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12 Easy to Use Money Saving Apps for iPhone

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money saving apps for iphoneHave you ever downloaded a “money-saving” app only to find out it’s more work than you want to put into it?

Ever have an app that you keep forgetting to use to save money?

Want some iPhone apps that are making your financial life easier and create a little passive income at the same time?

A “download it and forget it” app?

Look no more, I’m giving you 12 money-saving apps that are easy to use and work without needing much input from you.

Check these out:

1. Acorns

Best for investment options.

Ever wanted to start investing, but just don’t have the know-how, the time to research everything or the funds to pay a money manager?

Acorns will take care of your investing for you.

There are several ways Acorns works:

  • Automatic Withdrawals – Have a set amount withdrawn from your bank account on a certain day, weekly, or monthly.
  • Roundups – Any debits on your linked bank accounts and cards are rounded up to the nearest dollar and transferred to your Acorns account.
  • Found Money – Shop from their listed merchants and the merchant will “invest on your behalf” (like cash-back).
  • Invite Friends – Get $5 for every friend you refer to Acorns.

You get to choose what type of investment portfolio you want – from conservative to aggressive. I chose a conservative approach, with only a $5 automatic withdrawal weekly.

I’ve been using Acorns for about a month now, I’m not a frequent shopper but already have racked up $31.34 in the last 30 days in roundups, $20 in weekly withdrawals, and a $5 sign up bonus – I now have $61.34 invested. It’s predicted that I’ll make $8,831 in 10 years. They only charge $1 a month fee, and seeing that I got $61 invested in 30 days (for free), a $1 charge is relatively cheap.

This is a fix it and forget it app – set your portfolio type, link your cards, set up automatic withdrawals and that’s it. You can earn more by using their shopping merchants and inviting friends, but it’s not dependent on this to successfully work.

2. Ibotta

Best for cash-back savings.

Ibotta is the best app to use to make money while shopping. Here’s several ways you can make money:

  • Cash back on purchases through the app – Such as $47 back from Blue Apron
  • Scan your store receipts – Get the same deals offline by scanning your receipts
  • Hidden Offers – Find offers not available elsewhere, like $10 off a Sam’s Club membership
  • Bonus Rewards – Seasonal offers and reward points offered frequently
  • Earn with Friends – Not only get rewarded for referrals, but earn on their earnings

Grab their free $10 sign up bonus offer to get started and make money just by doing your regular shopping.

3. Qapital

Best for goal setting.

Similar to Acorns, by putting your money into some investments, but they also set some money aside for savings and financial goals. This is done by:

  • A Spending Account – You can track your weekly spending and stay within budget
  • Qapital Visa Card – A debit card to use from your spending account
  • Investing Account – Invest your money in long term goals.
  • Roundups – Rounds up all your spending to the nearest dollar and puts it where you have designated it to go – savings or investing.
  • Invite Friends – Get $5 per friend that signs up too.

They also offer a $5 Sign up bonus as well. But, with all the roundup transfers, your bank may charge a fee there. When you open an account, you link all your bank accounts, choose your spending goals (new car, vacation, debt payoff, etc.), and set your money rules – how much you want put in and where.

They have 3 pricing tiers:

  1. Basic at $3 a month where members earn an average of $1,500 a year
  2. Complete at $6 a month where members earn an average of $4,300 a year
  3. Master at $12 a month where members earn an average of $5,000 a year

The only difference that Quapital offers and Acorns doesn’t, is that you can also save in a savings account for short- and long-term goals.

4. Digit

Best for simple savings.

If you ever struggle to try and build up your savings, but it’s hard figuring out how much you can actually set aside? Digit will do all the work for you and start your savings account for you.

Digit does this by:

  1. Linking all your banking accounts
  2. Analyzes your spending habits
  3. Withdraws just enough money into a savings account that won’t affect your budget.

That’s it! Digit doesn’t require you to come up with an amount to transfer every month. It adapts to you and saves accordingly. Digit learns when and how much is safe to save based on your spending habits. For example, Digit notices you usually spend $150 on week one, and calculates it’s safe to withdraw $10, then on week 2 you usually spend $125, so it withdraws $35.

Other ways that Digit will help you save:

  • Digit Pay – Designate some of your savings towards a debt such as a credit card automatically.
  • Savings Bonus – Every 3 constitutive months you get a 1% annualized bonus deposited
  • Refer a friend – Earn $5 per friend that signs up
  • Guarantee – 100% money-back guarantee

Digit costs $2.99 a month (after the 30-day free trial). It’s a great way to build savings without having to do the math beforehand.

5. Chime

Best alternative bank.

Chime Bank may seem like any other online bank, but they offer so many money saving options that are not available at most online or offline banks.

