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10 Legit And Easy Ways To Sell Video Games (Updated 2020)

10 Legit And Easy Ways To Sell Video Games (Updated 2020)
Justin Stewart Mar 18, 2020
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Do you collect and play video games? There are a lot of ways you can make back some money from all the games you’ve bought and beat over the years.

Selling your games could help you purchase newer games without taking money out of your pocket. It also means paying it forward and letting other people enjoy the games you’ve enjoyed for less than buying them new.

Selling video games can be a quick and easy way to make some extra cash, and this guide will show you how.

Legit Cash for Video Games: Where to Begin

Finding places to sell your video games online and in person is easy.

There are big name places to sell, such as GameStop, Craigslist, and eBay, plus some marketplaces you might not have heard of.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at the 10 ways you can sell video games.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is a one-stop shop for selling used DVDs, CDs, books, and yes, video games. You can sell online or through the Decluttr app.

The site makes it possible for many people to get rid of collections of media. This is an incredibly efficient way to sell things online.

Video games and game consoles are amongst the items you can sell.

Yard sales are time consuming, and listing items one at a time is no better. Decluttr buys your collection all at once, so you could essentially sell all of your video games in one go.

It is a great idea if you are looking to switch consoles or let go of games you no longer play that aren’t worth a ton individually.

Declutter only accepts games and devices for three major consoles: Playstation, XBox, and Nintendo.

How to Sell on Decluttr

The process for selling on Decluttr is pretty straightforward and easy.

You can easily list items on the website by inputting the item’s barcode number or through the app by scanning the barcode. Copies of games, games without a barcode, or sample games are not accepted.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

On Decluttr, you don’t have to sell much to get a payout. The minimum amount you have to have in your account before you can cash out is just $5.

That’s a low amount, so you can easily sell a handful of games and get cash in hand.

The older or less popular the game, the less money you’ll earn on it. Newer, more popular games will get you more.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

If you want to sell an item on Decluttr, no matter what it is, it has to be in good condition.

For video games, that means it should have its original cover, inserts, and disc.

Why Use Decluttr?

Decluttr makes it easy to sell your items. It is easy to download the app and scan the barcodes on your games.

This helps get through your listing process fast, and be able to get money back fast, too.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping with Decluttr is free.

Once you make your list of items you want to sell, you accept Decluttr’s offer and receive a free shipping label. You’ll have to find your own box to pack your items, but you won’t have to worry about paying for shipping.

This is awesome for people who are trying to sell a lot of media and electronics that weigh a lot.

How Do You Get Paid?

When you sell items to Decluttr, a few steps have to happen before you receive your payout.

There will be a short waiting period of a few days before your shipment reaches the company. Once the items arrive, the Decluttr staff will check them out to confirm quality and make sure all the pieces are there.

Once they have looked your items over and determine they can sell them, they will approve your shipment, and you will receive your payment the next day via direct deposit, PayPal, or paper check.

You can also choose to donate your earnings directly to charity.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most well-known places to deal locally to sell video games or anything you can think of.

The best part about selling through Craigslist is that you get to keep all the money you make. You also get to name your price.

Meeting buyers from Craigslist can be a bit shady, so practice safety measures to protect yourself and your money:

  • Do not give out any personal information, such as your Social Security number.
  • When meeting with a potential buyer, meet in a neutral public place.
  • Tell someone where you’re going and that you’re meeting with a buyer.
  • Collect payment before shipping any items.

Gamers look on this website for copies of rare and popular games every day.

How to Sell on Craigslist

Craigslist is a website where you can list items and sell them to people in your area. You just need a valid email address and some patience.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Craigslist every day looking for affordable items, including video games.

To sell through Craigslist, first determine what your game is worth. If you try to highball the price, no one will respond to your ad. If you lowball, you’ll end up selling your game for less than its worth.

Compare the price and condition of your item on websites that have that kind of information to get a good starting point for how much your item is worth.

You can barter with people who respond to you, or you can stand firm on your price.

You can make one listing per video game, or one listing with a collection of video games, depending on how valuable your games are.

How you list your games and equipment depends on how easily you’d like to get rid of your games and how much you’re willing to part with them for.

Rare games can fetch a lot of money, so consider selling those separately if you have them.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

To get your cash selling on Craigslist, all you have to do is sell your item. Craigslist doesn’t facilitate payments; you’ll just handle them directly with the buyer.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

Because Craigslist is a direct peer-to-peer marketplace, the standards depend on individual buyers.

