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10 Killer Tips To Save Money On Beauty Products

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Beauty is what makes life exciting.

When you look beautiful, you feel better about yourself. Looking your best doesn’t have to be all about attracting attention.

In most cases, you may want to enhance your look because you want to try something new.

As much as pampering is fun, let’s face it; it can be hard on the pocket.

Most beauty services, such as a trip to the spa and getting a massage require you to cough up a serious amount of dough.

It’s even worse that beauty products are getting more expensive by the day.

Some people spend thousands, probably millions per year on improving their appearance. As a frugal person, you should be prepared for anything, including a thrifty beauty treatment.

Check your kitchen and see what ingredients you have that can work as beauty products. Not only are home-made beauty routines affordable, but they’re safer and better too. While undergoing them, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home if you don’t want to.

Most products may require you to part with a little cash, but it’s worth the sacrifice. Find out crucial factors about yourself, such as your skin type, whether you have allergies and what you’re hoping to achieve before coming up with a product.

Additionally, consider your skills. If you’ve got no clue on how to go about the entire process, do some research. Check out YouTube for some DIY beauty tips videos. If you’ve got a friend who’s a wiz at beauty stuff, you can ask them for some tips as well.

Better yet, if you prefer getting 411 in a more straightforward way, and would love to stay beautiful on a budget, here are some killer tips on beauty savings that you should try:

1. Wear Some Sunscreen

Whenever you’re out, whether you’re going for a walk, chilling at the beach or getting some stuff, always wear sunscreen if there’s some sun outside.

Your skin is prone to ultraviolet rays that can cause serious effects, the most common one being skin cancer. Sunscreen saves the day by protecting it from such harmful rays.

There are two main types of UV rays:

  • UVB rays that ordinarily cause sunburn
  • UVA rays that age the skin

Though sunscreen is effective, here’s the bad news: it doesn’t block 100 percent of UV rays. For best results, apply it immediately after sweating or swimming. Also, put some more on after every two hours if you’re outside for long.

When choosing a sunscreen, go for one that meets your individual needs. Here are some tips on finding an effective type:

  • Check the SPF or sun protection factor range on the package. SPF 15 is cool, but SPF 30 and above is cooler.
  • Pay attention to the date of manufacture. Ingredients in sunscreen tend to break down easily. Buy another sunscreen only when you’re done with the one you’re using.
  • Don’t settle for a sunscreen that has a stinging effect on your skin.
  • Look out for zinc oxide and titanium dioxide when going through the ingredient list of a sunscreen. They are harmful.
  • Price doesn’t always matter. Just because a brand is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best.
  • Choose cream-based sunscreens over powder or spray ones. Spray and powder sunscreens can get into the bloodstream and affect you negatively.

2. Kick the Tanning Habit

The feeling that you get when you hit an indoor tanning bed is indescribable. Heck, you can even snooze off in one of those things. Something you may not know, however, is that apart from the ridiculous prices of this treatment, it’s deadly as well.

DNA damage, wrinkles, and melanoma are some of the scars you’ll have to carry thanks to tanning.

Despite these severe consequences, some women push through with the treatment. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to get a frequent taste of this skin-sizzling death trap.

When it gets to the point that you can’t control your tanning appetite, then you’re addicted to it!

It’s okay, don’t panic. It’s possible to overcome anything if you set your mind to it. Tanning is no different. If you’re trapped in its clutches, try these tips to free yourself:

Get Some Help

Work with an addiction specialist who can come up with a plan to break the connection between tanning and your feel-good hormones. They may give you naltrexone, which is a medication used to cure addictions.

Look for Other Ways to Socialize

If tanning is more of a social get-together for you, think of other healthier ways to meet new people, such as going on a weekly yoga class date with your pals.

Discourage Comments from Your Friends

Don’t shy away from telling your friends to stop complimenting you on how tan you look. Those compliments may be fuel for you to get another tan. And another…then another…

Find Another Way to Relax

What do you love doing in your spare time? Do that instead of booking another tanning appointment. It’ll be hard, but with time you’ll get the hang of it.

3. Pass On Cellulite Creams

Cellulite, or ‘cottage cheese,’ is a pest that’s a woman’s worst nightmare. It’s that lumpy-looking fat under the skin that pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above to pucker.

It’s not so visible on darker skin. If you’ve got light skin, self-tanners such as tanning butter, self-tanning cream, and tanning mousse are the best way to hide those dimples and bumps.

It’s difficult to make it go away if it’s passed on genetically, but by knowing what causes it can slow it down or prevent it.

Some well-known causes are poor nutrition, dehydration, sitting all day, hormone changes and staying in a particular position for a long time.

Most women prefer taking the easy way out by applying cellulite creams on themselves.

These creams come with a guarantee that they’ll get rid of all your skin’s flaws. That’s a tempting offer, especially if you want to get that tight and smooth body for beach season. There are results from these creams, but they’re temporary.

