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35 Companies That Allow You To Make Money Online Part-Time

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Even if you have a full-time job, there are now plenty of companies that allow you to make money remotely part-time. We’ve put together a list of 33 companies that will pay you to work on your own schedule.

1. Survey Sites

Survey sites are a great way to make some extra money in your spare time. With the right sites, you could be making anywhere between $10 – $15 per hour in extra income. All of these sites are 100% free to join.

The best part about these sites is that you can choose to take them when you want and as long as you want. Just be sure that when you’re on these sites to stick to the higher-paying surveys since the lower-paying ones won’t be worth your time.

Here’s a few of our favorites:


VIPKID is a recently-launched company that pays you to teach English to Chinese children directly from your phone or computer. They guarantee that you’ll earn anywhere between $14 – $22 per hour.

This calculates out to be $2,000 or more per month just by working 3 – 5 hours per day. Not bad for only working part-time, and if you want, you can work less than this.

The best part? You can work anywhere from the world as long as you have a camera, microphone and an internet connection.

3. MySurvey

Companies have always used customer research to figure out what they want to do next with regards to their products and services. They value opinions so much that they’re willing to pay for them, and one of the best online survey companies to work for is MySurvey.

You only need to fill in the detailed information about yourself, such as your gender and where you live. This helps determine your eligibility for certain types of surveys.

There are no guarantees as to how many surveys you’ll receive, but most surveys take no more than ten minutes to complete, making it easy for those with even the busiest schedules to fit this type of part-time work in.

4. Needle

Needle is one of the newer companies to come onto the scene and have quickly attracted a huge customer base. What separates them is their customer service agents are all people who work from home.

Unlike some of the other options, they pay a structured hourly rate. The work is less casual than other companies, but a flexible scheduling platform is still in place. You should still have no problems working a Needle schedule around a full-time job.

5. Talk2Rep

Talk2Rep is an inbound and outbound call service. As a work-at-home agent, you’ll be expected to have a solid Internet connection and a professional way of speaking to customers.

You’ll find that you don’t need any real qualifications if you have the talent. However, if you happen to be bilingual you will have an advantage over your competitors. Many of their clients are international and require bilingual agents.

You should remember that Talk2Rep is also employing agents all over the world. They’re even looking for agents from countries as far as the Dominican Republic.

6. Weegy

Weegy is yet another question and answer service. Like with most similar services, you’ll be expected to answer a certain number of questions in order to bank some money.

You’ll only be expected to answer questions on your field of expertise, so you won’t be spending your time researching for mere cents. Weegy offers a flexible working culture and you won’t be pressured to answer a specific number of questions.

Keep in mind that the customer will never actually see you. Answers are delivered via an artificial bot powered by live experts.

7. Arise

Arise is a virtual platform which hundreds of thousands of call centers work from. Working from home with Arise revolves around setting up your own micro call center. The business is yours, which means you’ll be responsible for filing and paying your own taxes.

Don’t worry about advertising yourself. Arise does all the legwork and you can take on customers at will. You’ll be expected to act like any other customer support agent, so you’ll have to answer basic questions on behalf of your clients.

8. Disney

Working for the happiest place on Earth usually elicits thoughts of wearing a sweaty costume in the middle of July and entertaining children.

Not the case with this latest work-at-home opportunity. While it’s limited to only certain states, you could potentially work from home as a customer service agent.

All calls are inbound, so you’ll only ever have to answer customer questions. You’ll be given full training so you’ll never feel like you’re out of your depth.

It’s a part-time role with a schedule that can be altered to suit your lifestyle. If you already have a work-at-home business this could be the ideal role for you.

Keep in mind that Disney does say you may be occasionally required to make an outbound call. However, you’ll be given the full guidance of your supervisor and there are no cold calling requirements here.

9. Expedia

Expedia offers both part-time and telecommuting positions. They have a huge global brand and work-at-home employees will work in their chosen territories at whatever time suits them.

Their whole brand relates to local ambassadors helping to grow the company. Expedia mainly offers flexible work for people with qualifications. The minimum required is usually a four-year degree.

The work can be done from home, but the hours are longer than some of the other options on this list. Working at Expedia is ideal for those who already have remote working positions with their full-time job.

10. Kelly Services

Kelly Services runs a division called the Kelly at Home program. The Kelly at Home program provides jobs for a wide range of people with different skills. As a minimum you should have good oral skills and some customer service experience.

Your role will mainly involve helping the customers of Kelly Services. If you happen to be a veteran, you’ll be given preferential treatment.

They even have a separate division for those who’re veterans and are looking for a job. Kelly Services provides full training from the comfort of your own home, so you’ll have all the skills necessary to get started.

11. Live Ops

Live Ops has a range of positions available if you want to work from home around your full-time job. Live Ops has positions both in the customer service and insurance divisions.

The majority of roles will involve helping people with their problems, so you’ll be expected to have some customer service experience.

The Live Ops agreement keeps you as an independent contractor, so you’ll never have any of your payments withheld for tax purposes. Keep in mind that every year you’ll have to declare and file the relevant forms.

12. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace for work and is designed to be the human intelligence behind Amazon.

