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Shopmium App Review: Earn Cash Back Taking Pictures of Receipts

Shopmium App Review: Earn Cash Back Taking Pictures of Receipts
Jason Wuerch Nov 7, 2014
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

This week we’ve been doing a series of free, cash back apps. A fairly new one called Shopmium has some unique differences that will set it apart from the rest. Like the other rebate apps out there, this one can also be stacked with other offers.

What is Shopmium?

Shopmium has exclusive offers for you at nearby stores. By scanning the barcode of the item you purchased along with uploading receipt, you can get instant cash into your Paypal account.

Shopmium using the information gathered from your receipt to form market research. This research in turn affects promotions and products that you see in stores.

Most of the products available for cash back include groceries, but a few other items available for redemption include magazine, lip balm, lotion and cleaning products. Offers are updated every week, so it’s always best to check back.

You must use a smartphone to get the cash back offers.

What Can I Earn Using the Shopmium App?

This has to be the most important question of all. The amount of cash back you can receive for submitting your receipt completely depends on the product of purchase.

For example, a recent offer of Bumble Bee Tuna Pouches offered $.40 cents off (no longer available). We at Frugal For Less estimate an average of $.50 cents per product redeemed and calculated that it takes about a minute to scan the product, upload your receipt, and get your money.

At $.50 cents a minute you are making about $30 dollars an hour. We definitely rank it as worth your time.

How Is Shopmium Different From Other Coupon or Cash Back Rebate Apps?

Shopmium is unique in a few different ways:

1. Shopmium is retailer independent.

That means you can shop anywhere as long as they have the item on the Shopmium app. This makes it super easy to redeem available offers.

2. Discounts can come at a certain price point or by a percentage.

While there are items to get a certain amount off of an item, there are also sometimes redemptions to get items at a specific price point.

Instead of buying lip balm for $3.30, the app may have an offer to buy the item for only $1. This means that you would be getting $2.30 back in cash.

Sometimes a percentage is also offered (often as high as 50%). So the lip balm at 50% off would be only $1.65.

3. Cash Back Is Rewarded Immediately

No more waiting until you have a certain amount saved up in your rebate app. Simply link your PayPal account to Shopmium and once your receipt is verified, you’ll automatically be reimbursed for your purchase.

How Do I Get Started Using the Shopmium App?

Here we’ve broken it down into  5 simple steps on how to use the Shopmium App:

1. Download the Shopmium app by clicking this link here. From there you can connect via email or with Facebook to register. Use the referral code KKKFFCEX to get a Free Lindt Chocolate Bar. Your password will be sent to your email if you want to sign-in again.

shopmium app review exclusive offers

2. Now that you’re logged in, select the offer that you want to redeem by tapping on the “Offers” tab at the bottom of the screen.

shopmium app review offers

3. Once you find the offer you want, click through the next screen and hit “Request my rebate.” Sometimes there’s a small video ad, but you can usually bypass it.

shopmium app review find product

4. You’ll be asked to scan the bar code on the product. This usually takes only a few seconds for the product to be recognized. After scanning take a picture of your receipt.

shopmium app review scan product

If you for some reason have trouble using the camera, you can upload your own from your photo album.

5. Congratulations on receiving your cash back. You must have your Paypal setup in order to receive it, so don’t forget.

Final Thoughts

You can only use your receipt one. Hit the “Activity” tab at the bottom to check the status of your receipt. The great thing about these rebate, receipt apps is that you can stack them with other programs as well. The other apps include Ibotta, Checkout51, Receipt Hog and ReceiptPal.

Note: If you happen to get the app in French the first time (like me), try reinstalling the app and creating a new account. This happens because the app was made by French developers.

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

Comments (3)

Shopmium reeks! As I type this, they have a puny 13 offers available. Most of them are for brands I have never even heard of, much less want to buy. The very few other offers are all for things I have no interest in buying. This app sucks big-time.

What I usually use the app for is just for walk-ins now. Since I’m already in the store I can get points and then use that for gift cards. As for using them to make purchases, I usually avoid that as things are overpriced.

I just downloaded this and there were only 5 offers for things I have never even heard of. Plus, they have a long list of stores that they no longer accept receipts from to prevent stacking. Publix is one of them!

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