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PointsPrizes Review: Earn Free Cash Online With This Survey Site

PointsPrizes Review: Earn Free Cash Online With This Survey Site
Diana Star Jul 25, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Survey sites can usually be hit or miss when it comes to making online. With this PointsPrizes review, we’ll go in-depth to tell you whether it’s a scam or legit, how much you can earn and whether it’s worth your time or not.

What Is PointsPrizes?

PointsPrize is a GPT website that offers points for completing simple tasks. It started in 2016 with its headquarters in France. You can earn points by completing surveys, playing games, watching video ads and downloading apps.

You can also earn money on PointsPrizes by completing surveys, site registrations, downloads and email submits. Once you complete any of the above listed offers, you earn points that adds up in your account.

These points once accumulated can be redeemed as direct cash payment via PayPal or used to claim free gift codes or Bitcoin! PointsPrizes has a lot of offers with hundreds of thousands of points ready to be claimed depending on your country.

How to Register with PointsPrizes?

Registering on PointsPrizes is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is visit the website and submit your email to create an account.

This is a step-by-step guide to signing up on PointsPrizes so that you can start earning points as soon as possible. The following will serve as guide to make navigating the website smooth and easy. Some of the features discussed below will come in handy once you are a registered member.

  • Dashboard – The dashboard has information about total points earned, referral programs, codes and general account settings.
  • Earn Points – Depending on your country, this list out offers available for you to complete.
  • Claim Prizes – Gives a list of all currently redeemable prizes
  • User Coupons – Every registered member is allowed to earn 500 points via coupons.
  • Referral Links – Each member has a custom referral link that can be utilized to attract more members. Here you can generate your custom referral links.
  • Account – The account tap provide information on general user settings, account transaction history, recently converted offers, recently referred people.
  • Help Center – Here you have access to contact support for all your queries. There’s a detailed FAQ section and also a live chat option for immediate response. There are several ways by which you can contact support if you need help. For instance, you can send a mail or contact them directly on Twitter or Facebook. I have not personally had to contact support, but from the activities on the social media pages, you can expect answers to your queries quickly enough.

Go to your email and confirm your email id. From there, you are officially a member. You can access your account without a password. Make sure to confirm your email by clicking on a link that will be sent to your mailbox.

And if you did not receive the confirmation email, you can check out the account settings to have it resend.

Who Can Join PointsPrizes?

Anybody can sign up on PointsPrizes irrespective of where you live. As pointed out earlier though the only caveat is that the amount of offers and available surveys vary depending on your country of residence.

There’s really no guarantee that you will have enough opportunities to earn points. For instance, if you are from the United States, some parts of Western Europe, Middle East, and Asia you get to see more offers compared to people from other regions.

You should be able to accumulate enough points quickly to redeem your cash prizes. But if you are residence in some other countries, you’ll most see less offers available. You can use the referral program available on PointsPrizes to earn more point (More on this later).

The simple explanation is that these affluent countries has more companies willing to pay for people take surveys in these countries.  Something I personally find very strange with PointsPrizes is that it has no age restriction for signing up.

You can join PointsPrizes regardless of your age. But keep in mind that some payout methods like PayPal for example have an age restriction for registration.

How Many Offers Do You Have?

The site has several amount of paid surveys. Interestingly, you have access to survey routers where you can complete surveys. Surveys availability varies depending on the country you live in.

In my experience with different survey sites, most of them do not generally pay as high as other top survey sites. However, there are still several surveys on PointsPrizes that are definitely worth your time.

Points earned can then be redeemed for cash, Bitcoin or gift cards. Once you start completing offers, you can start earning points until you get to a limit of 750 points.

After that, it may become increasingly difficult to find available surveys to complete, video ads to watch and games to play. You must accumulate 3000 points which is the equivalent of $20 before you can initiate withdrawal. The paid offers are divided into top and regular offers where you can earn a reward for downloading apps, testing products and services, signing up for contests, etc.

Some of these offers gives really good rewards, but I will recommend checking the attached conditions before signing up. I have often noticed that the top offers are majorly contests that offers really cool prizes.

But you need to be careful, because your phone number will be required, which can lead to a lot of sales calls. So ensure you carefully read the terms and conditions of each offer before signing up.

PointsPrizes has five different categories to earn points on the members’ area:

A. Top Offers

Here you have access to several offers with different prizes. The complexity of each offers depends on the reward available and the time it will take to complete the task.

Some of these high paying offers are cash back money from shopping. You will be charge money and earn a small part back by gaining points. You can also download apps, play games and complete surveys.

