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RewardRack Review: Why is This GPT Site So Popular?

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In a sea of sites that promise to help you make money online, it’s not always easy determining the legit from the fake ones. Like many other people who make a living online, I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities that help me pick up some new income streams.

My search recently led me to RewardRack, which I first heard about while browsing Reddit. This rewards site first seemed just like several other rewards sites, like Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

After digging a little deeper, though, I noticed that it has an interesting feature that sets it apart, which is why so many people seem to be talking about it.

I’ll get into that in a moment, but first, here’s a link to the site so you can check it out for yourself:

What is RewardRack?

On the surface, RewardRack is your typical Get-Paid-To (GPT) site. It offers various tasks that give you money and you can sign in to start earning whenever you have spare time.

If you check out online discussions about RewardRack, you’ll probably notice that people compare it to KoinMe. KoinMe is another rewards site, but it only offers two paid tasks: Watching videos and referring friends. RewardRack has several more opportunities to make money in addition to paid videos and referrals, including playing online games and taking surveys.

Why are they often compared to each other?

The stand-out feature I mentioned before is that both RewardRack and KoinMe let you earn income passively by watching videos, meaning you don’t need to interact with the site to get rewards constantly.

Where RewardRack seems to excel, though, is that watching videos for passive income is just one of many ways you can make money here.

Who Can Join RewardRack?

RewardRack is only open to people who live in the United States and are at least 13 years old or older and have a parent’s permission if they’re younger than 18.

The site is currently not accepting new members, though, and only grants new openings on an as-needed basis. You can sign up to join at any time via the website, but when new memberships are closed, RewardRack will place you on a waiting list until it needs more members in its database.

There’s no estimated wait time and some members have waited several months before being offered a spot.

How Does RewardRack Work?

If you’ve used other GPT sites, you’ll be somewhat familiar with how RewardRack operates.

Once you get accepted, you’ll need to fill out your profile completely. Doing this will help you get matched with surveys, offers, and other paid tasks that match your demographics and interests.

You can then browse your dashboard to find tasks you’re interested in completing for credits, with are the site’s form of points. Each credit is worth $0.01 in U.S. dollars.

RewardRack has two gift cards to choose from: Amazon and Target. Once you have enough credits to redeem them for the card of your choice, you can cash out. You’ll usually see your electronic gift code in your email around the first of the month, but sometimes payments come twice a month.

Most tasks on the site require you to complete them to earn credits actively. To make money from surveys, for example, you’ll need to answer questions honestly to complete the survey and earn points. The only form of passive income comes from watching videos, which I’ll explain more in-depth later in this post.

Pros and Cons of RewardRack

RewardRack is a unique rewards site, but as with any similar place, it has its ups and downs of membership:

Pros of RewardRack

  • Watching videos can give you passive income
  • Can get paid up to two times per month
  • No limit on how much you can earn each day
  • You can use up to 5 computers with one IP address
  • Strong history of payment proofs
  • Several ways to make money even when offers aren’t available

Cons of RewardRack

  • You can’t learn more about the site without joining first (FAQ section is off-limits)
  • Some members have had to wait months for approval to join
  • Only two gift card options
  • VIP status isn’t easy to get
  • Payments aren’t on a set schedule

What Ways Can I Earn with RewardRack?

Although earning passive income with videos is probably the most coveted way to use RewardRack, there are several other ways you can make money here:

Take Surveys

Like most GPT sites, you can take RewardRack surveys to earn cash. RewardRack partners with PeanutLabs, a well-known market research company that conducts surveys, so any studies you take will go through them.

Survey payouts will vary depending on the length and scope of each one, but you can usually expect to make anywhere from $0.25 to $2.00. You’ll need to take some pre-screener questions to qualify and you won’t get paid for any surveys you don’t qualify for.

Download Apps

Also through PeanutLabs is the ability to download and install apps for credits. New apps available for download will show up on your dashboard. Once you install them on your mobile device, you’ll earn a specific number of credits.

