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18 Ways To Make Money Reviewing Websites

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make money reviewing websitesIf there’s two things we have plenty of in 2019, it’s websites and opinions. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make money using your opinions to make these websites better?

Luckily, if you’re looking to make some extra cash and don’t mind surfing the internet, there’s plenty of opportunities to get paid doing website review and testing.

For most companies, the internet provides the best opportunity for them to reach customers all over the globe. Because of this, it’s important that they have a site that engages their users. User testing is a cheap way for companies to get valuable feedback on their websites.

Website testers review sites and offer opinions on the functionality, usability, and design of websites and other applications and products.

The great thing about this job is that almost all of these review and test platforms are completely remote and the work can be done online with usually just a microphone, downloadable software, and sometimes a webcam.

Website testers handle a variety of jobs to make the internet a better place. They are often given a specific set of tasks that require them to try different aspects of a website, while speaking out loud about their experience, and having the software record their interactions.

Other types of testing assignments might require testers to freely navigate through the site or application in order to try and find bugs or other issues. It’s the responsibility of a good web tester to vocalize their thoughts and feedback while interacting with the site or application.

As you’ll see in this article, there are many website review and testing platforms where you can make some extra side cash while simply interacting with websites.

Most of these platforms will require some sort of practice test or short training video to make sure that you are capable of providing quality feedback for clients.

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, please continue reading below to see numerous ways that you can make some money reviewing websites.

1. UserTesting

UserTesting is one of the most popular names in the website review industry.

To begin testing sites you need to sign up with an email and download their screen recording software.  After the download, you’ll take a short practice test (get ready to hear that a lot in this article) where you navigate a sample website as the software records your voice and screen. After your practice test is approved you can start doing actual paid tests.

Tests on the website go to whoever is online first, so make sure to keep the dashboard open when you’re near your computer for the best chance at getting an assignment.

You’ll have to participate in a short questionnaire before your first paid test which gives a little bit of information about your personality and demographics, so you probably won’t qualify for every testing assignment.

UserTesting pays out $10 for each test you complete, and the tests typically take between 10-20 minutes. Payments are made via PayPal seven days after you complete the test.

As with many of the sites listed here, your testing will be reviewed, so make sure that you are doing your best to offer helpful critiques and commentary. 

2. uTest

uTest claims to be the top website for freelance software testing and feedback, and if you’re getting into the website review arena you’ll definitely come across their name. The sign up process requires some basic information, including email, age, gender, and geographic location, and what devices you can test on.

After sign up there’s an extensive handbook and testing academy that is required before you can start getting paid testing work.

Like many other sites, there is an audition test, and after passing you’ll have to wait for a testing opportunity that will match your specific qualifications. According to their site, they have a prestigious list of customers, including Google, Amazon, and Netflix, just to name a few.

uTest has some key differences from the other sites listed here. As a quality assurance tester on the site you’ll be looking for bugs in software, and will be paid by the bugs that you find.

Because of their privacy policy it’s difficult to determine how much you can and will be paid for finding bugs, although most of the reviews we could find pointed to somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 per bug.

The largest benefit of uTest is that the earning potential for experienced and talented quality assurance testers can be over $100,000 per year!

While you definitely won’t be making anything near that to start off, there is the potential to earn a few hundred per month if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to get good at finding software bugs.

Like most of the other sites, you’re ability to make money and get testing gigs will be determined by how thorough and helpful your critiques are, so be sure to turn in your best quality work.

3. Testbirds

Testbirds is another software testing site similar to uTest. Again, you’ll have a short sign up process followed by a practice assessment to make sure you’re adequately prepared to provide useful feedback.

Testbirds pays 20 Euros per test, which makes it one of the better paying sites on the list. You can also get additional money for each bug you might find while conducting your tests.

As with many of the other sites listed here there is a ton of free training and resource materials to make you an even better tester and hopefully make you some more money.

4. TestingTime

This site does its testing over Skype, and you’ll have your face and voice recorded, which might make some people uncomfortable, so be prepared for that if you are going to use TestingTime.

