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10 Ways to Make Money By Doing Almost Nothing

10 Ways to Make Money By Doing Almost Nothing
Tracy Stine Jul 22, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just have extra money given to us? Contrary to what our parents have always told us, money does grow on trees – sort of. We just need to do a little sowing first and then we can reap in the earnings and savings later.

Here are ten different ways to make and save money by doing almost nothing:

1. Shopping Apps

This by far is one of the best ways to save money by doing nothing except your regular online shopping and grocery shopping. Not only will you get cash back on a multitude of things you buy, but you get free cash just for signing up too.

It’s as easy as searching the app or website for offers, adding them to your list, buying them online, or on your next outing, and then scanning your receipt. If you have a store loyalty card stored on the app, you don’t even need to scan a receipt.

You can save anywhere from 1% to 50% off your purchases. The best shopping apps are:

  • Ibotta – free $10 for signing up & free $5 per friend referred
  • TopCashBack – free $10 for signing up & $10 per friend referred
  • Ebates – free $10 for signing up & $25 per friend referred
  • BeFrugal – free $10 for signing up & $10 per friend referred

Don’t forget to check out these shopping and task apps too.

2. Survey Apps

This is the second best way to make free money. Got a few minutes or even an hour to spare? Stuck in traffic, in a line, or just crashed on the couch? It’s easy to answer a survey or two in your spare time.

Again, these offer free cash for signing up and friend referrals as well as in other ways such as contest entries and even have other “tasks” to accomplish for cash too. Such tasks as checking out offers, reading emails, watching videos, playing games and even doing your internet search on their web search bar.

Let your finger or thumb do all the work on these survey sites:

  • Survey Junkie – possible to earn $12 – $18 per hour
  • Swagbucks – various tasks here, but possible to earn $10 an hour
  • PointsClub – possible to earn about $14 – $15 an hour at their highest level
  • InboxDollars – another various task site, but you can make $5 – $10 an hour

Check out this list of other great survey sites.

3. Paribus

Hate waiting for sales or the best bargains on things you want to buy? Or did you just find out that the shirt you bought last week is now $10 cheaper? Download Paribus and let it do all the work for you instead.

Here’s how it works – after downloading the service, registering for an account, and linking all your store accounts, the app then tracks all of your online purchases by tracking the e-receipts and any receipts e-mailed to you.

When Paribus detects a lower price on any of your purchases it will notify you. You then can request a refund on the price difference. Also, Paribus is 100% free to use!

4. ShopTracker

You can’t find a lazier way to make free money than just downloading ShopTracker on to your laptop or phone, keeping it running and forgetting about it.

ShopTracker simply tracks all your Amazon orders (even your past ones) and that’s it. Keep it running and you earn $3 a month, or $36 a year for each Amazon account you provide.

Now you may think that $36 in one year may not seem like much free money, so let’s take a quick look at what you can actually  buy with $36:

  • An Echo Dot from Amazon
  • About 10 gallons of Gasoline (National average is $2.87 as of July 2018)
  • A month’s supply of diapers (222 count)
  • An 18 lb. Turkey from Walmart (which feeds about 12 people). Just in time for the holidays!

5. Trim

Trim is a financial bot from Facebook Messenger and once signed up you upload your latest bill from your providers. The bot then negotiates for lower monthly bills. If there are any outages the Trim bot will request a credit for the time lost.

This saves you money by working to lower your bills This bot works with many major providers like Time-Warner, Comcast, Charter and many others.

The only drawback is that Trim takes 25% of any savings it earned for you.

6. Acorns

Acorns is an app that monitors your finances, makes investments for you or builds up your savings account for you. You either can deposit money into the Acorns account and let it invest it for you, or have Acorns round up to the nearest dollar on every purchase you make and put it into savings.

Acorns has four options – investments, savings, Acorns Later, and Acorns Spend. The first two I mentioned at the beginning and Acorns Later is investments for Retirement (Roth, IRA, 401K), Acorn Spend is their own debit card.

Other ways to make money on this app are:

  • Free $5 for signing up
  • Cash-back for using their retail partners (over 200 brands)
  • Refer friends and get $5 each
  • No minimum needed to start investing – make money right away

There are some fees associated with Acorns depending on which option you choose – $1 a month for the investing and savings option, $2 a month for the first two options plus Acorns Later, and $3 a month for all four options. But if you’re a student, these fees are waived for four years.

7. Amazon

Yes, there is a way to make and save money on Amazon besides shopping their great deals. I’m not just talking about Amazon Prime and the ShopTracker app either.

Here are several ways on to save and earn on Amazon you may not know about:

  • Subscribe & Save – A delivery service that saves 15% off your orders (not to mention the time savings too)
  • Trade-In Program – Gives you more value for your old electronics, books, textbooks and more
  • No-Rush Shipping – Choose this option and you can get rewards such as free eBooks, games, music, movies, and even free food from the Amazon Pantry
  • Low Income and Age Discounts – Discounts on Prime and electronics with proof of age or income.

You can read about more hidden savings in this post.

8. Reward Cards

Search around for the right credit card for your budget (ideally with a 0% interest) and one that offers cash back rewards. Now you don’t have to do anything else except your regular shopping and you’ll save money.

Check out these credit reward cards:

  • Amazon Prime Card
    • 3% back on all Amazon purchases
    • 2% back on restaurants, gas, pharmacies
    • 1% on all other purchases
  • Discover Card
    • 5% back on scheduled categories (such as from July to September is 5% back on restaurants)
    • Discover Miles card gets 1.5x miles per dollar spent for redeeming on any travel needs
    • Discover It Card – get your cash-back earnings matched at end of the year
  • Citi Double Cash Card
    • Get 1% on purchases & another 1% when you’ve paid for them
    • No category restrictions
    • No cap limit on cash-back purchases

There are 17 other ways to make and save money with credit cards too.

9. SpentApp

Download the Spent app and once you’ve signed up and linked all your credit cards and bank accounts, all you need to do now is just continue with your day to day spending and shopping.

The Spend app works for you in three different ways – it tracks your purchases, manages your expenses, and offers cash back. You also get a free $10 for signing up as well.

Let’s look at the three different ways:

  • Track your Purchases – It lists all the expenses from all the linked cards and accounts
  • Manages your Expenses – You swipe left or right to categorize your purchases and then the app will actually budget them for you.
  • Offer Cash-Back – The app also gives you cash-back on your purchases from a large list of retailers (such as 15% back on ParkSleepFly)

The Spent app also has a Travel option too. This option is specifically for cash-back on hotel rooms which is great for frequent travelers. It has a search option for you to enter your designation and it will list all the hotel rooms available and how much cash back you can get (such as 29% cash back on a Wyndham room in Tulsa).

10. Blooom

I saved this one for last as it doesn’t help you save or make money now. Blooom (spelled with three o’s) helps you plan and invest for your retirement. You enter your name, age and when you hope to retire and then connect your 401k account.

Blooom will then give you a free 401k report that’ll tell you what’s going well and what needs improvement. You then adjust your retirement investing according to the report for the optimal returns.

So, technically you are saving money without doing anything, it’s just that you won’t have it now. But working with this program and following its investment advice, you may end up having a nice comfy retirement.

Final Thoughts

You now have ten different ways to make and save money and all of them accomplished from the comfort of your home. They’re all done by either doing your regular routine or by fixing it and forgetting it. It can’t get any lazier than that.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.

Tracy Stine

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