Workers on the Amazon Mechanical Turk program are required to carry out basic tasks like moving products into the correct categories and ensuring that product descriptions conform to Amazon’s standards.

If you’re a regular user of Amazon, and you can demonstrate this, you’re more likely to get accepted. However, Amazon provides training on the backend. They also operate using a relatively simple interface, so it’s relatively easy to get started.

The Mechanical Turk program is only open to contractors in the United States. You can do as much work as you like, so you can fit your work on Mechanical Turk around your schedule.

13. Capital Typing

Capital Typing claims to be the world’s smartest office, and they have clients across the world. Part of what powers this business is the sheer number of freelancers working for it.

The majority of the freelance roles available with Capital Typing are data entry. This is good news if you’ve never worked from home while having a full-time job before since there are no required qualifications for freelance data entry specialists other than quick fingers.

Capital Typing prefers to trial new applicants before deciding whether to continue with them.

14. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for contractors who want to run their own small businesses. There are no guaranteed incomes on this website, so you’ll have to market your skills and steadily build up your number of positive reviews on the platform.

The advantage of using Fiverr is you can take on as much work as you like in practically any field imaginable. There’s work for writers, designers, illustrators, narrators, and musicians.

Most services are marketed at just $5, which is where the name comes from, but you can add additional services in the process. This is where the most successful contractors make their money.

It does take some time to get off the ground, but if you deliver on your promises and come up with a professional storefront you can be successful.

You get paid through Fiverr’s internal escrow payment system. That means you’ll never perform a direct transaction with the client and only get paid when the client approves your work.

15. Microworkers

Microworkers is a platform that allows you to offer your own micro job. Like with Fiverr, you can offer a range of marketable skills. With the Microworkers platform it’s never been easier to manage your projects.

Most micro jobs boil down to social bookmarking, visiting websites, and adding comments to forums. These jobs will take mere minutes to complete.

These micro jobs will only earn you a few dollars at a time, but if you line up a lot of jobs at once you’ll have few problems making a decent income.

16. Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee has since rebranded itself as Smart Crowd, in which you work in basic freelance data entry jobs. You’re not considered as an employee, so your income is your own.

The data entry work is extremely basic and is ideal for someone who’s getting into the world of online working for the first time.

You should keep in mind that the move to Smart Crowd hasn’t changed the way the platform works. It’s a simple rebranding campaign to rejuvenate the brand.

17. is one of the leading platforms to write for as a freelance writer. You’ll be creating pages on specific subjects and thousands of people will see it. It’s also one of the best paid platforms in the world as well. 

Keep in mind that getting work is extremely difficult. You have to go through an extremely long application period and only a limited number of people get accepted.

This is a position for the freelance writer with a lot of experience, and you’ll be expected to prove that experience. Not only do you need to make sure you have experience you need to demonstrate specialist knowledge in a specific category.

Keep in mind that is only looking for people for certain categories. If you can get a position with this is an extremely lucrative niche, though, but the standards are high and you’ll be expected to adhere to these standards.

18. Upwork

Upwork is a great place to work because you act as a completely independent contractor. You can offer your services in practically any area, including in writing, software development, and computer programming.

Upwork requires no qualifications to get started with. You just need to build your profile and make it attractive. The way to get work is to apply to the projects listed using the detailed search system. Keep in mind that it can take a while to get started with.

Your hourly rate can be whatever you set it at, but the best way to get started is to offer an affordable rate and steadily build up your pool of clients.

19. BlogMutt

BlogMutt is a content writing services provider. It provides content marketing services for practically any company on any subject that employs freelancers to manage the workload.

It’s relatively easy to get accepted to work with BlogMutt. Just keep in mind that this is a company that demands the strictest standards. It’s easy to get in, but inferior workers are eliminated relatively quickly, so you should ideally have some prior experience.

20. Love to Know

Love to Know is another company that offers content writing services. The difference with Love to Know is every writer is a content expert.

This is why to apply you need to have at least one year of experience, and any additional writing experience will increase your chances of getting accepted. These are content experts so there’s a fair degree of research involved.

Many of the subjects are complicated, so you should be comfortable writing on subjects that require a great attention to detail. Love to Know has a wide range of subject categories it’s recruiting for, including finance and tattooing.

21. Pure Content

Freelance writers who want to write in their spare time should consider applying to Pure Content. It’s one of the oldest content marketing companies in existence today, after first opening its doors in 2006.

Pure Content offers positions for both freelance writers and freelance editors. The requirements for both positions are pretty similar.

You’ll be expected to have some prior experience and you will have to complete a test before getting accepted to write on the platform. Since Pure Content is such a well-known face in the industry there’s never a shortage of work.

22. Triple Curve

Triple Curve offers writing work to freelance writers who need it, and is one of the long-term presences in the content writing world. Most content needed is long-form content, so you won’t be spending your time writing product descriptions and other snippets.

The longer work means that your writing skills will need to be of a high standard, and you’ll have to go through a testing phase to get started.

23. Writers Access

Writers Access allows you to take advantage of your writing skills in two different ways. You can become a conventional freelance writer or a local freelance writer.

