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10 Great Ways to Make Money From Your Pets

10 Great Ways to Make Money From Your Pets
Justin Stewart Nov 24, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Pet lovers all over enjoy pets whether they are their own pets or they belong to other people, and some of these pet lovers have become wise to the idea of making money off of their best pals in various ways!

If you’re interested in creating a paycheck for your pet, there are ways that you can make your pet famous or monetize your pet knowledge to help you generate some cash flow.

Thanks to the advent of social media and the ease with which you can create a blog today, there are different avenues that you can take to make your pet a household sensation online directly from your phone or computer.

If you’re not interested in monetizing your pet’s cuteness online, you can go down more traditional routes to make your pet a money making buddy by utilizing goods they create or getting creative and making art about them.

There are various ways to make money from your pet, and if you’re looking for ways to start down that journey, then take a look at this list for some noteworthy ideas on how to make your pet a paycheck.

10 Ways to Make Money From Your Pets

You must know by now that your pet is adorable and other people consider your pet as adorable as you do, so why not take all of that cuteness and turn it into something that can benefit you both?

There are many different ways you can capitalize on your pets, and this list will help you find multiple ways to bring home some extra cash just for sharing your pet with the world.

1. Sell Their Goods

When it comes to owning a pet, most individuals think of house pets only, but there are all sorts of animals you can keep as pals, and many of them can make you money just for being the kind of animal they are!

Defining the word “pet” outside of your traditional cat or dog means that you can have a different kind of buddy and they can help you earn some cash too.

Different animals can produce different products including wool, milk, and eggs.

Take a moment to consider these different animals as pets if you don’t already have one or are considering purchasing a unique animal for your large expanse of land.

Farm animals can be hard to maintain if you do not have the space or the proper tools and techniques necessary to care for them, so be mindful of your pet choice and their needs before you buy a unique animal to care for.


When it comes to keeping chickens, they are fairly easy to take care of and can be kept in your backyard.

You don’t have to keep more than one chicken on your property to make money off of them, but animals like to have buddies too!

Chickens are easy enough to care for, and they don’t require ample grazing space.

They’re vegetarian and can eat a lot of different kinds of food, so it makes keeping one that much simpler.

Chickens are excellent to own because you can sell their eggs!

Having a hen in your backyard means that you will have substantial eggs produced throughout the course of the year.

With all the eggs your chicken will produce, you’ll have an overabundance and can easily take the excess and sell them to your neighbors or to a farmers market.


If you have the space to keep cows on your property, then you will be able to make make some money from the goods your cows produce.

If you milk your cows, you’ll not only be able to supply milk for yourself, you’ll be able to sell it to other people!

Milk is versatile in how it can be used, and if you have the know how to make other goods like cheese and yogurt, you can produce your own from the comfort of your home and sell that as well!

Cows are more difficult to take care of considering their size and how much food they eat.

If you have the means and the amount of space necessary to keep them free and happy, you should consider giving a few cows or microcows a happy home!


Goats are known to be goofy pets with a knack for mischief that make them entertaining, and they are also excellent pets that produce goods that are salable.

Goats are smaller than cows by far, and they also produce their own milk!

This means you can milk your goat, take the milk to the local farmers market or sell it to your neighbors.

Goat cheese is delicious, and you can make it, sell it, and receive the profits from your pets products easily!

Goats are also adorable and funny, they’ll be fun to take care of and you can profit off of them throughout the course of the year.


Alpacas are animals that need substantial space to exist happily, so if you’re looking to purchase an alpaca, it’s important to have ample land.

These pets are fun to care for, they’re interesting to watch and they produce wool that you can sheer and sell throughout the year!

Alpaca wool can be used to make yarn which allows people to knit and make garments.

Alternatively, alpaca wool can be turned into felt and other fiber products.

You can sell your alpaca wool to a fiber co-op or to a guild, or you can make your own yarn and sell that at organic handmade yarn prices (which is a lot per skein).

Alpacas need special care because of their size, but if you own an alpaca you’ll love your pet and you’ll be able to turn their fur into wool for profit without a problem.


Sheep are also creatures that you can keep if you have ample land available for them.

Sheep need space to graze, so it’s important that they are cared for in an environment where they can move freely.

These creatures produce wool which makes it easy for you to profit off of them.

Like alpacas, their wool can be turned into yarn and sold to local merchants or fiber co-ops.

Making wool into yarn can be a lucrative business all on its own, but if you want to sell just the raw wool, you’ll be able to do just that as well!

