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MyGiftCardsPlus Review: Buy Gift Cards & Get Cash Back

MyGiftCardsPlus Review: Buy Gift Cards & Get Cash Back
Tracy Stine Nov 19, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

MyGiftCardsPlus, is a website where you can buy discounted gift cards from about a hundred different retailers. It’s similar to GiftCardGranny and other discounted gift card companies.

Let’s review how MGC works and all i’s features:

What is MyGiftCardsPlus?

MGC, as I’ll refer to it sometimes, is part of the SwagBucks chain of cash-back earning companies.

You just search on MGC for an electronic gift card of your choice, get a percent of your purchase back, it’s that easy. Let’s say you’re planning to eat out on the weekend, you find a $25 AppleBee’s gift card and you buy it, you then get 4% back (or 100 points).

So, not only will you get your gift card, you’ll earn Swagbucks (SBs) to earn even more gift cards or PayPal money.  Another great option is to switch to MyPoints earnings, so you earn points towards your MyPoints earnings.

If you’re a member of Swagbucks or MyPoints,  then MyGiftCardsPlus is a win-win site.

What Kind of Discounts Can I Get?

As I mentioned, there are about 100 retailers, they range from restaurants, department stores, and electronics to flowers and gifts, sports and travel sites. Here are a few gift cards you can buy, the different amounts, and the earnings you can make:

  • Lowe’s – From $25 to $500, earn 2% back (50 to 1,000 SBs)
  • Ulta – From $25 to $100, earn 5% back (125 to 500 SBs)
  • – From $25 to $500, earn 5% back (125 to 2,500 SBs)
  • Uber – From $25 to $100, earn 1% back (25 to 100 SBs)

If you plan ahead well, you can get gift cards for any activity, or to give as gifts, and you get rewarded in points towards something you really want to purchase.

How do I get Started on MyGiftCardsPlus?

If you’re interested in getting gift cards at MGC, the registration process is pretty easy:

  1. Go to the MyGiftCardsPlus page and create an account.
  2. Link to your SwagBucks (or MyPoints) account.
  3. Start Shopping for a Gift Card.
  4. MyGiftCardsPlus will send you occasional emails notifying you of special promotions.

Now if you don’t have a Swagbucks account, you can start by:

  1. Going to Swagbucks’ page and create an account and profile.
  2. Receive a $10 sign up bonus.
  3. There are so many earning potentials on Swagbucks.
  4. Click on the menu, find MyGiftCards and click through.

The same goes for MyPoints:

  1. Go to MyPoints’ page and create an account and profile.
  2. Receive a free $10 bonus
  3. Again, there are so many earnings on MyPoints.
  4. Click on the “Shop” option on the Menu, select “Buy Gift Cards”

MGC accepts PayPal, Visa and Mastercard payments when buying gift cards and they take about 1 – 2 business days to arrive in your email account. Sometimes it takes longer for them to validate a purchase first, so it may take longer.

Comparison with other Gift Card Sites

Let’s compare to other similar gift card buying sites available online. I’ll compare MyGiftCardsPlus to GiftCardGranny and CardPool – two popular sites.


  • Offers up to 57% cash back on some cards.
  • Up to 92% cash back on selling your Gift Cards to them.
  • iOs App & Android App available.
  • Able to buy and sell Gift Cards in Bulk.
  • Refer a friend earns you $5 and able to send on multiple social media links.


  • Get up to 35% off gift cards.
  • Up to 92% cash back on selling your gift cards.
  • iOS App.
  • Bulk Buy & Sell Gift Cards.
  • Refer a friend get $5 by email only.


You need to know this is almost comparing apples to oranges here as MGC is an extension of SwagBucks and MyPoints, so they will not offer all the same services, now let’s look:

  • Offers up to 16% back on gift cards
  • No ability to sell your gift cards
  • Uses the Swagbucks App (iOS)
  • No bulk or selling option
  • Refer a friend through SwagBucks (10% of their earnings), or MyPoints (25 points per friend plus their earnings).

So, it may not look like much on MyGiftCardsPlus, but like I said, all the big earnings are back on the “main” sites.

Customer Reviews

Here are what some customers have said about MGC:

5 Star Review“Great way to buy Gift Cards and Earn major SwagBucks!”

5 Star Review – “Easy to use website. Good value, fast shipping. Would prefer a physical gift card when I buy for a gift.”

3 Star Review – “I wanted a card mailed to me, not email. I should have gotten that option”.

1 Star Review – “Takes up to two days to actually get the card. “Security” reasons. Poor customer service with canned responses to any questions.”

Many of the reviews followed the same chorus – they either claimed it’s great and easy to use, or it takes too long, and no physical gift card available. But, in my opinion if they had checked the site’s FAQs, it states right there at the top under “Gift Cards” that there are no plastic gift cards and that it takes 1 – 2 business days to deliver unless there’s a security reason to validate your purchase.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on MyGiftCardsPlus is that as a stand-alone shopping site it’s not good. With only about 100 retailers to chose from, compared to over 1,000 on GiftCardGranny, it is pretty small. But as part of Swagbucks, it’s a great way to earn points.

For example, the $25 Applebee’s card I mentioned earns you 100 SBs. The smallest Gift Card to get on Swagbucks is a $3 Amazon card for 300 SBs. You’re a third of the way already.

Again, if you plan ahead and get gift cards for all your future plans, you can make pretty good earnings here. Let’s say you have a trip coming up, buy gift cards from, an airline, restaurants, Uber, GoPlayGolf, and Groupon and you’ll earn so many points for your SwagBucks or MyPoints accounts. Besides, honestly, gift cards are safer to travel with than a lot of cash or traveler’s checks.

Tracy Stine

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