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Make Up To $15/Hour Mystery Shopping With The Mobee App

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If you like receiving cash for things you already do, then Mobee offers a great way for you to supplement your income while going about your day. Get paid to eat out, take online surveys, or even go shopping. There’s never been an easier way to earn some extra cash.

What Is Mobee?

Mobee is a free mobile app that pays you for mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is a tool used by research marketing companies in order to gather information about a specific service or product. When you sign-up for Mobee, you become one of their employees who collects data and gets paid to do so.

Mobee has formed a relationship with specific businesses in your area. Upon entering a store you start your “mission,” which usually consists of 5-10 questions regarding the business that you are reviewing. Using this data, Mobee can help improve the retailer’s customer service and operations.

Once you complete a mission, Mobee’s team will check your mission within 24 hours to see if you completed it correctly and award you points. These points can be exchanges for gift cards, cool prizes and even cash.

If you live in a big city, it shouldn’t be a problem finding tasks to complete on the Mobee app. However, in an area with a low population it may be difficult finding many retailers available through Mobee. Mobee is only currently available to US users.

How Do I Get Started Using Mobee And Earning Cash?

Signing-up for Mobee is a fairly straightforward process and can be completed in 5 steps.

1. Download the app. Mobee is both available for iOS and Android devices. You can download the app by clicking this link here.

mobee download2. Register. When the app finishes downloading, you’ll be asked to create an account by using your Facebook or by using your email and creating a password. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use our referral code H3HR. We’ll both be granted 300 points ($3 dollars).

3. Start your first mission. Each mission you complete will be worth a certain amount of points. Mobee will give you a short tour of how the app works and even give you your first mission no matter your location. This just requires you to fill out some personal information. You’ll be granted 175 points.

4. Find and complete missions. You can find missions in your area by viewing the map that appears when you open your app, or selecting “Stores & Missions” in the left-hand tab. Click on an orange circle on the map to view details about a mission and follow the required steps.

Take note that you need to be at the actual location in order to complete it. The gray dots represent missions that are not currently available but will be in the near future.

5. Redeem prizes. You can go to the Mobee rewards center and see what prizes they have to offer. This includes gift cards, cash  or donating to charity. You need a minimum of 350 points before you can claim your first prize.

How Much Can I Make With Mobee?

Aside from the fact that the more missions you complete the more money you make, I was surprised to find out that the amount of points needed to claim prizes was actually very low.

Mobee gives you anywhere on average about 250 – 750 points per completed mission. You can claim a $5 Starbucks gift card after only gaining 500 points and a $25 dollar gift card to Walmart after gaining 2,500 points. This leads us to conclude that 100 points is equal to $1 dollar.

Since each mission on average only takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete, you’re making anywhere from $6 – $12 dollars per hour, with closer to $15 dollars per hour on the high-end. That’s a pretty good deal for doing something you were going to do anyways.

The way I personally use Mobee is look at which missions are available before I head out and run some errands. If there’s a mission at a store I’m already going to or at a store nearby, I’ll go there and complete it to earn some extra cash. Otherwise, I know that I might stop by another retailer at a later date and don’t want to go out of my way just to complete a task.

This makes it feel like using Mobee is a lot less work. Overall, Mobee is very generous about their payout scale.

How Can I Earn Even More Money With Mobee?

You can earn more with Mobee by referring friends via Facebook or email. You can also find your referral code and have your friends enter it upon registration. Use our referral code and we’ll both be given 300 points for free: H3HR. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Final Thoughts

Mobee is one of the better mystery shopping apps out there, especially since the average user can make up to $15 dollars per hour. I highly recommend this app to those who live in a big city as they’ll have plenty of missions to choose from.

Mobee will ask you really simple questions, but sometimes they will require you to ask a store rep for information regarding a specific product or service. Be prepared to have a few conversations while on the job.

Mobee is an excellent way to earn some extra cash or a great money-maker for those currently unemployed. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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