Only sell games and consoles that work properly. Nonfunctional games are going to cause problems with buyers later.

However, you can sell games without the proper sleeve inserts or copies of games or something that’s more worn than you could sell through other marketplaces.

The better the condition, the easier it will be for the game to sell and at a higher price.

Post pictures of the game in your ad to attract buyers. Show the back of the disc, the front of it, and the jacket it comes in to let buyers assess the condition.

Why Use Craigslist?

Craigslist lets you sell items locally to individuals interested in your collection.

You’ll be able to name your price and keep all the proceeds.

You’ll pay no seller fees to sell on Craigslist.

It might take a few days or more to attract a buyer, but if your game is worth selling, you’ll find someone eventually.

How Much Is Shipping?

Because Craigslist is a platform for selling locally, you generally don’t ship items. Craigslist suggests sellers only sell to people in person and only take payment in cash.

It recommends avoiding online payments and shipping to unknown buyers, because Craiglist doesn’t keep track of transactions though the platform or offer selles any kind of insurance against buyers who don’t pay.

If you do ship items to a trusted buyer, and collect and confirm payment up front, you or the buyer will be responsible for the full cost of shipping.

How Do You Get Paid?

If you follow the guidelines Craigslist recommends, you should get paid in cash when you hand over your item to the buyer.

3. GameStop

Chances are slim anyone who plays video games hasn’t heard of GameStop.

Its brick-and-mortar stores have been the go-to place to buy and sell video games for decades. Now you can sell your games online or in store.

This store doesn’t buy and sell only video games. It also deals in consoles, accessories, merch, and more.

GameStop is known for low payouts for buybacks, so be mindful of that. You may be able to get more if you sell on another platform or sell to someone directly.

How to Sell at GameStop

Selling games with GameStop is quick and easy.

The fastest and easiest way to sell your video games to GameStop is to go to a retail store, where a staff member will appraise your video games and other items.

The video games you sell can be in almost any condition, other than very badly scratched.

Quotes at GameStop tend to be firm, so you won’t have a lot of room for negotiation. You can visit the website before you go to a store to get an estimate of how much your games will sell for.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

To cash out with GameStop, all you have to do is sell one game.

Your payout can go toward buying more games via store credit, or you can take cash.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

The better the condition, the better the price for your games. If you want to sell a video game to GameStop, it has to be functional and original. GameStop doesn’t accept copies.

It doesn’t necessarily need to have all the sleeve inserts, but those help to raise your price.

Why Use GameStop?

GameStop is one of the fastest ways to sell your games. You can expect to be in and out of the store in under 30 minutes.

It also keeps you from having to sell items individually or sell them to strangers in situations that may be uncomfortable.

You also don’t have to worry about listing items or having to determine what version of a game you have.

Plus, you can put the money you earn directly into buying new games at the store.

How Much Is Shipping?

To sell at GameStop, you will have to bring all your items to a store to be appraised. This means that you won’t have the option to ship, so there are no shipping costs.

How Do You Get Paid?

You can get paid in one of two ways at GameStop: cash or store credit.

If you shop at GameStop for most of your games, getting store credit is the better option. If you choose store credit you’ll get about 60% of the sale value. If you receive cash, you’ll get about 40%.

If you’re an avid shoppers at GameStop, selling back your games can shave some cost off the top for new ones.

Choosing cash lets you use that money toward anything you’d like, but you’ll make less.

4. Amazon

Amazon works a little differently from other marketplaces where you can sell video games. It gives you the option to trade in for cash or sell directly to buyers.

How to Sell on Amazon

You’ll be able to trade your game to Amazon for cash or sell the item to someone directly as a third-party listing.

If you need money fast, choose the trade-in option, but note that Amazon doesn’t offer really competitive prices for video games. You may be better off selling directly.

If you’re looking to sell on Amazon, you have to have an Amazon account and a seller profile on the Amazon marketplace.

To create a listing, submit the information for your item, and set the price. On the platform, your item will be listed as an alternative buying option for people who search for the same item new.

Shoppers can buy your copy of the game, probably at a lower price than buying it new.

Alternatively, you can sell the item to Amazon via the Amazon Trade-In program. You’ll get paid faster, but likely earn less for the item.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

Amazon pays out in quarterly intervals. As long as you sell something, you will get paid out on the allotted date, no minimums.

You will receive notice when an item has sold, so you’ll have an idea of how much to expect to be paid on the next payout date.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

The better the condition of the item, the more money you’ll make. Amazon lists media items based on condition, so buyers can choose what condition they’re willing to accept to reduce the price.

