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PaidVerts Will Pay You To Interact With Advertisers – Complete Guide

PaidVerts Will Pay You To Interact With Advertisers – Complete Guide
Jason Wuerch Jul 23, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Want an extra and easy way to earn some extra cash? Paidverts will give you cash just for interacting with advertisers. Paid ads will be delivered to your account daily and all you have to do is copy 3 lines of text before you get paid.

What Is PaidVerts?

Simply put, PaidVerts is an advertising platform that will pay you to interact with other advertisers. This involves copying lines of text and visiting a specific website for 30 seconds in order to get paid.

There are currently two types of ads:

  • Bonus Ads
  • Activation Ads

Activation ads give you Bonus Ad Points (BAP). These points determine your proven value to prospective advertisers. The more you have, the higher chance that you will get ads that cost more money. You’ll receive these paid ads daily until all of your BAP is consumed. You can also buy $1 dollar Ad Campaigns which give you $1.55 in BAP credit.

Every user has a maximum of 18 hours to interact with an ad once it is assigned to their account. For those ads that are not clicked, they are automatically recycled to another user. If you end up using PaidVerts for a while and want priority on receiving these ads, you may want to consider a pro upgrade.

You’ll receive 16*25-Point BAP ads per day. Once you view a total of 100 of these ads, you’ll start to receive 8*25-Point BAP ads daily.

PaidVerts also has other sections in which you can earn money by doing other tasks such as playing games, referring friends, or Grid Clicking.

How Do I Get Started Earning Money With PaidVerts?

Signing-up for PaidVerts is very simple and can be done in 5 easy steps.

1. Register. You can register for a new PaidVerts account by clicking this link here. You’ll need to enter an email and a password to get started.

2. Activate Your Account. After registering, log-in and scroll down to select an “Activation Ad.” Each activation ad will give you 25 BAP. BAP is used to view other ads that give you cash in your account.

3. Type out text. After viewing the ad, you’ll need to type out three sentences. Once you finish, click on “Proceed to Advertiser’s Website.” Stay on there for at least 30 seconds and confirm the Captcha to earn more BAP.

4. Create a campaign. Once you’ve clicked enough activation & bonus ads and have enough money in your account, you can buy ad campaigns. This is the main way you’re going to earn money. Each time you buy an ad campaign, you’ll end up getting 3,100 worth of BAP credit ($1.55) after you ad cycles through enough people.

5. Earn money doing other tasks. You can use your BAP to earn cash by doing tasks such as the Grid Clicking or Cash offers. Go to your sidebar to view what options you have.

How Much Can I Make With PaidVerts?

Each Bonus Ad Point will deliver $0.0005 worth of ads directly to your account. A lot of people report getting a lot of BAP by clicking the coin-flip game or ad campaigns. The minimum amount to buy an ad campaign is $1, which will give you one of the following:

  • 25 x 728×90 Ad Impressions
  • 100x 125*125 banner impression
  • 50x 30 second visit to your website
  • 3100 Bonus Ad Points will be added to your account

Investing money in the beginning will make it much easier, even if you just invest $1 to display an ad to a website of your choosing. The trick is to keep clicking the activation and bonus ads until your account total is at $1 dollar. From there you can buy an ad campaign.

Once you earn enough, you can cash out via PayPal or other pay venues. You only need a minimum of $1 dollar to cash out.

Earn Even More Money

You can earn even more by referring your friends. You will earn money from every ad purchase that your friends make. You can support FFL by using our referral link here. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Final Thoughts

With PaidVerts, you can end up making lots of money just by interacting with ads and buying ad campaigns on a daily basis. Refer your friends to make even more money. It may be confusing at first, but once you get use to interacting with the PaidVerts interface, it will become incredibly easy.

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If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We’re more than happy to help. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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