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13 Money Management Apps to Try This Year

13 Money Management Apps to Try This Year
Jennifer Leach Apr 29, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

This is your year! Are you ready to finally get your money organized?

Struggling to take hold of your personal finances. Apps are the answer! Money management apps will help you budget your life, save for the future, and get a clearer view of your entire financial picture.

Keep reading to learn about these 13 genius money management apps to try this year.

1. Personal Capital

Take the work out of managing your money with Personal Capital. Let someone take over your finances.

How great does that sound?

Personal Capital’s robo advisors let you link your financial accounts, see your worth, create a budget, set spending and savings goals, and so much more.

Their goal is to blend simplicity and technology. What sets Personal Capital apart is that they let you include your investments in the picture, which gives you a more accurate view of your total finances.

Take a look at this review of Personal Capital to learn more.

2. Acorns

Automatically invest your spare change with Acorns. Acorns will literally take your spare change and invest it in the stock market, pennies at a time. This robo-investing tool is great for those interested in investing with little to no work.

Acorns makes all the decisions for you:

  • No need to decide what stocks to invest in
  • Control if you want to make manual deposits or auto deposits where your purchases will be rounded up to the next dollar, and you invest the difference

You’ll get guidance on how to setup your portfolio, the ability to set up automated savings and investing, commission-free trades, and more. Read this Acorns review for more information.

3. Spendee

This money manager and budget planner helps you manage all your money in one place. You can track your income, expenses, analyze your financial habits, and more.

This full-service finance app gives you all the financial tools to be successful. It connects to accounts from over 2,000 banks in seconds, and has a huge array of intuitive tools to help you get the most out of the app.

After connecting your bank, you will have all your financial transactions imported into Spendee automatically, giving you an overview of your spending habits. You have so much flexibility and you’ll also have the ability to:

  • Manually enter expenses
  • Connect to your crypto wallet

And, so much more. You can even link your Spendee account to multiple users, making it great for families and roommates. Get a comprehensive review of Spendee here.

4. Cinch Financial

Making the right financial decisions can be a challenge. Cinch Financial makes it easy for you by analyzing your financial picture and forecasting step-by-step actions to help you get thousands, in savings!

Cinch uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to put your savings and investments on autopilot.

Cinch helps you save money and earn money. It’s a great tool to aid in your financial success. Sign up with Cinch Financial to get on the right track to better financial well-being.

5. EveryDollar

They call themselves the best financial management app and here’s why:

  • They help you create a monthly budget so you can achieve your money goals
  • Eliminate stress about money by giving you confidence in your financial future
  • Plan your expenses

It takes 10 minutes to get started and it gives you the flexibility to really budget anywhere. They sync across multiple devices, allowing your budget to go everywhere you do! Learn more about EveryDollar.


Manage your finances with ease using YNAB’s (You Need a Budget), zero-based budgeting system. The company is so confident in their services that they claim new users can save $200 in their first month!

YNAB’s thinking involves:

  • Giving every dollar a job
  • Embracing your true expenses
  • Rolling with the punches-those natural, sudden life changes that happen to everyone
  • Aging your money

Stop living paycheck to paycheck, gain control of your finances, and get out of debt with YNAB.

7. PocketGuard

With PocketGuard you can categorize and organize your expenses, bills, and subscriptions with ease. Putting together tabs and graphs gives you a visual picture of your finances.

Whether you want to create a budget, track spending or reduce your bills, PocketGuard can help you with all this and more.

8. Wally

Wally is a seamless, streamlined personal finance app. It lets you view your finances, take control of your money, balance income, expenses and more.

If you’re looking for a 360 view of your money:

  • What comes in
  • What goes out
  • What you’ve budgeted
  • Your savings

Then, Wally is the right app for you!

9. Mvelopes

Mvelopes is all about an envelope budgeting system. Budgeting this way helps reduce financial stress, reduce debt faster, and start saving more.

Take control of your finances by giving every dollar a purpose, eliminating debt, and reducing stress. Do your finances keep you up at night?

  • Are you worried about the future?
  • Are unexpected expenses a crisis for you?
  • When you talk about money does it always end in a fight?

Melanie said:

“I knew that I needed to change my spending habits and my budgeting, but I didn’t know how…choosing Mvelopes was the very best call that I’ve ever made.”

Mvelopes has helped change the lives of half a million people, helping pay off over $17,000 in debt, on average, and helping users accumulate an average savings of $6,175. Learn more about Mvelopes.

10. Goodbudget

The home budget app for Android, iPhone, and the Web. Use Goodbudget to keep track of your money, spending habits, and save more.

Like Mvelopes, Goodbudget embraces the envelope spending budgeting system. The concept is simple. You assign envelopes to different parts of your budget and when you’ve spent all the money in that envelope, you stop spending.

Goodbudget helps you:

  • Create a shared household budget
  • Set family goals
  • Keep yourself accountable
  • Plan your budget with confidence

This powerful personal finance software is budgeting for the modern world. Sound interesting? Read more about Goodbudget.

11. Albert

Albert is a financial services tool that helps you automate your savings. They do the work for you!

  • Get your financial accounts analyzed
  • Build a curated income-based plan for you
  • Get overpayment protection, where you’ll be notified if you’re overpaying
  • Invest smartly

Use Albert Genius, a team of human financial experts, right at your fingertips. You can get alerted of potential savings, get help in paying down your debt faster, and get a tailored financial plan. Take a look at Albert for yourself.

12. Mint

Mint is an all-around money management app that acts as a budget tracker and planner. Effortlessly manage all your finances right from your cell phone. Budget, bills, credit, Mint covers it all.

After you sign up, you can link your cards and accounts. You’ll be able to see all your bills in one place, get alerts about upcoming bills and watch your late fees go down, because you’ll be managing your money better.

Here are some of the things you can do with Mint:

  • Create budgets that make sense for your life
  • Have all your expenses tracked automatically by Mint so, you can see exactly how much you spend each month on food, fuel, entertainment, and more
  • Get alerted to unusual account changes
  • Free credit score

Get started with Mint for free, here.

13. Dollarbird

Dollarbird is a collaborative smart calendar just for your personal finances! This calendar-based financial management system is made just for real life. You have the power to add past, future, or current transactions, categorize them, track them, and so much more.

See where your money flows, right from the app.

Collaborate with others and share calendars so your partner, family, or roommates can stay up to date with joint budgets. Get started with Dollarbird.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to understanding your budget and gaining control of your personal finances, these money management apps will help you achieve those goals.

Now, with modern technology, you can balance your budget, create a personalized spending plan, track expenses, pay off debt faster, and save for the future, on autopilot!

What is the greatest benefit money management apps can provide to you?

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