Some of these savings include:

  • No Hidden Fees – No fees on overdrafts, minimum balance, service charges, or transfers
  • Chime Debit Card – Earn cash-back by using your card
  • Savings Account – Opt to have 10% of your direct deposits directly sent to savings.
  • Roundups – All spending is rounded up to the nearest dollar and transferred to savings
  • Rewards – 10% bonus on all your roundups weekly. You get 50¢ for roundups equaling $5
  • Referral – Refer a friend and when they set up a Direct Deposit of $200 or more, you both receive $50.

How much can you save with Chime Bank? Let’s say you started with a $100 savings account and you earn $3,000 a month, 10% of this is sent to savings – $300. Just on the transfers alone you’ve saved $3,701.75 in one year.

6. Mint

Best for budgeting.

This app pulls your banking and credit card transactions and categorizes them so you can quickly and easily see where you’re spending money.

With Mint you can:

  • Receive bill reminders, spending, and balance alerts
  • Receive notifications of bank fees
  • Set up financial goals and sets up a budget to meet those goals
  • Receive bill due dates reminders and an option to set up a payment
  • Manage several bank accounts, credit cards, and bills

Mint is free to use, and the only drawback is that it can’t make transactions or move money from your account, but the automatic categorizing and budgeting option as well as the bill reminders are worth it.

7. Tally

Best for monitoring credit cards.

This is a great app for keeping all your credit cards in one place, track them and actually get out of debt faster.

Tally saves you money by:

  • Monitors all your balances, APIs, and due dates
  • Calculates the best way to save interest on all your cards
  • Offers a line of credit (7.9% – 19.9%) to consolidate your cards
  • No fees
  • Refer a friend and you both get a $20 Amazon card when they activate their account

A great way to keep an eye on all your credit and store cards and either see which one to payoff first, or consolidate them all onto one account for the best interest rate.

8. HoneyFi

Best for budgeting for couples.

How many times has it happened that one partner is managing the budget and is being careful, but the other blows it? It’s hard managing finances when the other doesn’t know what’s going on (or doesn’t want to know).

You can both create a household budget, label and comment on transactions for the other person. The both of you can contribute, share information on all accounts and see statements on their own app.

This app also helps the two of you save together for anything from a vacation to buying a home. Just enter what you’re saving for, choose a savings rule, and the app will do the rest.

No more blown budgets, no more fights over money. A great easy to use app for both of you to save money.

9. Trim

Best for cutting back spending.

This is a great app that does the legwork for you when looking for ways to cut back on your spending. Need a lower utility bill or cable service, Trim will do it for you (for a small commission).

Here’s how Trim will easily save you money:

  • Analyzes all your spending and offers recommendations on where to cut back
  • Negotiates your various bills with any provider
  • Recognizes recurring charges and sends reminders (or asks if you’d like to discontinue)
  • Recommends the right financial accounts for you
  • Recommends a debt payoff plan for you

Trim is free to use but does offer fees for their negotiation service, debt payoff service, and their Simple Savings service.

Even though it’s not a direct app for iPhone, it does use Facebook Messenger and your text number to notify you of any news.

10. Shopkick

Best for shopping.

When you’re out shopping at stores or at a mall, this is a great app to make you some extra money. Besides the cash-back offers on your purchases, you can earn in a number of other ways, such as:

  • Check ins – Walk into a store (or be nearby) and claim points just for checking in
  • Scan Barcodes – While doing your shopping, the app will list products you can scan for more points (but you don’t need to purchase them)
  • Find & Use Coupons – They have coupons for each store you can look up and use
  • Linking your Card – Get points for linking your card and using it
  • Referrals – You get 250 kicks ($1) per friend referred

It is an easy app to use and shop with. I’ve claimed several points by just sitting on the car in the parking lot waiting for hubby.

11. DollarBird

Best for bill reminding.

This calendar-based financial management app is made just for real life. You can add past, future, or current transactions, categorize them, track them, and more.

Here’s how Dollarbird works:

  • Analyzes your transaction and learns to categorize them
  • Automatically balances your account each day or month
  • Shows the breakdown of past and planned transactions
  • Option to share your calendar with your partner, family and others

The app is free, but there’s a paid upgrade of $4.99 a month to be able to share with up to 3 people and have 20 different calendars to manage.

Dollarbird helps you save money by avoiding late fees, overdraft fees, and eventually helps improve your credit score with steady payments.

12. Piecewise

Best for student debt payoff.

Piecewise helps students plan and pay off their student loans for them. They save you money by:

  • Analyzing your spending and your student loan amounts and prepare a payment plan
  • Paying your student loans for you after you’ve agreed on a plan
  • Collecting Roundups and depositing it into your savings
  • Transfering 1% of all deposits into your savings

You simply connect your banking information and your student loan information, set some payment rules and forget it. Your loan will be paid for you on time and you build up savings at the same time.


Use several apps at the same time to automate as many financial processes as you can for the optimum money saving opportunities.

These apps are great for folks, like me, who keep forgetting to check the apps for the newest survey, or to watch some videos, and other money-generating activities.

Have you used any of these apps yourself? Let us know what you think and how they’ve helped you save money.

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