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11 Best Side Jobs That Will Make You An Extra $1,000/Month Or More

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You have a job that earns you the money you need to get through life. To buy your groceries, make your mortgage payments, you maybe even have a bit extra to take the family out to a nice dinner once in awhile.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have less stress when it comes to money? That’s where some of the best side jobs come in.

With an extra $1,000 a month you could add a bit extra to your mortgage payments every month, gain some peace of mind with a rainy day fund, or just live a bit more of a lush lifestyle. Regardless, this doesn’t have to mean adding an extra 20 hours to your work week and it certainly doesn’t have to mean more time away from your family.

1. Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for writing and a craving for creative expression try your hand at some freelance writing gigs. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorites:

On these sites you can find jobs writing in any niche you like. All you need to do is setup an account, list your experience and start looking for jobs.

This is perfect for people who like to travel. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you can work from anywhere. Also, university students would excel at freelance writing. They have the writing skills necessary to produce top level content and the time to do it.

When first starting to freelance you don’t know what to expect. You can make anywhere from $0.01 – $0.1 a word ($10 – $100 / 1000 words). Once you grow your experience and get more familiar writing content this can increase drastically up to $1/word. This is one of those jobs that the more you put into it the more you get out.

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2. Gigs

You probably knew of the gig section on craigslist but have never clicked on it. Depending on how much free time you have can translate into big money. Help someone move for a few hours and make a hundred dollars. Cut someone’s grass after work and score fifty.

If you find gigs that are in your current field of work it won’t even feel like added work. For example, if you own a construction company search for gigs that are along the same lines as your work. This way you know exactly how much you can and should charge for your work.

Do you have skills that you can teach others? Are you good at the guitar or piano? Have you played hockey for your whole life? By posting an ad on craigslist with your experience and offer to coach others you can make more than you think.

Guitar lessons for example can cost upwards of $50 per hour. If you apply yourself and gain a following you could start your own business and schedule appointments for after your regular work day and weekend afternoons.

Another great idea is Fiverr, the site where you can sell almost anything for $5 (or more). Post an ad, describe your services, and get paid each time you provide it. Start off slow with a low price to get reviews. Once you get positive ratings, increase your price.

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3. Start An eBay Store

Do you have old items that you no longer need? Selling items on eBay can help you live a more minimal life and make some extra money on the side. Simply sign up for and start selling.

When you are listing your items be sure to take pictures – do not just find the item online and post that photo. People want to see how used the item actually is. Be sure to find out how much shipping will actually cost you. If you skip this step it could actually cost you money to sell your items.


If you don’t have any extra items laying around you can still sell on eBay. Dropshipping is the way to make money without ever touching items. This is done by signing up to a drop shipping site, finding items that you want to sell and listing them. Be sure to list the item for more money than the total cost (including shipping and eBay fees).

When someone purchases your item all you need to do is use the money that they paid you to buy the item from your site. Instead of entering your address input the address of your customer. The company will ship the item to them. The customer is happy that they received the product and you are left with extra money.

4. Create A Website

Do you have experience that others can use? Starting a website is a great way of connecting your information with the people who can use it. On top of that, you can make money as well. You don’t need to have a computer programming degree to create a website any more.

Hosting and Domain

There is a bit of a cost when creating a website, but fortunately it’s quite cheap. Hosting services such as Bluehost only charge you $3.95 per month and give you a free domain name your first year. If you’re looking to buy the domain only, we highly recommend NameCheap.

The Setup

Setting your site up has gotten much easier in the past decade. Many top websites (such as this one) use WordPress as a base. This site makes it super easy to get started. They will walk you through everything from setting up your layout and content.

They also have many themes and templates that make running a website as easy as maintaining your social media accounts. The hardest part is finding a topic to write about and posting consistently. Leveraging your social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, can increase your traffic.


Once you have your site setup you can add advertisements and become affiliate associates. Advertisements can make you money while you sleep – literally. You can make money based on views and clicks.

