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OpinionSquare Review: Make Money from Surveys and Data Sharing

OpinionSquare Review: Make Money from Surveys and Data Sharing
Amy Boyington May 2, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Are you searching for new money-making opportunities online? I’m sure you’ve heard of taking surveys online as a way to make a little extra cash, but there are so many panels out there that it can be tough to figure out what ones deserve your time.

That’s why we review a lot of them here on Frugal For Less. The one I’m going to introduce you to today is OpinionSquare, which is a little different than some other survey panels you might get used to. First, check out the site and look around:

What is OpinionSquare?

I recently reviewed a market research company called MobileXpression that works similarly to OpinionSquare. There’s a reason for that: both companies are owned by a parent company called comScore.

comScore is a larger market research company that focuses on the digital world and the way people use it to help shape businesses and their digital strategies.

You might guess, then, that your time spent on OpinionSquare is going to help these businesses develop and improve their mobile strategies.

The businesses that use comScore’s services rely on information from OpinionSquare, MobileXpression, and comScore’s other child companies to tweak the way they do things.

OpinionSquare is a little different than your typical survey site. Although there are surveys you can take to earn rewards, that’s not the main focus of this panel.

The point of this panel is to collect information from members regarding their internet usage to help inform the businesses that use comScore. Your information will automatically be tracked using a browser add-on that you’ll need to install after registering for an account.

OpinionSquare also focuses on helping media companies learn more about the TV shows that people like to watch.

Through the same extension that tracks your internet usage, OpinionSquare can gather information about your TV-watching habits. That information then goes to media companies to help them decide what shows to air or cancel.

Who Can Join OpinionSquare?

You must be at least 18 years old to join OpinionSquare and receive rewards. The company currently accepts people from various countries to receive surveys, but from information I gathered from around the web, it seems like not all people will be eligible for all the rewards OpinionSquare offers.

Some people have also noted that those in Canada and the United States tend to receive a lot more offers and are able to receive more rewards than others.

If you don’t live in one of these countries, you can check out this article. It lists several other survey sites, some of which have survey opportunities for people all over the world.

What Ways Can I Earn with OpinionSquare?

There are a few different ways that you can earn rewards with OpinionSquare:

  • Surveys: Most people join this company to take surveys for rewards. While you can earn this way, surveys from OpinionSquare are relatively infrequent. If the company does have one available for you, it’ll send you an invite to your email inbox. Be sure to take the qualifying survey quickly because surveys here tend to fill up fast.
  • Browser tracking: The main way you’ll earn rewards from OpinionSquare is by installing the browser extension that tracks internet usage and TV habits. This is the information the company really wants so that it can send it along to its parent company, comScore, to better serve its clients.
  • Sweepstakes: OpinionSquare offers cash prizes in sweepstakes from $50 to $100,000. When you complete a survey, you’ll receive an entry into the sweepstakes. The company states that there are two winners every month who are guaranteed to win at least $50. There are also 2 $2500 prizes, 2 $5000 prizes, and 2 $100,000 prizes available to win throughout the year.

How Does OpinionSquare Work?

OpinionSquare surveys work similarly to those from other survey panels. You’ll get invited to an open survey via email, or you can check for new ones on your dashboard on the website.

Before you can take a survey, you’ll need to qualify for it. Qualifier surveys can take a few minutes themselves and usually have anywhere from 10 to 30 questions. You won’t get rewarded for completing the qualification process.

Once you do complete a survey, you’ll see your rewards in your account. Survey reward amounts depend on how long and involved the surveys are. Some are just a few minutes long, while others might take a half-hour or longer to complete.

When you sign up for OpinionSquare, you’ll also be prompted to download a browser extension. This is what tracks your internet usage and TV behaviors, like the websites you visit, what you search for, and what shows you watch most, while you use your browser or TV service.

You won’t have to do anything to earn this way other than keeping the extension installed on your browser.

Do I Have to Install the Extension to Earn Money?

Technically, OpinionSquare doesn’t make you install its extension to finish signing up for the site. However, people that opt out of it seem to agree that they never receive survey invites.

