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PollPass Review: Earn PayPal Cash And Gift Cards For Chatting Online

PollPass Review: Earn PayPal Cash And Gift Cards For Chatting Online
Amy Boyington Oct 26, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Let’s be real: As helpful as survey sites are for making extra money online easily, they can get boring. You usually end up answering the same questions over and over again, which gets tiring and dull.

The last thing you want is for a money-making opportunity to become so stale that you don’t want to do it anymore, but this burnout can happen from taking long, drawn-out surveys about the same topics.

I recently came across a survey site called PollPass and I was instantly intrigued by its model because it’s so different than your average survey-taking site. Rather than using a question-and-answer format with multiple choice questions, PollPass lets you interact with its intelligent chatbot for a more personal, fun, and engaging way to take surveys.

I wanted to find out if it was legit, so I researched it more and spent some time using it to see how it works.

Want to explore the site yourself and see what it’s all about before delving into this review? Here’s the link:

What is PollPass?

PollPass is both a website and a mobile app focused on surveys, but it’s not your typical survey site or app. While most survey websites give you multiple-choice questions with a few open-ended ones scattered throughout, PollPass reimagines the online survey by using a chatbot instead.

Through conversations with a chatbot, you’ll answer questions that companies would typically ask through traditional surveys. You’ll have more of an interactive vibe from PollPass than you would by answering questions through a form on a website.

PollPass is one of the newest survey sites to enter the scene, and it’s quickly becoming one that people are talking about. It seems to be breathing new life into the survey world by utilizing a fun type of technology to rethink online surveys.

The company is London-based and comes from GlobalWebIndex, a market research company that helps global brands learn more about their consumers. PollPass is one of its intermediaries between you and brands that helps each client understand the things their target audience likes, dislikes, uses, etc.

How Does PollPass Work?

Aside from how you take surveys, PollPass works similarly to other companies that use surveys as part of their data collection services.

When you sign up, you’ll need to fill out information about yourself that helps create your demographic. Your name, age, household information, income, and other personal data let PollPass and its clients get to know more about you, which helps match you up with surveys that make sense for you.

PollPass keeps this information private and only uses it to find surveys that are of interest to you.

You’ll answer these questions via the chatbot, too, so there are no tedious forms to fill out. You’ll get 20 points just for signing up and getting started with the chatbot. You’ll notice that your points will increase as you answer more questions.

As soon as you get your initial questions out of the way, you can start completing full-length surveys.

To answer questions, all you need to do is read them thoroughly and then click one of the available answers. It’s multiple-choice, but the answers are much more fun and engaging than you typically find on surveys.

Continue working through each question until the chatbot has no more available, or until you want to stop. You can always come back later and pick up the conversation again!

What Makes PollPass Different Than the Many Other Survey Sites on the Web?

It’s evident that the PollPass method of taking surveys through a chatbot is much different than traditional web surveys with fill-in forms. There are a few other things that make PollPass stand out from similar companies:

  • You don’t have to qualify for studies. One of the most significant pain points of those who take online surveys is getting screened out of them and not being able to make money. There are no screener questions on PollPass, so everyone has an opportunity to earn by answering questions with the chatbot.
  • Surveys move quickly. I’ve taken some studies that seem so drawn out because they continue to ask the same questions multiple times, or the site’s servers are so slow that it takes forever to complete the survey. PollPass’ chatbot is quick to respond and your answers show up quickly.
  • You can stop and come back. Most traditional surveys have to be completed in one sitting. With PollPass, you can stop a conversation and come back to it whenever you want.
  • It’s mobile. Some survey companies are going mobile by offering iOS and Android apps, but many are still behind in this area and don’t provide a mobile-friendly site. PollPass doesn’t have a mobile app, but its website is very mobile-friendly, so you can continue your chat conversations on your device.

What Are My Answers Used For?

Like other online survey sites, your answers will go toward market research. It doesn’t matter what answers you pick because the questions are all about you, what you do, what you like, etc. If you’re being honest in your answers, then you’re doing it correctly.

PollPass is very transparent in its policies about what it does and why it asks you questions through its chatbot. I mentioned earlier that PollPass works with companies for research purposes to help clients learn more about their target customers.

Every question the chatbot asks you is to either learn more about you to better match you with questions or to relay that information back to clients. By chatting with PollPass, you’re helping brands (maybe even some of your favorites!) improve their products and services based on the answers you provide.

You can read more about PollPass and its purpose in the Frequently Asked Questions section and its privacy statement.

Who Can Join PollPass?

Members must be at least 16 years old to join use its website. PollPass operates in several countries and mentions in its Terms of Service that you can’t “access PollPass from a country we do not operate in.” You’ll have to indicate your country when you sign up, so I assume PollPass will let you know then if you’re not eligible to join.

Pros and Cons of PollPass

PollPass is one of the newest survey companies on the web, so it’s no surprise that it has a few kinks to work out to make it better. Still, its pros far outnumber its cons, which is refreshing for a newer company.


  • Reliable and fast payments
  • You can finish a chatbot conversation later, if necessary
  • Can be more phone than answering questions in traditional survey form
  • Chatbot conversations are relatively quick, so you can earn more in less time than you would by taking regular surveys
  • No disqualifications from surveys like other survey sites
  • Mobile-friendly site that works great on most devices
  • Engaging, fun questions
  • Low cash out amount of 5,000 points, which is the equivalent of a $5 gift card


  • It’s not great for a long-term money-making solution
  • You won’t make much each day
  • Most people earn quickly after joining but soon find that questions run out
  • Some members have had issues with on-time payments
  • No referral system

Making Money with PollPass

PollPass works with credits, or points, instead of cash. You turn those credits in for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash. Every 5,000 points are worth $5, so every point is equal to $0.001.