The more traffic you get on your site the more money you will make. Becoming an associate affiliate will earn you money every time someone purchases a product through the link you have on your site. Here’s a quick list of some of our favorite affiliate programs:

Affiliate Marketers

You may have seen those ads that pop up all over social media from people who travel the world while making money. For the majority of those people, this is how they make their money. Becoming an affiliate marketer means that you find products and promote their sales through a website or your social media, and then you make a percentage of all sales sold under your name.

It boils down to you getting a list of products and find products people need and promote it to them. Try sites like shopify that help you to get started with everything you need to promote products. The best part is this is no pyramid scheme. You will not be required to buy the products first and fork over an initial investment.

Have a product you use everyday and a decent following on social media? You no longer need a website for this handy trick. Try messaging the seller and seeing if you can promote their products for them.

Oftentimes they will give you a link to a sale code that you can give out to friends and family. When they use that code, they get a discounted rate and you turn a profit. Yup, it’s that easy.

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5. Rent Out A Room In Your House

Instead of downsizing to a smaller home look into renting out your extra space. With more people turning to buying these large homes you are most often left with more square footage than is needed. If you have an empty room that is gathering dust, why not rent it out to earn extra cash?

You no longer need a full income suite to have your home making you money. Renting a mere room is particularly desirable for university students so if your house is near a school you can expect more demand. Try looking on craigslist and posting your room up for rent. This can connect you with people who need a place to call home. Be sure to check through the many wanted ads where you will find people who are in need of a room rental.

If you are looking for something more short term, there are options as well. The biggest craze has been Airbnb. This is a website that connects people with an extra room in their home with travelers. You can find everything from a single room to an entire house on this site.

People are attracted to this instead of a hotel as it is more personable. Instead of staying in a place that sees hundreds of people a year you sleep in another person’s own home. It is easy to get started. All you need to do is setup an account, take some photos and decide how much you want to charge.

No matter which option you choose it can mean big bucks for you. People are making upwards of $1000 per month without doing anything but sharing their space. This is a great option if you are hoping to get out of some short term financial constraints.

6. Write An Ebook

If you have a passion for writing this is a great option to make extra money. Don’t be worried about the massive time commitment often associated with writing a book, ebooks work a bit differently. The great thing about these books is that you don’t have to write that many words. The minimum requirement is currently set at around 2,300 words per book.

There is a demand for literally every single genre you can imagine. From playing the piano, some knowledge on website creation to having a great idea for a new romance novel, there is so many different things you can write about.

With this increasing in popularity there is no longer a lengthy publication process that costs you big and there certainly aren’t book tours. Instead of having big publishing houses taking the majority of your profits you can now self-publish.

Sites like Amazon and Smashwords allow you to publish your ebook usually for free. From here you can sit back and let your work speak for itself or you can take to social media to promote your work.

All you need is a story, a great cover and a price. You can price it for whatever you want and sell it in as many places as you want. The great thing about this is that you can literally earn money while you sleep. This is a great way to form a passive income.

If you price your ebook smartly, you will gain a ton of sales in no time. For the rest of your life, you will now get paid whenever the book is bought. More books will generate more money that is not only going to pay you now, but continue to pay in the long term.

A couple of months ago I published the book 101 Free Money Making Apps. While it isn’t earning a lot, every couple of days I get a sale or two. Now that the book is published, I essentially don’t have to do anything.

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7. Take To Youtube

If you aren’t camera shy you can earn big money by taking to this popular social media handle. All you need for this one is a youtube account and the camera on your phone. Filming videos can be about literally anything. From funny moments, stunts you performed on your bike, technology reviews and many more topics.

Youtube pays you for every single view you receive. It’s estimated that you’ll receive about $1,000 for every 1 million views. While this may not seem like a lot, once you have it running you don’t have to do anything but promote.

It may take time to grow your audience, but it can pay off big time. The best way to do this is to build your subscription count which builds your audience. The good news is that you start making money almost instantly and you can easily turn 10 minutes of work into a passive income that keeps earning you money over a long period of time.

Play off the skills you already have to make videos. Are you great at sports? Post some trick shots or how to videos. If you are funny try posting some comedy acts to draw viewers.