Many of clients who come to Writers Access need content written by people who know the local area. With this knowledge, you can gain exclusive access to a number of highly prized clients.

24. eModeration

eModeration has positions open for online social media moderators. The company specializes in social media management and is responsible for managing the brands of their clients.

Online moderators working from home will be responsible for moderating the various comments and content that appear on a company’s social media feed.

This is a skilled role, so you will need to demonstrate that you have experience in managing social media feeds. The work can involve moderating the feeds of companies in all sectors, so it’s interesting work as well as lucrative.

The work is also location-independent, so if you live in the continental United States and have a solid Internet connection there’s a job for you.

25. Appen

Appen is a company that evaluates products and markets on behalf of their clients. The work they do is instrumental in determining where companies go next with their products.

They specialize mainly in the language learning area. There are no regular opportunities with Appen, so you mayhave to keep checking back. Freelancers who work for Appen can take advantage of a great pay scale and employee benefits at the same time.

26. Lionbridge

Knowing a second or third language is a great way to improve your prospects. There are many freelance opportunities for linguists, and Lionbridge is no exception. This is a company providing language translation services to companies in a diverse number of industries.

There’s always a need for translators in minor and major languages. For a start, knowing a major language like Spanish entitles you to a large amount of work because much of the world speaks the language.

However, knowing a minor language, such as Bulgarian or Serbian, also presents you with opportunities to succeed. Lionbridge caters to the needs of its clients, so if you know a language you can apply for a remote working position as a translator.

You’ll be asked to take documents and translate them into the chosen language. A good knowledge of both writing and translation should be considered imperative for this role.

27. iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup provide online learning services to students who want to learn English as a second language. English teaching across the world has exploded in recent years, and now it’s becoming more common to teach online via Skype and other such platforms.

You can teach English as a second language if you’re a native speaker. Keep in mind that you may need to show proof of qualifications, but usually just being a native speaker is enough.

28. Babbletype

Companies regularly need help with transcribing words into audio. Babbletype provides a per-word transcription service for companies in all sectors. They need work-at-home practitioners to keep up with the massive amount of content, though. 

There are multiple positions within the company for remote workers, such as transcribers and translators. As part of your application you should present examples of your work to increase your chances. Thirty seconds of a transcribed document can go a long way in helping you land a job.

29. Casting Words

If you love transcription work, Casting Words can provide you with the opportunities to get started. Casting Words is known for being friendly to beginners.

As long as you can demonstrate that you have a clear voice and can transcribe a document accurately, you will have a great chance of earning money online.

30. Transcribeme

Earning money during your downtime as a translator or transcriber has never been easier, especially with Transcribeme. All you have to do is submit your resume and they will get back to you within a few days.

If you have a higher education background and some experience in translation or transcribing, you’ll have no problems getting accepted.

31. Fancy Hands

Most online workers need a personal assistant at some point to handle basic tasks and troubleshooting. Fancy Hands is a dedicated service for workers in this position and always have positions for virtual assistants.

There are no real qualifications required for people who want to take on work as a personal assistant. All you need is a stable Internet connection and some basic computer knowledge.

32. UserTesting

One of the hardest parts of creating an app or a website is finding all the bugs. UserTesting is a platform that pays out $10 for every successful user test performed.

User testing can be a tad tedious because you’re essentially just performing the basic functions of a website. Yet once you know what to look for and develop a routine, it becomes quite simple.

UserTesting has jobs for both app and website testing. All you need to do is test out the buttons and report if anything isn’t working how it should. No prior experience is required.

33. KGB

KGB is one of the oldest two-way texting services after opening its doors way back in 1992. They’re always recruiting Special Agents to help answer questions for them.

Most jobs revolve around answering text-based messages, but you can even apply for a position as a call-based special agent. They answer over a billion requests every single year from within the United States and the rest of the world, so there’s always a shortage of special agents.

34. Cha Cha

Cha Cha is a messaging service where you can text a question and get an answer from a human operator in a matter of seconds. This can be anything from the number of acres in five-thousand square meters to the distance from San Francisco to New York.

Instead of asking the questions, you can go through the testing process and become a Cha Cha Guide. You have to answer thousands of questions to earn a meaningful income, but answering these questions is faster than you might think.

It’s easy to answer over a hundred questions an hour, with some practitioners averaging 300. If you can develop your knowledge and use previous answers to help you, Cha Cha can deliver a respectable income.

35. Apple Home Advisor

Apple has a huge app store, and that means you have plenty of opportunities to earn money from it. First of all, you have the ‘Home Advisor’ job.

Apple is always searching for people who can essentially join their customer support services. You need to have an intimate knowledge of the app store and you need to have a professional, friendly way of writing to people.

Another option is to take advantage of the many apps on the app store that will allow you to earn money through watching videos, reviewing apps, and giving your opinion. These are not official Apple jobs, but they have a huge presence on the platform.

Finally, you can make and market an app. You don’t need to work full-time to do this. There are no income guarantees, of course, but it’s possible to make a good living from a catalogue of custom apps.

Final Thoughts

The best way to get started with working online is to start applying immediately. If you don’t like one, you can always switch companies and try another. See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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