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Poshmark Review: A Legit Place To Buy And Sell Clothes Online

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Poshmark is one of the biggest closets on the internet.  With over 25 million items and 5,000 brands for sale, there are opportunities galore to snag a great deal on used and new men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories.  There’s also plenty of opportunity to make money too!

In this review we’ll take an in-depth look at Poshmark, including pros and cons and tricks and tips. You’ll be able to decide if Poshmark is the right online community for you to buy and/or sell clothing.  Let’s dive right into this massive closet…

What Is Poshmark?

Poshmark is one of the leading online marketplaces for used and new women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories. It prides itself on not just being a site for transactions, though, but for community building.

poshmark review

Buyers and sellers on Poshmark are encouraged to interact with each other and to promote a community based on trust, respect and inclusion.  The marketplace is monitored carefully and the operators have zero tolerance for bullying, counterfeit goods, pornography, vulgarity, spam or any other shady or illegal behavior.

Signing Up For Poshmark

When you sign up for Poshmark you can do so by linking your Facebook, Google or email account.  You’ll choose a unique username and password and then be asked to enter your dress and shoe size and zip code (which will be kept private).

Next, you’ll be asked to choose at least three brands you like from among a list presented (brands to choose from when I registered were: J. Crew, Coach, Lululemon, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Coach and other top fashion labels). I selected Lululemon, Tory Burch and Michael Kors.

Based on your choices and the information entered thus far, the site cultivates a “personal shopping network” for you with other Poshmark community members you might like to buy from.

Items they currently have for sale are presented to you on the next screen in a Poshmark Showroom.

Believe it or not, 75% of the items chosen for me were all things I would wear (and not necessarily from the brands I pre-selected) and included: a pretty cowl turtleneck sweater from Philosophy, an adorable pair of Sanuk canvas slip-on loafers and a cute H&M mini skirt.

What Can I Buy And Sell on Poshmark?

Poshmark started out focused just on women’s clothing, but it’s now open to men’s and children’s clothing, accessories and shoes too.

Things allowed in the marketplace are: new clothing, pre-owned clothing and accessories in clean and good condition, new makeup in its original packaging (except for perfume and nail polish, which are prohibited based on shipping regulations) and handmade fashions and accessories.

Counterfeit items and used underwear are highly prohibited on Poshmark, but new undergarments with tags are allowed.  Poshmark has no problem banning users for counterfeit goods (it’s illegal to sell them too). You can also get banned by taking your transaction off-line to try to avoid fees.

Please note that buying and selling on Poshmark is currently only available in the United States, though the company hopes to open to international customers in the future.

How Does Selling Work?

Once you join Poshmark and see the wonderful array of items to buy, you’ll probably want to consider selling your unwanted items to finance your new habit!  Although savings on Poshmark items are usually around 70% off retail pricing, you can still make money selling items here.

I recommend that if you want to sell on Poshmark that you first download the free Poshmark app on your smartphone.  Poshmark is currently available as a free iPhone, iPad, and Android app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

You don’t need to use the app (you can list and sell via the web/computer) but it will make it easier.  The app has some great seller features like analytics, insider tips and more.

When you’re ready to sell you will start your own closet or boutique.  It is very easy to list items – basically snap a photo and add a short description.  A great way to sell your items faster is to be on the lookout for Posh Parties.

These online parties are held several times a day, seven days a week and can be accessed with the Parties tab.  Each party has a theme, such as “Michael Kors, Coach, Vera Bradley, Victoria’s Secret & Lula Roe Party” or “Everything Kids Party.” If you list an item that fits the Party title during the party or add one of your already-listed items to the party during it, it will get quite a bit more views and attention quickly.

How Does Shipping Work?

Shipping on Poshmark is very simple – much simpler than many other online marketplaces.  You don’t even really need a shipping scale.  For $6.49 Poshmark provides a flat rate, USPS Priority (2 to 3 days) shipping label.

This label is paid for by the buyer.  Multiple orders from one seller can be added to the order for the same $6.49 fee (nice!) as long as the total weight of the package does not exceed 5 lbs. (5 lbs. is a lot of clothing).  This is called “bundling” and it is very popular on Poshmark.