Although nothing states on the website that the extension is a required part of your membership to OpinionSquare, it also doesn’t make it clear that it’s not.

You’ll probably get the most out of your experience with OpinionSquare if you do install the extension.

If you’re concerned about your privacy and the data the extension collects, then it’s probably best to skip this site and sign up for one that doesn’t collect any sensitive information from your computer.

Pros and Cons of OpinionSquare

OpinionSquare is one of those market research companies that has a few more cons than pros based on the information I dug into on its website and trustworthy research from the web. Here are some of things to consider before joining:

Pros of OpinionSquare
  • Parent company, comScore, has an A+ BBB rating
  • Donates to Trees for the Future one tree for every member who installs the software and keeps it active for 90 days
  • Has a variety of reward options
  • Possibility of earning sweepstakes ranging from $50 to $100,000
Cons of OpinionSquare
  • Point system instead of cash
  • Browser extension sparks a lot of privacy concerns
  • Very few survey opportunities
  • Open surveys fill up very quickly
  • Potentially a lot of spam emails after signing up
  • You won’t get rewarded for time it takes you to qualify for a survey
  • Customer service is lacking in the helpfulness department
  • Rewards have an expiration date

How Do OpinionSquare’s Rewards Work?

OpinionSquare offers tokens as rewards instead of cash. If you’re a member of other panels that reward you with points that you can turn into cash or prizes, then you’re familiar with how this type of system works.

Some people refuse to join a survey panel that only offers a point system instead of cash, so I know how important it is to note.

Tokens will be worth different amounts depending on the prize for which you redeem them. You can get an Amazon gift card for a little bit less than a Walmart gift card, for example.

OpinionSquare has over 21,000 prizes you can choose from. Its rewards catalog is impressive and includes prizes like:

  • Google Home
  • Redbox eGift card
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Mini greenhouse
  • Air fryer
  • Fossil watch
  • DVDs

With categories like Automotive, Home & Garden, and Video Games, you can find just about any prize you could want here.

The problem is that these tokens expire every quarter. If you rack up 1,000 tokens, you have to use them within the quarter you earned them, or you’ll lose them.

That means that it’s basically impossible to save enough tokens to earn the amount you’d need to redeem them for one of the incredible prizes in the catalog. Don’t set your hopes too high on that brand-new fishing rod!

How Much Money Can I Make with OpinionSquare?

You won’t earn very much with OpinionSquare, which is clear by the lack of information on the website and what panel members say about it. Survey panels that like to pay you for your time are usually clear about how much you can earn per survey, at least giving you an estimated range.

You won’t find that on the OpinionSquare website. Instead, the company just mentions “rewards” for taking surveys and keeping the extension installed in your browser.

When you get a survey invitation, you’ll know how many points you will get if you complete that survey because the email will tell you. I signed up for the panel but have yet to receive a survey to know how much they’re worth.

From information I gathered around the web, it seems like you could earn about $1 or $2 in tokens for a 20-minute survey, which isn’t horrible as far as surveys go.

The problem is that these surveys are few and far between for most people. The website estimates that members will get three to four invites every month, but several members say they’ll go months without one. Those who do get that many invites don’t always qualify for all of them.

There’s no set information about how much you’ll receive from keeping the browser extension installed. The website, again, just mentions “rewards” for keeping it installed.

There’s always a chance that you could win a large cash prize from a sweepstakes, but chances of that are slim. I wouldn’t count on making much from OpinionSquare.

What Do Members Say About OpinionSquare?

There actually isn’t a lot of information online about OpinionSquare, other than some reviews from members on survey-based websites and helpful forums like Reddit. The jury on this site is relatively split, with some people saying they think it’s an okay site, while others downright hate it.

Here are three of the most common complaints people have about OpinionSquare:

Minimal Survey Opportunities

A lot of people who have registered with OpinionSquare say that they rarely get any survey opportunities, regardless of what country they live in. Most reviewers don’t mention whether they’ve downloaded and installed the browser extension, though, which could play a role.

The website does make it sound as though you won’t have as many survey opportunities if you don’t install the extension. It’s possible that these members elected not to install it, which gives them rare, if any, survey opportunities.

