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Prolific Academic Will Pay You $10 – $20/Hour To Participate In Psychological Studies Online

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If you’ve ever wanted to be a guinea pig for a psychological study, now is your chance. Prolific Academic is an internet-based company that will pay you to be a research participant in their online studies.

The best part? You can be from any part of the world and still join. Some studies will pay you up to $20 dollars per hour if you qualify.

What Is Prolific Academic?

Although Prolific Academic is a UK-based company, US citizens are also allowed to join. The goal of Prolific Academic is to help participants earn rewards while helping the advancement of human knowledge through psychological studies.

Prolific Academic uses the data that they collect and sell high-quality information to researches. They are very strict about who enters their surveys/studies as they want to make sure that all of the information they provide is as accurate as possible.

All participants are pre-screened and must match certain demographics or traits in order to be eligible for a study. As a participant, you might not qualify for all studies. However, when you do, expect to make a decent amount of money for your time.

Expected payments are to be made in British Pounds, but upon payout it will be converted to USD for US-based users.

How Do I Sign-Up And Get Started With Prolific Academic?

Getting started with Prolific Academic is very simple and can be done in 3 simple steps.

1. Register. You can register for Prolific Academic by clicking this link here. You’ll either need a Facebook account or a university email address to sign-up. Confirm your email to verify registration

2. Prescreen. In order to qualify for any studies, you must go through a prescreening. You will be asked very simply questions pertaining to your personal life such as gender, date of birth, etc. None of this information will be shared with third parties.

3. Select a study. When you log-in, you will have the option to verify your email (if you haven’t already), select a study, or to cash out. Click on the button “Select a study” and you will be presented with a list from which you can choose. The payout and the allotted time to complete the study will be listed.

As you can see from the image below, this particular study expects that you will finish within an hour at a rate of 15 pounds/hour.

4. Cash out. You need a minimum of 5 Pounds to cash out. Payments are made directly to your PayPal account.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn With Prolific Academic?

As you might’ve seen from the steps above, some studies will legitimately pay you at a rate of 15 British Pounds Per Hour (23.62 USD). This amount is huge for anyone needing some extra cash. However, we can’t accurately calculate it at this rate.

We must take into account the time it takes to go into a new study and searching for new studies. So the real amount would be slightly below this number, as you’re not constantly participating in studies.

This amount of money per hour is much more than one can expect to make at their daily job. If you need some extra cash, I would highly recommend Prolific Academic over any other at-home research studies. This is especially great for stay-at-home mothers.

How Can I Earn Even More?

Prolific Academic just recently launched their referral program. Each time you refer a friend, you earn 10% on the first time they cash out. It only takes a second to send out a mass message on Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use our referral link here. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Final Thoughts

Prolific Academic is the highest-paying research study that I’ve been able to find on the web. We were able to see that from one study alone, we were able to get a rate of $23 USD per hour. This amount is much higher than most full-time jobs.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with Prolific Academic, please feel free to leave comments or questions down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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