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RetailMeNot Review: Free Promo Codes, Cash Back, And More

RetailMeNot Review: Free Promo Codes, Cash Back, And More
Amy Baum Jan 2, 2019
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I’m extremely frugal when I shop, but that doesn’t mean I sacrifice quality to save money. It’s easy to get high-quality items for the lowest prices with various websites and apps.

My favorite frugal shopping tools are cash back portals and digital coupons. Several tools offer a huge selection of cash back, coupons, special sales, and more.

RetailMeNot is one popular website and app that falls into this category. This platform is all about saving you money in every way possible. The services offered by RetailMeNot have expanded, but it’s still 100% free to use.

If you’re looking for a frugal tool for online and in-store shopping, it’s definitely worth a look. Read on to learn everything you need to know about RetailMeNot.

About RetailMeNot  

RetailMeNot is a company that originated in 2006 in the online coupon industry. The company serves businesses by driving traffic and sales to them. RetailMeNot serves shoppers by giving them access to free promo codes, in-store coupons, cash back deals, and more.

Thousands of businesses partner with RetailMeNot, so it’s very easy to find money-saving deals for a huge selection of merchants.

RetailMeNot features printable and digital coupons for major clothing stores, restaurants, superstores, hotels, digital services, tech companies, and more. Their ‘Local’ section shows users unique discounts located nearby. You can even purchase gift cards for discounted rates through RetailMeNot.

The company has been featured by many media outlets such as the Huffington Post, CBS Austin, People, NY Times, and more. Millions of shoppers worldwide subscribe to RetailMeNot’s e-mail list to stay updated on sales and other promotions. RetailMeNot has expanded greatly over the past 12 years, and they’re now one of the most well known online coupon resources.

RetailMeNot Pros And Cons

It’s no surprise that RetailMeNot has tons of user feedback and reviews. I found thousands of results when looking for pros and cons. Below you’ll find the most common positive and negative user feedback. I’ve also included some facts and statistics about RetailMeNot.


  • RetailMeNot is 100% free for anyone to use.
  • The RetailMeNot app has a 4.4-star Google Play rating based on over 200,000 reviews.
  • The app also has a 4.8-star iTunes rating based on over 120,000 reviews.
  • The app has a location option that allows users to automatically receive coupon alerts while they’re out shopping.
  • Some users report that it’s very easy to pull up the app in-store to quickly find coupons.
  • Several reviews mention that the app and website are both user-friendly.  
  • RetailMeNot received a 2017 Customer Choice Award from Sitejabber.
  • Some users report that RetailMeNot ships products quickly, even during holiday seasons.
  • When you view promo codes for a retailer, you can narrow results to codes verified by RetailMeNot. Sometimes members submit expired promo codes, and this is a great way to avoid them.
  • When viewing any promo code, you can see how many people used it that day. This also helps you stick to legit offers.
  • RetailMeNot features competitive cash back offers that can always be combined with their promo codes.
  • Every cash back offer comes with detailed instructions to help make sure you meet any requirements.
  • The RetailMeNot blog is updated regularly with helpful posts about the site, tips for saving money, and more.
  • The RetailMeNot browser extension automatically shows you coupon codes and cash back offers when you visit retail websites.


  • Some users report poor customer service experiences with RetailMeNot.
  • Some users report that it was difficult for them to unsubscribe from RetailMeNot e-mails.
  • Several reviews note that expired promo codes are sometimes listed.
  • Some users report difficulty using the cash back system.

There’s a pretty fair share of pros to consider about RetailMeNot. The positive points are pretty self-explanatory. RetailMeNot has a very solid reputation based on statistics alone. A huge majority of positive reviews mention how user-friendly and convenient the app is. You may really find it useful for in-store shopping.

But the negative points can’t be ignored. They all essentially fall into two categories – trouble with using the system and trouble with customer service. It’s good to be aware of these issues, but I don’t think they outweigh the pros. With such an overwhelming amount of good feedback, RetailMeNot is worth a shot.

How To Sign Up For RetailMeNot

Creating a free RetailMeNot account gives you full access to all of their features. The signup process is simple and fast. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the RetailMeNot main page. Click the signup button in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Choose from one of three signup options. The fastest options are creating an account using your Facebook or PayPal login information. You can also simply provide your e-mail address and create a password.
  3. Click the confirmation button that’s e-mailed to you. If you use Gmail, your welcome e-mail may appear in the Promotions folder.

