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10 Side Hustles for Extroverts That Will Help You Earn Big

10 Side Hustles for Extroverts That Will Help You Earn Big
Jennifer Leach Sep 15, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Hey extrovert, are you looking for a side hustle that will let your personality shine?

You love being social, being around people, and have a real go-getter attitude.

So, what kind of side hustles for extroverts are there?

A bunch!

There are a ton of side hustles perfect for outgoing social butterflies, like you!

You want to focus on sales, social, and team-based work.

You really get your energy from people and that’s how you work best.

  • Problem-solving
  • Working closely with others
  • Thriving in social settings
  • Very talkative
  • Friendly and approachable

This is you and we have rounded up these 10 side hustles for extroverts that will make you smile.

Check these out!

10 Side Hustles for Extroverts

We’re going to group these side hustles into job categories to make this super easy to navigate for you:

  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Activity-based

Whether you’re looking for some extra cash this month or you want a long-term side hustle gig, you will love this extensive list and we know you’ll find one or more jobs that suit you as an extrovert.

Here we go!


Sales jobs are great for extroverts.

In sales, a lot of talking and communication is required.

Your goal is to sell to the customer and you do this through conversation.

You’re friendly and approachable.

You don’t feel nervous or overwhelmed in social settings and you actually get your energy from people so, sales is an excellent fit for you.

Here are some sales-focused side hustles you’ll want to try.

1. Direct Sales

Direct sales is selling direct to the general public.

This could include meeting new people and inviting them to your place for a makeup party where you give makeovers and demonstrate the product.

A successful party could mean thousands of dollars for you!

You could also do door-to-door sales selling subscription boxes, magazine subscriptions, smoked meat packages, etc.

Here is a quick list of some direct sales companies you can get started with:

Direct sales is the environment for face-to-face selling.

You will love talking to people and working independently or in a team setting to meet your sales goals.

I actually had a high school friend who did this.

After we graduated, she moved to a big city to go to college for accounting.

I was surprised by this because she always had interest in fashion, beauty, and socializing.

As we pursued different paths in life, we lost touch but, years later I found her on Facebook, working for Mary Kay.

She was doing very well with Mary Kay and was way up the career ladder, doing more than hosting beauty parties.

Today, she’s a top executive for the company and continues to flourish in her career there.

If this sounds exciting to you, continue pursuing direct sales.

2. Sales Representative

As a sales rep in general, you will be totally winning in this, if you are an extrovert.

There are many different kinds of sales reps.

You may work for a small, mid-sized, or large company.

You might work in a face-to-face environment, or entirely online or on the phone.

The great thing about working as a sales representative is that this job is always in demand.

With one-third to one-half of the U.S. population being introverts, this personality type will probably shy away from sales jobs, making them available and in abundance for extroverts, like you!

Here are some examples of sales rep jobs you can land:

  • Financial services sales
  • Advertising sales
  • Insurance sales
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Medical device sales
  • Software sales

The list goes on!

What are the job duties of sales representatives?

The main job duty of a sales representative is to sell.

You will be connecting with consumers to educate and sell them products from the company you work for.

This can include products, like home security systems or services like landscaping.

Generally, your duties as a sales rep may include:

  • Selling to key retail accounts
  • Contacting new and existing customers to meet and exceed sales objectives
  • Participate in sales meetings, off-site and on-site training
  • Deliver presentations and demonstrate products to customers
  • Provide daily, weekly, or monthly recap of results and accomplishments to the management team

What is the salary of a sales representative?

The salary varies based on the area, job duties, and type of pay (commission, salary or a combination of both).

According to this source, the median salary of a sales rep is $79,680, and includes sales reps in industries like wholesale and manufacturing.

Here are some companies that hire sales reps:

There are plenty of sales jobs available at your finger tips to dive in and get paid to be social and talk to people in a sales capacity.

3. Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you’ll be in charge of helping your client buy and/or sell their property, including their primary home, investment property, commercial real estate, vacation homes and more.

This is the perfect job for extroverts because it’s very people-based and your personality can literally make or break your business.

You will be working with people daily, from your peers in your real estate office, to meeting with clients in their home or public events, showing properties to buyers and sellers, and other opportunities to work with people.

How it works?

In most areas, you’ll need to be licensed to be a real estate agent.

This involves taking classes and studying to pass the exam then once you are licensed, you can start work as a realtor.

Most realtors work on a commission-basis only.

How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent?

First, you must meet these requirements to become a real estate agent:

  • Meet your state’s minimum age and education requirement
  • Take real estate education courses, meeting minimum number of instruction hours
  • Pass the state exam
  • Work under a licensed broker
  • Study your market
  • Have savings on hand in first year on the job
  • Keep learning
  • Adapt to changes in your market

Meeting the State’s Minimum Age and Education Requirements

This will vary from state to state, but in the U.S., the minimum age is generally 18 to 19 years old.

In order to have a real estate license, you don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree but you will be required to have a High School Diploma or G.E.D.

Passing the Exam

Taking and passing the real estate exam is a requirement nationwide.

And, it means more than just studying on your own, scheduling and passing the exam.

