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30 Niche Sites Ideas to Make Extra Money

30 Niche Sites Ideas to Make Extra Money
Jennifer Leach Aug 22, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

niche site ideasDid you know that you can make extra money with niche sites?

In this post we’re going to share 30 Niche Sites Ideas to Make Extra Money.

If you’ve heard the saying, “the riches are in the niches,” this roundup will prove this saying to be true!

The internet is a crowded landscape chalk full of money-making opportunities.

It can hard to distinguish between legitimate opportunities and scams.

Niche sites are a very real opportunity to monetize websites and make money, in the process.

You’ll find a huge list of profitable niche site ideas to make extra money for you, starting today.

Keep reading to uncover them all!

What Are Niche Sites?

Niche sites are small websites centered around a specific niche or topic. These sites help people because they can find exactly what they are searching for.

Have you ever scoured the web looking for an affordable laptop treadmill for your home office? Or, searching for vegan protein powder that’s also soy-free and gluten-free? While doing your due diligence online, searching for your answer, you probably landed on a niche site.

These niche sites are super lucrative. You target a tiny piece of the market with a specific niche and serve that audience, monetizing your content and the website.

The niche site is a resource that serves the general public. They have content, guides, reviews, and articles revolving around the niche to answer consumer questions.

How does this help you, as the niche site owner?

When a consumer lands on your site, they’ll read through the helpful resources and likely click on a link to that product, for easy purchase. That will be a monetized link that will earn you money!

That’s affiliate marketing in action, and one of the ways that you can make money with niche sites.

Keep reading below to learn about the other opportunities to monetize your niche site!

How Do Niche Sites Make Money?

Niche sites are monetized in various ways:

  • Ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate links
  • Products and services

Ads are placed throughout the site and when a visitor clicks the ad, the site owner earns money. Ads are passive income. Once you are setup with the ad network and ads are displayed on your site, you don’t need to do anything else with them. You will likely earn cents per click so you won’t get rich with ad income, unless your site has a lot of traffic (100,000+ monthly visitors).

This site owner earned a little over $5,000 last month from ads alone. Her website received 208,000 monthly page views.

Sponsorships are brand partnerships between the niche site owner and a brand, to feature that company on the site in exchange for compensation.

You, the site owner, negotiate a brand deal with a brand for a website feature to your audience, like:

  • A sponsored giveaway
  • A video demonstration or unboxing
  • A feature article published on the homepage
  • A social media blast to your social media followers
  • Email syndication to share with your email list

Sponsorships can be quite lucrative.

This blogger earned over $30,000 last month from sponsorships alone!

Affiliate links are monetized links where the site owner earns a commission if their links result in a sale.

For example, if you have a niche site on treadmill desks and you earn around $100 on the sale of each desk with 10 desks being sold per month, your affiliate commission would be $1,000.

This blogger commonly makes over $50,000 per month in affiliate income on her personal finance site.

Products and services are the owner’s products and services that they offer on the site to visitors. They earn 100% of the earnings, if a sale results.

What is The Best Way to Monetize Niche Sites?

To start making money fast and consistently, for the least amount of work, ads and affiliate links are the best way to monetize niche sites. Ads involve applying to join an ad network and upon approval, placing the ad code anywhere you want ads to appear on the site (sidebar, header, footer, in the body of blog posts, etc.)

Here are some ad networks to consider:

Ads are the most passive form of income, as shared above. After you place the ad code on your site, you can sit back and enjoy your earnings, month after month.

Affiliate marketing means you will place relevant links throughout your site and if a sale results, you earn a commission, at no additional cost to the buyer.

Here’s another example:

If you run a bowling niche site and you refer a bowling course that is sold, you earn a commission on that sale. The bowling course sells for $200 and you earn a 30% commission, or $60 on that sale.

The key with affiliate marketing is to make natural referrals. You want to place links that make sense for the content of your site. For example, on your bowling site, you may not want to refer an ebook about blogging because it just doesn’t make sense.

