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20 Money Making Ideas For Teens (Updated 2019)

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Looking for the best ideas teens make money?  We have all been there with our kids. It seems that some teens view their parents as a never-ending source of income, despite educating them about the value of earning a dollar and money management.

Giving teens a sense of responsibility and independence is important. What better way to demonstrate that than helping your teen get a job?  Keep reading to learn about these 20 ideas teens make money.

Making Money Online

In the Internet Age, endless opportunities are available for teens to earn their own money online. They can take pride in their work, learn valuable skills, and learn responsibility, while earning pocket money.

Online jobs are popular among young adults over the age of 18, and thankfully, there are also numerous opportunities for teens as young as 13 years old to make money online.  Check out these ideas to get you started:

1. Earn Cash Sharing Your Opinion

Surveys are a great way to earn extra cash in your spare time. For your teen, it’s an opportunity for them to get paid to share their opinion. There are a variety of online survey options including online quizzes, watching videos, listening to music and more. 

Surveys are a nice solution for your teen making money because the “work” schedule is flexible.  Surveys can be completed any time, 24/7.  This is perfect for the busy schedule of a teen, balancing school, extracurricular activities, household chores and other activities.

Payment is usually made via cash (PayPal or direct deposit,), gift cards, or a rewards system that gives your teen the opportunity to choose how they want to be rewarded.

Here are some survey options for your teen to try:

  • Survey Junkie – By far one of the most popular survey sites out there. You can earn at a rate of anywhere between $5 – $18 per hour provided that you stick to higher-paying surveys.
  • Inbox Dollars – This is a website that offers cash for surveys and watching TV.  You also get a $5 bonus just for signing up. You must have a minimum balance of $30 to cash out.
  • Harris Poll – You must be 13 years old to participate with Harris Poll. When you begin taking surveys, you will then be rewarded for your opinion. You can earn rewards from top brands.
  • Toluna – You’ll be getting paid to share your opinion about products and services, with Toluna.  Surveys can be completed conveniently with Toluna’s iPhone or Android app.  You earn on a points system, which can be redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards, and more.  

2. Get Paid for Playing Games

You can get paid to play games. Many teens are already playing games online, so why not earn some cash while you are at it?  Here are a couple “get paid to play” surveys that you might like:

  • Long Game Savings-This a great choice because it’s a fun way to get rewarded for making good financial decisions. You are rewarded for reaching your savings goals, and you get to play fun, addictive mobile app games right from your cell phone! You’ll get the chance to win up to $1 million.
  • App Cent-If your teen enjoys trying out new apps, they’re going to love App Cent.  With this site, you get paid to play games with real coins that you can use for in-app purchases, gift cards, a PayPal deposit, or a Visa gift card.

Has this sparked some interest? Check out these 11 apps that pay you to play games.

3. Getting Paid to Search the Web

There are options out there where you can earn searching online. One site that will pay you for searching and purchasing online is Swagbucks.  They pay you in points that you can redeem the points for gift cards and more.

4. Getting Paid for Watching Videos

Jingit is a great option for getting paid to watch ads. You can earn cash instantly just for watching ads.  Other ways to earn:

  • Checking in and shopping your favorite products online
  • Giving your feedback in online surveys

To get started, just complete their free 30-second sign up process and you’re in!

Check these out:

  • S’more: get paid to unlock your phone with S’more. They show you advertisements on your lock screen and you get paid every time you unlock your cell phone and view the ads!
  • FusionCash: Earn $50/hour with FusionCash! Check out this complete guide on how to earn with FusionCash.
  • MyPoints: You can make money in various ways with MyPoints including, paid surveys, reading emails, and searching the web.

Want more ideas? Check out these 15 free apps that pay you to watch videos.

5. Get Crafty with Etsy

Is your teen crafty? For kids age 13 and older, Etsy is a great place for them to earn by selling their creations.

What to sell?

  • Knits (gloves, hats ,blankets, etc.)
  • T-shirts
  • Printables
  • Paintings
  • Candles

Etsy is the place to make money from your hobbies.  Your teen can set up an Etsy shop for free and get started selling!

6. Get Paid to Listen to Music

Music Xray is a site that pays you to listen to music and give your opinion. If you love music, check this site out. 

Slice the Pie pays you to listen to music and leave a review.  If your teen is a fast typist and would like to get paid to share their opinion, this company might be the one for them!

7. Freelance Writing

Writing online is a great way to express yourself and get your ideas out there. There are quite a few magazines that offer payment to teens for their short stories and articles. Here are some examples:

  • CBAY Books: On this site, your teen  may submit their written works. They will be paid if their work is used.  Usually a written notice is received if accepted or rejected but, keep in mind, as with a lot of writing gigs, it can take some time for a response.
  • Bumples Magazine: This is an interactive magazine with a preference for Christian authors.  It is geared towards 4-year olds to 10-year olds. They accept all genres.
  • Frostfire Worlds: This is a unique site. They place preference on Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. If you enjoy writing those types of work, then this could be the place for you!
  • Spaceports and Spidersilk: With this company, they accept written work and art.  
  • Refractions: Golden Fleece Press, the company for Refractions, is accepting work of all types. They have a vast list of the works that sell best and those which are sought after. If you have a knack for writing for children, then this is a great place to begin! 
  • Youth Imagination: The target audience for Youth Imaginations is teens. They publish the best written works by teens and for teens. There is a bonus if you accept payment via PayPal.
  • Wee Tales: Wee Tales is under the same parent umbrella as Refractions. The same submission rules apply.

