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10 Places To Get Free Baby Samples

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I’m a huge fan of samples and coupons, and they’re especially useful for baby products. Diapers, formula, wipes, and other products can get very expensive. Parents spend an average of $13,000 during their baby’s first year. My family lives as frugally as possible, so I sought out coupons and samples for moms.

Coupons and baby samples saved me hundreds of dollars for each of my sons. That’s not an exaggeration – I couldn’t believe the savings at first! Below you’ll find 10 companies that offer free baby samples. I’ve provided info about how to get the free samples, what each company offers, and more.

1. Amazon Baby

Amazon’s Baby Registry was another one of my favorite baby registry options. Adding items to my registry was a breeze, and sharing my registry was equally easy. Amazon also lists baby product categories to ensure you don’t forget any essential items. You can even add baby items from other websites to create an all-in-one list. Many perks are available, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime or Amazon Family member.

How To Get Your Samples

Log into your Amazon account at the link above. Under the Accounts & List tab, click the link that says Baby Registry. You’ll provide your baby’s estimated due date, and you’re set to start building a registry and receiving perks.

What Samples Will You Get?

The coupons and samples you get depend on your Amazon membership level. If you have a regular non-Prime account, you’ll receive a 10% completion discount. This discount can be used on select remaining items on your baby registry. You’ll also get 90-day returns and free shipping on orders over $25.

Amazon Prime members receive discounts, samples, and more. My completion discount was bumped up to 15%, shipping was free, and I got an Amazon Baby Welcome Box.

The samples that come in the box change periodically, and I was impressed with what I got. My Amazon Baby Welcome Box included a cloth bib, muslin baby blanket, a brand name baby bottle, and a full sized package of wipes. I also received samples of baby lotion, nursing pads, body wash, ointments, wipes, and more.

Amazon Family members get all of the perks that Prime members get and more. They get 20% discounts on various brands of diapers and baby essentials. Additional offers change periodically. Right now, Amazon Family members get a free parenting ebook and 15% off Amazon Prints.

2. Similac Strong Moms

Similac Strong Moms is a program offered by this well-known baby formula company. New and expectant mothers can get up to $400 worth of samples and coupons. They’re the first company that ever sent me samples, and I still receive special deals even now. Everything is 100% free with no strings attached.

How To Get Your Samples

Sign up for Similac Strong Moms at the link above. You’ll fill out a short form with your name, address, and e-mail address. Then provide your estimated due date or your baby’s birthday. You can answer optional questions about your baby. I recommend doing this – it’s quick and lets Similac know more about what products are right for you.

What Samples Will You Get?

I received the same samples during both of my pregnancies. Similac sends eight-ounce sample sized cans of their three types of formula. That’s plenty of formula to make several bottles for a newborn baby.

Similac also regularly sends coupons to Similac Strong Moms subscribers. Over the years, I’ve regularly received coupons for $5, $10, and $15 off any Similac Formula. There were times where I only paid $2 out of pocket for a full-sized can of formula.

3. Target

Target is one of many retailers where you can create baby registries. The Target website makes it easy to navigate your registry and add items to it. They even offer helpful product suggestions to make sure you’ve covered your bases. Out of all my baby registries, Target definitely offered the best samples.

How To Get Your Samples

Create your baby registry online at the link above. It’s a pretty quick process. Once you do this, you can get your samples and coupons in store at Target. Go to the customer service desk, and simply ask for your baby registry welcome gift. Some stores may ask for your e-mail address to verify, but I always received my gifts without doing so.

What Samples Will You Get?

The welcome gifts from Target change periodically, but you can expect some great items. My last gift included a brand name bottle and pacifier, Pampers wipes and diaper samples, lotion and soap samples, and a huge amount of coupons. All of these items were inside a small fabric zippered tote.

The coupons are incredibly useful and offer impressive dollar and percentage discounts. You get an entire booklet of them, and they cover a wide selection of products for moms and babies. They even include a coupon for a free or discounted drink at Starbucks in Target stores.

Lastly, you’ll receive a 15% off coupon via e-mail that can be used once online and once in-store. And with the Target RED Card you get 5% extra back on all purchases.

4. Gerber

Gerber is a household name when it comes to baby food and formula. They offer a big selection of products for parents, newborns, and toddlers. The Gerber website is an excellent resource with information about feeding, baby development, allergies, and more.

How To Get Your Samples

You’ll need to create a free MyGerber account at the link above. You can register using a social media profile or with your e-mail address. You’ll then provide some information about your baby – age or due date, feeding plans, and a few more quick details. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

What Samples Will You Get?

The FAQ page states that samples and coupons are occasionally available, but they seem to be available all the time. Everyone I know that signed up for MyGerber received free samples, coupons, or both.  I received coupons for Gerber products during my first pregnancy.

Moms report getting a wide variety of samples and coupons. The most common ones are cans of formula and coupons for a few dollars off formula purchases. Some moms also received goodies like onesies when they signed up for MyGerber.

5. Enfamil

Enfamil is a formula company that provides products for newborns, infants, and toddlers. In addition to formula, they have supplements, electrolytes, and accessories. Enfamil Family Beginnings is their free program for new parents. You’ll get up to $400 in gifts along with informative e-mails.

How To Get Your Samples

Join Enfamil Family beginnings by filling out the short form at the link above. You’ll provide some basic information including your e-mail address and home address. Then you’ll give your child’s birth date or due date and answer some questions about feeding. The process takes about two minutes to complete.

What Samples Will You Get?

Enfamil has some product samples that I found very useful. They sent me a few bottles of ready-to-use liquid formula and a can of powdered formula. I kept the liquid formula in my son’s diaper bag and loved having them in a pinch. They also mailed a lot of coupons for $5.00 off any type of Enfamil formula.