B. Offer Walls

Here you will need to choose a third-party program to complete the offers and check to see any opportunities available to earn extra points. Of course there are also video ads, games and surveys.

C. Gaming Offers

There are different games to choose from and you have to join these gaming sites by signing up through PointsPrizes and make some progression for three days.

Personally, I think the reward are far too low for three days work.  The rewards vary from game to game. But you can easily see the rewards before you sign up. It is however a bit strange that the condition states that you need to make progress for 3 days – without specifically stating how much progress you do need to make.

It’s very difficult to know accurately what level of progress you must have made to get the rewards for the gaming offers. Generally, the gaming offer can be a fun way to earn money especially if you are playing it not for the sole purpose of getting the rewards.

If you like playing the games anyway, why not get paid a little to do it.

D. Survey Routers

This part of the platform allows you to search for other survey sites and earn points by completing the surveys. Before you can participate, you must provide personal information like your nationality and email.

E. Video Ads

As mentioned earlier, you can also earn points with video ads. Firstly, you will need to download some applications on your mobile device after which you can start watching them to earn points. You can earn one point per ad. 

How Does The PointsPrizes Referral Program Work?

Another way to earn money from PointsPrizes is through the referral program. You can earn one point from each referral. You get paid 10% of any points earned by people you refer to PointsPrizes.

You can start by sharing your referral link on social media forums, online communities you will earn points and be able to claim it regardless of which country you live in.

To get started with the referral program, check out the left sidebar of your account and click on the “Referral Links” tab. You will be able to generate referral links that send targeted traffic to different landing pages on the website.

The site offers the following advice when promoting the referral program – “Do not spam links everywhere instead TARGET the right niche and audience. Share links where people will actually be interested in signing up for the niche you are promoting”.

I think 1 point from each referral and getting 10% is actually very low.

How Will I Receive My Prize?

Once you have earned enough points which is a minimum of 3000 points. Just navigate to the left sidebar of your account and click on the “Claim Prizes” tabs. The page will open up a wide range of direct prize options and gift cards code ready for you to claim! The following are the types of prize delivery options available.

  • Direct Payment (Bitcoin, PayPal) – You need a PayPal account and at the minimum 3000 points. You may have to wait for 30 days before receiving payment. The Bitcoin option is not usually available, however you can still get paid if you are patient.
  • Gift Cards – You will receive valid gift codes sent to your email. But you may need to wait for 7 days. You can only get gift codes if you live in the United States. For members living outside the US you should opt for the direct payment method. There is only one available way to get paid in cash. You can also request for gift cards from other companies including gifts cards from eBay, Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Steam, gaming platforms and a lot more. The limit for gift cards are usually higher than 3000 points and varies depending on the requested site.

The information on the website is that the “Wait times” is basically too checkmate fraud. For accounts with established good history, payment are often received earlier than the stipulated times.

It is equally important that you complete offers with 100% accurate information. Use real email addresses for registration. Using false information will make it highly difficult to receive accumulated points.

Even if you manage to receive points using false information, a chargeback can be issued at any time and the points will be instantly deducted from your account. There are times you may not earn point.

PointsPrizes relies on advertisers to tell them if you have successfully completed an offer or not. There are cases whereby the advertiser may not be completely satisfied with the information you provided. Nonetheless, you will still get some bonus for attempting to complete an offer!

PointsPrizes Coupon Codes

There are bonus coupon codes available on PointsPrizes – but getting them requires a lot of hard work. Unlocking these points involves a quite bit of work.

Unlocking the code requires choosing an offer from the pop-up that show, when you try to unlock the coupon. Although the coupon may not make a significant different in the long run, it can sure give your account a boost.

It may be nice to use them to earn a little extra points, but you don’t have to necessarily spend a lot of time chasing them. PointsPrizes coupon codes are generally available on the web and on social media channels of PointsPrizes.

However, it seems that they are generally not posted very often so do not expect a whole lot from the coupons. In the coupon section on the website you can also see some coupons that can be unlocked to earn some free points.

How Much Can You Make With PointsPrizes?

As explained above there are several ways of earning on PointsPrizes. The minimum accrued points for withdrawal is 3000 points to redeem a reward of $20. One point is worth about $0.0066.

However, the exact value can vary depending on the reward you choose, which makes it a little confusing. But in general it means that $20 is the payout threshold, the minimum amount you need to earn a reward.

