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Marketplace Superheroes Review: How to Make Money with Amazon Private Label

Marketplace Superheroes Review: How to Make Money with Amazon Private Label
Jennifer Leach Aug 28, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?


If you’re interested in creating a life of real financial freedom, then selling physical products the Marketplace Superheroes way could be for you.

Today, we are going to be giving you our honest review of the Marketplace SuperHeroes system; a step-by-step program that teaches you how to start and grow a global Amazon business selling low-competition, high-profit products from complete scratch.

Starting Your Own Global Business

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business and be your own boss, then running a global business on Amazon comes with a ton of perks.

I’ve been selling online for 7 years and it has absolutely transformed my life. Selling in my own private ecommerce store and in marketplaces has allowed me the freedom to:

  • Design my dream schedule
  • Enjoy a flexible work environment
  • Call myself the boss
  • Enjoy a fruitful lifestyle
  • Connect with entrepreneurs and peers in the industry
  • Make lasting friendships and learn a lot
  • Be rewarded by unlimited income potential

These benefits (and more) are some of the things that draw people to entrepreneurship.

You make a mark on society and run your business online from the comfort of your home.

Taking it to the global level is all the better. This means you can spread your business internationally, connect with consumers abroad, and increase your income simply by taking your business global.

One of the best ways to do this is through the marketplace, Amazon.

Amazon provides an incredible opportunity for practically anybody who wants to sell products online. Here’s why you should consider selling on Amazon…

Why Sell on Amazon?

Right now, Amazon is the #1 marketplace online – and the reason you should consider jumping on the bandwagon is obvious: By selling on Amazon, you’re able to reach a far larger customer base than any other e-commerce platform, including eBay.

What’s more exciting is the fact that you can potentially make more money…by doing less work!

What’s unique about Marketplace SuperHeroes is that they show you more than just how to become a ‘seller’ on Amazon. They walk you through from scratch how to build your own ‘mini empire’ and become a global Amazon investor selling simple, everyday private label products.

What are Private Label products?

Private labelling is when you speak with a manufacturer to produce a product to your specifications. This results in the highest possible profit margin because you’re only paying someone else for manufacturing – not all the ‘middle-men’ in between.

So How Do You Create A Private Label Product?

There are several steps that go into private labelling the right way – the Marketplace Superheroes  way:

#1 Find products that have proven demand on Amazon and understand what works and why certain products work in each category.

#2 Identify ways to improve the offers that have proven market demand (they recommend adding an additional physical product as a bonus or sell a pack size of single packed products)

#3 Create your own simple brand with basic packaging and know how to negotiate a small trial order with a supplier to test the market. Alibaba is a great place to easily find your first supplier.

#4 Sell your new branded product on both and Amazon Europe (which is really easy to do if you follow the steps inside the program)

What’s Involved with Branding?

When it’s time to brand your products, you want to differentiate your product from others on the market so you can stand apart from the competition.

Marketplace SuperHeroes takes you through the entire process, from start to finish, to help you build and grow a thriving private label company to sell on Amazon.

The guys focus on selling low-competition, high-profit items, so you’re not grabbing products from the same small pool that every other seller is choosing products from. They have a full research system which helps you mine for these hidden gems.

Amazon and Private Labeling

You get exposure to Amazon’s huge consumer-base, helping your private label branded products be seen by their millions of customers every single month.

Private labeling goes a long way in establishing trust and dominance in a market. It’s one of the best ways to sell products on Amazon and Marketplace SuperHeroes can help you create your own private label brand to sell on Amazon. Here’s how…

Who is Marketplace SuperHeroes?


The team behind Marketplace SuperHeroes have generated eight figures in sales between them, selling to consumers globally. They created a complete, step-by-step program to show Amazon sellers exactly how to find and pick the best products to sell in their Amazon business.

They also run yearly events for their community to meet up, and learn the latest techniques and strategies in global Amazon selling, including an annual Irish Bootcamp!

Meet Robert and Stephen


Robert started his career in online selling 20 years ago and since then has been responsible for:

  • Growing multiple companies from zero to millions in revenue
  • Generated $10M to $20M in cumulative sales online, with an average profit of 20% to 30%

Stephen started his online sales career 7 years ago.


Robert became his first mentor and now, business partner.

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur, operating with multiple partners and generates multiple 7 figures in revenue.

What is the Complete Step-by-Step System?

This training is a two-phase, 12 module online course that shows you how to find, brand, import, and sell your own line of low competition products.

You get taught by the experts to start your own business to reach tons of consumers globally and become a successful entrepreneur.

  • High quality video presentations
  • Screenshares
  • Downloadable content
  • Plus, more!

Their community members have sold over $33 Million on over 1.3 Million orders across 7 marketplaces, alone!

Sell simple, low competition products and join the group of entrepreneurs who have been able to create and grow thriving Amazon private label businesses thanks to the training.

Curious if the system works?

Check out these real customer reviews.

Case Studies

Case studies really show the full picture. Like the reviews, they are from real people but show a more in-depth look at the entire process.

Take Pete and Rich for example…

They were looking to change their lives and create more income. In just 12 months of starting from scratch and following the Marketplace SuperHeroes system, they built their own 6-figure Amazon business. For most people, hearing results like that sounds impossible. I can tell you that results like this are typical, realistic, and achievable when you follow a step-by-step process like this. 

Pretty incredible, right?

Next up, is a neat case study from Melissa and Keith.

They’re a couple from Texas who wanted to find a way out of the corporate rat race.

They knew that they needed to create income, so they tried their hand at real estate, MLMs and everything in between in search of a business that they could rely on that would create enough income to allow them to take care of their two children at home. But it wasn’t until they really began to harness the power of Amazon on a global scale, selling products to customers across the globe the Marketplace Superheroes way.


You can see Melissa and Keith’s full story here.

How to Quit Your Day Job and Build A Business Selling Simple, Everyday Products Globally On Amazon


Learn how to:

  • Create a business that makes repeatable, profitable monthly sales
  • Make sales globally on Amazon every month
  • Learn a secret strategy that powers successful Amazon businesses
  • Learn a simple 3-step process to finding profitable product ideas with high demand and low competition

Getting Started


Step 1: Join the Webinar

If you are new to online selling or new to selling on Amazon, it’s absolutely critical that you learn how to do it the right way. This webinar will show you how to get started right away, skipping over years of trial and error that most entrepreneurs go through.

Step 2: Join the Group

The Amazon SuperHeroes group is a unique community that shows you how to think like a million dollar Amazon entrepreneur. Hang out with entrepreneurs like you, that are committed to success.

Step 3: Book a Free Call

Speak with a member of the team if you feel you want some additional help – the guys have an excellent coaching program. Get advice on how to best get started and get set up for success without trying to figure it out on your own.

There are so many ways to connect with their team and get started. If you’re really serious about starting your own private label brand with Amazon, lean on the experts to show you the ropes.

Marketplace SuperHeroes Review-Our Take

You may find other courses about selling on Amazon through private labelling but what makes Marketplace SuperHeroes stand apart is that the team behind this training really knows their stuff.

They have decades of experience behind them and they get real results, highlighted by the dozens of positive reviews and case studies presented on their site.

This awesome team have also built a full set of services (such as product photography, listings service, translations service) as well as a freight company (SuperHero Freight) for their members, to get around the problem of pesky freight-forwarders once and for all!

You are going to love all the value that is packed into this course, in a step-by-step, digestible format to help you absorb the information well and execute it in your business.

For more information on getting started with Marketplace SuperHeroes, click here.

What do you think?

Are you ready to take on your dream Amazon global business?

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