Labels for packages over 5 pounds will incur an extra label upgrade fee based on this scale:

Package Weight      Label upgrade fee for sellers

Up to 5 pounds         Free

6 pounds                   $3.99

7 pounds                   $7.98

8 pounds                   $11.97

9 pounds                   $15.96

10 pounds                 $19.95

When an order is placed, the shipping label is sent to the seller via email as a PDF document. For your first sale, you will need to fill out some information before your shipping label is issued.

Additionally, you can also download the label directly from the web by going to My Orders.  You print the label from your own printer.

Sellers are asked to ship purchases within two days of the order.  Orders can be cancelled if not shipped within seven days.

When you first join Poshmark be on the lookout for a special .99 shipping coupon for your first purchase!  The coupon typically needs to be used within 24 hours of joining. It’s a really nice perk and great way to do your first shopping trip on Poshmark.

Please note, Poshmark unfortunately does not allow for shipping to APO or military addresses.  They do allow shipping to PO boxes in the United States.

How Do I Get My Money?

After your sale has been delivered and received by the buyer the funds are released to you (this is different from some other online marketplaces where you get the funds as soon as the buyer pays).

Buyers have three days from the delivery date to accept their purchase. If they are pleased with their purchase and accept it, Poshmark will automatically release the seller’s funds on the fourth day after the delivery date.

Therefore, it does take longer to get your funds through Poshmark than other sites, but on the flip side, if you’re a buyer you’re more protected.

With Poshmark you can withdraw your earnings anytime you’d like directly from the app or desktop by going to “My Balance.”  You will see how much is redeemable at the time (versus how much is pending).

You can then select to redeem your earnings via a bank direct deposit or check request.  Or you can use your balance to shop.  Direct deposit requests normally take anywhere from 2-3 business days. Paper check requests through the mail can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.

What Is Better, Ebay or Poshmark?

If you’re trying to decide which is the better marketplace to sell your clothing, shoes and accessories – Ebay or Poshmark – it all comes down to what you’re looking for.

Poshmark has much more of a community atmosphere than Ebay.  Some people love it and some people hate it.

If you have a Kate Spade purse you want to sell and don’t really feel like interacting with people to do so, than go with Ebay.  If you want to make sure the purse goes to a good home, stick with Poshmark.

The most successful Poshmark users all stress that the secret to their success is being active in the community.  Whereas Ebay tends to revolve around your rating, Poshmark tends to revolve more around your number of followers, the number of likes/interactions you make with other sellers, the number of Posh Parties your participate in, etc.

All of this can be time consuming, so if you don’t have the time or the interest, stick with Ebay.

If shipping scares you, Poshmark is absolutely the better choice because there are really no decisions to make – the shipping is basically taken care of for you.

You don’t have to decide whether to ship something USPS Priority or First Class and the only weight issue you have to deal with is making sure your package doesn’t exceed the 5 lb. limit for Poshmark.

Even if it does, it’s not difficult to navigate from there via Poshmark’s shipping charge for overweight packages.

In terms of fees, it can be a little trickier trying to figure out where you’ll make more.

Poshmark has a 20% seller fee for sales above $15 as opposed to a 10% final value fee on Ebay, but if you don’t do your shipping calculations correctly on Ebay that extra 10% you earn on a shirt you sell there as opposed to Poshmark can quickly get eaten up by the Post Office. On Poshmark, for sales under $15 the company takes a flat $2.95.

One other big difference between selling on the two sites is photography.

On Ebay you can list up to 12 photos for free and on Poshmark only 4.  I personally love taking photos of my items I have for sale and think the more photos (as long as they’re good!) the more money you’ll make.  I don’t like being limited to 4 photos on Poshmark.

Ebay is also pickier with photo quality and doesn’t allow low resolution photos, whereas Poshmark does.  So, if your phone camera isn’t the best, you may prefer to stick with Poshmark.

