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23 Ways to Make Money Driving Around

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Do you love to drive? If so, you may have thought about how to make money behind the wheel. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is driving a truck.

The current shortage of truck drivers makes that a great option, one that takes the top spot on the following list.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to be away from home for days on end. Or you don’t want to drive something that big.

Or maybe you just want to do something different and more interesting with your driver’s license. In that case, keep reading.

Full time work, part-time driving gigs, occasional temporary opportunities — they all make the list here. All types of vehicles can be found as well; sports cars, RVs, busses, golf carts, and more. Here are some of the ways you can make money driving.

1. Drive a Truck

This is a great time to become a truck driver. The industry started 2017 with a need for 100,000 truck drivers, and the shortage is expected to continue for years. In response, some companies are even providing free CDL (commercial driver’s license) training.

Training takes about seven weeks, and the average annual wage is $41,340, according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

If you eventually buy your own rig you can make even bigger pay as an independent contractor. One company says half of their contractors make over $100,000 annually.

2. Deliver Cars

Years ago I was paid by a car dealer to drive the cars he purchased from an auction to his sales lot. These kinds of jobs are not usually advertised, so to find them talk to car dealers or hang out at car auctions to ask drivers how you can get hired.

Companies like Auto Driveaway hire for cross-country delivery, although pay is usually minimal and this is seen by many as a way to get a free or discounted trip.

3. Deliver RVs

If you enjoy camping in an RV, why not deliver them for manufacturers? You don’t get to go off course, but the deadlines usually don’t require you to hurry, according to RVing Guide.

For many RV delivery drivers this is temporary work — you find a gig when you feel like taking a trip. Others reportedly make up to $50,000 per year delivering motorhomes.

4. Drive an Electric Tram

I drove an electric tram (an oversized golf cart) for a gated community in Florida, where these jobs are common.

I took passengers from their condos to the beach, private restaurants, or tennis courts, passing alligators, large blue herons and other wildlife along the way.

Similar positions are found at amusement parks and resorts, driving people to and from large parking lots. You can find jobs like these on

5. Drive a Security Car

As a night security guard in Florida I spent much of my time driving around in an electric golf cart. I checked on buildings, watched the sunset at the beach, and avoided hitting the alligators crossing the paved paths on which I traveled.

If it’s driving that you want, just be sure that’s a big part of the job description of the security position for which you apply.

6. Be a Chauffeur

I used to drive for a lawyer. He paid me $50 and meals to drive him to court dates in other cities. He was able to review files and dictate letters while I drove, and he easily covered my pay with the first hour of work he billed.

Getting a chauffeur’s license (usually an endorsement to your existing license) is typically a matter of taking a written test at the DMV.

In addition to working for a single client, you can find a position as a company chauffeur or as a limousine driver. These jobs show up regularly on employment websites like

7. Drive a School Bus

If you like driving and you like kids, you might enjoy being a school bus driver. The requirements for driving a school bus vary from state to state, but in general you need to have a clean driving record, get a CDL, and pass a background check.

One benefit is breaks during the day (you work a few hours each morning and afternoon). Another possible benefit is summers off.

The bad news? The BLS says the median wage for school bus drivers is just $30,150 annually.

8. Drive a City Bus

There’s a Huffington Post piece about what it’s like to be a city bus driver, one that might make you want to pass on this job. Getting called names, being spit on, fighting with people who don’t want to pay their fare? What could make putting up with that worth it?

“The salary is usually $60,000 to $100,000,” says the driver profiled by HuffPo. He adds that a high school degree (and some training) is all you need, the job is rarely affected by the economy, and “we usually make more than students who graduate from a 4-year college.”

9. Be a Taxi Driver

The BLS says taxi drivers make an average of just $24,300 annually. The actual pay may be higher than that since underreporting of tips is common in all tipped professions.

You spend your day behind the wheel and talk to a wide variety of people — perfect if you like to drive and you’re social.And if you can’t get one of these positions, try the next…

10. Be an Uber Driver

As long as you have a decent car and a clean driving record you can work as an Uber driver. And you may even make more than traditional taxi drivers.

But it’s all about where you live, according to an article in the Washington Post. While earnings after expenses average around $20 per hour across the country, in some places they’re much lower.

In fact, accounting for the extra 7.65% paid in taxes because drivers are self-employed, the average for Detroit is just $6.60 per hour.

