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Make Money Surfing The Web On Your Phone With Perk Browser

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If you’re a frequent internet user, Perk could be the perfect browser for you. It awards you each time you search and surf the web. The Perk Browser is based on the same underlying technology that Google Chrome uses and has some advanced functionality that you wouldn’t find in other browsers.

What Is Perk Browser?

While there are other rewards programs that give you cash for browsing the web, only a small portion work for mobile devices. Perk Browser is a free mobile app that pays you for surfing the web.

Each time you make a search, Perk awards you either tokens or points. Keep in mind that you might not receive rewards for each search you make since Perk uses an advanced algorithm to determine when searches are unique. This is why it’s important to not make searches just for points and tokens and to search as you naturally would. Due to this, it’s extremely difficult to calculate how much you can make with Perk Browser.

perk-browserTokens can be redeemed for sweepstakes, yet it’s difficult to win these since so many people enter. Points on the other hand can be redeemed for prizes such as gift cards, bitcoin, direct deposits to Paypal and other rewards such as iPads, bluetooth speakers, etc.

Perk works like any other browser. You can bookmark pages and browse using an incognito window. However, there’s two tools that Perk Browser has that most other browsers don’t have. You can search for specific content in a page and block ads. This makes the browser much more flexible than most others.

perk-browser-settingsHow Do I Get Started Making Money With Perk Browser?

Using Perk Browser is very simple. You can get started in 3 easy steps.

1. Download the app. Perk Browser is available for both iOS and Android devices. Once you download the app, open it and click “Sign-up.” All you need is an email and to create a password for a new account, and they’ll send you a confirmation email.

perk-browser-registration2. Start Browsing. After your account is setup, open the browser and start searching the web like you normally would. You’ll notice that sometimes a small window comes up stating how many points or tokens you’ve earned.

perk-browser-tokens3. Redeem Points Or Tokens. You can redeem your tokens or points by going to and clicking on the ‘Sweepstakes’ or ‘Rewards’ tabs. Some examples of sweepstakes prizes are the Rumba, a Walmart gift card, or a snow cone machine.

perk-tokens-redeemHow Much Can I Make With Perk Browser?

The only time you can earn points or tokens with the Perk Browser is by surfing the web. Each time you earn points, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to earn a high amount, and it may take you a long time to earn enough points for a prize using the Perk Browser alone.

That’s why we recommend using a few of the 10 rewards apps that Perk has to offer. They are all connected with one another, meaning that if you use Perk Browser to earn points, you’re automatically earning points for those other apps. The two other Perk apps that we recommend for getting a high number of points are Perk TV and Perk Screen. With Perk TV you can earn upwards of $150 dollars per month.

perk-appsFor earning prizes, your best bet from using Perk Browser is going to be from sweepstakes alone. Usually each time you’re rewarded you’ll be given 20 tokens. This is already enough to enter your first sweepstakes. You might as well go ahead and give it a try and get paid for something you already do.

How Can I Earn Even More?

Referring a friend is another way to earn some extra cash on the Perk apps. While the amount is only $.50 cents per referral, it doesn’t take much if you create a post on your Twitter and Facebook account, or send a mass email to all of your friends.

Your referral link can be found by logging into your Perk account online and hitting the ‘Invite’ tab.

Final Thoughts

Perk Browser is a great way to get paid for something you’re already doing: browsing the web. However, you’re not going to earn much in the long-run without the help of other Perk apps.

Be sure to check out Perk’s website for other apps available; there’s 10 in total. If you’re looking for other apps to help you earn cash for browsing the web on your PC, I suggest looking at Google Screenwise Trends or Qmee.

The best thing I like about Perk is its advanced functionality. When I downloaded the app, I never expected that I would have the option of searching on the page or blocking ads. This isn’t a capability available on most mobile browsers.

Have you used Perk Browser? Let us know about your experience by leaving them in the comments below or ask some questions that you might have. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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