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New Members Get A Free $15 Credit On First Purchase

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If you haven’t heard already, Jet is taking on Amazon by storm by placing similar products for sale on their page at a cheaper price. I’ve been using Jet for a while, and I have to say that they have excellent customer service and deliver fast shipping.

The best part is that I haven’t been able to find prices at a cheaper price anywhere around, and now they’re offering $15 in free credit to new members.

What Is Jet.Com?

Jet is an online shopping site that works in a very similar manner to Amazon and Costco. Like Amazon, they offer extremely affordable prices, and I can often find prices that are even cheaper by at least a few dollars.

The more you add to your cart, the more of a discount you’re going to get. For example, the Tide Laundry Detergent in the image below is originally $8.61. Yet When I add two to my cart, I save an extra $1.18. If I really feel like I don’t need to return an item, I can forgo their free return policy and save another $.18 cents.

Normally this bottle of detergent would cost me $17.22, but when buying in bulk (2 at a time), I save a bit and it only costs me $15.86. This is essentially the bread and butter of Jet.

The other part of Jet is where it works like Costco in which they only make money off of their membership fees. All orders over $35 offer free shipping as long as you are a member. Becoming a member costs $50 a year, and there’s a 3-month free-trial that starts when you place your first order.

Unlike Amazon, memberships won’t automatically renew, so there’s no credit card information required. After 3 months, you’ll be sent a reminder that your trial period is up.

If you wish to continue, simply type in your credit card number and you’ll be charged $50 one time. This is way better, since Amazon charges $99 a year for Amazon Prime and only a one-month free-trial.

Jet gets even better in the fact that they offer free returns on everything. If you want to save a bit of money and are almost 100% positive that you won’t return your purchase, uncheck “free returns” during checkout and add more to your savings.

Have more questions about Jet and how prices compare? You can read our full review here.

How Do I Get My Free $15 Credit?

For a limited time only, Jet is offering a $15 credit for all new members whether you have a membership or not. Worried about shipping costs? Jet also has this covered by offering free shipping until 9/30/2015. Here’s how to get that credit in 3 easy steps.

1. Register. Register for a new account by clicking this link here and hitting the register button. Enter in your name, email and zip code to get started.

2. Add to cart. Find an item you like and add it to your cart. Increase the quantity to increase your savings. You can also forego free returns if you want to save a little bit more (yet I don’t personally do this.

3. Enter promo code. Enter the promo code 15BUCKSNOW upon checkout and you get $15 dollars off your first purchase. You must have a minimum of $35 in your cart. Shipping has been extremely fast, and I’ve personally never had to wait more than 3 days to receive my order. This offer is available for a limited time so make sure to snag it fast.

How Do Prices Compare To Amazon?

What good is saving $15 dollars on Jet if the prices are a lot higher than any other shopping site? We went ahead and did a quick price comparison for Jet vs Amazon to see which one is better on a couple of items.

The first one we’re going to take a look at is a bottle of Nescafe Taster’s Choice Coffee. On Amazon it would cost us $14.33 with free shipping if we had Amazon Prime. Jet wins by a landslide by costing only $10.75 per bottle.

We did one more comparison with a Gear Head 92-Key Mechanical Keyboard. We can find it on Amazon for $47.95, but on Jet it’s only $45.92. You save almost an extra $2 with Jet, and you’ll get free shipping with both vendors since the purchase is over $35.

Final Thoughts

Does Jet always beat Amazon? Not always, but I’ve found it to be true 90% of the time. Amazon tends to have cheaper prices on electronics, but this isn’t always the case. I highly recommend comparing both before making any purchases.

Yet with the free $15 credit for new members, you can’t really go wrong with trying out Jet. Even if you don’t like your product, return it for free at their expense. I usually find shipping to be extremely fast with excellent customer service. Just make sure to take advantage of this offer as it’s only available for a limited time.

If you do decide to go with Amazon, just be sure to use the Giving Assistant Cash Back Portal to get an additional 5% off all purchases. Have you tried Jet out? Give us your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling.

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