8. Invest In Real Estate

If you have some serious extra cash in pocket, this is one of the best ways to earn a huge amount of money in the long term. Investing in an additional income property can make you a serious amount of money in the long run and can even work as your retirement cushion.  

Buying a home, especially one with two separate floors and therefore two independent rental incomes, can earn you a lot of money. In the beginning the rental incomes will be put largely to mortgage payments but in a few years this can turn out to be huge. You can turn a $30,000 down payment into $300,0000 by the end of this.

This isn’t the only way to make an income off real estate. Buying a house that is a fixer upper and flipping the house is a very real way to make quite a bit of money. This is especially true if you are handy and can do a lot of the work yourself. Doing this, you can successfully turn large profits that can be pulled out or poured into the next house.

Many people do this as a full time job meaning there is real money to be made here. All that is required is some initial cash and some experience with a hammer.  

9. Become An Uber Or Lyft Driver

We know that you work during the week, but if you drive for Uber or Lyft on your days off you can make big money. These are similar to taxis but without the registered vehicle. You will get a notification on your cell phone with a location to pick up a person and drop them off at their destination.

Everything is taken care of through the application so you do not need to actively seek out work. You do however require a vehicle and clean driving record.

There are some requirements that you need to meet to be an Uber driver:

  • Be a certain age
  • Be legally allowed to drive in your country
  • Proof of residency
  • Pass their screening program

There are many benefits of driving for one of these companies including the biggest: you get to be your own boss. You are in full control of your schedule. If you have plans at dinner time, you don’t have to call in sick. You can work as much or as little as you want.

Depending on how much you drive it seems the wage can be between $15 to $25 per hour of work. Some have reported that this figure can be as high as $90 000 for full time drivers. But this is location specific.

A driver in large city is going to make more than a driver in a rural area. For those willing to act as a weekend taxi driver, this is a great way to earn some serious spending money.

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10. Become A Pet Sitter

Talk about a dream job, you could make a lot of money by simply playing with pets on your downtime. When pet owners go on vacation they need someone to look after their animals. This is also true for owners that work long hours and are looking to board their pup during the day.

If you have the extra room and are an animal lover you can cash in big with this one. Sites like Rover connect people with animals that need sitting with people like you.

All you need to do is sign up for the site and input your availability. People will contact you through the site and set up meet and greets. If they like you they will book you through the site and it will pay you directly.

If you are looking to work a bit more casually or want the full cut of money, try looking through Craigslist and posting an ad on their. You can do this for dog walking, overnight boarding or simple daycare. Can you imagine getting paid to play with dogs or go for a simple walk? All that is required is a home that is pet friendly.

This is a great option for people who are animal lovers but are not in a position to own an animal. You can get your fix out without actually owning the animals all while making extra cash.

11. Turn Free Stuff Into Cash

Craigslist has a very popular “free section” on its site. People post everything from spare tires to hot tubs to campers and boats. The more coveted items – like boats and RVs – go quickly so you should check it often.

If you are serious about this there is a chrome extension that sends you updates about newly listed items. This will keep you updated, as frequently as every 5 minutes, and able to jump on the top items.

Once you have the items you can fix them up and re-list them – this time for cash. You are only limited by your imagination. That old chest of drawers is one paint job and new handles away from turning into $50. All you need is a place to fix it up and store it temporarily for someone to buy it.

The best part is that you can undercut your competition. Since you spent nothing on the item you can list it for significantly less than others. Do some research by searching for similar items and list yours for less money. This will make yours more attractive to potential buyers.

Garage sales are another place to find amazing deals. Especially in springtime people are looking to clean out their garages. If you have a keen eye you can find steals. This is a great way to spend an afternoon with your family. Give each of your children $20 and see what they end up with.

Buying and selling can be risky, but this is a surefire way of making extra money. It is hard to say exactly how much extra you will make as that depends on the items and their value, but you can be assured you will make extra money with every sale.

Final Thoughts

All of these options can make you extra money. As with anything in life the more you apply yourself the more you will make. Choose one or all, the extra money will go a long way for your finances.

If you have any more side job ideas, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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