Affiliate commissions are a great form of semi-passive income as well. You place your links and enjoy commissions as sales are made. Check out this list of affiliate networks to review:

How to Create a Niche Website

You can check out our guide including 7 detailed steps for starting a website. It will walk you through the entire process for building your website with ease.

  • Pick a niche
  • Pick your site name
  • Pick hosting and domain
  • Install WordPress
  • Add content and launch!

Picking a Niche

We will share 30 profitable niches down below. You can pick from our list or you can come up with your own niche.

What to consider when picking a niche?

You have to consider the customer.

How are you helping them?

What problem are you solving?

If you are presenting a solution to a problem, and that solution can be monetized, then it’s a profitable niche.

Take a look at these example problems and solutions:

Problem: Losing weight

Solution: Weight loss shakes

Problem: Learning a new language

Solution: Delivering curriculum and tools to help learn a new language

Problem: Finding an affordable treadmill for home

Solution: Presenting affordable treadmill solutions

Once you decide on a niche, next, you’ll name your site.

Picking Your Website Name

You will pick a website name here. Try to have this correspond with your domain name and you can search availability and buy your domain on Namecheap.

Picking Your Hosting Plan and Domain

We recommend this hosting company. They have affordable plans that come with free perks like: free SSL certificate, 24/7 amazing customer support, and much more!

Install WordPress

This hosting company (our favorite) offers a free 1-click WordPress install, which installs WordPress on your site for free, in about 30 seconds. It’s super easy and super fast!

Add Content

You’ll be adding content on this step. This involves creating pages and writing blog posts.


Lastly, you will launch your site to the public. We recommend having at least 10 pieces of content published at the time of your launch, so visitors will have some variety and different places to check out on your site.

Successful Niche Sites in Action

Wondering how well you will do with niche sites? With any new projects, it definitely helps your ego and gives a boost to see others that have been successful. Take a look at this handful of successful niche sites.

Their goal is to help make purchase decisions easier for consumers and they do this with their reviews.

Some examples of products they review:

  • Heated blankets
  • Trampolines
  • Cordless drills
  • Plus, more!

They serve dozens of categories including:

  • Fashion
  • Home
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Home
  • Kitchen
  • Automative
  • Outdoors
  • Travel
  • Services
  • And, more!

According to Similarweb, they receive over 5.5 million visits each month, boasting a low 63% bounce rate. Their audience mostly comes from U.S. and Canada. They make money from affiliate commissions.

This review site was created by a board-certified pediatrician who sought to deliver the world’s most in-depth and scientific reviews of baby products ever created.

They receive over 100,000 monthly page views, according to Similarweb and their audience is from U.S., Canada, and U.K.

They have their site broken down into these categories:

  • Reviews
  • How to Articles
  • Baby essentials
  • Pregnancy essentials

Look at all 26 successful niche sites and ready about their success stories here.

Now, take a look at these 30 niche site ideas to get you started:

1. Archery

This fun hobby is enjoyed by people all across the world. There is space online for a website in this niche, answering questions from archery enthusiasts across the globe.

How to make money?

You can monetize this site with products from the Amazon Associates program, like archery tools, equipment, etc.

2. Smart watches

Wearable tracking devices to take incoming phone calls, monitor fitness, and more, which are very on trend now. This would be a great topic to write reviews on answering questions about smart watches like:

  • Battery life
  • Comparing various brands
  • Rumors of new devices coming to market
  • And, more!

How to make money?

This would be great for ad income and affiliate marketing, selling products and accessories revolving around smart watches.

3. Traveling cats

Cats travel with their owners but there is little information on the internet about how to travel well with these furry companions.

Questions that web visitors might have:

  • Recommended cat carriers?
  • How to make your pet comfortable?
  • Cross country travel with a cat?

This could extend to flight travel, car travel, and more, with cats.

How to make money?

Referring products through affiliate marketing would be a natural fit here.

4. Marathons

Marathonning is something a lot of people love. It’s a bucket list goal that many people share and creating a niche site around this topic is a great idea.

Make this niche site a resource for marathon runners, providing content around:

  • Training
  • Marathon diet
  • Prep
  • Gear
  • Marathonning for teens, seniors, etc.

How to make money?

