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Did you get perfect attendance or straight B’s in high school? You could’ve gotten a scholarship for either of those. A new startup called has developed a way for high school students to easily start racking up scholarship funds as early as 9th grade.

What Is has come up with a way for students to meet their full potential. They realize that when high school graduates are just starting a university career, it can be extremely stressful if you don’t have the financial means to pay for it. This causes many to go into thousands of dollars of student debt.

By taking away financial stress, students can focus on schoolwork and the university experience at-hand. Furthermore, students who couldn’t normally pay for school now have an equal opportunity to higher education.

When it comes to grants and scholarships, most of them are awarded at the end of high school. wants to start this early by letting you slowly build up a scholarship account from your first day as a freshman. These so-called “Micro-scholarships” are gained through individual achievements, thus creating a more motivational environment for students to continue to do well.

As of now, over 60 different educational institutions have partnered with to provide millions in scholarships. One high school student already made $80,000 just by completing achievements offered through

The achievements you complete don’t even have to be that outstanding. Here’s a quick list of what you can achieve to earn scholarship funds:

  • Perfect Attendance
  • Get a B in a course
  • Get an A in a course
  • Take an IP or AB course
  • Take 2+ foreign language courses
  • Participate in a sport 70/hrs a year
  • SAT score of over 1350
  • Take the SAT

That’s right. One school will actually pay you just to take the SAT. Registration is 100% free, and the only requirement that you have to meet is to be a high school student.

How Do I Get Started With

You can easily sign-up with by following these 3 steps below.

1. Register. You can register for a new account by clicking this link here. All you will need to enter is your phone/email and a password.

2. Enter in your information. You’ll need to enter in your information such as your high school, what year you’re graduating, and how often you receive report cards. You’ll also be asked to pick 5 colleges that you’re interested in attending that have partnered with

3. Complete achievements. Here’s the best part: you’ll realize how easy it is to earn scholarships. For example, you can earn $50 – $600 by getting perfect attendance throughout a year or $500 for every 5 you score on an AP test.

What’s The Catch?

Each college offers their own set of scholarships. For example, Carol College will offer you a scholarship for getting an A in any non-fine arts course, but this doesn’t mean other universities will.

You will only receive scholarship funds if you get accepted into that school. Let’s say you earn a total of $10,000 off of, but $7,000 of these funds only applied to scholarships at Carol College, while the other $3,000 applied to other schools. If you don’t get accepted into Carol College, you can’t use that $7,000 dollars in scholarship money, but you can use the other $3,000 provided you get accepted into those schools.

Each school has their own set of mini-scholarships available which you can easily find on the website.

Refer Friends And Make Extra Cash

Want to make scholarship money not dependent on the school you go to? Refer a friend and you get $100 in scholarship money, as long as the school is partnered with Not only that, but if a friend uses your referral link they also get $100. Take note that this referral bonus only applies to 14 schools partnered with

Final Thoughts

Instead of writing long essays or worrying about whether you qualify for scholarships, you can now earn them by achieving things that you normally would throughout your high school career. Take note that these funds can only be applied to schools partnered with, provided that you’re accepted into them.

I definitely wish I had this around during my high school days. Are you a high school student or do you have one in your home? Let us know your thoughts about in the comments below.

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