Traditional Work

Once you are 16 years old, you can work in a traditional work environment, in most areas.  You can find work in newspaper classified ads, “help wanted” signs in local stores, or online job banks. 

Some traditional places where a teen could try and work would include:

9. Restaurants

Whether it is fast food, casual sit down, or fine dining, restaurants are a fantastic place for teens to begin earning some cash. 

10. Movie Theaters

Movie theater jobs are great because part time hours are usually abundant and many theaters are friendly to teens who need after school hours.

11. Super Markets

Super Markets and grocery stores offer flexible shifts, and even extended hours over summer breaks and weekends. 

12. Nursing homes or assisted living homes

In most areas, there are opportunities for teens in the health care sector. The most common places would be nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. Dietary, nurse’s aide, and maintenance are some departments that hire teens in this sector. 

Non-Traditional Work

What if your teen is not 16 yet?

How can they earn money?

Take a look at this roundup of non-traditional jobs, perfect for teens with an entrepreneurial drive.

13. Dog Walking

Depending on where you live, dog walking may be a great option for a teen. People look for others who can be there for their dog when they aren’t able to.

Dog walking is nice gig, good for animal lovers, comfortable with dogs.  This service is growing in demand.   The draw of this job is that you can set your own rates, set your own hours, and get some extended time outdoors with some furry companions!

14. Tutoring

As a tutor, your teen will be helping kids with their studies.  Clients will vary.  Sometimes schools will offer tutoring and your teen will report to the school for work.  Other times it may be through an agency or privately by a parent.

What are the requirements?  Tutors should be friendly, helpful and strong in the subject they are tutoring.  

You can find tutoring jobs by doing a local search in your community:

  • Check with local school districts
  • Search in community Facebook groups
  • Look at ads in the newspaper

15. House Cleaning

If you have a teen who enjoys cleaning and helping people, this may be a great option.

Perks of this job: 

  • Flexible hours
  • Cash payment (most likely) promptly after job completion

Your teen will have the ability to set their rates and hours, making it ideal for those who have extracurricular requirements.  Because it’s task-oriented work, the time will go by quickly too and no need for a suit and tie or uniform for house cleaning.

16. Paper Route

A paper route is a great choice for teens to earn money.   The job usually starts early, before school and your schedule might be daily (including weekends) but it’s only a few hours each day and can be a very reliable job. 

17. Babysitting

A lot of kids start out babysitting their own brothers and sisters.  This experience can be very valuable especially if your teen forays into paid babysitting work. 

If your teen is responsible and great with kids, this opportunity might be a great choice for earning money.

Usually you can get started at the age 13, depending on your area.


Other than age, there may not be any requirements in your area.  Some communities offer babysitting classes with certificate upon completion.  First aid and CPR classes are also a great idea but may not be required.

18. Washing Cars

This is a classic way to for your child to earn money.  Washing cars of your neighbors or coworkers at your job is an idea for a job.

19. Organize Homes and Garages

If your teen is detail-oriented and enjoys organization, home and garage organization might be a good fit! This job is pretty self-explanatory. 

It involves sifting, sorting, cleaning, and organization.  A lot of people are looking for their home, closet, or garage to be organized.  A room can be done in an afternoon on the weekend  .A home organization business can flourish in small and large cities.

20. Mother’s Helper and Running Errands

A mother’s helper runs errands, assists with other tasks around the home, as well as helping with the children. It is great because the parents are usually close at hand.

Final Recap

As you can see, there are a number of  ways for teens to make money, from online to non-traditional jobs. Our work climate is quite adaptable and more jobs are opening up all the time, looking to hire teenagers for work.

Here’s a quick recap of 20 ideas teens make money:

  1. Online surveys
  2. Playing games
  3. Searching the web
  4. Watching videos
  5. Crafting
  6. Listening to Music
  7. Freelance writing
  8. Traditional job: restaurants
  9. Traditional job: movie theater
  10. Traditional job: super markets
  11. Traditional job: nursing homes
  12. Non-traditional job: dog walking
  13. Non-traditional job: tutoring
  14. Non-traditional job: house cleaning
  15. Non-traditional job: babysitting
  16. Non-traditional job: paper route
  17. Non-traditional job: washing cars
  18. Non-traditional job: home/garage organization
  19. Non-traditional job: mother’s helper
  20. Non-traditional job: running errands

No matter where you live, what your background, or what skills you have, there is room for everyone in the workforce, and making your own money is a sign of independence, especially among teenagers. The skills they learn during the teen years can carry them during college and beyond. As parents, you might long to see your kids independent and confident.

Encouraging a teen to make their own money and learn how to handle it is essential to raising a fiscally responsible young adult.

Hopefully you found this roundup of money-making ideas for teens encouraging. Do you have some ideas to share? Comment down below!

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