Oct 1, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

It’s no secret that teachers don’t make much money. Many often pour their own funds into their classroom, buying school supplies for students, materials, and classroom needs. As a result, a teacher’s paycheck does not always reach very far.

To help bridge the gap, many teachers are turning to side hustles. But, since a teacher’s time is precious, finding a side hustle that complements a demanding teaching job is a great way to efficiently make more money.

There are many companies that offer online teaching services, usually to students wanting to learn English. Online tutoring jobs are also plentiful.

Depending on the amount of free time you have in a week, why not try a side hustle that you can squeeze in when you have a few spare minutes? Or, if you have teaching experience but are not currently teaching, find something that could turn into a part-time job doing what you love.

There are many advantages that teachers should consider when thinking about starting a side hustle:

  • Supplement your pay, especially for those who do not get paid over the summer
  • Gain a different perspective on your own classroom and students when you meet others who love learning as well
  • Stay fresh and current on educational trends, as many companies provide the curriculum and make sure it is meeting the best practices of current educational theory
  • Get new ideas for your own classroom as you see what works for tutoring students
  • Enjoy overlap between your side hustle and full-time teaching job, as you can often prep for both at the same time
  • Make a difference in the lives of even more students

If you’re not sure what options are out there for tutoring, check out a few of these companies and see if one might be a good fit. You’ll be on your way to a new side hustle in no time.

1. VIPKid

VIPKid is a popular choice for teachers wishing to earn a little extra money. Offering one-on-one English instruction to Chinese students, teachers use a pre-made curriculum, props, and body language to communicate with students and teach the curriculum.

VIPKid requires a Bachelor’s degree, although it does not have to be in education. The application process is very thorough, to ensure that only qualified applicants are hired.

The hiring process includes a video interview and a mock teaching lesson. If hired, you need to be able to commit to teaching for 6 months, initially. VIPKid’s requirements and expectations are quite high. There are a number of VIPKid teachers who have put up YouTube videos walking applicants through the process to help you figure out what they are expecting.

Teachers with VIPKid earn between $14-22/hour, depending on experience, the number of classes taught and showing up on time. Payment is made monthly via direct deposit.

Classes are largely held during what would be afternoon and evening hours in China. USA based teachers typically teach in the early morning or late evening, depending on time zone.

2. QKids

Like VIPKid, QKids is an immersive English teaching program for young Chinese students. Teachers use game-based learning to interact with the students. Classes could be anywhere from 1-4 students, so if teaching a group rather than one-on-one is more your style, QKids could be a great fit.

QKids doesn’t specify that a degree is required, but you do need to submit a resume. Additionally, they ask for a video detailing your background, including any work with children. You will be asked to do a few different interviews, trial lessons, and then hired if you pass all the requirements.

Teachers earn $16/hour. Payment is made monthly via direct deposit. Teachers can work in the mornings during the week, with extra hours available in the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays. The times given on their website are in Eastern Standard Time, so just adjust for where you live to see if the schedule would work for you.

3. SayABC

SayABC is another company needing teachers who want to teach English to Chinese students. SayABC offers classes with four students and one teacher. While you do need a Bachelor’s degree for a contract longer than 3 months, there are options to teach with them if you do not have a degree.

College students majoring in education should check to see if their school has partnered with SayABC. Internships are available through certain schools. Also, if you are finishing a degree or have an Associates’ degree, you could still apply.

The interview process is a bit more streamlined than other companies. Submit your information, then attend a 40-minute interview. Part of the interview is a mock lesson. If you’re accepted, you will then sign paperwork and begin teaching.

Teachers earn $15 for a 40-minute class, with an additional $6/class available through various incentives. Payment is made monthly via wire transfer.

Classes are all scheduled in the evenings, based on Beijing time, and are available every day of the week. Saturday hours are also available. This means that US-based teachers would need to be available in the mornings, again, depending on your time zone.

4. Cambly

Cambly is a small company based in San Francisco that is dedicated to helping people all over the world learn to speak English through conversation. Tutors chat one-on-one with a student, providing them with a conversational context and a friendly learning environment.

Cambly has much looser requirements for their tutors since you won’t be actually teaching. You need a webcam and need to be a native English speaker.

Since you can log in and take chats, the flexibility to earn money on your time is much greater. They do not guarantee that work will be available when you are.

Tutors earn .17/minute, which works out to be $10.20/hour. Earnings are paid out weekly via Paypal, but you must have at least $20 worth of earnings to cash out.

5. DaDaABC

Another good company to consider, DaDaABC also connects teachers with Chinese students seeking to learn English. Teachers work with students in a few different types of classes, depending on the student’s needs. DaDaABC requires a Bachelor’s degree and for you to be a native English speaker.

DaDaABC does require a Bachelor’s degree and for teachers to be native English speakers. They have several steps to their hiring process, including internet connection testing and a demo lesson. Also, they have videos of teachers conducting lessons that you can watch.

Contracts are available for 6 or 12 months, and most teachers average 15 hours a week. Those hours are flexible, though. Some classes are 30 minutes and some are 60 minutes, depending on the type of class. Teachers earn $25/hour and are paid monthly via bank transfer.

6. iTalki

iTalki is a huge community of teachers and students seeking to learn a wide variety of languages. English speaking teachers can sign up to teach one-on-one classes to students who want to learn English online. With over 3 million students, it is a large platform and a good opportunity to gain tutoring experience.