That’s all there is to it! You can also fill out your RetailMeNot profile with a few details. There’s also an option to add your favorite retailers to your profile. These steps are optional, but they only take a few extra minutes.

RetailMeNot Promo Codes

Promo codes are digital coupons used for online shopping, and they’re what RetailMeNot is known for. There are two ways you can find promo codes through RetailMeNot. You can use the search feature to look for them manually. This will display a list of promo codes and what type of discount they offer. You’ll see whether a promo code is verified by RetailMeNot or submitted by RetailMeNot Community members. You’ll also see how many times the promo code was used within the past day.

In some cases, search results may display expired promo codes. This can happen if a promotion ended very recently. It may also occur if Community Members input the incorrect expiration date for a promo code. Fortunately, RetailMeNot works hard to stay on top of this. The majority of expired promo codes are labeled ‘Expired’ and sorted into a different section of search results.

For more convenience, you can use RetailMeNot Genie. This is a browser extension that automatically displays promo codes if they’re available for a retail website you visit. It also shows you the RetailMeNot cash back offers that are available. You can always use promo codes and cashback offers in combination for maximum savings.

RetailMeNot Genie has a 4.4-star average user rating in the Chrome Web Store. User reviews say that it applies valid promo codes instantly. It’s described as a “set it and forget it” tool that automatically saves you money while shopping. If you want a quicker way to use RetailMeNot promo codes, this extension is definitely worth testing out.

RetailMeNot Cash Back

RetailMeNot offers hundreds of cash back deals every day. As of right now, there are more than 300 online offers for numerous brands and retailers. RetailMeNot displays their cash back deals a bit differently than similar websites. Fortunately, they lay it out in a simple and honest way.

Many cash back portals offer you a percentage of cash back on your purchase total. RetailMeNot offers you an exact cash amount if you spend a minimum amount on the retailer’s site. For example, you see an offer that says “up to $20 cash back”.you may get $5 cash back if you spend at least $50 or $20 cash back if you spend at least $100.

This is pretty straightforward, but it can take some getting used if you’ve used eBates, BeFrugal, and other platforms. Fortunately, doing a little bit of math can show you the percentage of cash back you’re saving. Here are some popular examples that are currently featured on the site:

  • Kohl’s – Shoppers receive $10 cash back on sitewide purchases of $60 or more. So if you spend $60, that’s just under 17% cash back.
  • Lands End – Shoppers receive $5 cash back on sitewide purchases of $70 or more. That means you get up to 7% cash back.
  • Home Depot – Shoppers receive up to $20 cash back on sitewide purchases. If you spend $100, you get $5 cash back. If you spend $350, you get $20 cash back. That’ equals up to 5% cash back.
  • Old Navy – Shoppers receive $5 cash back on sitewide purchases of $50 or more. That equals up to 10% cash back.
  • Verizon – Shoppers receive $75 cash back when they activate a new line of service on a new Verizon account.
  • Macy’s – Shoppers receive up to $15 cash back on sitewide purchases. You get $5 for spending $55 and $15 on $125. That equals up to 12% cash back.

These are just a few examples, but they give you an accurate look at what to expect. RetailMeNot displays full details and promotional terms for each cash back offer. This makes it incredibly easy to make sure you always complete an offer correctly.

Once you click on an offer, visit the retailer’s website directly through RetailMeNot. It typically takes 15 to 20 days for your cash back offer to become verified. This is normal for all cash back portals. You’ll receive e-mail updates about the process, so you’ll know when cash back is approved.

Once it’s approved, you can access your earnings in your RetailMeNow Wallet. This is where you transfer your earnings to PayPal. Many user reviews say there is no minimum cash out amount, so you can cash out whenever you’d like to. I didn’t find this info on RetailMeNow, but they don’t list any cash out restrictions.

Overall, the RetailMeNow cash back feature is great for shoppers. The selection of offers is diverse, the instructions are easy to follow, and you get paid securely via PayPal. There are no confusing points systems or gift card payouts. If you need additional information, this topic is covered in plenty of detail on the website’s Help section.

RetailMeNot Discount Gift Cards

RetailMeNot allows users to buy discount gift cards, and this feature really sets them apart from competitors. Discount gift cards allow you to purchase them for less than their value. They’re a great tool for online shopping, and RetailMeNot has a great selection. There is currently over 230 gift card offers to choose from. Here are some examples:

  • Starbucks for up to 8% off.
  • Lowes gift cards for up to 6% off.
  • Best Buy gift cards for up to 2% off.
  • Dominos gift cards for up to 14% off.
  • Old Navy gift cards for up to 8% off.
  • Nike gift cards for up to 7% off.
  • eBay gift cards for up to 2% off.