Product referrals via affiliate marketing.

5. Tiny homes

Tiny homes are small properties at or under 250 square feet, usually. People live in these small spaces and absolutely love it. These are kind of a new thing, so building your niche site around the tiny home niche is an excellent idea.

U.S. states that are great for tiny home living:

  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Nebraska
  • Maine
  • North Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas

Creating a niche side in the tiny home niche is unchartered territory and a great time to help you become an authority in an underserved niche.

How to make money?

Monetize this site with affiliate marketing and ads.

6. Drones

Drones have been growing in popularity over the past 5 years.

Benefits of drones for recreational use:

  • Small
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight
  • They capture high-quality images and video
  • Easy to deploy
  • Cheap
  • Versatile

You can learn more about drones for personal use.

It’s a hot industry and a great opportunity to make money in a drone niche site online.

How to make money?

Refer drone products and drone equipment with affiliate marketing.

7. CBD oil

Marijuana is legal in 12 states and CBD oil is becoming more and more accepted in the community, with the public being curious about it’s use in helping treat ailments like:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Depression
  • Acne

How to make money?

Become an affiliate for CBD products and earn commissions on the sale.

8. Hemp products

This is similar to the CBD oil niche. Write reviews and product comparison articles. Spark more curiosity from an already curious audience and refer products for affiliate commission.

How to make money?

Affiliate marketing commissions.

9. Video editing

The internet is turning away from photos and going more toward video! So, video editing software and hardware is a growing industry, ripe for the picking, making it a niche site.

How to make money?

This would be great with digital products, selling digital courses or ebooks to your audience who is looking to learn or improve their video editing skills. And, of course, referring video editing equipment and making money through affiliate commissions, is an opportunity.

10. Concealed carry

This is of growing interest, especially to those in the U.S.

How to make money?

Monetize with ads.

11. Dog accessories

Dog owners love their dogs. This is a passionate audience with owners looking for interesting, high-quality accessories and products for their dogs.

How to make money?

Monetize with affiliate commissions, ads, and sponsorships.

12. Home automation

Automating your home means turning it into a smart home:

  • Self-closing hinges
  • Auto lights and A/C
  • Voice control appliance turn on/off
  • Home security
  • Digital locks
  • Plus, more!

How to make money?

Advertising revenue and affiliate commissions.

13. 3D printing

3D printing is a hot industry now and 3D printers are expensive so this would be a lucrative field to enter into with high paying affiliate commissions.

How to make money?

  • Digital products: online classes and training on how to operate and best use a 3D printer
  • Affiliate marketing: referring 3D printers and related products and supplies
  • Ads: passive income that would do well in this niche

14. Wireless devices

A ton of products are moving to wireless. Exploit this niche with tons of reviews, product comparison and much more.

How to make money?

Monetize with affiliate products and ads.

15. Healthy pregnancy

This niche serves pregnant women and supporters of healthy pregnancy. A very passionate audience with high interest in promoting healthy practices to aid in a healthy pregnancy:

  • Diet
  • Fitness
  • Nesting
  • Prenatal care
  • Pregnancy-related ailments and solutions

How to make money?

Ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and products and services.

16. Anti-stress toys

Today, people are more openly talking about their struggles with stress, anxiety, and depression. Creating a niche site to target this audience is a neat way to help people, provide solutions, and people in pain or struggling with their health will not hesitate to purchase a solution, especially an affordable one.

I created a website for a mental health blogger a few years ago and today she makes $5,000/month from her blog and created a tight knit community of supporters on social media. This is a lucrative industry that would be great with affiliate products, ads, sponsorships, and your own products.

How to make money?

Affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships, and digital products.

17. Playing an instrument

This is the perfect niche serving people who are interested in learning an instrument online. You could teach courses or refer paid courses for commission. Instruction and content on video would be great for this niche. You could also refer appropriate products like musical equipment, cleaning supplies, gear, and more.

How to make money?

Ads, affiliate marketing, products, and services.

18. Spirituality

Spirituality means:

  • Faith-based
  • Astrological
  • Horoscopes
  • Numerology
  • And, more!

