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My Review of the Perksy App: The App That Pays You to Play

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In my continuing search for different money-making apps I came across the Perksy app.

Perksy lets you earn money by answering interactive survey questions.

The Perksy app was released in October 2017 by a Toronto woman named Nadia Masri.

Perksy is only available on the Apple App Store.

By the way, don’t confuse the Perksy app with the popular group of Perk apps.

What is Perksy?

Perksy states they are a “DIY consumer insights platform powers real-time research with everyday people through its immersive mobile app that rewards them for their responses”.

Perksy does real-time research “with Millennial & Gen-Z audiences” for popular companies such as Pepsi, Airbnb, Smuckers, and many others.

This app sends you stacks of questions on “current events, what’s cool, what isn’t, and from top brands that want your opinion”.

Each stack of questions only takes a few minutes to complete and you earn points for each stack that you complete.

They state “our belief is that if you want to reach a younger audience you have to live where they live, and that’s mobile.”

I find that to be an odd comment as many survey sites have a mobile app available as well.

In trying to look up details about Perksy, the website is entirely focused on getting companies to buy their marketing platform.

There was very little mention of their actual users – the people that’ll be using the app to earn money.

How to Sign Up

Once you download Perksy from the iOS App store and open it for the first time:

  1. The first screen asks to get started with either a Facebook login, Instagram login or your mobile number.
  2. Next, there’s a winking face emoji saying “Hi! What’s your name?”, go ahead and enter your name.
  3. Now it asks for your birthday.
  4. Then you enter your Zip Code (they send all questions by area).
  5. It then requests your phone number to verify by phone.
  6. You’ll need to enter the code it sent you to continue.
  7. Once you enter the verification code you are all signed up.
  8. You now will receive your first survey.
  9. After completing this survey you’ll receive 100 points ($1 USD).

You now can fill out the other available surveys and share your personal link with friends for referral points.

What is Available to Do on Perksy?

The only thing Perksy offers are surveys in batches called “stacks”.

Each stack has around 5 to 10 mini questions about a variety of topics.

Perksy is “game-ified,” and you answer simple questions such as why you would choose one sweater over another, one brand or another, each catered to you and your location.

Instead of giving a multiple-choice answer or giving a rating, you chose an emoji that matches your answer.

When you choose your answer, you’ll need to hold your choice down for a bit until the color fills in the box and then it moves on to the next question.

How Do You Make Money?

There are two ways to earn money on Perksy:

One is to take surveys, which are sent to you in “stacks” and you’ll be notified when they are ready.

Each stack has about 5 to 10 questions, take a few minutes to complete and earn you about 20-80 points (20¢ to 80¢).

The other way to earn is by referring friends to the Perksy app.

You send out invites via text, email and social medial links.

When your friend joins and completes their profile survey, you’ll earn 100 points.

How Do You Get Paid?

The minimum cash-out amount you’ll need is 2,500 points.

The conversion rate is 100 points equals $1 USD.

Gift cards all start at $25 and are available from various retailers including:

  • Amazon
  • Nike
  • Uber
  • Home Depot
  • Target
  • Netflix

Gift cards are only available in $25, $50, $75, $100, $150 and $200 amounts.

The points needed would be between 2,500 to 20,000 points to redeem $25 to $200.

Pros and Cons of Perksy

My review of the pros and cons on Perksy are:


  • Surveys are short and quick.
  • Questions are fun and has cartoons happening in background.
  • Uses emojis to answer questions instead of words or numbers.
  • Nice artwork throughout (provided by Julie Winegard)


  • Stacks are only available for 6 hours.
  • No option to cash-out via PayPal or other cash alternates.
  • Uses your location even when the app isn’t open, which decreases battery life.
  • Poor customer service.

My User Experience

Now, no review is complete without personally trying the app out myself.

Signing up for Perksy was going well until it got to the verification code part.

I tried tapping “resend verification code” to no avail.

There is no back button, or swiping capabilities in the sign-up screens so I was stuck waiting for a code.

I went on to their website to get some customer support.

There, I connected to their Live Chat, apparently their “live” chat isn’t so live.

After waiting 15 minutes of staring at the chat screen and checking my phone, I closed the chat and the app and decided to wait for any kind of response.

About 45 minutes later I receive a verification code via text.

So I entered it into the app and a pop-up says the code is incorrect.

I finally decided to fill out the contact form on their website.

Fiddling around on the app, I clicked on the upper left corner on a blank space and opened up the menu.

I sent an email to the Perksy customer support through the app itself.

In the meantime, I could only add my email to my “Account Details” screen.

After a few hours of no responses, I decided to send a message through their Facebook page.

That’s several contact options I went through to find a resolution:

  • Live Chat – No one was available
  • Website Contact Form – Still waiting for a response
  • App Contact Email – Responded 6 hours later
  • Facebook Messenger – Still waiting for a response

I got an email 6 hours later suggesting I uninstall the app and reinstall it and sign up using my phone number instead of logging in through Facebook or Instagram.