The tests on TestingTime typically last a little longer than many of the other sites, usually lasting between 30-90 minutes, but the benefit is that the pay can be up to 50 Euros per hour, which is paid out via PayPal within 5 – 10 days.

The sign up process is relatively simple, just requiring some basic information and your Skype address so that you can participate in the surveys. This is one of the few sites that doesn’t require any sort of practice test before you are given an assignment.

5. Userfeel

Userfeel has a short sign up process and requires a software download in order to become a tester for their site. Again, you’ll need to complete a practice test before you can become eligible for paying assignments.

Once your practice test has been approved you can expect to make $10 for providing your thoughts on various websites, with tests lasting around 10-20 minutes each.

Userfeel will send you assignments via email, and payments are made via PayPal on a weekly basis. Test can be done either on you computer or a smartphone.

This is another site that offers a ton of information on their FAQ page in order to make you a better tester and earn more money, so be sure to check it out.

6. Userbrain

Another web testing site, Userbrain requires a software download, microphone, and short signup process. You’ll have to take a practice test (I told you you’d be seeing that a lot in this article) before taking any paying client assignments.

The tests are usually shorter with Userbrain, taking between 5-15 minutes, and paying out $3 each via weekly PayPal.

7. UserZoom

One of the greatest benefits of UserZoom is that along with the common screen recorded microphone tests, they also offer standard survey style tests, meaning if you don’t have a microphone this site is an option (we’ve also included a number of other sites that don’t require a microphone further down in our list).

Test take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, and payments are made via PayPal within 21 business days. UserZoom pays between $5 and $10 per test depending on the complexity of the study. In case you didn’t suspect it already, UserZoom requires a sample test before you can start getting paid. 

8. Userlytics

Userlytics offers the typical website reviews, but also occasionally has tests on application, prototypes, concepts, and more. Payment for testing is made via PayPal and is determined by the time and difficulty of the various tests.

This is one of the few sites that doesn’t require you to complete a sample test before you can start accepting work. Simply sign up with some basic information and you’re ready to go.

9. WhatUsersDo

This site has now been bought by UserZoom, but according to their website they still have different clients, so I would recommend signing up for both. It’s the same drill as many of the other sites, small application process culminating with a sample test before you can take paying assignments.

You’ll also need to download their screen recorder. The practice test for WhatUsersDo has both a recorded video section and a survey section. Tests take approximately 20 minutes and the payout is usually around $12.50. Assignments are sent via email after you are approved.

WhatUsersDo also has quarterly competitions and special offers for testers which offers some extra earning potential.

10. Validately

There are a few review sites that require a webcam for the testing process, one of these is Validity. Validately has relatively high compensation compared to many of the other platforms.

A 5 minute test can pay $5, and live tests with a moderator and shared screen pay at least $25 for 30 minutes. Like most of the other sites, you have to complete a sample test before you can get paid assignments, and you can receive your payments via PayPal.

One note about Validately, the sign up for testers is hidden at the bottom of the page. Be sure to scroll down and the the “Sign Up” link under “Panel” to get to the tester form and get started.

11. Loop11

Loop11 takes applications for individuals that want to work as paid website testers. To apply for a position you must complete a 5 minute qualification test to prove your suitability.

Their website states that they pay above average rates for testers, offer performance bonuses for high-quality workers, and provide more frequent testing opportunities, but there was not much public information on what those numbers actually are. Loop11 also requires testers to have a webcam.

Loop11 seems like a more exclusive site, but details were hard to come by. If anyone has heard anything more about this site we’d love to hear about them in comments below!

12. UserTest

UserTest is apparently so popular that they have currently suspended taking new applications for testers until December. From what I could find out about their platform, each test pays $10.25 and payments are sent within 2 days via PayPal.

I did want to include the site in this article however as they are reported to be a great platform that has some top notch opportunities. If you can get accepted.


13. Enroll

Not everyone has a microphone or built in camera, but thankfully there are a handful of sites that require neither.

Enroll has an easy sign up process, and shockingly, doesn’t even require a sample test. There is a series of poll questions that you need to answer when first signing on to the site to try and gauge what your areas of expertise and interest are.