“Like-new” condition is the best and should fetch the highest price, but you could sell items that are more worn or missing inserts or other pieces at a lower price.

As long as you’re selling items that work, you should be able to sell them.

Why Use Amazon?

Amazon is a good option for people who are just looking to move product.

You’ll be able to sell items quickly through Trade-In, especially if they are high quality video games or consoles. If you have more time, you can list your items to be exposed to millions of shoppers daily.

How Much Is Shipping?

You have a few options for shipping with Amazon.

You can sell your item yourself and ship it yourself. Shipping rates for media are based on your seller profile and the items, and customers pay some shipping.

Or you can have Amazon ship items to customers for you through Amazon Fulfillment. This option is more expensive, but if you have a massive collection, it may be easier to do it this way.

Amazon will pick up your items, warehouse them, and ship them when they are sold. You will pay a fee to have the items stored, catalogued, and shipped.

How Do You Get Paid?

Amazon pays their in quarterly intervals via direct deposit, so you’ll have to enter bank account information when you set up a seller account.

To make sure you don’t have issues receiving payment, make sure your payment information is always up to date.

5. The Old School Game Vault

The Old School Game Vault lets lovers of vintage games buy and sell their favorite titles and consoles in one place.

Old gaming consoles still work today, and a lot of video game players still own games from as early as the 90s. These games can be rare, and a lot of avid old-school players love getting their hands on them.

You can also find newer games on here, but if you’re looking for the classics, this is the place.

How to Sell on The Old School Game Vault

To sell games or equipment through The Old School Game Vault, you’ll search by the game’s genre — things like RPG (Role Playing Game), FPS (First Person Shooter), Fighting Game, etc.

You can find your game through this genre search, so you don’t have to enter an exact barcode to find a match.

You simply put all the games you have to sell in your shopping cart, and check out.

The Old School Game Vault doesn’t allow sports games from the year 2018, such as FIFA, Madden, etc., to be sold through the platform.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

You have to sell a minimum of $15 worth of merchandise to cash out. This isn’t a super high minimum, so it can be easy to meet.

It depends on how many games you have to sell and how rare or valuable they are. But even at just a few bucks per game, you only have to sell a few to cash out.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

Any game you sell to The Old School Game Vault must be in functional condition. It doesn’t have to be cosmetically appealing, but it has to work.

Any games you send that are not functional will be rejected and its value deducted from your payout.

Items that are functional but not in excellent condition will have 30% of their price deducted from your payout.

So as with other platforms, the better the condition, the more money you’ll make.

Why Use The Old School Game Vault?

The Old School Game Vault is a great place to sell classic video games.

Not many platforms accept older games, or they restrict items to those in like-new condition.

Because The Old School Game Vault specializes in buying and selling vintage games, it’ll be easier to sell older, more-worn items here.

This is a valuable platform if you have a classic game collection you don’t use.

If you still have GameCube games, NES games, or SEGA games from the 90s or early 2000s, this is a great platform to make money selling them.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping to The Old School Game Vault depends on how much you sell.

If your collection is worth less than $75, you’re responsible for shipping costs.

If your collection is priced at more than $75, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label. But you’ll get a $10 deduction from your payout if the collection is worth less than $100 — effectively paying shipping after the fact.

If you sell more than $100 of merchandise, shipping is totally free.

How Do You Get Paid?

Before you get paid, the items you send will be examined for quality.

Once The Old School Game Vault figures out how much your items are worth, you’ll receive a receipt via email with the value and be paid via Amazon e-gift card, PayPal deposit, or a physical check (within one to five days).

6. DK Oldies

DK Oldies is another great website for selling vintage video games.

This platform is similar to The Old School Game Vault, because it accepts some of the oldest games and consoles still around.

You’ll be able to sell old Gameboy games, ATARI 2600 games, and more, but DK Oldies may not accept some newer console games.

How to Sell on DK Oldies

The process to sell on DK Oldies is more involved than other sites.

The website lists prices for a lot of consoles and games, but it isn’t comprehensive. You may be able to sell games not listed there, but the list gives you an idea of how much you could earn.

To get a quote, you have to make a list of games you have to sell and either email or call the company. You’ll get a quote within a few days.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

With DK Oldies, you can sell as much as you want.

You can cash out with whatever you manage to sell, but you will not be reimbursed for shipping if it is under $50.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

The items need to be in salable condition. This means they must be like new to slightly worn.