Unlike other survey sites that use a point system, PollPass lets you see exactly what your points are worth in cash on your Wallet page. If you have 300 credits, the site shows that those credits are worth $0.30. I love this because there is no reason to do the math to work it out yourself.

Once you reach a minimum of 5,000 credits, you can redeem them for an Amazon gift card or PayPal cash.

You earn credits by answering questions with the chatbot, just like you would a regular survey. With PollPass, though, you’ll see your earnings boost as you go. The longer you chat, the more you’ll make. Your credits will always show at the top of the screen.

Currently, I see no way for you to make more money by referring your friends, but I assume this might change as the site grows and PollPass partners with more companies.

Maximizing Your Earnings and Time on PollPass

Over the few days that I’ve worked with PollPass, I’ve learned a couple of things that might help you maximize your time spent on the site.

  1. Be sure to visit the site daily. People have had issues with questions running out, and I can only assume that this is from spending several minutes at a time answering questions until there aren’t anymore. Try visiting PollPass daily and participating for 5 to 10 minutes. This is what I’ve done and there seems to be a steady stream of questions ready for me instead of using them up in one shot.
  2. Answer all questions truthfully and take your time. There’s no reason to rush through the questions. In fact, hastily answering questions could make PollPass flag your account. Read each one thoroughly and answer them honestly. Treat it like you would other survey sites that would disqualify you for evasive answers and rushing through.

How Much Can I Make, Realistically?

In my first ten minutes using PollPass, I made 300 credits. After 20 minutes, I was up to 500. Using my example, I was able to earn around 25 to 30 credits every minute.

You need 5,000 credits ($5) to cash out. 5,000 divided by 30 credits every minute means that it would take almost 167 minutes to earn your first $5 payment. So, you’d make $5 in about 2.7 hours. It’s not great and it won’t make you rich, but it is on par with several other survey sites, where only the longest surveys will give you $5.

The problem you may run into is that the site runs out of questions before you can reach that $5 payout and you may end up waiting days for the questions to replenish.

What Others Say About PollPass

After signing up for and using PollPass myself, I looked online to see what other members had to say about it because I’m sure not everyone will have the same opinions. There were three common praises and complaints that I believe are worth noting, one of which I found to be true through my experience with the site.

It’s Much More Fun and Interactive Than Traditional Survey Sites

I agree with many other members that taking surveys on PollPass is a refreshing break from traditional online studies with tedious question formats and annoying videos. It’s a whole new way to answer questions, and the bot actually cracks jokes sometimes, which makes it even more entertaining.

Although working strictly with PollPass probably won’t give you the extra income you want, you might want to consider tucking it away in your arsenal when you need a break from regular studies. It’s modern, engaging, and interactive, which can help hold your interest more than others.

It Pays Quickly and Reliably

I have yet to cash out my earnings with PollPass, so I can’t comment on its reliability as far as payments go. Payments are my top priority when I research a new site, though, so this is one of the first things I checked out when researching PollPass.

Fortunately, most Reddit and forum threads I read had several members commenting that PollPass does pay, and usually in a timely manner.

There were a few other comments from members mentioning that they were still waiting for their payments for days or weeks past when they were due. However, most of them returned to let others know that they did end up receiving payment, even if a bit late.

My best suggestion is to make sure you confirm your email when you sign up (this is necessary for receiving payment) and to be patient. PollPass even has a note on their site that mentions it still has only a small team, so payments may be a bit delayed but it’s working hard to get everyone paid as quickly as possible.

Questions Run Out Eventually

This complaint is one that I haven’t yet experienced, but since so many other members have mentioned it, I think it deserves some attention. I think it’s mostly members who use PollPass for hours at a time that might have this issue, though.

PollPass does seem to make you money quickly in the beginning. After signing up, I chatted with the bot for about 20 minutes and saw my balance rise to about 500 points. I did the same thing the next day, this time for about 15 minutes, and gained another 350 points. That’s 800 points, equal to $0.80, in just 35 minutes, which isn’t too bad.

Others have had similar experiences, but note that after a while of chatting, the bot no longer has questions for them. You’ll need to sit and wait for new questions to come up, and some may not be available for days, which slows down your earnings.

I suppose the same holds true for regular survey sites, though, which sometimes only offer two or three surveys each month.

Is PollPass Legit?

Yes, from my experience and reviews from others online, I believe PollPass is one of the good ones. Will it make you all the spending money you need? Probably not, but do most survey sites?

If you treat PollPass for what it is – a fun site where you get to share your opinions and get paid a little extra for doing it – then you won’t be disappointed. Follow the Terms and Conditions, answer questions honestly, and get paid.

You’ll never need to pay money to use the site. PollPass is very transparent about what your answers are used for. There are plenty of members who talk about getting paid without an issue. There’s nothing about this company that causes red flags for me.

How to Get Started Earning with PollPass

If you’re not sure about PollPass still, I suggest signing up and trying it out. Unlike many similar sites, PollPass is extremely quick to sign up with (you can even do it through Facebook or Twitter) and you don’t have to answer a ton of annoying questions before you move onto making money.

To sign up, go to the PollPass website on your computer or mobile device. You can choose to sign up via your social networks or using your email.

Answer a few questions about your demographic via the messenger (you’ll still get paid for these). Then, you can start answering research questions and watch your earnings rise.

That’s it! Once you’re ready to see how much you’ve made, click the Your Wallet section under Options. You can also redeem your earnings through this page by clicking Redeem Credits once you have at least 5,000 in your account.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a little extra money and a different way to take online surveys, then PollPass is definitely for you. It’s fun, different, and pays decently compared to some other survey sites.

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Let us know in a comment: Have you tried PollPass? What are your thoughts?

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