When you select a retailer, you’ll see a list of gift card options to choose from. For each gift card, you’ll see the following details displayed:

  • The value of the gift card (i.e. an Old Navy gift card with a $50 balance).
  • How much you pay for the gift card (i.e. you pay $46 for the $50 Old Navy gift card).
  • The percentage discount you’re getting (i.e. you save 8% on the $50 gift card).
  • Whether the gift card is digital or physical.
  • Whether the gift card can be used in-store, online, or both.

If you buy a digital gift card, it will be delivered via e-mail within 24 hours. Physical gift cards are shipped out within 3-10 business days. Shipping is free, and RetailMeNot sends you an e-mail when your card is sent out.

RetailMeNot even offers a 100-day guarantee for digital gift card purchases. Under certain conditions, you can receive a full refund on your purchase. Examples include the gift card being inactive or having a balance lower than what was advertised. You can find full details about this helpful guarantee on the Gift Card page of the website.

RetailMeNot Local Deals

RetailMeNot Local Deals show you in-store sales and coupons near you. You allow the website or app to access your location, or you can type it in manually. A map is displayed with markers for deals near you. There’s also a list that describes the deals and how far they are from your location. You can sort deals using different criteria, or you can view them all in one list.

If the deal is marked ‘Sale’, you don’t need any coupons or promo codes. If it’s marked ‘In-Store Coupon’, click on the offer to access a printable coupon. You can also have In-Store Coupons sent to you via e-mail or text message. If it’s marked ‘Code’, click on it to access a promo code. You can use the promo code on the retailer’s website. These are common for things like deliveries or carryout offers for restaurants.

Their Local Deals seem to be pretty thorough; I input a few different zip codes and always received plenty of results. Below are some examples of the Local Deals currently listed in my area:

  • Sherwin Williams – In-Store Coupon for 30% Off Paints & Stains + 15% Off Painting Supplies
  • Panda Express – Code For $3 Off Online or App Order Of $5
  • Firestone – In-Store Coupon for Free Alignment Check With Tire Purchase
  • CVS Pharmacy – In-Store Sale for $5 Off $25 When You Get No-Cost Flu Shot

The list also displays RetailMeNot discount gift card offers that match up with nearby retailers. If you use the RetailMeNot app, you can opt-in for Local Deals notifications. This means the app will alert you if there are any offers for a store you are visiting.

This is yet another feature that sets RetailMeNot apart from other coupon and cash back portals. You get instant access to coupons and you’re told when sales are happening. The convenience of this feature makes it super easy to save money 24/7.

Apps And Websites Like RetailMeNot

It’s clear that RetailMeNot is a great resource, but it’s always a good idea to explore multiple cash back websites and apps. This is also true when you’re hunting for coupons and promo codes. Comparing your options ensures that you get the best deals possible. Here are some apps and websites like RetailMeNot:

  • BeFrugal – BeFrugal is a great place to find great cash back deals for online shopping. You get access to cash back offers for more than 5,000 merchants. BeFrugal even has a Cash Back Rate Guarantee that promises they’ll give you the best deals. You also have multiple payout options to choose from.
  • TopCashback – TopCashback is another excellent cash back portal for online shopping. This UK based company partners with more than 4,000 retailers to give you cash back. TopCashback also offers coupon codes similar to RetailMeNot. You can easily combine promo codes and cash back offers to maximize your savings.
  • – Founded in 1998, is one of the most well-known sites for digital and printable coupons. You’ll find plenty of printable manufacturer coupons for groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more. The coupon codes section features online codes, in-store offers, and product deals. Visit the website or download the app for instant access to these discounts.
  • Groupon – Groupon is a lot like the Local Deals section of RetailMeNot, but it’s much more in-depth. This website and app show you thousands of local deals. It features small businesses and large companies where you can save money on dining, shopping, lodging, entertainment, and more.

Final Thoughts

RetailMeNot is a popular money-saving tool that offers many unique features. I think it’s worth checking out if you want to find as many frugal deals as possible. Similar websites and apps are listed above, but there are many more great ways to save money. Read these Frugal For Less Posts for examples:

You’ll find dozens of unique and legitimate ways to get discounts, coupons, cash back, and so much more. Use our reviews and helpful tips to choose the money-saving tools that suit you.

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