Items that are damaged but can be fixed will get partial credit for payout. Items that cannot be repaired will not be credited. Only items that are in exceptional condition in complete original packaging will receive full credit.

There are no limitations on what you can send, but don’t expect to get defunct items back.

Why Use DK Oldies?

If you’re looking for a place to sell vintage games and receive a good payout, DK Oldies is the place.

It specializes in buying vintage games, but you’ll be able to sell some newer games and consoles, as well.

Its process is a little outdated and cumbersome, but its prices could be worth it compared with other stores.

How Much Is Shipping?

If you sell $50 worth of merchandise, you will receive a free shipping label.

How Do You Get Paid?

After DK Oldies receives your games and examines them, you’ll receive a receipt with your total and can be paid the next day via PayPal instant deposit or a check in the mail, or receive 20% more by being paid in store credit.

If you buy games from DK Oldies, store credit is the best option to stretch your payout.

7. eBay

When it comes to selling online, eBay is a powerhouse for secondhand items.

With eBay, you can expect to sell almost anything, including video games.

You can sell your video games individually or in bulk.

There are fees associated with selling anything on eBay. These fees are usually minimal, but it is good to keep this in mind before you begin selling.

eBay is by far one of the largest online marketplaces, and many people turn to this site to sell their items.

How to Sell on eBay

Selling on eBay is super easy.

Once you sign up for a seller account, all you have to do is create a listing for the item you wish to sell.

You can easily do this by searching for the product name and selecting a similar item based on the description. Just go over the details to make sure they match your item.

You will be able to name your price and start a “Buy It Now Bid” or auction your item off.

Auctioning an item could be risky, as the total price may be much lower than you’d like it to be — but it could pay off if your item is highly sought after and bids drive up the price.

An auction is the easiest way to sell items on eBay. You can set a reserve price that must be met before the item is sold to mitigate your risk.

People who bid on an item are held accountable for purchasing it once the bidding has ended.

On eBay, it’s best to bundle game collections together to save on listing fees, but you can sell one game at a time if you prefer

eBay often runs promotions where you can list items for free or for as little as $0.01.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

You can cash out from a sale on eBay after selling one item.

You’ll pay a 10% seller fee per item listed when you cash out. You will also pay a transaction fee for receiving money from the buyer via PayPal.

There is no limit to how low you can cash out, but there may be a limit for how high you can cash out, depending on how old your account is and whether you’ve sold items before.

If your seller account is brand new, you may experience a hold on your funds for sales of more than $100.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

You are welcome to sell items on eBay in any condition. For video games, it is best to sell items that are functional.

eBay offers Buyer Protection, so if you list an item with an inaccurate description, you may lose money. To avoid this, be clear in your listing about the condition of your item.

Selling defunct items as functional can get you in trouble, and if you do it a lot, your account could be banned.

Why Use eBay?

eBay is one of the easiest platforms to sell anything you want. The listing process is quick and easy, seller fees are relatively low, and you can name your own price.

You can typically buy and sell games on this platform within just a few days.

Whether you have a lot of games to sell or bundles to sell, or just one game doesn’t matter.

How Much Is Shipping?

You can have the buyer pay shipping or offer it free and bake it into the price of your item.

Requiring the buyer to pay shipping can save you some money, but it may attract fewer buyers.

If you want to offer free shipping to attract more buyers, aim to sell your item for more to cover the costs, but be careful not to raise the price too much that it turns buyers off.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you’ve sold your item and the seller has paid, all you have to do is wait for the funds to hit your account.

You can easily cash out from eBay via PayPal.

If you have a new account and the sale price is high, eBay or PayPal may hold your funds for as long as three weeks.

That’s the biggest downside if you’re a new seller, but it shouldn’t happen more than once.

There are other payout methods on eBay, but setting them up is complicated.

8. Gameflip

Gameflip lets you sell physical and digital games online.

You can sell game discs, cartridges, consoles, accessories, vintage games, and more. You can also sell skins, codes, keys, gift cards and any other game-related digital items on this platform.

Gameflip only ships within the 50 U.S. states, and you’ll sell directly to buyers.

How to Sell on Gameflip

You can list your item by uploading a photo and description of the game. You’ll be able to name your price.

After you list your item, all you have to do is wait for someone to buy it.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

On Gameflip, you’ll be able to cash out as soon as you receive the funds from a single sale in your account.

You have to wait for the person who buys the game to receive it and rate it before the sale is considered complete.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

You can sell new and pre-owned games on Gameflip. For the sake of selling quickly and receiving all of your funds, you’ll want to keep the quality high.

