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QoinPro Review: Earn Free Bitcoin Every 24 Hours Doing Absolutely Nothing

QoinPro Review: Earn Free Bitcoin Every 24 Hours Doing Absolutely Nothing
Jason Wuerch Dec 21, 2017
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

We’ve already introduced a lot of different rewards sites that give you Bitcoin for completing different activities.

But what if you could earn Bitcoin for doing absolutely nothing other than registering for a new account? Qoin Pro does just this, and while you may think it sounds too good to be true, read below to find out why they do this.

What Is Qoin Pro?

Qoin Pro is an online website that gives you Bitcoin and other forms of rare, digital currency for free while doing nothing in exchange. You automatically get a daily amount of Bitcoin deposited into your account, and once you reach a minimum you can withdraw it to your Bitcoin wallet.

You may be thinking that this website is a scam since there’s no way a website can be making money just by giving out free currency. If you read their FAQ, they assure you that they have a current business plan in the works and right now are just looking for new members to build up their customer base.

The main objective of Qoin Pro is to help educate people on these so-called crypto-currencies since a lot of people are still unfamiliar with the concept. This is step one. A few months down the line, Qoin Pro plans to implement additional functionality (educational resources) that will allow them to generate some type of revenue. Until that time, they’re completely backed by their investors.

Furthermore, when you do register for an account, Qoin Pro doesn’t ask for much personal information other than your email and Bitcoin wallet address. If you’re really worried about receiving spam, you can always use an alternative email account to sign-up, but all the while I’ve been with them I haven’t received one spam email.

Every 24 hours you’ll be able to find Bitcoin along with other crypto-currencies deposited into your account. While the amount is incredibly small, it can quickly add up over time. Considering the only amount of work you have to do is registering a new account, it’s definitely worth it.

When you first register, certain currencies will be unlocked that will be deposited to your account on a daily basis. The longer you have your account, the more currencies that you’ll be getting for free. Aside from Bitcoin, you can find the following currencies:

  • DarkCoin
  • FeatherCoin
  • FedoraCoin
  • LiteCoin
  • PeerCoin
  • VirtaCoin
  • DigitalCoin
  • DogeCoin
  • EarthCoin
  • InfiniteCoin
  • WorldCoin

Most of the other digital currencies no this list are fairly worthless when it comes to making a purchase, but since you’re getting them for free, there’s no harm done in keeping them, especially since you never know if one day they’ll increase in value.

In any case, it’s best to sign-up as soon as possible while they’re still in their beta phase and giving out free cash.

How Do I Get Started And Sign-Up With Qoin Pro?

We’re going to show you how to sign-up with Qoin Pro and receive free cash on a daily basis for doing absolutely nothing. All you need to do is follow the 3 steps below.

1. Register. You can register for a new Qoin Pro account by clicking this link here. Enter in your email address along with the captcha to get started. If you’d like to support us, you can use our referral link. We’d greatly appreciate it!

2. Get a Bitcoin wallet. You’re going to need a Bitcoin wallet so that Qoin Pro has a place to send your Bitcoins to. If you don’t have one already, we highly recommend Coinbase since it’s 100% free.3. Withdraw currencies. As soon as your account is created, you’ll be receiving digital currencies on a daily basis. It may take up to a month to unlock other forms of currency. No legwork required! Once you reach a minimum amount, you can withdraw your currencies. There is a transaction fee when you do decide to withdraw, but this is very small and taken out of your total Bitcoin amount.

How Much Money Can I Expect To Make?

Although you’re receiving cash for free on a daily basis, you’re not going to be rich. As mentioned above, the main purpose of Qoin Pro is to educate others on the new world of crypto-currencies. The amount you receive on a daily basis depends on what currency you’re referring to, but we’re going to just use Bitcoin as an example since it’s currently the most popular.

On a daily basis, you’re going to receive 0.00000002630 Bitcoins (1/200,000,000 of a Bitcoin!). This is incredibly small, and it will probably be a long while before you are able to withdraw. Yet free money is free money, and when Qoin Pro states that when they get out of the beta version they will start increasing daily earnings. Despite all of this, there is one other way to earn a lot more almost immediately: referrals.

Refer Friends

If you’re really keen about getting free Bitcoin, the best thing that you can do is refer your friends to Qoin Pro. Each time your friends sign-up, you’ll receive a certain percentage of what they earn without taking any Bitcoin away from them. It starts out at 7.5% per referral with a maximum of 1250% from all of them.


Convince your friends on how great Qoin Pro is and how they can receive free money so that you can quickly increase your earnings. A great way to do this is a quick shout to Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use our referral link here. We’d greatly appreciate!

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to educate yourself about digital currencies or receive money for free from doing absolutely nothing, Qoin Pro is a great way to get started. The only information you’ll be required to enter is your email and Bitcoin wallet address.

Qoin Pro is currently 100% free and it’s uncertain as to how long they’ll continue to give out free Bitcoin, so act while you can. If you’re currently investing in Bitcoin, give us your thoughts on what you think will happen to its value in the near future.

Jason Wuerch

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Anyone else sign up for this recently? I signed up shortly after the post, and nothing has been updated in my account since then. Website still works and I can log in, just the balances haven’t updated since the initial setup. Just wondering if they shut down already?

There now is a new website and all seems much better and more responsive. There is an active telegram community group too!

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