11. Start a Pet Taxi

This is another driving job for which your wages will depend on where you live. Not surprisingly, big cities are better for both finding customers (fewer residents have their own cars) and for charging higher rates.

For example, Pet Taxi New York charges $90 for a round-trip ride to the vet. A one-way trip to the airport with a dog or cat can run as much as $185.

Expect to make less in smaller cities, but if you like driving and you like animals, this can be a nice way to make some money on the side.

12. Drive a Tow Truck

Operating a tow truck is another great driving job if you don’t mind getting out in the weather..

The BLS doesn’t track salaries for these positions separately from truck drivers, but a survey by found that wages (which were all over the place around the country) averaged $13.61 per hour.

As a tow truck driver you might also have the opportunity to do the following…

13. Be a Repo Man

I was a repo man or “recovery agent” when I was younger. It’s fun to legally steal cars in the middle of the night, and you get to drive a wide variety of nice automobiles, if that matters to you (I just liked the sneaking around).

But it can be dangerous. Me and my partner had a mob come after us once and we had guns pulled on us twice.

I’m too embarrassed to admit how little I was paid way back when, but Shmoop puts the average salary of a recovery agent today at $32,480 annually.

14. Deliver Newspapers

I used to deliver papers by the bundle to route-operators and coin-operated boxes. This is another “middle of the night” job, which makes for relaxing traffic-free driving time. A similar gig is driving a delivery route of individual subscribers.

These are usually independent contractor positions, so you won’t be an employee. Current postings on promise anywhere from $800 to $2,000 per month. That’s not bad considering you’re usually done after a few early-morning hours each day.

15. Deliver Pizza

I did well as a pizza delivery driver a couple decades ago. However, since tips make up a large percentage of your total pay, what you make depends on how busy you are, how good a driver you are, and the generosity of customers in your area.

Friends who deliver pizza tell me they make about $14 per hour or more as long as they get enough weekend shifts. In fact, to maximize your hourly rate you might want to do this only as a second job, and only on Friday and Saturday nights.

16. Deliver Phone Books

When new phone books come out each year they need to be delivered. You’ll normally be paid as a contractor for this work, not as an employee. Pay-per-delivery is common, you’ll need your own vehicle, and the whole job is usually done and over with in a week.

When I did this work I snagged routes with real estate offices and other businesses where they needed dozens of phone books at one location. The company paid for each book delivered, so this strategy made me about $15 per hour after car expenses.

You can find these opportunities at Product Development Corporation and by watching for local job postings in the spring.

17. Make Your Car a Coworker Taxi

If you work at a place with many employees there are probably a few that regularly need a ride to work. Why not charge them for your service?

I used to work at a casino that was 23 miles from my home, and I often picked up two or three other employees along the way. I charged them $2 per ride. It all adds up.

18. Drive a Shuttle

Rental car outfits at airports, hotels, and other companies hire shuttle drivers. The shuttle driving jobs currently posted on offer up to $20 per hour. And, unlike school bus and city bus drivers, shuttle drivers often get tips.

19. Be a Sightseeing Guide

When you sign up to be a guide with platforms like Tours By Locals, you set your price, and you decide what kind of tours to offer. So if you want to make money driving around and pointing out the sights, make that your offering.

20. Drive Kids Around

Do you have a good driving record, and no criminal record? Do you have a few years of childcare experience? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you can make money driving children to appointments, schools, and so on.

HopSkipDrive says you can set your own schedule and make up to $30 per hour doing this through their platform.

21. Be an Amazon Delivery Driver

Amazon is starting to do local delivery in major cities, and they need drivers. As an Amazon Flex driver you can make $18 to $25 per hour and set your own schedule. That makes this driving gig a great one for working around your regular job.

22. Drive for Fedex or UPS

According to FedEx drivers earn about $48,000 per year, although pay varies by location. These jobs also come with some nice benefits.

The average salary for UPS drivers is about $30 per hour, and about $74,000 per year because of overtime pay. They also provide zero-cost full-coverage health insurance, even for part-time employees.

23. Be a Bank Courier

You don’t make much as a bank courier, considering you may be handling large bags of money. Many of the bank courier jobs on offer just $10 per hour to start.

On the other hand, with a bit of experience and the right employer it can be better. A survey by shows an average of over $33,000 annually for Brinks drivers. That’s not too bad for a job that requires only a high school diploma.

If you know of some good driving jobs to add to the list, tell us about them below… and keep on frugaling!

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