In some cases, you may need to play or use the app for a short time to earn the credits. Be sure to pay attention to any instructions given by PeanutLabs before you download.

Play Games

The website states that playing games is another way to earn on RewardRack, although I haven’t found much information about this method. From what I see on Reddit threads about RewardRack, it seems like this feature is referring to playing the apps that you download for credits through PeanutLabs.

There are a couple of other things mentioned on the site that I can’t find much information for anywhere else – Social Networking and Shopping Online – so it seems that you’ll only learn more about these if you’re one of the lucky ones to get off the waitlist and into RewardRack.

Refer Friends

When you get into the site, you’ll have a unique code or URL that you can share with your friends and family to invite them to sign up. You’ll earn a bonus for every person who signs up underneath you.

Unfortunately, they’ll still have to wait to get in if the site isn’t currently accepting members, so you may need to wait a while for your bonus cash.

Complete Offers

GPT sites usually have offers for members. These offers can be free, trial, or paid. Free offers won’t cost you anything, trial offers will cost you a subscription price after the trial’s over if you don’t cancel it, and paid offers will require you to pay something up front to get a cash bonus.

One of RewardRack’s most popular ways to earn is by completing offers. Members post on RewardRack Reddit threads when offers are available to them, so others will know to check the site and make some more cash.

It seems that offers come and go in waves and your location may determine how many you see at a time. Offers are also only available for a limited time, so it’s a good idea to check back daily and make sure you’re one of the first to grab some.

Watch Videos

The way you’ll earn passive income here is by watching videos, but it seems like only VIP members get this benefit. This feature is known as the Discovery Wall on RewardRack. If you’re familiar with Perk TV, then you’ll know the basics of how this works.

Videos are usually advertisements. Much like advertisers pay TV stations to run their ads, they pay RewardRack to run them and the site then passes some of that cash onto its members who watch them.

Those who have a VIP account are the ones who can earn passively because they can run the ads without having to click anything. Without a VIP account, you’ll occasionally have to click to confirm you’ve watched the commercials like you would with Perk TV.

There is another option for regular members, though, called RewardRack Private Network (RRPN). With this feature, you can watch videos without having to click to confirm as often. This method will pay less money, but it’s also a little more passive for regular users than the Discovery Wall.

How Do Payments and Credits Work?

RewardRack pays for everything you do in credits, its form of a points system. Every 100 credits are worth $1, so 1 credit is worth $0.01. What you do on RewardRack will influence how many credits you get per task, as each money-making method is worth different amounts.

RewardRack only pays with two options: Target and Amazon gift cards. Walmart gift cards used to be an option, but it’s been removed within the last year.

For a Target gift card, you’ll need $50 worth of credits. You can choose Amazon gift cards in different denominations, though: $10, $25, and $50. All gift cards are in U.S. Dollars and are locked to use in the U.S. only, so there’s no way for international users to benefit from trying to trick the system.

Once you choose your reward, you’ll need to wait up to 30 days to receive it. Usually, you can expect payment the first week of the month, but it depends how early in the previous month you redeemed your points.

What’s VIP Status?

VIP status on RewardRack is reserved for the first members of the site and possibly those who are the most active and have a long history of success with it. There are no concrete instructions for becoming a VIP member; instead, it’s left in RewardRack’s hands for who it thinks is most deserving.

VIP status certainly has its benefits. VIPs are the only people who can genuinely make passive money on the site by using the Discovery Wall and letting advertisements run continuously until offers run out.

VIP members can also get two payments in a month rather than just one, although they’re still not very consistent.

How Much Money Can I Actually Make with RewardRack?

This is a question that’s tough to answer because members are very hush-hush about their earnings with this site. Active members are secretive about what they earn, mostly because they want to continue doing what they do to make money without others hounding them to learn all their secrets for being a top earner.

Those who do mention their earnings are all over the place with numbers. Some people make a consistent $20 to $30 a month while others have made $100 or more.