The testing assignments for Enroll are quite easy compared to the other testing sites, but the pay is also much lower. Testers may be asked to compare different web pages or click specific areas of a page.

Many tests on enroll take just a few minutes, but they also can pay as little as .10 per test. Payments are made via PayPal, and assignments will be sent to your email. Because the tests are much simpler they are also easy to do on tablets or other mobile devices.

14. UserCrowd (Formerly UsabilityHub)

UserCrowd is very similar to Enroll. Neither site requires a microphone, the sign up is incredibly simple, the tests are easy, and there’s no sample test that you need to pass.

Unfortunately, UserCrowd is also similar in that the payout for a test is very small. Each test is less than a minute long, and the pay is $.10 per test.

While some people might not find these types of testing services worth it, remember, the tests are so quick and easy they can be done at almost any time during the day, and you can simply check your email and complete the test on your mobile device to make a few extra bucks a month. Once again cash out is via PayPal.


15. Respondent

If website testing isn’t your thing, you might want to try Respondent. Respondent does website testing much like the other sites listed in this article, as well as conducting surveys and focus group studies.

Respondent requires a sign in with either a LinkedIn or Facebook profile, which they use to verify employment, demographic, and contact information.

After your account has been verified you’ll get a chance to pick and choose areas of interest and begin looking for projects that appeal to you. Pay and time requirements will differ depending on individual projects.

At the time of writing this there were projects ranging from $10 for a 10 minute survey, to one project paying $300 for 90 minutes for experienced web developers.

16. test IO

test Io allows you to test and rate more than just websites, you also get to work with apps and games, and earn up to $50 for every issue or bug that you find. If it’s a critical issue, you can earn even more.

Even if you find that you can’t find those pesky bugs when testing sites on the platform you can still get paid for rating apps.

Like so many sites, you’ll have to first complete a practice test to prove that you know what you’re doing before they actually allow you to work on client projects. test IO pays out monthly using PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank transfer.

17. Ubertesters

If the thought of working on a laptop or desktop makes you cringe, then UberTesters is the site for you. Ubertesters deals specifically with mobile apps, so all of the testing is done on your phone or table, no website testing!

Unlike many of these other sites, Ubertesters makes it clear right up front that some experience may be required to participate on their platform.

There was not a lot of pay information available, but if you have some quality assurance or technical experience, and want to be able to test some cool new mobile apps, Ubertesters is worth a look.

18. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Finally, for those that want something a little bit different, we have MTurk.

This is part of the Amazon platform, and it specializes in providing remote work for human intelligent tasks (“HITs”). As Amazon puts it, there are still many tasks that can’t yet be done by a computer, so they provide a platform for various tasks that have to be done by a human, such as identifying objects in photographs or video.

One thing to note is that pay on MTurk seems to be very low compared to the other sites, and the types of jobs that are currently posted is quite broad. Amazon does it’s payouts via transfer to your bank account.

If you’re looking to make some money doing remote work, but want to do something a little different than web review, it may be worth it to check this site out.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways to make money reviewing websites (in fact, we’ve got even more of them). However, you’re probably not going to become a millionaire by making $10 dollars for participating in one test a week.

The problem with website reviews and testing is that there are far more testers than there are clients and websites, so in most cases you’re not going to be getting 3 or 4 tests every hour throughout the day.

If you want to try and make steady and consistent money as a website reviewer and tester, there are a few steps you can take. First, sign up for as many sites as you can. The more sites you’re on, the more opportunities you’ll have to get jobs.

Make sure you are either logged in to the various platforms when you’re available, or be sure to check you email regularly, as most of the time the testing is first come, first served.

Second, make sure you to read any resource materials on the various platforms for any helpful tips on how to provide more relevant responses. Take advantage of any free training that is provided on the website and the FAQ sections or help desks.

Finally, always make sure you’re turning in your best work. Remember, you’re not the only one doing the reviewing. Companies are also reviewing your work, so be sure to provide useful reviews and follow the instructions of the tasks you are given.

Higher tester ratings increases your likelihood of getting more work, and better assignments with higher pay.

Good luck, and happy surfing!

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