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QKids Review – Get Paid To Teach English Online

QKids Review – Get Paid To Teach English Online
Candice Elliott Apr 23, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Do you like children? Do you like teaching? Do you like making money while working from home? If you answered “yes” to those questions, we have found an excellent opportunity for you. Take a look at our QKids review.

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Teach and Earn

Teaching is an extremely rewarding pursuit and made even better when you are getting paid to do it. QKids combines those two things into a great opportunity whether you want to make some extra money in your spare time or transition to working at home full time.

What is QKids?

QKids is an interactive online teaching program that pairs tutors with Chinese children between the ages of 5 and 12 who want to learn English.

The company was founded in 2015 so is a newcomer comer to the ESL online teaching world.


You do not have to be a teacher to qualify for employment with QKids. Nor are any Chinese language skills required. You must be an American or Canadian citizen and have a college degree or be enrolled in college.

The degree does not have to be in education; it can be in any subject. Prior experience working with children is preferred but not required.

You need a computer with a webcam, a microphone headset and a reliable internet connection, a cable connection is preferred over Wifi. You cannot use a Chrome Book, an iPad, or cell phone to teach your classes.

Getting Hired

QKids has a pretty extensive hiring process. You will need to submit a resume, your availability, a screenshot of your computer specs, a one to two-minute-long introductory video that includes where you live, your educational background, and any experience you have teaching or working with children.

You then tell or read a children’s story.

It’s harder than it sounds to squeeze all of this into one or two minutes so you might need to try it a few times, so you don’t seem rushed.

You can send QKids a YouTube link to your video, send it via Google Drive or upload it to their site using the video file. If your initial application is accepted, you will be notified of the next step in the process in about three business days.

Once you make it past that first hurdle, you will be scheduled for two Demo Interviews. Demo Interview 1 consists of showing that you have mastered the QKids teaching tools and the technical aspects of the software including how to manage the sound and video quality of the tools.

You will then answer some questions about teaching and interacting with students.

Demo Interview 2 is a question and answer interview which lasts about 25 minutes. The next and final step in the QKids hiring process is teaching actual classes with real students.

You will teach two to five classes. A trainer, the students, and their parents will provide QKids with feedback on your performance. You will be paid for these trial lessons and they are 30 minutes long just as the actual classes you will be teaching if you are hired are.

The whole hiring process takes about two weeks from start to finish.

The Teaching Tools

All of the lesson planning is done by QKids’ team of course planners, engineers, and teachers. The lessons include cartoon characters and interactive games. Teachers are provided with training, coaching and technical support to help them use and understand the lessons and software.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the materials provided for each lesson before engaging with your students, but this takes only a few minutes per lesson.


QKids employees are required to work a minimum of 6 hours (12 lessons) per week. The maximum number of hours you can work is 19 (38 lessons), so QKkids is not a full-time job but a great way to bring in some extra income and can be combined with other work from home opportunities.

The available shifts are set so if you’re looking for a very flexible work from home positions, QKids may not fit in with your schedule. For all of you morning people out there (there are dozens of us!), QKids is great for you and the night owls are covered too!

The available shifts are listed in Eastern Time, and if you work a standard 9-5 job, you could fit a lesson or two in before work. Spending your Friday and Saturday nights teaching with QKids not only makes you money but gives you something to do with what are prime spending times for most of us.

Monday-Friday Mornings


Friday and Saturday Nights


Your schedule is set weekly, and you can check it Sunday evening. If you must cancel a class, QKids requires that you contact the Class Coordination Team at least 24 hours before the scheduled class time. You are not penalized for canceling a scheduled class.

You can see your class schedule on the QKids site. You can also opt to be available for standby. Standby means that you do not have a class assigned to you but you agree to be in front of your computer and ready to teach a class if the scheduled teacher cannot attend.

If you do not get a standby class, you will still receive half pay for making yourself available.

Teaching Classes

Each lesson lasts 30 minutes, and teachers should log in 3 minutes before the lesson is scheduled to begin. If you are not logged in early, you could lose your lesson to a standby teacher. Keep this in mind when selecting your availability.

The classes are scheduled with a ten-minute gap between them, but if you run over or need to take care of something between classes, you could miss your next class.

QKids books the classes for you according to your availability. As long as your ratings stay high, QKids will keep your schedule full.

Your virtual classroom will contain 1-4 students. QKids prefers to match the same teachers and students for each lesson so as not to interrupt the learning process but as new students join, you may see new faces in your classroom.

Many of the students already have some English skills when they come to QKids. Teachers interact only with their students. Parents communicate directly with QKids to provide feedback on their child’s teacher.

The first screen is a Welcome screen where teacher and students can greet each other. The teacher will appear next to a blackboard and the students will appear at the bottom of the screen with their name next to their picture.

The next slide is an Introduction slide which is a short animation explaining what that 30-minute lesson is going to cover. The lessons can cover things like numbers, letters, and colors.

If you’ve ever learned a language, (or tried to learn a language) with a program like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo, QKids works similarly only it’s designed for young kids.