I’ve been a member for a week and haven’t installed the extension. I also haven’t received any survey invites yet, so it’s possible that one influences the other. I have seen some people who do mention having the extension installed still have this complaint, though, so I don’t think it’s always the case.

Lack of Helpful Customer Service

Some members who have tried to contact customer service for technical help or questions about their rewards haven’t had much luck. From what I see, the customer service team used to be much more helpful than it is currently.

There seems to be a technical issue with the ticket system for some people, too, that makes it almost impossible to read tickets even if the team has responded.

Allegedly Virus-Ridden Software

I’ve seen a few members mention that their computers have detected either malware or a virus after installing the browser extension for OpinionSquare. This is pretty concerning, but if you use antivirus software, you probably know how touchy they can be.

The way this browser extension works is by tracking your internet usage and habits, so it does have to get pretty involved in your system. That may be enough to alert some touchy antivirus programs and make them think it might be some sort of spyware.

Other people run the extension with seemingly no issue, so this one isn’t a definite problem. If you have any hesitations over the extension, the data it collects, and how it uses your information, though, you’re probably better off skipping the installation.

What is Trees for the Future All About?

I mentioned that OpinionSquare donates trees to Trees for the Future like its sister company, MobileXpression. Trees for the Future is a nonprofit organization that helps build sustainable forests, gardens, and farms for people around the world who need them most.

OpinionSquare donates one tree to the organization for every member that installs the browser extension and keeps it installed for 90 days.

Despite some of the complaints about OpinionSquare and its extension, it might be worth it to you to install it for the 90 days just to have that donation made to a worthy cause.

OpinionSquare and Privacy: To Worry or Not to Worry?

Like most similar sites, OpinionSquare has a privacy policy linked in plain sight from its homepage. If you take a moment to read through it, you might have some concerns regarding the browser extension and the information it collects.

Specifically, the policy talks about the extension collecting not just information about the websites you visit and what you do online, but also any information you give these websites.

It even says that it will collect information “about the activity that you undertake during secure sessions,” meaning that your information won’t be safe on secure sites, like your online bank account or an online retailer whom you give your credit card information.

On the OpinionSquare homepage, you’ll see an image at the bottom that says “Data Privacy Day Champion.” Data Privacy Day is an effort of StaySafeOnline that encourages businesses to build trust with customers by keeping their data safe online.

The “Champions” are businesses that have applied and can prove that they keep their customers’ data safe.

I checked out the list of current champions and I don’t see OpinionSquare listed anywhere. I also looked for comScore and TMRG, two of the company’s parent companies. Nothing.

It’s possible that OpinionSquare was a Champion in a different year, but it’s just as possible that it’s using the image unjustifiably.

Is OpinionSquare Legit or a Scam?

I’m not going to call OpinionSquare a scam because, unlike scams, you can find out most things you need to know about the company just by browsing the website. It doesn’t necessarily hide anything. You just have to dig around and be sure to read the fine print.

Members have gotten paid, so that doesn’t seem to be an issue for OpinionSquare. Plenty of people install the browser extension and continue to use it willingly.

Although the site is legit, there are some concerns associated with it. Your privacy is one of them – a big one – and it’s something you should consider carefully before joining.

Signing Up for OpinionSquare

If you do decide to try OpinionSquare and see if it’s for you, you can head to the website and click the “Sign Up Today” button.

OpinionSquare will ask you some questions as part of your introductory survey to better match you with other surveys in the future. At the end of the process, it will also ask you if you’d like to download the extension.

You can choose whether or not to install it, but I think you know what I’d recommend.

Final Thoughts

OpinionSquare has some mixed reviews from members. My belief is that, although it’s a legitimate site with a legitimate parent company, it’s not quite as great as it makes itself seem.

My biggest concern is for my privacy if I were to install the browser extension. This isn’t a necessary installation, but without it, you’re not likely to get many survey opportunities.

I can’t bring myself to back a site that doesn’t do everything in its power to protect its members’ privacy.

If you’re like me and don’t think that OpinionSquare is the right place for you, then here are a few other survey sites I’d recommend in its place:

Have you tried OpinionSquare? Let us know your experience in a comment below.

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