2. Make Them Instagram Famous

Thanks to the profoundly profitable success of being instagram famous and the undying love many people have for adorable pets, it’s incredibly easy to become the owner of an Instagram famous pet.

Making a pet Instagram famous takes a bit of work, but it can pay off in numbers you wouldn’t begin to believe.

Some individuals have been reported to make up to $16,000 off of one pet photo on Instagram! ‘

If you want a slice of the social media star pie, all you have to do to start your pet on the way to Instagram fame is to take really cute pictures.

People love to see pet doing cute or funny things, and the more you post your adorable pet, the more love you’ll get, and the more chances you’ll have to make your pet’s likeness a source of income.

Posting two or three photos a day of your pet is a great way to start.

You can take all of the photos for your pet’s Instagram in one day, and the more adorable outfits you’ve got for your pet, the better.

People love to see pooches and cats dressed up, but not just those furry friends!

If you’ve got a cute pet, some cute accessories, and access to a camera, you’ve got yourself a little Instagram star in the making.

Amassing followers won’t be extremely difficult, especially with the right hashtags, and once you’ve got some notoriety under your belt, you’ll be able to monetize your photos and make your pet’s likeness into a brand.

3. Get a Sponsorship for Your Pet

Getting sponsorship for your pet today isn’t as difficult as you’d think.

Having a social media account for your pet with a ton of followers is a great place to start.

There are tons of companies on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that are interested in using the likeness of people’s pets to market their products.

To start off, you may have to self promote by purchasing products for your pet directly and taking photos of them, then tagging the company that the product is made by in your post.

Eventually companies will start to take notice and ask to send you products which you can promote on your pet’s social media page.

Alternatively, you can reach out to companies before purchasing any products and see if they’re interested in using your pet’s likeness for their company.

Once you start promoting brands with your pet’s social media account, other brands will take notice and the work will continue to roll in for your best bud.

The trade off for your pet’s sponsored posts might not be cash, but the products that you’ll receive for your pet to promote would be products you’d buy for your pet anyway, so it acts as a different kind of currency.

This is a great way to get new toys, clothes, food, care products, or other items that are made for your type of pet for free.

If you’re one of the lucky individuals who gets sponsored by a major company, you may even be able to make some cold hard cash from your posts!

4. Model Them the Traditional Way

If you’re interested in turning your pet into a working model, you can sign your pet up with an agency to have them model for advertisements and other types of media.

This is a great way to get paid work for your pet, and it’s not difficult to find an agency that will be willing to hire your pet, especially if they are trained to do what is necessary for a modeling agency.

Making sure your pet is behaving is important, and being sure that they won’t be antisocial or have any issues around strangers will be key in landing good modeling work.

A major company like PetCo could pay for your animal to be featured in their ad campaigns and pay for your pet to be on set somewhere in the ballpark of $200 per hour.

That means that your pup, lizard, bird or cat can bring in a pretty penny if the right opportunity arises.

5. Train Your Pet to Be an Actor

Another way to make money from your pet is to train them to be an actor.

Dogs tend to be the go to animal to train for most acting work, but if you have another kind of pet, especially an exotic one like a pet monkey, you can train them as well and fetch a pretty penny for being on screen.

You’ll have to find an agency that is looking for a trained pet actor, but once you do your pet will become available for hire.

As with modeling your pet, it’s important that your pet is well behaved and has no fear of strangers.

Some agencies will provide training and placement for your pet for a small fee when you sign your pet up for a contract with their agency.

There isn’t a guarantee that your pet will get hired, so this fee may not be worth investing in unless you are seriously dedicated to having your pet become an actor.

Another point to keep in mind is that your pet should be able to learn how to do new tricks.

If they are not obedient or are hard to train, it won’t be likely that you’ll get hired, so make sure that your pet isn’t too old to perform or impaired in a way that won’t allow them to be prepared to learn new tricks.

You can fetch a pretty penny for being on the set of a TV show or a movie, and you may even be able to be an extra in the background yourself walking your pet on screen.

There are many different roles available for pets, including lead roles that can pay you in the thousands for TV series or movies.

6. Sell Stock Photos of Your Pets

If you’ve got an adorable pet and a good camera on hand but aren’t interested in keeping a steady social media account, another option you have to make money with your pet is to sell stock photos of them.

If you take great photos and have a decent camera, stock photo websites like Shutterstock will pay you for your photos.

You can submit photos to these different sites and they will pay you in royalties every time the image is used.

Stock photo websites are internationally used, and that makes loading new content a lucrative business for them.