Why not try some better and cheaper ways to get rid of that cellulite? Consider:

  • Stopping smoking if you’re doing it already
  • Strength training to firm up your thighs and other areas with cellulite
  • Losing some pounds. Lifting weights is the best option. It will define your muscles
  • Not trying a lipo. It may give your skin a more dimpled look by cutting off too much fat
  • Massaging the cellulite-hit area to reduce fluid buildup and increase blood flow in the butt and thighs

4. Trim Your Bangs

Remember that time when your bangs were straight from the salon? They were razor-sharp, extra smooth babies that made you the envy of almost every woman. You had a Zooey Deschanel thing going on.

Fast forward to the present moment when that once-beautiful fringe has transformed into an unsightly mess. Maintaining bangs is no simple feat.

What comes naturally is to run back to the salon and throw some money to get those gorgeous bangs back. Hold on, don’t do it just yet.

It’s possible to get your bangs into shape once again from the privacy of your space without getting a cosmetology license. Here are some simple steps to trimming your bangs professionally:

Have the Right Supplies                       

Bye-bye, kitchen scissors. Invest in a proper pair of shears like the HHR Professional Hairdressing Scissors. They give an even and perfect cut. Plus, you won’t struggle with them. Oh, and include a handheld mirror in your supplies too.

Prep Your Locks

Don’t just get straight to it. Prepare your bangs first; dry and style them. This allows you to see how your bangs will look beforehand. Style them according to how you usually wear them.

Have Some Clips Nearby

When you cut your bangs, they’ll fan out and become wider. Section off and clip back any non-bangs hair on the sides of your head before starting the trim.

Layer out Your Bangs

Cutting your bangs at once will give them a wonky look and it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get it right with one swoop. Choose to work in thin sections and divide your chunk in two or three.

Cut Upwards

Don’t cut straight across in a line. Hold your shears horizontally and cut upwards into the ends of your hair for a smooth, piece-y, and diffused line.

5. Do Your Manicure

A busy lifestyle or wanting to get the perfect manicure may trick you into thinking that doing your manicure is impossible.

At a budget nail salon, you’ll have to part with $10 or more for a manicure. A fancy spa, on the other hand, may require you to give roughly $45 for an excellent nail service. This translates to a couple of several hundreds a year if you get your nails done once or twice per month.

Scaling back your visits to these places is one way to save money. The other is to take the DIY route. For a super DIY manicure:

  • Remove any nail polish from your nails if there’s some using a nail polish remover like Zoya Remove+ then wash your hands.
  • Cut your nails if they’re long, and file them to square or round your tips. Then, buff their tops and sides with a nail buffer, not an emery board, for a smooth surface.
  • Make your cuticles soft with lotion or oils and gently push them back with a cuticle stick.
  • Exfoliate your wrists, hands, and forearms with a hand scrub.
  • Moisturize to avoid smudging slightly-dry nail polish later. And while you’re at it, spoil yourself with a mini hand massage.
  • Apply some base coat to prevent chipping and protect your lovely nails.
  • Apply a layer of the new hue. Get to the cuticle and the corners of your nails.
  • Wait two minutes and apply the second coat of nail polish.
  • Gently apply some topcoat to add some shine to your nails and hinder chipping.
  • Clean up any mistakes and wait for your nails to dry.

6. Stick to Your Natural Hair Color

Go through any entertainment magazine and you’re sure to come across some celebrity who decided to dye her hair. The new-look may make her look glamorous, and it may tempt you to follow suit. Before you decide to get a hair update, do some serious thinking.

Once the dye is washed out, and the bleach is down the drain, you’ll realize that caring for colored hair isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Besides, changing the color of your hair can have serious effects on your tresses and always keep you on your toes in terms of hair maintenance. Here are some reasons why you should love and appreciate your natural hair color:

It Doesn’t Require any Special Products

You’ll need lots of special products to keep your colored hair in check. Special conditioners, cleansers, and purple shampoos are just some of them. Let’s not forget to mention that these products cost lots of green.

It Saves You the Time and Money

Dropping by the salon once in a while to get your natural hair washed and conditioned is possible, especially after a hair trim or cut. With dyed hair, you’ll be forced to go to the salon regularly or else your perfect-looking locks will explode into an eye-grazing disaster.

There are No Damages to Expect

Your natural hair poses no threat to you. It doesn’t contain any chemicals, dyes or bleaches. What’s more, once you’ve taken care of it, you won’t have to look at the mirror after every few minutes to check if it’s fallen apart.

No matter the pressure, realize that you were given your natural hair color at birth because it suits you. You look good with it, so embrace it.

7. Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

If you’ve made wearing makeup a part of your daily routine, be sure to remove it before going to bed no matter how tired you might be.