There is a minimum number of education hours required, which can range from 40 to 300, based on the state, according to this source.

Most states require a passing score on your real estate exam of 70% to 75%, with the ability to retake, if needed.

Working Under a Licensed Broker

After you pass the exam, it’s time to start work!

You’ll work under a licensed broker while you grow your skills and gain education about the market and the real estate industry.

This is a great setup, working under a broker because you have a mentor to train you, help you navigate the real estate climate and help you gain valuable experience and understanding about your field.

Studying the Market

Studying the market is crucial for your success.

You’ve got to know your market well.

This involves:

  • Understanding local real estate law
  • Interpreting real estate market changes
  • Assessing property valuable
  • Being a strong negotiator
  • And, more!

Have One Year of Savings on Hand

This isn’t a hard requirement but because realtors are paid on a commission-only basis, there may be times when you don’t get a regular paycheck, especially in the very beginning of your real estate career.

Things might feel tight budget-wise for the first 6 months or so, as a real estate agent and it’s important to have that financial buffer in place to pull you through those times.

Continue to Learn

Real estate is an ever-evolving beast.

You should know that you’ll be working in a field that will always be changing.

Market factors impact the strength of real estate and property values can rise and decline over time.

And, real estate laws and guidelines will change as well, along with changing circumstances of your clients, like:

  • Military relocation
  • Selling property while living abroad
  • Investor representation
  • Plus, more

To best meet the needs of consumers, it’s important to continue your education ongoing.

Adapt to a Changing Market

Being adaptable and coping with change as a realtor, is super important.

So many factors can impact the market:

  • The economy
  • Construction
  • Laws
  • Employment rates

It’s important to adjust your strategy as needed, to flex with the changing market.

For extroverts, this people-facing job is a great fit, keeping you feeling challenged and energized while you work.

Social Media-Based

These next 3 side hustles are social media-based which means you’ll be doing a lot of interacting with consumers, fans, stakeholders, and more.

These jobs are great for social butterflies online and offline.

Although social media is online, there are tons of real life opportunities that arise, with some jobs being dedicated solely to face-to-face meetings and interactions.

Take a look at these examples of social media-based jobs for extroverts.

4. Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, you will be representing the company in a positive light.

Your goal is to drive brand awareness and help the company increase their exposure to consumers.

Brand ambassadors may do tasks like:

  • Handing out food and drink samples at supermarkets
  • Handing out fliers
  • Conducting in-person and online surveys
  • Filming product demonstrations
  • Plus, more!

If you have an online presence as a blogger or social media personality, your brand may be tied in more, with features on your social channels, shout outs to your network, etc.

This job is versatile with plenty of opportunities for in-person as well as online work.

Companies that are hiring brand ambassadors:

5. Vlogger

A vlogger (video blogger) is someone that films their life.

They go around with a video camera and film their day-to-day activities, more or less.

If you’ve ever checked out YouTube and looked around, you probably stumbled upon a vlogger or two, showcasing their videos on:

  • A day in the life of their profession (nursing, food delivery driver, etc.)
  • Behind the scenes of their small business
  • A day of regular activities like shopping, grocery shopping, house hunting, etc.

People are curious about other peoples lives so this kind of content is pretty popular.

If you love being in front of the camera, consider being a vlogger.

Vloggers can earn up to seven figures (or more) doing things that they’d be doing anyway!

It’s like getting paid to shop, or getting paid to cook dinner, etc.

How to get started?

Start a YouTube channel.

It’s free and you can upload as many videos as you’d like.

Once you reach 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers, you’ll be eligible for YouTube’s monetization program where you can place advertisements on your videos and get paid based on the number of video views you receive.

You can also make money as a vlogger through brand deals (like brand ambassadorships, shared above), shouting out brands, doing demonstrations of products and more.

Ten Popular YouTube Vlogger Channels To Review

  1. David Dobrik
  2. Emma Chamberlain
  3. Sarahs Day
  4. De’arra & Ken 4 Life
  5. The LaBrant Fam
  6. Pantons Squad
  7. The ACE Family
  8. Funk Bros
  9. AlishaMarie
  10. Hannah Meloche

There are a lot of directions you can take this.

If you’re interested, get started today.

6. Event Host

Get paid to host events.

You will be around a lot of people and get paid to mingle and entertain, more or less.

This could include hosting fundraisers, being a nightclub host, hosting shows, and more.

You can find hosting jobs through online job banks, classified sites like Craigslist, and even on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Your job duties may vary from gig to gig but typically might include:

  • Greeting guests
  • Making introductions
  • Seating guests
  • Answering questions
  • General entertaining

For more formal or show hosting, you might have a script or need to speak from a video prompter.

You’ll be getting dressed up and getting paid to entertain.

A fun side hustle for the extroverted personality.


These next 4 side hustles are for the active lifestyle.

You’ll be working outdoors most likely and be up and going, moving around.

If you don’t want to feel chained to a desk all day and enjoy exploring and being up and about during the work day, you’ll love these next gigs.

Check these out.

7. Yoga or Fitness Instructor

As a yoga or fitness instructor, you’ll be leading a class of students through a fitness routine.

