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Pocket Bounty – Complete Tasks & Earn Cash From Your Phone

Pocket Bounty – Complete Tasks & Earn Cash From Your Phone
Jason Wuerch May 3, 2016
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Update: This app no longer works. We recommend Swagbucks as an alternative.

A great way to make some extra money in your spare time is through your phone, as there are many apps on the market that will pay you to complete simple tasks such as downloading apps or filling out surveys. One app that does this is Pocket Bounty (bonus code PB542048).

What Is Pocket Bounty?

Pocket Bounty is a free mobile app that’s only available on Android devices. They pay you to complete specific tasks and offers on your phone such as downloading apps, completing offers, signing-up for free trials and a daily sign-in.

Each time you complete a task you earn rewards in the form of coins that can be exchanged for cash prizes. These include PayPal cash outs, Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Cards and others. Delivery of your prize takes anywhere from 24 – 48 hours.

Since higher cash outs increase the value of your coins, it’s usually a better idea to save up before cashing out for the lowest denomination prize. For example, save 3,000 coins to get a $2.5 Amazon Gift Card, or save 10,000 to get a $10 gift card.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn With Pocket Bounty?

The amount you can earn completely depends on the task, and we’re going to break down and rate each one so that you know which ones are worth your time. For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to assume that 1,000 coins is equal to $1 USD.

Daily Bonus

You get coins just for checking in. Simply tap the button once every 24 hours to earn an easy 10 – 30 coins no questions asked.

Game Zone!

If you’re feeling lucky, you can gamble your earnings to increase your coins by playing a coin flipper game or a dice roller game. I don’t recommend either as you’ll be more than likely to lose your cash.

Watch Videos

While the payout isn’t very high at an average of 1 – 2 coins per video, this task is great for the lazy. All you’re required to do is watch video ads, and whether you click on any or not you still get paid.

Refer Friends

Definitely my favorite way to earn some extra coins. For each friend that you refer you get a bonus of 200 coins an your friend gets a bonus of 100 coins. In order to receive the bonus, your friend needs to earn a minimum of 100 coins from completing offers. There’s no cap to the amount of referrals

You can support FFL and get a 100-coin bonus by using the code PB542048 upon registration. We’d greatly appreciate it!

The following are all under the Offer Zone:

Share Apps

This is an excellent section to get started in since their payouts are so high. Get paid to download apps and run them on your phone. There isn’t a time requirement to use them, nor do you have to leave them on there, meaning you can delete the apps when you finish just as long as you run them at least once.

However, in order to make sure that your account is credited the proper amount of coins, we recommend downloading these apps and leaving them open for a minimum of 30 seconds, just the be a little bit cautious. Expect to earn anywhere from $.05 – $.60 cents per download. This is by far one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn cash on Pocket Bounty when you’re first starting.

Adscend Offers

I personally do not recommend these offers since they usually require you to enter in your personal information, and the payout rate isn’t that high. The tasks mostly consists of completing surveys or signing-up for an email newsletter. I suggest sticking with Share Apps since the payout is much better and takes a lot less time.

SuperSonic Offers

The SuperSonic Offers also pay you to download apps and run them. While not as high-paying as Share Apps, you’re still getting a great deal for the amount of effort and time you put into it.

There are a few offers that require you to do a bit more other than just installing and running it. This may include getting to a certain level on a game or playing for a minimum of 3 minutes, so be sure to read the necessary requirements before you download.


NativeX is on par with Share Apps due to the easiness of their tasks and high payout rate. They require you to download apps and run them in order to get credited. Once you receive the credit, feel free to remove the app from your phone. Again, there may be some additional requirements (usually not the case), so be sure to reach carefully.


The payouts in this section are extremely high, but that’s usually because they come at a cost. This section includes signing-up for a service, but it’s usually something you’d be interested in the first place. For example, you can get $.80 cents by signing-up for a Rhapsody Music Player free trial.

We only recommend this section if you’re really interested in getting a large amount of cash fast or are generally interested in the services that they are offering. For those of you not comfortable about giving away their personal information, you should probably stay away.

Currently not functioning.

CPA Leads

This section gives you coins for installing apps and running them. There aren’t any additional requirements, and the payments are quite decent at about $.50 – $1 per app. Unfortunately there aren’t that many offers.

If you click on the additional tab below you can complete offers for more coins such as participating in surveys or entering sweepstakes.


The tasks in this section can vary a great deal. Some examples are signing-up for am monthly newsletter or joining a free-trial. I personally don’t bother with this section due to the amount of personal information required along with the high amount of effort needed to get credits.


This section consists of free trial,sweepstakes,  surveys and downloading apps for cash. Usually the surveys aren’t worth it, but there are plenty of sweepstakes available if you want some extra cash.

How Do I Get Started With Pocket Bounty?

Getting started with Pocket Bounty is completely free and can be done in just 4 easy steps.

1. Download. You can download the app to your Android device by visiting the Google Play Store. There isn’t an iOS version as of yet.


2. Complete offers. Complete any of the offers that we mentioned above to earn coins. Some offers take longer than others, and the payout entirely depends on the task you’re completing.


3. Cash out. Once you reach a minimum balance of 1,500 coins you can cash out. However, we recommend saving up a bit first since your coins stretch a lot further the more you save.


4. Refer friends. Tell your friends to earn some extra cash. For every friend you refer you get 200 coins and your friend gets 100. Support FFL by using the code PB542048. Thank you!


Final Thoughts

Pocket Bounty is great mostly because there’s such a wide range of offers available. If you happen to run out in one section, you can still earn coins by going to another. While the rewards aren’t the highest we’ve seen, they’re still high and definitely rank close to the higher-paying rewards apps. Questions or comments? You know where to leave them. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling.

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

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