How to make money?

Affiliate marketing.

19. Travel with kids

Tons of people, especially new parents, want to know how to travel with kids.

What kind of stroller can they check as a carry-on for air travel?

How many times to feed kids on long road trips?

What special equipment or helpful products would make travel more smooth-running?

How to make money?

Monetize with affiliate marketing commissions and ads.

20. Meditation

Meditation is about getting perspective and gaining awareness. It’s great for stress-relief, anxiety, and overall well-being.

How to make money?

You can make money in the meditation niche with digital products, selling courses and training to teach others how to meditate. You can refer affiliate products too, and place ads on site.

21. Pottery

Pottery is art that uses clay to create beautiful creations for display and use, like bowls, cups, vases, etc. You would cater to the pottery community and monetize with affiliate marketing.

How to make money?

Affiliate marketing commissions.

22. Wall decor

Wall decorating is great for creatives and those who have a love for interior design.

I’ve been a big fan of home design and wall decor since my college days. The one problem I had, like a lot of people interested in this field, is lack of inspiration. I didn’t find many sources, aside from social media, that showed different wall setups and illustration to help inspire me and get my creative juices flowing.

This is a great way you can build your wall decor niche site.

  • Educate the public
  • Refer products
  • Create before and after images
  • Share wall decor images for inspiration

How to make money?

Affiliate marketing and ads.

23. Homesteading

This is all about living a somewhat self-sufficient lifestyle, like raising cattle, farming, growing food, gardening, home survival, etc. These kinds of niche website ideas have a loyal following and attract readers with interest in this field. There are many directions you can take this.

How to make money?

Ads and affiliate marketing.

24. DIY decoration

A niche site around DIY decor would do great, especially promoted on visual social media outlets like Instagram or Pinterest.

How to make money?

Affiliate marketing commissions.

25. Finishing a basement

This DIY project is done by thousands of people every single year. You can create a niche site around:

  • Project cost
  • Preparation and getting organized
  • Equipment, tools, and supplies needed
  • Timeline estimating
  • Getting started
  • Basement inspiration
  • And, more!

How to monetize?

Affiliate marketing and ads.

26. Storm chasing

Storm chasing is a lot bigger than you might think. Thousands of people hit the road every year to chase storms like tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms and other weather events.

How to make money?

  • Information digital products like courses or training, teaching how to storm chase
  • Affiliate marketing commissions, referring products and equipment needed by storm chasers

27. Garage organization

A lot of people are crazy about organization and garage organization is one of the most sought after home spaces to keep organized. Your garage houses things like:

  • Tools
  • Equipments
  • Outdoor supplies
  • Outdoor equipment and appliances like lawn mowers, edgers, etc.
  • Landscaping supplies

How to make money?

Monetize with organization supplies, that can be found through the Amazon Associates affiliate program, and other places.

28. Sound mixing

This is a huge hobby of my husband and great for people looking for sound mixing tutorials, tools, and equipment, like:

  • Microphones
  • Audio equipment
  • Sound mixing tools and equipment

This niche site could be an amazing resource to serve that audience.

How to make money?

Refer products and earn commissions on your affiliate links and monetize with ads and possible sponsorships.

29. Snow cone shack

Though this niche might be seasonal, it’s a great market to break into, teaching visitors how to open and operate a snow cone shack. Seasonal businesses aren’t bad though, especially for retirees, students, or those who are only interested in operating business for only part of the year.

How to make money?

Sell digital courses to those who are interested in a paid training to open their own snow cone shack. You can also refer supplies, equipment, and tools, making commission on those affiliate referrals.

30. Soundproof your home

People crave the quiet and soundproofing helps people drown out the noise of pets scurrying across the hardwood floors, children banging toy cars against the walls, and general home noise that is very common.

Soundproofing works by absorbing and reducing the sound to lower noise.

For more on soundproofing and to learn more about what it’s about.

How to make money?

Referring products and earning affiliate commissions.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our roundup of 30 niche site ideas to make extra money. We hope this inspired you to go out and create your own niche website. Do you have questions? Comment down below so we can hear your thoughts!

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