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SendEarnings Review: Get Paid For Completing Short Tasks Online

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Got a few minutes? Then check out Send Earnings and get paid for completing short tasks online.

Online money making sites can be a great source of extra cash and gift cards. But some of them require users to complete tasks that take a lot of time.

If you’re short on free time but still want to earn a few bucks, check out SendEarnings. It’s a site that rewards users for completing simple tasks that take just a few minutes.

What Is SendEarnings?

SendEarning is a “get paid to” site that pays users for doing things like watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping.

The money users earn comes from the companies that SendEarnings has partnered with to provide market research and consumer feedback.

The site is definitely legitimate. It’s owned by one of the better known get paid to sites, Inbox Dollars which some of you may already be familiar with.

Signing Up

Before you can sign up, you’ll see the strangest Captcha I have ever seen. There are nine photos, and I was asked to select all of the photos containing a bicycle.

Easy right? Well, it really wasn’t. Each of the photos is slightly larger than a postage stamp, and all of them were really blurry.

And one was a photo of a motorcycle. And one was of what looked like the shadow of a bicycle. Is this a trick question?

I took the word “bicycle” literally, didn’t select the motorcycle photo or the shadow of the bike photo and hit “Verify.”

My intuition was right, and I was allowed to proceed. All you have to do after completing the tricky Captcha to finish the sign-up process is to provide an email and make a password.

Getting Started

When you activate your account through the email SendEarnings sends, you’ll automatically get a $5 sign up bonus! You will earn another $0.50 when you complete three additional tasks, completing your user profile, make a web search through the site, and confirm your first PaidEmail.

If you don’t want to do all of the tasks, we recommend at least doing the profile survey. All of the sites like this require demographic information from users. It’s how you qualify to answer surveys and other market research related tasks.

You’ll answer the usual questions, age, gender, zip code, level of education, household income, type of employment, what field you work it, etc.

The survey took about five minutes, and when I was finished, I got three offers. One was to take a survey that would earn me $2.50 and enter me to win a $1,000 Target gift card. The other two offers were each for $1. Both were to join other survey sites, Harris Poll and Shoppers Voice.

Ways to Earn

Unlike a lot of similar sites, SendEarnings offers more ways to earn money than just by answering surveys.

Latest Offers

There are currently nearly 100 offers, and most of them pay pretty well. Are you trying to build your credit or improve your credit score? Self Lender allows you to open a savings plan and make a monthly contribution. Each payment is reported to the credit bureaus. Save money and build credit at the same time! When you open an account and enter your payment information, SendEarnings will pay you $5.

Another investing opportunity was available with Stash Invest. This is an especially good offer because once you open an account and fund it with as little as $5, Stash Invest will give you another $5 and SendEarnings will give you $5 too!

Tired of paying a fortune for good razor blades? When you subscribe to Gillette on Demand, you will get $6 from SendEarnings.

Are you interest in learning a new language? When you sign up for a Babbel account, SendEarnings will reward you with $3.

Want to save some money by getting rid of cable? Become a cord cutter by signing up for Hulu. When you do, SendEarnings gives you $8.

Be sure that you’re not just looking for the best paying offers and signing up for things you don’t need or won’t use to get the payout from SendEarnings. It’s kind of like buying something you don’t really need for $5 because it was 50% off and that’s a great deal. Well, you didn’t save $5, you spent $5.


A lot of survey sites only pay a few cents for completing surveys, but SendEarnings has much higher paying surveys.

A few recent ones include $1 for completing a survey about which pharmacy you prefer, Walgreens or CVS. You’ll earn $2 for completing a survey with Big Buck Survey and be entered into a drawing to win a $1,000 Target gift card.

There is a page that exclusively shows you available surveys. You can also see how much each pays, what it’s about, and how long it will take to complete. There are only about ten surveys available on this page though. If your preferred way of earning is to do surveys, it’s better to peruse the Latest Offers section because there are hundreds of offers there and some of them are surveys.

Do carefully read the description for each survey offer. There was one that would earn you $3 for signing up with survey site Freester. But you are required to pay $1 for your seven-day trial.

It’s not necessarily true that any site that requires you to pay for membership is a scam or that you can’t make money with them. But why pay to join a site when there are so many free sites available? And sure, you can cancel after your $1 trial period but what if you forget?

Or what if the site makes it nearly impossible to figure out how to cancel? Just not worth the risk in my opinion. I avoid any site like these that requires me to enter my credit card information for anything, and I encourage all of you to do the same.


There were only two gaming opportunities available at the time this was written. Both required you to join outside sites, and one of them was for a casino games site that offered “18% cash back on your total purchase of token packs and boosters.”

I don’t play online games, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t play any that required players to spend money to play. I gave the games a miss. If you do like to play online games, there are plenty of free to play choices out there.

Easy Cash

There were about 30 offers in this section and while some of them were repeats from other sections, there were a few new ones.

I like the idea of mail-order meal kits because while I like to cook, sometimes I get sick of all the planning required to come up with a week’s worth of menus. In the past, I have tried a few different services, but unless I’m cooking for someone else, I prefer one pan meals cause I’m kinda lazy!

But most meal kits consist of a main dish and a few sides. But SendEarnings has an offer from Gobble. Gobble is a meal kit service that offers one pot meals! Right up my alley, fewer dishes to clean up!

When you sign up with Gobble, you’ll get $50 off your first order and $16 from SendEarnings.

ZippyLoan is an online lender. If you apply for and are approved for a loan, you’ll receive $15 from SendEarnings.


This is probably the easiest way to earn money on the site but of course, also pays very low. When you click on the page, a search bar appears. You type in what you’re searching for just like you would with Google or any other search engine.

