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Our Survey Junkie Review – Spoiler Alert: It’s a 100% Legit Way to Make Money Online

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There are thousands of survey sites out there claiming you can make money online when you sign up to be a part of their panels. So how do you weed out the scams from the ones you can trust?

First, you can look to the reputation that they’ve got online and see what other members are saying. Here’s what to look for when you’re deciding whether you’re signing up for a 100% legitimate paid survey site:

  • They won’t charge a fee to sign up – it should be totally free to join.
  • They also won’t charge anything to redeem your points.
  • They’ll be realistic about how much money you can expect to earn.

But if you want to get right to it and skip the research yourself, don’t worry. We’ve done the work for you.

When it comes to finding reliable and trustworthy survey sites, we’re big advocates of Survey Junkie. With a strong online reputation and an easy-to-navigate website, Survey Junkie has become the go-to panel for millions of members looking to earn extra cash online.   

Let’s take a look at how Survey Junkie works, and what you can earn when you sign up for the site.

Keep reading to find out more about what you can expect when you sign up for the site. If you’re already ready to join, here’s a brief outline of what Survey Junkie offers when you become a member:

    • 100% free to join
    • Easy and quick to sign up
    • Receive points immediately after completing a survey
    • Rewards sent immediately at redemption – PayPal, Amazon, e-Gift cards
    • No fees to redeem points
    • Low payout threshold – $10
    • New surveys available daily
    • Large survey inventory
    • Receive points for surveys you do not qualify for
    • Online customer support
    • Simple and user-friendly interface
    • Different types of research activities – online surveys, in-home product testing, invites to focus groups.

If you’ve never taken online surveys before and want additional information about how the process works before you join, keep reading to find out more!

How Does Survey Junkie Work?  

You may be a pro at taking online surveys, or maybe this is this the first time you’ve considered the idea. Either way, here’s a basic rundown of how these panels work.

Today’s biggest brands need to research their target demographic in order to improve their products and services. So they’ll ask you questions that you get paid to answer. It’s pretty simple, and can actually be a lot of fun when you find the right site.

The signup process is simple with Survey Junkie – all you need to do is input your email address or connect via Facebook or Google. You’ll even earn points for confirming your email!

After that, Survey Junkie will ask you to fill out your general profile. (You’ll also get points for this). That general profile is super important if you want the process to be as fun and rewarding as possible, because you’ll be answering questions about your interests and lifestyle. Not only does that mean you’ll have a better chance of qualifying for surveys, you’ll also get the chance to make a difference to the products and services that actually matter to you.

Then you’re ready to start taking surveys!

The site has thousands of surveys, and are constantly updating it with the news ones. So don’t worry if you don’t qualify for one- just keep checking back. If you start a survey, you’ll still get a few points even if you don’t qualify for the whole thing.

What Rewards Can You Get As a Survey Junkie Member?

Survey Junkie’s rewards system is one of the main reasons that millions of members consider the site their go-to spot to make money online. First off, they’ve got a super low payout threshold. Once you hit 1,000 points ($10), you can cash out. Other sites will make you wait until you hit the $50 mark, which can take ages!

And when you do hit that $10 mark, there are some awesome rewards waiting for you. Members can cash out with PayPal if they just want real cash transferred to their bank account. (who doesn’t?!) But if you prefer, you can also get e-Gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Groupon, Sephora, and more.

Survey Junkie won’t charge you a penny to redeem your points. (Remember – be wary of sites that do)! And when you cash out successfully, your rewards are sent immediately.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Being a Survey Junkie Member?

Besides having a strong reputation and being one of the most trustworthy survey sites out there, Survey Junkie members enjoy other pretty great benefits when they sign up for the site.

First off, when you stick to higher-paying surveys you can earn between $12 and $18 per hour. You’ll see on your personal dashboard that each survey has a points value, so you know exactly how much you will earn if you qualify to take it. Each also includes an estimated time value that you can factor into your decision.

The website is really easy to navigate, and the process is simple and straightforward from start to finish. But just in case you have any issues, they’ve got a great customer support team you can reach out to. That’s a part of the reason Survey Junkie is the highest rated survey site on Trust Pilot.  

The drawbacks? Not all of the surveys are interesting, and sometimes it can take a while to earn. But overall, we’ve had a super positive experience with this site and highly recommend them to people who are serious about making money online with paid surveys.

If you’re going to take paid surveys, we highly recommend you check this site out. For the most part, the surveys are fun and interesting – we actually find that we learn some cool stuff by using this site! The rewards are awesome, and you can rely on them to be legitimate.

You can sign up for Survey Junkie here.  

Earn Free Cash Online: The Survey Junkie survey site is a FREE survey site that pays you to take surveys online. There's absolutely no cost to join, and payouts can be made to either PayPal or for a gift card of your choosing. The best part? Some people are earning at a rate of up to $15 - $20 per hour. It's 100% free to join. We've partnered with Survey Junkie to give you a 25-point sign-up bonus when you register using our link and complete your initial profile information.

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