Think of it as a nighttime beauty practice that you don’t want to skip. Beauty experts didn’t say that sleeping with a face full of mascara, foundation and concealer is wrong for no reason.

Maybe you know this, but you’ve never understood what the big deal is. Well, one of the reasons is makeup can give you a dull-looking complexion in the morning, especially if you’ve got dry skin.

Eye makeup, foundation, and powder can settle into your fine lines, giving your skin a dull look and worse, making you look older than you are.

Sleeping in your makeup can lead to breakouts too. Chances are it will mix with the oil and dirt that has built up on your skin the whole day, hence leading to clogged pores.

Lastly, maintaining your youthful appearance is fruitless if you don’t remove your makeup at night. Anti-aging skincare products won’t give you the desired results if you apply them on top of the makeup. Apply them on fresh skin for quick and pleasant results.

There are super-easy ways to get that makeup off even when your eyes are heavy. Give one of these suggestions a go:

  • If wearing heavy makeup is your thing, cleansing oil is the best option for you since it’s nourishing. It’ll attract the oil and makeup and lift them off your skin. It works for oily skin too!
  • Put a few drops of Micellar water on a cotton pad and wipe it across your skin
  • Use makeup removing towelettes. Not only are they convenient but they do a great job as well.

8. Avoid Sharing Makeup

We all face that point in life when we’re broke and we need our friends to help us out financially. That’s normal, and perfectly cool if you’ve got plans of returning the cash once you get it.

As life would have it, there are some things you can share with others, like a home or bank account, and there are those things that you can’t share, even when your life depends on it, like makeup.

It feels harmless to ask a friend if you can use her new eye shadow or lipstick. After all, you know her well, right?

If you have a habit of sharing beauty products with your friend(s), it’s about time you stopped it.

Sharing makeup is not only unhygienic but can also cause serious diseases such as herpes or conjunctivitis.

Bacteria and viruses thrive well in the conducive environment that makeup provides. Liquid formulations, in particular, combined with their packaging containers, are a nice home for germs.

Here are some strong reasons why you should refuse to share your makeup or borrow someone else’s:

You May Get Eye Infections

Eyeliners, liquid mascara, and eyeshadow are some of the most shared products.

The skin around your eyes is totally sensitive and prone to infections. Sharing eye products may give you nasty eye infections like warts and stye.

You Could Get Acne

Using someone else’s makeup exposes you to their bacteria and sebum. You transfer them to your face, and you make your acne worse or get other unpleasant breakouts.

You’re at Risk of Getting Cold Sores

There’s no telling if your friend has cold sores or the virus that causes them. Their makeup does a good job of hiding them. To be safe, keep your lip colors to yourself and don’t borrow theirs.

9. Don’t Undergo Plastic Surgery or Botox

Botox and plastic surgery are enhancements used by lots of people today. They correct those body areas that most people hate in their bodies.

However, plastic surgery or botox isn’t always successful. Also, these procedures are expensive and time-consuming.

A better way to get and maintain perfect-looking skin is to watch what you eat, get enough sleep and work out routinely.

Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants such as raspberries, acai berries, dark chocolate and spinach. They reduce inflammation, which causes the formation of wrinkles.

Take plenty of water as well. Dehydration affects your skin and makes it look loose, dull, saggy and flaky.

When choosing makeup or moisturizers, go for the natural types that contain no harsh chemicals.

Lastly, meditate or do some yoga more often. Or, hang with your friends and share your cares with them.  Stress hurts the skin.

10. Wear Some Lipstick

Putting on makeup may not be something you fancy, or you probably don’t have time for it, but the simple act of coating your beautiful lips with lipstick can work wonders for you (and your lips).

First of all, it boosts your confidence. There’s a sexy feeling you get after a swipe of lipstick, especially if the lipstick you choose is red.

This may come as a shock to you, but regularly wearing lipstick also improves your posture. Studies show that stretching to put some lipstick on enhances your coordination and balance. Give it a try.

In addition, lipstick has a magical effect on your eyes as it does to your lips. A careful application of color on the bottom of your face makes your eyes appear larger and more defined.

Finally, lipstick protects your lips from sunburn. The lips don’t have melanin like the rest of the skin, which makes them vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun. Most lipsticks have an SPF of 15 or more, which makes them the perfect protection for your lips.

To find the right lipstick for you, use body features such as the color of your teeth, hair, eyes and the shape of your lips and your skin tone.

Be the Beauty You’ve Always Been

When it comes to an attractive appearance, a fat bank account may not always be what you need. Beauty starts from the inside and spreads to the outside.

You don’t have to go to the salon regularly or try the newest beauty product in the market to look gorgeous.

Try loving yourself for who and how you are first. You are unique, and you have something special to share with the world.

Of course, you may need to practice any of the above tips if you want to, but the bottom line is even without the fancy treatment, you’re still beautiful.

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