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Opinion Bureau Review: Is This Survey Panel Worth Your Time?

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Taking surveys for cash is one of the ways I choose to spend my spare time. The best part? These sites are absolutely FREE and pay you for simply sharing your opinions.

Which brings me to one site that isn’t talked about quite as much as some: Opinion Bureau. I decided to dig a little to learn about this survey site since it’s not one you hear about online much.

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s our full Opinion Bureau review.

What is Opinion Bureau?

Opinion Bureau isn’t significantly different from other online survey sites on the internet. The site provides surveys in various industries to help its partners learn more about consumers, what they like to buy, what they need, and what their interests are, all in the name of market research.

Opinion Bureau doesn’t state on its site how long it’s been in existence, but from my research around the ‘net, I can guess that it opened sometime in 2014. That surprised me, since it’s one I haven’t heard much about until more recently.

Internet Research Bureau is the parent of Opinion Bureau. The market research company works with tons of other market research companies, including Integreon, Paradigm, and Lightspeed, to create an interwoven network of survey panels and survey takers who can help market researchers learn more about consumers.

Opinion Bureau offers free membership for panelists who want to be a part of its market research network. You’ll sign up, fill out a profile, and wait for surveys to come to you.

The answers you provide in your surveys go straight to market researchers to help them learn the best ways to shape their businesses or products.

Who Can Become a Member of Opinion Bureau?

One thing that surprised me about this site is that it doesn’t seem to have a clear mention of who can join. Some panels are specifically targeted toward panelists in certain countries, or panelists in specific age ranges, so I like when the site makes it simple to find this information.

From some internet digging, it seems that Opinion Bureau accepts people from all countries, besides where it might be excluded by the laws of a country. The best thing to do is check your country’s laws regarding market research to find out if it’s okay for you to join the panel.

The same goes for your age. Some countries may require you to be a legal adult in your country to join, while others may allow you to join at a younger age, like 13, with parental permission. Err on the side of caution here and do some research into your country’s laws.

I will say that some United States members have mentioned that, although they’ve been signed up for months, they still have yet to qualify for a survey.

Like other survey panels, it’s possible that members in some countries may have more invites and qualify for more surveys than members in other countries.

How Does Opinion Bureau Work?

Opinion Bureau isn’t much different than other survey panels, so there won’t be a learning curve when you sign up if you’ve already participated in others.

Once you sign up and activate your account through your email, you can fill out your full profile. This helps you get matched with available surveys based on your age, location, interests, job, and more.

When Opinion Bureau has a new survey that you might fit, it will send you an invite via email. You can click the link for the survey and answer some questions to qualify. If you qualify, you can take the full survey and get paid.

Your survey answers will need to be approved before you can receive your reward in your account. Most of the time, this won’t be an issue. Just be sure to answer all the questions honestly and read each question thoroughly.

Sometimes, you’ll find repetitive questions, but this is a part of quality assurance to make sure you’re not just giving random answers to rush through the survey.

Once you have $10 in your account, you can cash out for a reward.

What Types of Surveys Does Opinion Bureau Focus On?

All available surveys at Opinion Bureau won’t be available to everyone. The ones you can try are those that match your interests and demographics. If you work in healthcare, you’ll probably see mostly health and medical-related surveys.

But, Opinion Bureau partners with companies in various industries, so it actually has a wide range of survey topics available for its members.

Consumer Opinion surveys are among the most common, as these are the ones that will ask you about products you currently use, ones you want to try, and even products that companies are considering putting on the market.

Pros and Cons of Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau has a lot of similar pros and cons of other online survey sites. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that stand out and may sway your decision to join the panel:

Pros of Opinion Bureau
  • Active referral program helps you earn rewards by inviting your friends, instead of relying on surveys alone.
  • High payout amounts, with most surveys ranging from $2 to $10, depending on length.
  • Several reward options, from cash to gift cards.
  • You only need $10 in your account to cash out for a payment or reward.
  • Varying topics for surveys, so they won’t always be repetitive questions that can get boring after a while.
Cons of Opinion Bureau
  • Opinion Bureau has some definite sign up and login issues. This is one of the most common complaints about the site. The signup link to sign up with your email doesn’t work, so you’re forced to sign up with Facebook or Google. And, you may not always be able to log in correctly to access your account.
  • You may find it difficult to qualify for surveys here. Most members say they get 4 or 5 survey invites every month, but may only qualify for 1 or 2, or none at all.
  • Payments may take a while. Some members note that they’ve waited a month or more for their payments to arrive.
  • Customer service is lacking. You may get a response much later than you expect to your question. Some members have waited months for a response, with no luck.

What Do Members Say About Opinion Bureau?

Opinion Bureau has some mixed reviews by its members, although this is typical of most survey sites. Those who qualify frequently for surveys have a much different opinion than those who don’t get many offers. That’s the way of the online survey world.

But, there are a few other things members have said that I want to point out about Opinion Bureau. One of the common complaints was that payments may take longer than what the site claims.

Opinion Bureau says that you can expect to receive your payment within 15 days of “reward approval.” But, it doesn’t necessarily say how long the approval process might take.

Some members have waited a month, or even several months, to finally get their rewards, although most have been able to offer proof of eventually receiving them.