This involves communicating the routine, encouraging students, and being hands-on, in some cases, helping students perfect moves and find correct positioning.

How to get started?

In some areas, licensing is required to teach fitness or yoga so make sure you check your area to see if this is a requirement for you.

You could get hired to teach classes at a local gym, youth center, or university.

You can also rent your own studio, recruit students and teach classes on your own terms.

No fitness space?

No problem.

There are tons of outdoor classes I see all the time with students working out in grassy knolls, on a hill, on the beach, etc.

How to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor?

To break into this rewarding career, it starts with education.

You’ll begin by getting trained, with the goal of getting certified in yoga instruction.

Learning the basics and fundamentals of yoga means you will have a general understanding and knowledge of:

  • The human anatomy
  • Practicing and executing proper technique
  • Executing specific yoga positions with precision
  • Physical and mental growth

There seems to be two levels of yoga certification: 200-hour and 500-hour

The 200-hour certification is the minimum amount of time needed to become a certified yoga instructor.

Most yoga facilities will not hire you on as an instructor until you have this certification, at a minimum.

For the uber-ambitious, the 500-hour certification is what you should aim for.

A lot of yoga instructors start with the basic 200-hour training and continue their education with the 500-hour certification, while they are working.

The 500-hour certification is great for those that want to open their own yoga studio one day.

The basic certification can take up to 5 months to complete and the advanced certification can take 6 months to a year to obtain.

For the workout enthusiast, whether you want to work in yoga or fitness, this is a great side gig to break into.

8. Tour Guide

Tour guides share history and facts with locals and tourists.

There are:

  • Walking tour guides
  • Bus guides
  • Boat guides
  • Private tour guides
  • Plus, more!

When my family visited New York City recently, one of our splurges was a 3-day bus pass to the double decker city bus that drove us all through 6 or 7 burroughs in NYC.

It was well worth the investment and a neat way to tour the city, learn about the history and see all the areas, at a far cheaper price than taking a taxi or Uber ride.

I was blown away by how knowledgeable the guide was.

As a tour guide, it’s more than just blurting out facts about the area being toured.

You’ll be interacting with the crowd, asking questions, and providing a really entertaining experience for everyone on the tour.

Check out this cool hustle, good for those who love talking and interacting with large groups.

9. Photographer

A friend of mine took this up and gained so much success so quickly, she was able to left her full-time job, where I met her (she was a coworker) for running her photography business full on.

You’ll photograph people, events, scenery, literally anything.

How to get started?

If you are an amateur photographer, you can still find an audience, for those looking for more affordable photo packages and interested in helping a new photographer.

Find a specialty.

My friend’s specialty (above) was high school senior portraits and weddings.

Did you know photography is one of the highest demand freelancing skills?

Once you find your specialty.

Next, create a portfolio.

This is where all your photos live.

You want a space for all your best work so you can show off a little and showcase your photography skills.

Lastly, get customers.

A few afternoons on the phone during the month could mean booking gigs like high school prom pictures, family reunion photography, local or destination weddings, and more.

You can also network with industry professionals and trade business cards.

Or, promote each other’s services, like a wedding caterer, beauty/makeup artist, bridal boutique, etc.

Take a look at some of these biggest secrets for getting photography clients:

  • Create a photography website and Facebook page
  • Don’t undercut your prices
  • Offer individual sessions
  • Network
  • Be customer service oriented

If you love working in the photography industry, don’t hold back and get started!

And, make sure you aren’t making these 11 common marketing mistakes made by photographers.

10. Event Planner

You will be getting paid to plan events, with this side hustle.

My best friend actually does this for her employer.

It’s one of her core job duties, planning parties for the company, and they host at least half a dozen events throughout the year.

She absolutely loves it and I tell her to branch off and so it as a side hustle.

She is the total extrovert.

If you’re a people person and you shine in social events, you are likely an extrovert too.

Event planning is a good side hustle to try.

You’ll be doing things like:

  • Scheduling meetings
  • Guest registry
  • Checking pricing on venues, caterers, entertainment, etc.
  • Coordinating and managing all aspects of the event including food services, audio/visual services, etc.
  • Acting as the liasion between the client and vendors

Examples of events you can plan:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Sweet sixteen or bar mitzvah
  • Anniversary parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Conferences
  • Conventions

This gig definitely goes beyond party planning.

The goal of all events is not to have fun. They can be educational-based, for fundraising, and some are celebratory in nature, like anniversary parties and weddings.

You will work closely with people, both your client and vendors, to coordinate and plan the execution of the event.

Required Skills Needed for Event Planners

  • Well-organized
  • Strong communication skills
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Time management
  • Customer service oriented

How much do event planners make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planners earn a median salary of $49,840.

Get the full scoop on how to become a certified event planner.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, for extroverts, there’s no shortage of career paths you can take. Let’s recap:

  • Direct Sales
  • Sales Rep
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Vlogger
  • Event Hosting
  • Yoga or Fitness Instructor
  • Tour Guide
  • Photography
  • Event Planning

What do you think?

Share your thoughts below on the job that you gravitate the most towards. For more side hustles, check out these 10 unusual ways to make money this month.

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