Another Way To Make Money on Poshmark

Currently Poshmark has a great incentive where your friends get a $5 shopping credit when they sign up with your invite code and you then earn a $5 shopping credit after their first purchase!

Find your invite code on the Poshmark App under “My Balance” and then “Invite Friends, Earn FREE Cash!”  You can share your invite code via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SMS or Email.

Particularly Posh Terms You Must Know

If you plan on becoming active in the Poshmark community, there are some particularly Posh terms you must know.  I’ve made a cheat sheet to get you started!

Boutique: A bit of a confusing term, boutique on Poshmark means the item for sale has been purchased wholesale or directly from a distributor and is being sold to the public for the first time.  This is different than a “NWT” (new with tags) items that has been purchased from a retail store for resale. Items can only be labeled Boutique by sellers who complete Poshmark’s proprietary Boutique Certification process and its requirements.

Bundle: In Posh-speak, a bundle means a package filled with more than one item purchased from a single seller.  Bundling items gives the buyer more bang for their buck because they only have to pay one shipping fee.  Not all sellers go for bundling, but you will definitely increase your sales if you do.

Dressing Room: The Dressing Room on Poshmark is a virtual place for Poshmark users to connect. In the Dressing Room you can view shares sent directly to you, keep track of your likes and bundles and more.

Posh Ambassador:  A Posh Ambassador is a big deal on Poshmark.  They are like the Ebay equivalent of a 100% rated seller.  These A-list users get more privileges, including an exclusive newsletters, unique opportunities and programs and recommendations to new Poshmark users.  They are selected because they have an active closet, participate actively in the online community, offer great customer service and are in good standing with the company’s community guidelines and terms of service. To qualify to be a Posh Ambassador, users must currently meet the following criteria:

  • Share at least 5,000 items from other Poshers’ closets.
  • Share your own items at least 5,000 times to the community.
  • Have at least 50 available listings in your closet.
  • Make at least 15 sales.
  • Have an average rating of at least 4.5 stars.
  • Have an average ship time of less than 3 days.

Posh: Poshmark users typically refer to the site simply as “Posh.”

Posher: A Posher is someone who buys and/or sells on Poshmark.

Posh Party: Posh Parties are virtual parties that are held three or four times a day, seven days a week and can be accessed with the Parties tab.  Each party has a theme, such as “Michael Kors, Coach, Vera Bradley, Victoria’s Secret & Lularoe Party” or “Everything Kids Party.”

If you list an item that fits the Party title during the party, it will get quite a bit more views and attention quickly. Here is the current schedule for Posh Party themes:

  • 9 a.m. PST – A brand-focused party. These parties include brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Tory Burch, and more.
  • 12 p.m. PST – Parties centered on fashion categories like “Hot Handbags”, “All about Boots” and “Just Jewelry”.
  • 4 p.m. PST – Department parties such as Men’s, Kids, Plus Size, and Boutiques.
  • 7 p.m. PST – Parties themed around styles and trends, such as “Street Style”, “Daytime to Date Night” and “Total Trendsetter.”

Posh Concierge:  This term refers to a premium service where Poshmark provides extra verification and authentication on luxury handbags and other premium designer items. It is offered free of charge for all items sold on Poshmark at a price of $500 or higher. This is a wonderful service to protect buyers from counterfeit goods.

Reserved:  If an item is marked as “Reserved” it will have a yellow flag.  This means a potential buyer has it in their cart under “Buy It Now” and is entering their purchase information.  It can remain in the cart for ten minutes before it loses reserved status.

Showrooms: Poshmark showrooms feature collections of trends and brands through curated listings that are constantly changing.  Showrooms are personalized for each Posher and can be found under the “Shop” tab.

Style Card: Style Cards allow sellers to learn about shoppers’ favorite brands and tailor recommendations to their buyers. They include purchases buyers have made from your closet, brands they follow, their size (My Size it’s called) and more. The Style Card can be found at the bottom of every Dressing Room.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you have found this Poshmark review helpful and easy to understand. If it has peaked your interest in the site, sign up and give it a try!  You really have nothing to lose and your bank account and/or closet just might grow in the process!

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