VIP status can make a huge difference in how much you earn because you can earn passively with paid videos. However, I’ve seen several people say that, as regular members, they’re still making about $20 consistently each month from other tasks on the site.

What Do Members Say About RewardRack?

The best insight often comes from the mouths of real members of these types of websites. Since I’m still awaiting my chance to get off the waitlist and into active participation, I can’t comment first-hand about my likes and dislikes. Here is what actual members are saying:

Long Waiting List

The most common complaint I’ve seen about RewardRack (and the one I’m currently facing!) is its long waitlist. I’ve only been on it for about a month so far, but I’ve seen posts about people waiting for anywhere from 6 months to a year to make it through.

It seems that the wait is worth it, though. RewardRack is very in-demand by people who have several income streams, especially passive income streams. I’ve seen forums where RewardRack accounts are bought and sold because they’re that coveted, and people want in that badly. (Note: I’m not condoning buying or selling a RewardRack account because I’m willing to bet it’s against the Terms of Service, but it helps prove my point that a long waitlist for a worthy site may not be so bad).

As frustrating as they may be in the beginning, limited memberships are good for members. The fewer people there are to complete offers, take surveys, and do other money-making tasks, the more opportunities there are for current members to make money.

Offers Aren’t Consistent

If you do get in, check out Reddit forums for RewardRack because members often post when they have a dry spell with offers on the Discovery Wall and when new ones have come back. The Official RewardRack Subreddit has loads of information from helpful members, including ones who’ve been there since the beginning.

One thing I’ve noticed is that offers come and go as they please. RewardRack likely has dry spells with advertisers, which is reflected by how many offers you see. The best way to make sure you know when new ones come in is by checking your account daily.

Payments Aren’t Always on Time

Payments not making their way to members doesn’t seem like an issue with RewardRack, but some members complain about them not always coming on time.

RewardRack says that all members should receive their payments within 30 days after cashing out and they’re usually made on the first week of the month. VIP members may receive more than one payment during this time.

The RewardRack Payment Library on Reddit shows a less consistent pattern, though, and some members have had issues with Target payments coming slower than Amazon gift cards.

Better Payouts Than Swagbucks and Other Rewards Sites

I think it’s safe to say that members get paid better on RewardRack than they do on Swagbucks and other popular GPT sites. There’s a reason that people talk up this site so much and it’s definitely about the money.

It’s not uncommon to earn enough to get paid every month with RewardRack – sometimes twice a month if you’re a VIP – whereas other GPT sites can take several months just to get a gift card. VIP members have the upper hand in this area because they can make money passively, but there still seems to be plenty of opportunities available for non-VIPs to work their way to consistent earnings.

Is RewardRack a Scam or a Legitimate Way to Earn Money Online?

Although I haven’t been able to use it myself, I have no problem calling RewardRack a legitimate GPT site. I have yet to see anyone saying they haven’t gotten paid or that the site has shady practices. Members love it and have formed a tight-knit community where they help each other make the most of their time on the site.

If there’s one thing I’m not fond of, it’s that non-members can’t find out more about RewardRack from its website. You can browse the Terms of Service, but the FAQ section isn’t available unless you’re a member.

How to Sign Up for RewardRack

Anyone can sign up for RewardRack on its website by typing in your email address and clicking “Request Invite,” but you’ll get put on the waitlist with everyone else until spots open. If you use someone else’s referral link to join, the same thing will happen. After requesting an invite, you’ll see this message:

“We received your invitation request. Unfortunately, all spaces are currently filled. You will receive a sign-up email as soon as more space opens up.”

Some Reddit threads mention emailing RewardRack directly for an invite, but I haven’t seen any solid proof that this works to get you in faster. If you want to try, the email address to send your request to is

Final Thoughts

The best things come to those who wait and RewardRack falls into that category. Unlike other GPT sites that have several member complaints about low payouts for tasks or messed up payments, RewardRack seems to hold its own as a relatively reliable place to earn a stable extra income online.

Have you had experience with RewardRack? If you’re on the waiting list, how long have you been waiting for? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in a comment.

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