You want your games to be in as good a condition as possible. It’s your responsibility to list the item with an accurate description, and buyers will be able to rate your game after they receive it.

You want good ratings here, because they affect your seller profile on the platform.

If there are cosmetic damages, missing parts to the packaging, or anything else, mention them.

Why Use Gameflip?

Gameflip allows you to sell items directly to buyers without listing fees.

You’ll have to deal with shipping costs, but they won’t be excessive.

This platform lets you sell digital game items, which some platforms do not.

The main downside is that you may have to wait a while for a buyer.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping depends on the item you sell and where you’re sending it. You or the buyer will cover the cost.

You can include shipping costs in the price of your game if you wish.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once your game has sold and been reviewed, you’ll receive the funds in your Gameflip wallet.

After the money lands in your Gameflip account, you can either send the funds to PayPal, transfer them to a bank account, or use the wallet as Gameflip store credit.

9. PlayerUp

PlayerUp is a little bit different from other platforms, as you’ll sell game accounts, not games.

You can also trade accounts on this platform without incurring commission fees.

You should know before you sell your account whether it is legal for you to do so based on the terms and conditions of your account with the gaming company. Some companies do not allow players to sell accounts.

How to Sell on PlayerUp

This platform is for digital gamers. If your account isn’t allowed to be sold based on the terms and conditions of your account, you should not use this account.

If you violate an account’s terms, it could be shut down, which would hurt your seller profile.

If it’s allowed, to sell your account on PlayerUp, you simply list your account on the platform and wait for a buyer.

You can also sell in-app purchases, coins, codes, keys, gift cards, and other digital game items.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

Once you sell your account, you can cash it out. PlayerUp forums list ways to receive payment and which methods you can choose from.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

Because you’re selling digital items, you won’t face requirements on the condition. They just need to be legitimate and allowed to be sold.

You cannot sell used gift cards, codes, coins, etc.

Why Use PlayerUp?

Many avid gamers have stacked accounts that are full of special tools, game features, and more.

These are coveted by other players, and can include collectible or rare items such as skins, weapons, and other game items.

These accounts can cost a pretty penny if they are well developed, and a lot of gamers will spend good money on them.

If you have a gamer account that is rocking in the online world, you can try to sell it on this platform and make some serious money.

How Much Is Shipping?

There are no shipping costs associated with this platform because all of the transactions are digital. You’ll give up a 20% commission to PlayerUp.

If you sell multiple accounts at once, you’ll receive a discount on your gamer profile.

How Do You Get Paid?

PlayerUp offers at least 20 cash-out methods, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and Skrill.


You can sell and buy PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo WiiU games on

You can also sell these consoles and their accessories on the platform.

How to Sell on

To get a quote, all you have to do is search for the game you want to sell on the platform, select the condition the game is in, and see the trade-in value.

Once you’ve got your quote, you can print it out and send it in with the game items.

This initial value is just a quote.

Once you send the game in, will assess it and give you a payout based on the actual condition of the game.

How Much Do You Have to Sell to Cash Out?

You do not have to meet a minimum to sell to

You can cash out any amount once your order is approved.

What Condition Do the Items Need to Be in to Sell?

The better the condition, the better off you are. Your items will be evaluated upon receipt by

If your items are not in the condition originally described, you will end up with a lower payout than you were quoted.

If the item is nonfunctional and you would like it back, you’ll have to pay return shipping and handling.

Why Use

It’s easy to send out games and receive payment with

Finding your titles can be easy, as well; you do not need a barcode. All you need to do is search the item, select the condition, and add it to the list.

The site claims to be one of the highest paying video game buyers out there.

How Much Is Shipping?

You have to sell at least $10 worth of games to get free shipping.

That’s not a high amount to meet, especially if you have multiple games to sell. You can easily avoid the shipping costs by selling more items.

Otherwise, you’ll pay shipping out of pocket.

How Do You Get Paid?

PayPal is the easiest and fastest way to get paid, or you can be paid by check in the mail or Amazon gift card.

Final Thoughts

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and you can expect to sell your old ones easily.

Video games come in lots of forms, from cartridges to discs to online-only games.

Depending on how old your games are, what condition they’re in, and how coveted they are, you can make a good amount selling them.

Some platforms are easier than others to sell on, and some are better for certain items.

If you have mostly vintage games, it’s smart to sell them on platforms that specialize in that to find buyers willing to pay more.

No matter what, many gamers are able get rid of games and make some money. You’ll be able to clear the clutter and get some funds for new games or anything else you please.

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