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Seashells App – Get 15% Discount On Gift Cards

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Update: This app is no longer working.

A great way to save money on daily purchases is by buying discounted gift cards. Typically you can buy these at online gift card resellers, but depending on the retailer you might not be able to save that much. With the Seashells App, you’re able to get 15% off their entire selection of gift cards.

What Is The Seashells App?

We’ve all heard of those credit cards or debit cards that have a change round-up program, rounding your purchase up to the nearest dollar. The amount you round-up is then stored away in a separate savings account in order to help you save money each time you make a purchase.

The Seashells App (bonus codeT0Tlsd) is similar, except that all money that’s rounded-up will be locked away to be used for purchases of gift cards at popular retailers, plus you get a 15% bonus on top of this amount. This means that each time you buy a gift card to one of their partnered retailers, you’re essentially getting 15% off of its retail value.

Let’s Give An Example Of How It Works

Let’s say you spend $10.20 at a local retailer and have your credit card linked with their app. Rounding-up to the next dollar will cost you an extra $.80 cents. Therefore, a total of $11 will be charged to your credit card – $10.20 will be applied to the purchase, $.80 cents will be added to your Seashell account, and an additional $.12 cents will be added to your Seashells account as a bonus (15% of $.80 cents is $.12 cents).

You now have a total of $.92 cents in your account which can be used to make a purchase of one of their partner retailers’ gift cards. Some of my favorites are Best Buy and eBay, but you can see a full list of the gift cards used. You can only buy a gift card once your account balance reaches a minimum of $20.

Seashells is currently partnered with 180 different retailers, so more than likely you’ll have a retailer you’re interested in. If not, they’re constantly adding new ones to their list.

My favorite thing about the Seashells App is that even if you have a purchase that’s exact in which you don’t have to round-up, they’ll give you a bonus of 1% for free.

How Do I Get Started With The Seashells App?

Getting started is incredibly simple and can be done in just 6 easy steps.

1. Register. Download the app for both iOS and Android devices by clicking this link here. You can register for the Seashells App using either Facebook or your email account. It’s 100% free.


2. Link cards. Link your credit cards to round-up and save for your next purchase. Each time you make a transaction, Seashells will give you a 15% bonus on the amount that’s rounded. If you make a purchase that doesn’t require any rounding, you’ll still get a bonus of $.01 cent.


3. Enter promo code. Get a $2 bonus when you sign-up by entering the promo code T0Tlsd. You can apply the promo code by clicking on the settings button at the bottom of the app screen. You also support FFL when you enter this code – thank you!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.46.07 PM

4. Make a purchase. Make a purchase for Seashells to round-up to the next dollar and give you 15% savings. The amount saved along with the purchase will be shown in the app.


5. Select a gift card. Once you reach an account balance of $20 or more, you can use this cash to buy a gift card. Since a 15% bonus was added in to each amount rounded-up, you’re getting a 15% discount on all gift cards. Gift cards can be redeemed either online or in-store.


6. Refer friends. Don’t forget to refer friends for some extra cash. Each time your friend signs-up and links a card, you get $2 and so does your friend. Support FFL by either using our referral link or our referral code T0Tlsd. Thank you!


What If There Isn’t A Gift Card I Want?

Even if there isn’t a gift card that you don’t want, we highly suggest that you sign-up for Seashells, and we’re going to explain why.

Certain gift cards that you get through the app can be resold for a profit. While the amount will be slightly less than their actual retail value, you’ll still be making money since Seashells gives a 15% bonus.

For example, when you sell a Best Buy gift card to Cardpool, you get 88% of the retail value. That’s still a 3% profit.


When you choose to redeem your gift card for an Amazon Gift Card through Cardpool, they give you a bonus of 6%, so you’re actually getting 9% back, or a 6% profit. Another popular gift card reseller that you might want to checkout is Raise.

Browse through their list of gift cards to see which ones have the highest resale value. However, in order to make a profit, you’ll have to get a resale value of 85% or higher in order to come out with a profit. My other favorite cards are eBay and GameStop that also have a decent resell value.

Don’t Forget To Use TopCashBack

You can also use TopCashBack – an online shopping portal – to get an extra bonus when you sell your gift cards. Just click on their affiliate links first, get redirected to a gift card reseller’s website, and sell your card. Right now they’re giving a $1.50 bonus for every gift card you sell on Raise.

topcashback-gift card

Keep in mind that these rates may change, but it never hurts to check before selling your gift card.

Final Thoughts

Seashells is a great way to save 15% on all gift card purchases. Even if there aren’t any gift cards that you normally use, you should still use the app since these cards can be resold and you’ll still be able to come out on top with a profit. If you have any questions or comments or would like to share your experience with the Seashells App, we’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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