You’re welcome to pose with your pet or take other types of photos for submission, but your cute pet is one of a kind and you can easily make some extra cash by using their cuteness for stock photo websites.

Stock photo websites exist so that individuals can use them for their own content, including on blog sites and other online media or print media.

Your stock photos may be used for all sorts of projects, and every time they get used you will make some money from your photos!

7. Start a Pet Blog

If you like to write, and you like talking about your pet, a great way to make money doing both is to start a blog about owning and caring for your pet!

Blogs are awesome because they are personal, creative, and can be chock full of important information that people seek.

That information can help you earn passive income!

Blogs can be monetized in many ways, including adding ads to your site and making it a place where you promote big brands that can help bring traffic to your website.

The best part of having your own blog is that you can put whatever you want on it, and you can feature your own pet online and make them a center focus for your conversations on your blog.

Blogs are a great place to create content that suits you.

You can write about your experiences with your pet, advice about how to care for them, what’s good to feed them, what types of toys they love, how you convince them to take a bath, or ways that you treat your dog to special treats.

Your blog can contain information about training pets, places to go for other resources surrounding your pet’s care and needs, and recipes that are edible for the specific type of pet that you have.

The possibilities are endless!

Blogs are used worldwide, and making yours stand out will take time, but the effort will be well worth it.

Blogs are a serious commitment and successful bloggers do say that when you begin your blog you will invest a lot of time into cultivating it for yourself.

If this is too much of a commitment but you’d still like to write about your pet or pets in general, there are other things you can do.

Alternatively, you can take the time to write articles for other blog sites if the burden of running your own website might be too difficult fo you.

There are different blogs that accept guest posts and will pay you for a submission.

The only downside to this method is that you may have to shop your article around, and once it’s been submitted to another blog, they will own the rights to the article and you cannot submit it to another website or post it on your own blog.

If none of these things are complications for you, you can start writing articles about your pet and anything you are interested in surrounding subjects like how to love, care, and nurture your pet.

Another option is microblogging, which is where you make short yet frequent posts to a blog.

Think along the lines of a twitter feed with slightly longer, more informative posts.

You can create a microblog and post snippets of ideas surrounding pet care and still monetize it if you’d prefer to steer clear of long form posts yet still have an opportunity to make money writing about pets.

8. Help Pet Companies with Market Research

When it comes to big brands, they want to know what their consumers think so that they can make better decisions about how to run their business and what works for them versus what does not.

This means that they have to take time out to survey individuals who fit the demographic for their business’s consumers.

You, being a pet owner, are in a lot of these demographics for different companies just based off of the kind of pet you have and what you use to take care of your pet over the course of their life.

Companies will pay you to take time out of your busy schedule and help them learn more about your opinions surrounding your pet products and what drives you to purchase them.

The trade off for some of these surveys may be minimal, but there are some that pay you anywhere from $5 to $25 dollars per survey.

These higher paying surveys do take longer usually, but the time frame for most articles are usually just a few minutes.

With this format, you can take surveys between your engagements throughout your week and you can add up some extra money every month if you stick with it long term.

Websites like SwagBucks, InboxDollars, and many others give you survey opportunities at your finger tips.

You can easily create a steady cash flow just by logging in and taking at least one or two surveys daily, and you can do so right from your smartphone!

9. Make YouTube Videos of Your Pet

If you have a cute pet that does silly things, making a YouTube channel showcasing the silly or fun antics of your pet can get you a lot of followers and potentially noticed by advertisers!

The equipment necessary to make good quality videos could be useful for this, but you don’t have to purchase an expensive video camera just to take videos of your pup chasing its own tail.

It’s easy to post videos online on YouTube’s platform, and with simple video editing skills you can easily become a new YouTube channel.

Posting videos online may not be enough at first, and you may have to share your content across platforms to begin getting a decent number of followers, but the more views you get per video, the more likely you’ll be to make money from them!

10. Make Art That Features Your Pet

Another way to make money by utilizing your pet’s cuteness is to make art about them!

Depending on how you like to express yourself creatively, you can create art work ranging from paintings to doodles, sculptures or needlepoint.

The possibilities are endless, and you can spend some time making art related to your favorite friend and sell it to interested buyers online or in the real world!

Most artists will tell you that making art and selling it isn’t always easy, but with today’s internet access you can easily post different art pieces that you’ve made of your pet on places like Etsy.

You’ll be amazed at how many people would love a painting of your adorable pug or siamese cat!

Having a specific niche when it comes to selling anything online is beneficial to helping become the go-to person for that specific kind of art work, so working hard at developing a real online presence can be extremely beneficial to your efforts.

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