That solution worked and I was able to get signed up.

The beginning stack of questions was totally random:

  • Do you have Pets?
  • Are you a “Sneakerhead”?
  • Which picture do you like better? (Blue picture of a Pepsi can and a Red picture of a Coke can)
  • Which shoe style do you like better? (6 photos of different Nike shoe styles)

After completion, I received 100 points ($1).

I then was offered a Personal Survey so they can tailor future surveys just for me.

I did not like the fact that I was not able to enter information that was specific to me.

For example, a question asked what nationality are you – I tried typing in French-Canadian, but the app did not recognize that so I removed the hyphen, it wouldn’t accept that either.

I finally resorted to just saying Canadian.

Then it asked what languages I speak, English was one (obviously), and it would not accept Sign Language, or even “Other”.

Another annoying feature I did not like about Perksy is that once you select an answer, whether it was a typed answer or scroll bar, and you clicked “Done”, on the next screen you still had to hold down your final answer button until the bar filled up.

Don’t we all just want to click an answer and move on?

Again, the Perksy app was created specifically to target Millennials and Generation Z and I’m from Generation X, so I’m probably too “outdated” for this app.

User Reviews

After having a bad start with trying to sign up on the app, I went on the Apple App store to check out their reviews.

On the Apple App listing, Perksy has a 4.2 out of 5 Star rating by 2,600 raters.

But the App store only listed 3 user comments with no way to read the other reviews, so I had to search for other reviews online.

I found many reviews listed on the AppGrooves site.

Here are a few 5-star reviews:

“This app is 100% legit although when I got to around 2400 thousand points they stopped asking me questions for about 2 weeks but then when I started to receive the notifications again I started answering more questions until I got to 2500 points to get a gift card and it actually works….”

“Okay, I gotta be honest. Perksy is genuinely the greatest app I have downloaded. I love how personal it is on top of the art, and how fun the question stacks are to answer. Perksy is super creative, and makes answering things really fun! Not to mention, I’ve gotten a stack every single day since I got the app!….”

“I would give this 5-stars… it’s a cool concept and I like the lay out. I’ve had this app for awhile now. I’m about 100 points from getting a $25 gift card and the surveys have completely stopped. At first, they came all the time and as I got closer to 2500 points they slowed tremendously….”

Here are a few 1-Star reviews:

“If you’re looking for some quick cash or anything quick by any means, don’t use this app. Rarely do I ever get “stacks” and sometimes when I get a notification and try to do mine, they aren’t even there…”

“I have been using this app for around three months and for almost a month have been stuck at 2432 points without receiving any surveys or points after reaching this point. On this app the smallest reward is a $25 gift card of any sort which is equivalent to 2500 points…”

“I’ve been ranking points from Perksy since last year and ever since I got to the 2000 points rank, the surveys don’t come in as they used to. If they do, they’re in the middle of the night while I’m asleep and I miss on those points…”

As you’ve read here, the running theme throughout these reviews is that Perksy “hampers” you from earning your reward quickly.

Similar Survey Sites

There are many other similar money-making survey sites available, such as:

PrizeRebel – Get paid for surveys, watching videos, referring friends and more. Each friend referral earns you 20% (up to a max of 30%) of their earnings for life. You can make about $10 an hour or more.

PointClub – Earn rewards in the form of points that can be exchanged for gift cards. You can make about $10 – $15 an hour.

SurveyClub – This app gives you a list of surveys to fill out as well lists research studies near you that you can participate in for more earnings. You can make over $10 an hour.

YouGov – Get a $2 sign up bonus, answer political and government-based questions and make about $5 – $15 an hour.

Pinecone Research – Each survey pays out at a flat rate of $3 and takes anywhere from 10 – 15 minutes, meaning you’re earning at a rate of $12 – $18 per hour.

Survey Junkie – Get 25¢ for joining, the average earnings are $1 – $3 per survey with possibility of getting $50 for a survey.

You can find many more survey sites and survey reviews on this Frugal For Less search listing.

Is Perksy a Scam or Legitimate?

After studying several review sites and trying it out myself, I’ve decided it is BOTH legitimate and a scam.

Perksy is not a scam as they do pay their users.

Even though many users complain of a slow-down of available surveys, they do eventually get to their cash-out goal of 2,500 points.

Perksy is a scam for the same exact reason – they’re inhibiting their users from obtaining their gift cards quickly by suddenly slowing the flow of available stacks to their users.

My honest opinion about Perksy after struggling through the sign-up and reading the reviews is to not download it at all!

Then signing up for an account shouldn’t be complicated nor need several customer service contacts to complete.

Maybe it was just me?

Next, scanning through the rest of the reviews on the Appgrooves site, it was apparent that Perksy delays many of their users from reaching their gift card goal by slowing down or stopping available surveys or sending out time-sensitive surveys at inconvenient times (like when they’re asleep).

Lastly, you only make 50¢ to $1 a stack.

You are much better off earning higher revenues on other more popular survey sites like the ones I mentioned earlier.

Don’t get the Perksy app.


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