Although, this seems a bit too high in my personal opinion, however it is also acceptable. If you are aware of this problem, you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Most people get stuck when they accumulate 750 points as it becomes harder to see surveys and video ads. You can either choose to stay away and try out other paid survey websites. Another option is to try to accumulate the 750 points as soon as possible.

Then you can log in twice in a day after a while to reach the minimum 3000 points. The truth is that it will take some time and a lot of patience to earn only $20. I do not really like the point system on PointsPrizes, because it is not exactly easy to see how much you can earn.

Several other survey website use a simpler point system that makes it easy to see the reward you get before signing up or completing a survey.

So even though there are several opportunities to earn, I do not think the rewards are as good as on many other similar sites. Furthermore, some of the terms and conditions are vague.

The point is that while it offers opportunity to make money, do not expect that PointsPrizes will offer you anything close to a part-time or full-time income

Can You Use PointsPrizes on Mobile?

PointsPrizes has an app that is available for download both on the app store and Google play which makes it easy to use on your mobile devices. The app can come in handy for earning points especially when it comes to viewing video ads.

You need the app to watch the ads as they are only available on the app. Other paid offers are basically the same whether you use the app or operate on a desktop.

PointsPrizes Pros and Cons

  • The site is easy to navigate and user friendly
  • Many different ways to earn points
  • Good payout options including gift cards
  • Good support options including direct message and live chats
  • You cannot create a password to ensure the safety of your account
  • Confusing point system
  • Some available rewards are lower compared to other paid survey websites.
  • Certain terms and conditions for offers vague

As you can see PointsPrizes has both several pros and cons. So it finally comes down to personal preferences. The site has some good benefits and you can be sure to make some extra cash on the platform.

Alternatives to PointsPrizes

1. Swagbucks

You can earn points and free gift cards doing online shopping, surfing the internet, watching entertaining videos. You can also complete surveys.

2. Points2Shop

You can earn points and cash prizes on Points2Shop. It is a free online rewards programs that allows you to earn points by completing surveys, playing games and watching videos.

3. GrabPoints

Earn free gift cards by downloading apps, completing offers, watching videos and more.

4. ClixSense

This dedicated community allows you to earn cash by completing paid surveys, doing micro tasks, registering on websites and a lot more.

5. CashCrate

There are companies that are ready to pay users to test their products and services for free. CashCrate allows you to register and earn reward for testing products.

6. PrizeRebel

Make money online by completing surveys and offers, watching video ads and downloading apps. You can also redeem for cash & free gift cards.

7. Shopkick

Earn point (kicks) shopping online, scanning certain in-store products, and/or purchasing products in store. These kicks can be traded instantly for cash rewards.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of misleading information about this site on the internet. For instance, people wrongly assume that once they start earning points, it continues like that till they accrue the 3000 points. And they share this information on blogs, social media, forums etc.

Then there are unrealistic claims from people whose aim is simply to promote the website. They claim to have earn the $20 by completing offers when that it not the case.

The truth is that it takes a while to actually get to the 3000 points threshold, because at some point, you will not be able to earn more than 10 points daily on the average.

One good thing about the website is that there are no complaints about not getting paid, so once you reach the 3000 points, you are sure of getting your reward. A major concern I had is the fact that you do not need to create a password.

All you need is your email and you have instant access. Although the FAQ section explains why you do not need to create a password – They claim that they don’t want users battling with memorizing passwords and then that account can still be hacked even with passwords.

They don’t want to hold on to any sensitive data. Of course this seems easy and convenient, but I will personally prefer choosing a password to keep the account somewhat secured. That is also a matter of personal preference, the ultimate decision lies with you to decide what is best for you.

PointsPrizes is actually registered in France with a physical address available. It definitely looks like a legit site that can earn you some extra money. You have seen the potentials PointsPrizes have including a list of some of it disadvantages.

Before deciding whether or not to sign up, it is important to carefully give a thorough consideration to it before signing up. There are other survey sites that you can check out as outlined above to find out what works best for you.

This is because you need to prioritize your time and register with sites that will offer you the best in terms of rewards and earning potential.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this full PointsPrizes review. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Diana Star

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well I can say one thing, this site may or may not be legit, and as far as claims of people not getting paid, check reviews on google play, there are a lot of reviews of people stating that they could not get their gift cards because as soon as they hit 3000 points all the rewards disappear saying there are no rewards currently available. I am now in the process of fighting with them to get the 1050 or so points I should have, after completing two offers and watching several ads i have yet to see any points, and their customer service is lacking as well, my issue isnt being addressed instead I am getting recommended to do referrals instead of offers.

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