You get one cent for each search. At the top of the page, I saw a big red exclamation point and a timer. I clicked on the exclamation point, and it told me I was unable to earn money via searches unless I turned AdBlock off.

Well, I’m not going to do that because AdBlock gives you some protection against computer viruses and other nasty stuff. I assume the timer was meant to make me race against time to disable AdBlock. But sometimes it gave me 30 seconds and sometimes five minutes, so I’m not entirely sure what that timer is for!

I also refreshed my account after doing three searches, and I did have three additional cents in my earnings, so I seem to have been paid for the searches even while running AdBlock. There is a $0.15 maximum you can earn each day doing searches.

Watch Videos

Oh boy, you guys just skip this! First of all, there were only three offers available, and each was only paying one measly penny to watch three videos. I clicked on the first one to see what it was like. Maybe they were three really short videos (but even if they had been, it wouldn’t be worth my or anyone else’s time!).

The first one was a 44-second video with two TV presenters talking about Ricky Martin. In Spanish. When it started, it sounded like the audio was coming from the bottom of a well, all echoey. It gave me an error message, and I had to start it over.

The second was two minutes and 44 seconds and seemed like a gossip type show segment on, yep, Ricky Martin again. And again in Spanish.

The third was a news segment that was three minutes and forty-seven seconds long and seemed to be coverage about a protest demanding action for people who have been disappeared in Nicaragua. I can’t be sure because it too was in Spanish.

I speak some French and the tiny bit of Spanish that everyone who lives in New York City for any length of time can also pick up, but it’s certainly not enough to understand what was being said in those videos.

Those were my three videos, but they kept continuing to play until I closed the window.

There are no descriptions of what the videos are about, how long they are or what language they’re in. I didn’t watch anymore nor would I again.

I’ve watched videos before on other similar sites, and I don’t mind doing it if the videos are pretty short and I understand the language being spoken. It’s not a bad way to earn a little money while you’re cooking dinner or cleaning the house because you can just let the videos play in the background. But there is no way I’m going to watch more than seven minutes of video I can’t understand for one penny!

You could find more pennies than that by going outside, taking a seven-minute walk and looking for sidewalk pennies! You might even hit the jackpot and find a quarter!


This is another good section! I had three offers, Groupon, grocery coupons, and cash back shopping deals.

The Groupon deals you see will be local to your area but these for some of mine. Almost half off a local concert and $1 from SendEarnings, Nearly 60% off a local tour and $1.95 from SendEarnings and 30% off a gift card to a local restaurant and $0.68 from SendEarnings.

In the grocery coupons section you “clip” the coupons you want to use online and you’ll be texted a code that “prints” them to your phone. For each coupon you redeem, you’ll earn $0.10 from SendEarnings.

The coupons are pretty good ones too. Some of the recent ones were for $0.50 off Clorox Wipes, $2 off eligible Cover Girl eye makeup products, and $2 off a Revlon lipstick.

Be sure to click on “All Categories.” If you don’t, you’ll only see a handful of offers. Not all the offers will be relevant to everyone, but all of the coupons combined do offer nearly $300 in savings so most of us can find something we need.

The shopping section is a cash back portal. When you click on the link, it will direct you to the store, and when you purchase through that link through, you’ll get cash back. Some of the recent offers were up to 2% back at Walmart, 2% at Kohls, and 2.5% at Urban Outfitters.

Refer Friends

You can send a referral to friends and family. If your contact signs up and earns through the site, you will get 10% of their “Qualified Earnings.”

Getting Paid

Track your earnings at the Current Earnings page and work towards achieving Gold Membership Status which gives you access to things like faster payment processing.

The minimum to cash out is $30. There are three ways to get paid. You can choose an eGift card from merchants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, a prepaid Visa debit card or a paper check.

Pros of SendEarnings

This site has some good things going for it. It’s very transparent; you see how long most tasks take and how much you’ll earn doing them. In dollars and cents!

I really dislike earning points on these kinds of sites which have to be converted to cash because they all have different values to their points and sometimes points have different values within the same site for different tasks. Very annoying!

The amounts you can earn are among the highest we’ve seen across many “get paid to’ sites. Some tasks pay more than other of course, but you can make some good money with SendEarnings.

Normally I would consider a $30 threshold to cash out as high, and it would be a con. But because so many of the offers are high value and you get $5 just for creating your account, it won’t take too long to reach that $30.

Cons of SendEarnings

Some of the tasks don’t pay for up to 30-45 days after completion. Mostly this applies to the cash back shopping portals. It’s not SendEarning’s policy; it’s the policy of some of the stores.

Not all of the offers are straightforward. Some of them require you to pay for something. Again, that isn’t bad if you’re paying for something you need but just be aware that not all of the offers are no strings attached.

My biggest (and really only) gripe with the site is that there is no “fast cash” payout option like PayPal. You can get a paper check if you want cash but that takes some time.

If you need cash fast, your best option is to take your payment in the form of an eGift card and then turn around and sell it for cash on a site like Raise or Cardpool.

Is It Worth It?

I think SendEarnings is totally worth it! You can make money on a lot of these kinds of sites, but SendEarnings uses a transparent system and has high paying offers for valuable things like investing apps, personal loans ( a great option if you’re trying to pay off credit card debt), and a service that helps build and improve credit scores.

Not only do you get the benefit of these valuable, useful services, but you also earn money while you do it!

Spend your time on the site checking out Latest Offers, higher paying surveys, and Deals. And if you have friends whom you think would use the site, send them a referral and earn 10% of their earnings.

Check out SendEarnings. It’s a great way to make a little extra money for the upcoming holidays.

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