The teacher guides and prompts the kids through the lessons which are things like matching pictures on flash cards to their corresponding English words, or repeating, short, simple sentences after a cartoon character.

There is also an option for the teacher to build in “free time” to the lesson where he or she can ask the children questions, “What is your favorite color?,” “What is your favorite food?” the children speak their answers, and the teacher types them so the students can see the word spelled out.

Teachers can also use physical props, things like flash cards, stuffed animals, puppets or storybooks to engage the children and hold their attention.

The software lets the teacher stick virtual stickers around the classroom, type words, spotlight something they want to highlight and draw on the chalkboard.

The children are rewarded by the teacher with little cartoon diamonds, kind of the virtual version of the gold star stickers we remember from elementary school.

If there is part of a lesson where students use the software to choose the correct answer to a question rather than saying it out loud, the software grades it automatically, the teacher doesn’t have to.

The teacher and the children interact much the way they would if they were actually together in a classroom. The teacher asks questions, the children raise their hands to answer, and the teacher calls on the students.

It’s important for the teacher to be animated, lots of hand gestures, to engage with the children. Teachers can mute the other student’s microphones and talk privately to a single student if necessary.

If someone is having a technical issue, like no sound or picture, the teacher can type them a message in English that will appear in Chinese. You can also send instructions this way if a child is having difficulty understanding how to play one of the games the software uses to teach the lesson.

If it’s a tech issue that the student and teacher can’t address, they can message tech support during the lesson.

At the end of the lesson, the software counts up the diamonds you have awarded to the students. The student with the most diamonds gets to sit atop the leaderboard.

You can then reward the leader with stickers, trophies, or masks, little eyes and noses that will appear on their picture during lessons like those silly Snapchat filters.

The lessons are designed to be thirty minutes long, but part of the timing depends on the teacher so be sure you aren’t rushing through them. There is a timer on your screen so you can see when the 30 minutes is up.

How Much Will You Earn?

The base pay is $16-20 per hour (each lesson is 30 minutes long) and based on your class ranking.

Teachers have the chance to earn bonuses of $1 based on good performance reviews from parents and $1 based on good attendance bringing the pay for each 30-minute lesson to $10, or $20 an hour!

If your rating for the week is a 4.75 or higher (the scale is out of 5), you earn an additional $1 for each class you taught that week. Parent’s feedback is not public, only QKids employees can see it.

If you teach 15 or more classes in a week, you get the $1 attendance bonus for each class you taught that week. Payments are made monthly via bank transfer and any fees incurred are covered by QKids. All payments are made in US dollars, even to Canadian teachers.

Teachers are considered independent contractors, not QKids employees and are responsible for paying taxes on their earnings. You will need to file a 1099 form.

Pros of Qkids

If you have ever tried to find a work from home opportunity, you know that there are a lot of scams out there. Companies asking you to buy materials from them or pay money up front or companies that don’t pay you for the work you have done.

QKids is definitely not a scam. There are lots of recent, happy reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed from Qkids teachers.

The pay is great, $16-20 an hour which is higher than any minimum wage in the United States, nearly triple it in some locations. The training lessons you are required to do before being accepted as a teacher are paid.

QKids books classes for you. Some similar companies allow parents to select the teacher they want to work with their child which require teachers to sell themselves to parents through their demonstration videos.

There is not really a lot required on your part other than the ability to be engaging with the children you are teaching. The lessons are planned for you, and your job is merely to guide and encourage your students through them.

Because the students are motivated, and the lessons are cute, fun, and interactive, your role in the process is really pretty minimal.

It’s fun and rewarding to teach little kids. And you get to know your students a little because QKids prefers to keep the same teachers and students together throughout the learning process.

QKids teachers are provided with a lot of support whether it’s training on how to use the teaching materials or help with technical issues, QKids has full-time employees who are there to help you.

Cons of QKids

If you are looking for a single, full-time work from home opportunity, QKids won’t fit the bill. The maximum you can work is 19 hours per week, so if you need a full-time income, you will have to make up those extra hours doing something else.

The process to get hired to teach with QKids is somewhat lengthy and time-consuming. While the video demonstrations are only required to be a few minutes long, it’s advised to do a few practice videos until you get it just right and depending on how self-critical you are, this could take some time.

You also need to demonstrate that you understand how to use all of the teaching tools and the software so if you are not especially tech-savvy, you could spend a few hours doing this which is time you are not paid for as you are still in the interview process.

The schedules are rigid. If you are not available when the classes are scheduled, you won’t be able to become a QKids teacher.

Some people may find it difficult only to be paid once a month. It’s the same amount of money regardless of how often you are paid, but if you aren’t used to a monthly paycheck, you may have to rework your budget a little bit.

You are not an employee of QKids so you won’t be entitled to any benefits and you will have to deal with paying taxes on your own.

You are required to have a college degree or be currently enrolled in college so not everyone can qualify to teach with QKids.

Should You Try It?

Of all the work from home, online work opportunities we have reviewed, QKids is among the best. The pay is good, the work is fun and pretty minimal, and there are no onerous requirements.

If you like kids and seeing them learn, not to mention making some pretty good money, apply with QKids now!

Candice Elliott

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