Tutors sign up and create a profile on the site. You choose your hourly rate based on skill or experience level. Students book in times to be tutored by you whenever you have time slots open.

Since iTalki is based solely on your availability, it is much more flexible and convenient for your schedule. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee of work being available. iTalki does ensure payment is made and helps resolve any issues that arise.

iTalki does handle all of the payments and provides a place for students and tutors to find each other really easily. You have several payment methods to choose from including Paypal and bank transfer. iTalki does charge a 15% fee on transactions, so be sure to account for that when setting your pricing.

7. Learnlight

If you have experience with a foreign language and teaching, consider Learnlight. This platform offers online language tutoring positions and soft skills training opportunities.

As a tutor, you must have a teaching qualification for foreign languages (ESL, TESOL, and others), as well as at least 2 years of teaching experience. If hired, you need to commit to a fixed schedule for one year, with working 10 hours a week at a minimum.

If you do not have formal teaching experience, but do have experience training others, Learnlight offers soft skill training positions as well. With this job, you would provide online training in areas such as presentations, doing business in your country, and business writing skills.

With both jobs, materials are provided to tutors on the website. If hired, you would participate in a Skype interview, followed by training and orientation. The amount they pay is not available on their site, though.

8. Outschool

If you are a teacher or even just have marketable knowledge and skills, consider teaching classes on Outschool. On this unique platform, teachers create their own classes and market through Outschool’s website. With classes appropriate for students between 3-years-old and high school, there is a wide market to offer your expertise.

Create any class on any topic interesting to students, set your availability, then get your classes filled through online bookings. Classes may be a one-time gig or an ongoing series. Charge per student at whatever rate you deem fair for your work and time.

You are fully in charge of what you teach, when you teach it, and what you charge. It is free to list your classes, although there is a bit of an enrollment and qualification process to go through before being an active teacher.

Enjoy having classes filled with students who want to be there. Since you determine your rate per class, payment will depend on that, although Outschool takes a 30% cut to cover their expenses.

9. Chegg

Offering online tutoring, Chegg is a convenient, flexible platform to earn some side money on your schedule. Chegg will send notices when students need help from you, freeing up your time to not be constantly looking for tutoring students.

You can tutor daily or just on occasion when you have some free time – it is up to you. Most of the tutoring opportunities available are for subjects such as algebra, chemistry, and calculus for middle and high schoolers. There is also a need for professional tutors who offer help with college-level or business topics.

Chegg has a unique payment system. You are paid by the minute, with a 5-minute minimum per session. But, the rate works out to be $20/hour. Accumulate tutoring minutes, then the number of minutes will be calculated to hours to provide you with your payment. Tutors are paid weekly via Paypal.


A service that has been around for quite a while, has a great reputation and is an excellent way for tutors to earn some side cash.

To tutor on, you will apply, submit to a background check, conduct a mock tutoring session, then get approved to begin tutoring. Log in when you have a few minutes and tutor on your own schedule. Or, you can create a set weekly schedule. That is up to you.

Tutors can teach several different subjects, including technology, math, language arts, and business. Certain specialty areas are in greater need, so there is an expedited application process available for qualified tutors.

Rates for tutors are not disclosed on their website but will be disclosed as part of the application process. They do pay regularly without the need to invoice for your services.


If you are searching for a more structured tutoring experience, consider TutorVista. On their platform, tutors must teach between 4-9 hours a day, so full-time work is available. However, the hours are mostly evenings and overnight for US residents.

They work to ensure that students work with the same tutor as much as possible, with high-quality instruction. Tutors must have a Master’s degree and some teaching experience. If you hold a professional job, such as in medicine or engineering, the teaching requirement is waived.

Once you apply, you will go through training before beginning tutoring. Pay information is not disclosed on their website.

12. TutorOcean

A new tutoring service option, TutorOcean is a great option to build your tutoring business. Set your times, rates, and find students easily on this new platform. TutorOcean handles all of your marketing, payments, and scheduling. Set up your profile and leave the rest to them.

Because TutorOcean is so new, the service fees are still being worked out. However, they state that they are trying to keep them under 15% as the cut they will take from your tutoring earnings for using the platform.

The platform is intuitive, with many amazing features such as an online booking system, analytics, personal classroom, private chat, and screen sharing abilities.

Get tutoring sessions booked, and TutorOcean will handle the rest.

Final Thoughts

Teaching is so rewarding, but also really exhausting. When thinking about what side hustle you might want to try, consider starting with something that really fits with your schedule.

Whether that is just minutes a day, or you have more time, pick something that you know will fit. This helps to prevent burnout and ensures that you really enjoy the work you do.

Whether you want to tutor on occasion or create an amazing side business, you’re making a huge difference in the lives of students, while creating extra income and security for yourself.

Diana Star

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Hi Rachel,

I think one of the best ways to get paid to teach online is by creating online courses. Yes, it can take a lot of work upfront, but you can sell monthly memberships to your courses with services such as Teachable, meaning you’ll continue to get paid every month that someone remains a customer. It’s also hugely scalable, giving you a much bigger return from whatever time and money you invest versus getting paid hourly to teach classes.

You can also take advantage of features such as drip content with your teaching, allowing you to release new material after specific durations that someone has stayed a member. That not only incentivizes someone to remain a member but also helps an online course retain some of the ‘real-time’ aspects that people enjoy from live classes.



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