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Negotiation Reduced My Car Rental Fee by $40 at Enterprise

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Be Willing to Negotiate Your Car Rental Fee

If there’s anything you should know about renting a car, it’s that never agree with the first price  they give you.

I’m planning a trip to Seattle this weekend and need to rent a car in order to get there from Spokane. I decided to go with Enterprise Car Rental as I appreciate their service, and they don’t try to rip me off (at least not as much as other companies).

car rental image

After researching prices online, I found that Thrifty car rental could give me an economy car for 4 days at around $110 dollars. Enterprise’s website had the lowest price at around $160 for 4 days.

I gave Enterprise a call and explained to them my situation. They were willing to give me a car for four days for $140 dollars, $20 dollars off the online price. I then asked if they could go lower.

The rep on the phone said $130 and said to me that since this price was better than the online price, I should accept the deal and that was the lowest he could go. I politely declined and decided that I’d think about it.

The rep asked me if I wanted to be put down as a tentative customer and reserve the car, but there was no way I was going to go with that price.

I waited about five minutes and decided to call the same branch again, except this time a different representative answered the phone. I mentioned to him that I had just called, but wasn’t satisfied with the price that they had given me.

This rep was a lot more lenient, and was willing to rent me a car at $20 a day before tax, for a total of $94 after four days.

Even though I could have probably gotten the car rental at an even lower price, I saved nearly $40 dollars by not accepting the first offer.

Always be willing to negotiate prices and you can end up saving a lot of money. If you want more tips on how to save money when renting a car, specifically check out my article, 7 Steps to Save 60% When Renting a Car.

Thanks again for reading and keep trying your best to save money.

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