Other parents say they’ve received the same products, and some got even more free goodies. A few moms I know received free bottle nipples, two full-sized cans of formula, and toddler product samples. You may get these extra perks, but expect to receive formula and coupons.

6. Walmart Baby Registry

Walmart is another popular pick for creating an online baby registry. You can create and access your baby registry through Walmart’s website or smartphone app. Adding items is pretty easy, but I found Amazon and Target to be more user-friendly. Items on your registry are eligible for price matching, and product returns are free. You also get a free Welcome Box in the mail.

How To Get Your Samples

Go to the link above to create your Walmart baby registry. You’ll create a free account with your chosen username and password. You’ll also provide your e-mail address, shipping address, and a few other essential details. Lastly, answer a few questions about your baby such as predicted gender and due date. Once you do this, you can add items to your registry and request your Welcome Box.

What Samples Will You Get?

The Welcome Box contains various baby product samples, coupons, and other small items. The exact contents and brands vary. Parents commonly receive samples of baby wash, lotion, diaper cream, laundry detergent, diapers, wipes, and more. I also know some moms who received a newborn bottle and pacifier or both items.

7. Goodnites

Goodnites offers bedwetting products for toddlers and young children. Their disposable nighttime underwear provides protection and odor absorbency. They’re known for being very comfortable and featuring kid-friendly designs. Goodnites parent company also owns Huggies, Pull-Ups, and other name brands. When you join the Goodnites mailing list, you can get offers for all of these brands.

How To Get Your Samples

Click the link above and click the Join Goodnites tab. You can sign up using a social media account or your e-mail address. Confirm your registration, provide the required details, and you’re all set. You’ll receive e-mails from Goodnites that contain exclusive offers.

What Samples Will You Get?

Goodnites is known for sending free samples of bedwetting products and coupons for a few dollars off Goodnites purchases. From what I’ve read, coupons are the most common perk from Goodnites.

8. BuyBuy Baby

BuyBuy Baby is a retailer that sells every baby and toddler product imaginable. Naturally, they’re a top pick when it comes to creating a baby registry. You can make one online or schedule an in-store appointment. BuyBuy Baby registry has tools that allow you to pick items with friends and family members. You can even earn a referral discount for spreading the word about the company. You’ll receive a free BuyBuy Baby Goody Bag, too.

How To Get Your Samples

Create your baby registry using the link above. First, create a free account using your e-mail address and a password. You’ll then fill out a form that asks for your name, contact address, phone number, baby’s gender, and baby’s estimated due date. Once you create a registry, you can pick up your Goody Bag at the nearest BuyBuy Baby location.

What Samples Will You Get?

The Goody Bag contains an assortment of product samples, coupons, and a full-sized product or two. Product samples include baby lotion, body wash, wipes, diapers, shampoo, nursing pads, and more. Full sized products are usually a bottle and/or pacifier. Most recipients also get a Baby On Board window sign.

The free BuyBuy Baby coupons give you discounts on bottles, baby toiletries, pacifiers, photo prints, and more. You’ll also get a 20% off BuyBuy Baby coupon via e-mail. Check your inbox for this after you’ve created your registry. It may take a day or two to arrive.  

9. The Honest Company

The Honest Company is a unique brand that offers natural and gentle products. Their diapers and wipes are popular items, and they also have toiletries and cleaning products. All of their diapering products and wipes are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. On their website, you can see full details about the chemicals they avoid.

How To Get Your Sample

I like The Honest Company, but they are low on the list due to their sample model. You can order a sample box at the link above, but you have to pay $5.95 in shipping. This is a good deal considering the number of free products you’ll get.

The major downside is that ordering a free sample auto-enrolls you in The Honest Company’s subscription delivery service. You have to make sure you cancel your subscription as soon as possible. The company gives you seven days to cancel after receiving your free trial.

If you’re still interested, click the link and the Try Us For Free button. You’ll go through a typical ordering process like you would when you buy any items online.

What Samples Will You Get?

The Honest Company trial box contains five diapers and a 10-count package of wipes. You choose the size and design of the diapers you get. Based on The Honest Company prices, this trial box is pretty valuable. Their diapers and wipes are at least three times more expensive than the store brands that I use.

10. Baby’s Only Organic Formula

Baby’s Only Organic Formula is one of the few brands of organic baby formula. All of their formulas are non-GMO, iron fortified, and are rated Best In Class by the Clean Label project. You can choose from many formula styles including dairy, soy, dairy whey, and more. The company’s website has a Formula Finder chart and a Sample Program to help you find the right fit.

How To Get Your Samples

Baby’s Only Organic Formula also uses a model that’s not 100% free. The formula sample itself is free, and it’s actually a full-sized retail product. The fine print lists a $5.95 shipping fee, but that’s still a fairly good deal. Your sample regularly costs $10 to $15 per can.

If you want a sample, click the link above to see their full range of formula. Select the formula you want, and then click the Sample button on the next page. Then click the Add Free Sample button and fill out the short survey. Click the Submit button to add the sample to your cart. Go to your cart, register as a new customer, and finish ordering your sample.

What Samples Will You Get?

You will receive a 12.7-ounce can of the powdered formula you selected.

Final Thoughts And More Free Samples

You can easily get tons of free baby samples and coupons. These deals will truly save you tons of money on newborn, infant, and toddler products.  Just follow the instructions in this post, and you’ll start receiving items in no time.

For more free samples and coupons, read 32 Free Product Samples Straight From The Manufacturer and 11 Best Coupon Sites That Will Help You Get Discounts. You’ll discover dozens of great deals for a wide variety of products.

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