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Open A Checking Account And Get A Free Samsung Galaxy

Open A Checking Account And Get A Free Samsung Galaxy
Jason Wuerch Jun 2, 2016
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TD Ameritrade is holding a special promotion that gives you a free Samsung Galaxy when you open a new checking account. Even though there isn’t a TD Bank in every state, you can simply apply to the location that’s closest to where you live. You must be a new member through TD Bank in order to be eligible for this offer.

What’s The Deal?

This is a limited time offer. When you open a new checking account online through TD Bank, you get a free Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 phone. It can either be new or an upgrade, but a two-year activation plan is required. If you don’t need a new plan or don’t need an upgrade, then this deal might not be worth it for you since you’d have to start with a new plan in order to get the phone.


In order to get the free phone, you must deposit a minimum of $100. When you open the the TD Convenience Checking Account Option, $100 is also the minimum amount you need to keep in your account in order to waive their monthly fee. This way you’re getting a free cell phone. Other TD Bank accounts have much stricter requirements.


Once you apply for the offer, you’ll need to submit a new form in order to get your new phone. As long as there’s $100 in your account, apply within 60 days and the phone is yours.

Final Thoughts

There’s no telling how long this promotion will last. If you already have a phone plan that you just recently started, this deal might not be worth it for you. Although you’re getting a really high-quality phone, canceling a phone plan can be quite expensive, and you wouldn’t want to pay for two plans at the same time.

TD Bank may hold this promotion in the past, so if you already happen to have a phone plan, check back again when it’s about to expire. If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!


Jason Wuerch

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