Another top complaint is that signing up and logging in can be a hassle. I’m not sure if the site isn’t optimized enough for each browser, but some members note that they sometimes end up in a constant loop of putting in their information, only to get redirected back to the login screen.

Unfortunately, the help desk isn’t the greatest here, according to members. The site claims to have a 24/7 email support team available, but some members have waited weeks to months for a response to their login issues or reward status.

Best Opinion Bureau Features

Opinion Bureau has a few beneficial features that might make you want to consider it as one of your go-to survey taking sites.

12-Month Reward Claiming Period

Some survey sites have quick expirations on your earnings, between three and six months. That means that you have to claim your earnings or turn in your points for a reward before that time period, or your rewards will expire.

Opinion Bureau, instead, gives you a full 12 months to claim your cash, which is plenty of time for you to at least get a payment or two. This 12-month expiration applies to each reward you get.

For example, you make $3 from a survey. It credits to your account on 1/1/18. You have until 1/1/19 to claim that $3 or it will expire.

Remember, though, that you’ll need at least $10 to cash out, so it’s a good idea to cash out as soon as you reach that $10 to make sure your previous rewards don’t expire while you accumulate more.

Make More Money with Polls and Referrals

I like survey panels that give you a few more opportunities to earn some cash in addition to taking surveys, since sometimes it can take a while to become eligible for a new survey.

At Opinion Bureau, you can also answer paid polls that are on the site. These are quick, multi-option polls that pay a few cents each when you participate. They don’t give you cash fast, but if you participate every day, you’re at least earning something while you wait for a new survey.

You can also participate in the referral program. You’ll get $0.10 for every person you refer who signs up and participates in their first survey. It’s not a lot, but if you know a lot of people who might be willing to join, you can earn your first $10 fast.

Low Minimum Payment Threshold

Unlike some panels that make you wait until you have $30 or more in your account, Opinion Bureau has a very reachable target of $10. There are no hidden terms, either, like $5 of your earnings has to be from surveys instead of referrals.

They keep it simple: get $10 in your account and cash out.

Up to $10 Per Survey

It’s possible that you meet your minimum payment threshold from just one survey. That’s because this panel offers surveys that pay as much as $10, depending on length.

Even the lowest-paying surveys are $2, which is much higher than the $0.10 to $0.50 surveys you find on some other panels.

Quick Qualifying Process

Although one of the common complaints about Opinion Bureau is that it’s difficult to qualify for its surveys, at least for some members, most people also agree that it doesn’t take long to qualify or get disqualified.

I’ve been a member of some panels that had qualifying surveys that were almost as long as a regular survey.

In fact, sometimes I thought I was taking a real survey, only to find out that the questions I just spent 15 minutes answering were part of the qualifying process. Then, I’d get disqualified.

Here, you’ll usually only need to answer a few questions to find out if you qualify for the full survey, and it’s always clear when you’re qualifying versus completing a paid survey.

How Does Opinion Bureau Pay?

Opinion Bureau offers a few different rewards to choose from, including donating them to charity.

The most popular options here are PayPal and Amazon gift codes. You can expect to receive either one within 15 days after your cash out has been approved. The only drawback is that you never really know how long it will take Opinion Bureau to approve your reward.

You can also choose from one of the other payment options, like Freecharge, Flipkart, Starbucks gift card, and other gift card rewards.

How Much Money Can I Make, Realistically, with Opinion Bureau?

To be honest, most people don’t make much with this site. You might expect to only get two to three payments per year, depending on how many referrals you have and surveys you qualify for.

But, the surveys don’t take ridiculously long to complete either. Most may take you only 15 minutes or so and pay $2 or more, which isn’t bad. You may consider using Opinion Bureau as a backup panel while you wait for surveys from other panels, just to get a little extra here and there.

Is Opinion Bureau Legit or a Scam?

I’ve seen plenty of Opinion Bureau payment proofs that show that the site does pay its members. Several online discussions also back up that fact. I think it’s safe to say that this panel isn’t a scam. It will pay active members for their participation.

The problem is when it will pay. Although some members don’t have any issues with payments, others do, and they find it difficult to get a hold of the company to ask about their payments.

However, Opinion Bureau doesn’t state how long it will take to approve your payment, so it’s possible that you might have to wait a month or two for payment approval before it ever gets processed.

This all still falls within the company’s guidelines, though, if you pay attention to its terms of service and reward policy.

How Can I Sign Up for Opinion Bureau?

To get started with Opinion Bureau, use this link to head to the site. Then, click the Sign Up link at the top.

Like I mentioned before, some people have trouble getting signed up. There appears to be some type of issue with the site code that doesn’t work for everyone’s browsers. If you run into that problem, you can contact the help desk to ask for their assistance in getting you set up.

Once there, make sure your profile is filled out. And, verify your email address so that you’ll get survey invites in the future.

Final Thoughts

Opinion Bureau isn’t one of my favorite survey panels that we’ve reviewed on Frugal for Less. But, it’s still a viable option for getting some extra money in your spare time. And, if you decide it isn’t for you, you can always donate your earnings to charity.

If you want some better options for high-paying survey sites that may give you more survey opportunities, then I suggest you check out some of our favorite panels:

Have you used Opinion Bureau before? Please let us know about your experience in a comment below!

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