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24 Smart & Quick Ways To Save Money While Studying

24 Smart & Quick Ways To Save Money While Studying
Jason Wuerch Feb 1, 2019
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smart and quick ways to make money while studyingStudent years are the happiest! Almost 100% of former students would say. However, many of those who think so agree that this time is also the most cashless.

Parents almost always take care of renting an apartment or paying for a hostel and consider the cost of living and studying.

But at this age students want more freedom. And for many of them, it consists of a substantial amount of finance, which neither parents nor part-time jobs can provide. We prepared some tips for college students.

They will help save and redistribute funds so that you have free money every month for something really important and necessary.

1. Sell Purchased Textbooks After Each Semester

Your training has come to an end. It is unlikely that the textbooks will be useful to you in the next course. If you bought them, sell them to those who will study on a course younger than you.

There is even a more efficient tip on how to save money as a college student. Consider the possibility of renting textbooks on the next course. Thus, you will save a decent amount of money.

2. Don’t Make Impulse Purchases

It is a mistake to think that a new spinner, the latest iPhone, cool headphones, the latest brand jeans will help you gain credibility among fellow students and friends.

In this case, it is important to listen to mom. Surely she has repeatedly said that clothes are not that important.

3. Don’t Go To The Store Hungry

This rule will help you save a lot of money in adult life when student years come to an end. Visiting the store on a full stomach, you spend less money on food, buying only what you really need.

4. Don’t Eat Because of Stress

Try not to eat because of the stress of an upcoming session or an important exam. Prefer a mobile lifestyle and never snack with your friends. Eat only when you are really hungry.

5. Avoid Smoking

Today it is not only expensive but unfashionable.

6. Always Pay Bills on Time

This will help you avoid penalties for late payment, which, of course, entail additional costs.

7. Repay Loans As Soon As Possible

The longer you “stretch” a credit card debt over time, the more it costs you. Interest rates on consumer loans are high. Try to repay the monthly payment with the highest possible amounts.

And never take loans in the future. Student loans are a huge trap.

8. Walk More

Spending on a taxi, gasoline or car rental is not justified compared to a walk in the fresh air. Additionally, you can save on a subscription to a fitness club.

9. Find a Roommate or Apartment

Such an idea does not just carry a cold calculation: in this case, you will be able to pay two times less for rental housing. Moreover, you will always have a merry company.

10. Refuse to Pay for TV

Think about whether you need to spend money on satellite or cable TV channels? Perhaps this is the lot of old people?

Reading, learning, walking, visiting exhibitions and other events, visiting guests, traveling with friends will leave more vivid memories of student life. In the end, an interesting series can be viewed on the Internet.

11. Buy an Essay

Instead of spending a lot of money on additional courses and textbooks just to write an essay, find some websites to make papers for money. Just type ‘write my essay for money’ and save a solid sum.

12. Do Not Pay For Packages of Mobile Operators

If you can find Wi-Fi almost anywhere, do you really need these 10 GB?

13. Look for discounts

Before buying a planned item, look for it in places where it can be sold at a discount.

14. Sell Unnecessary Items

Do not throw away anything that you no longer need. These things can be useful to someone, and you, thus, can earn.

15. Don’t Get A Pet Until Graduation

There can be a lot of change in your life after graduation, up to the point that you can move to another city.

Can your pet keep you company? Also, not all owners of apartments that you rent agree on tenants with animals. Can you bear the cost of furniture, spoiled by your pet? Are you ready to spend extra on his feeding and health?

16. Drink  More Water

It is practically free and healthy.

17. Make Coffee at Home

It will be cheaper than coffee to go.

18. Open a Savings Account

Keep your tuition fees in a bank account and earn interest.

19. Stick to the Budget

Keep a monthly record of your income and expenses. Plan your spending. Do not go beyond the budget.

20. Properly Choose Credit Cards

If debts cannot be avoided, choose a credit card with an interest-free period, with monthly interest on the balance of funds, with the possibility to receive discounts in stores when paying with this card.

And never let the delay in monthly payments

21. Learn to Cook

Such simple action will help to significantly save on trips to cafes and restaurants.

22. Turn Off the Lights

Learn to save electricity and water. Use them only when necessary. Thus, your utility bills will be reduced.

23. Go to Second-Hand Stores

Surely you can find there what you need, with a big discount.

24. Visit the Library

There you can find not only books necessary for study but also something for leisure time.

These tips will help you become more confident. Real financial independence is possible only with the ability to save, not to spend.

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

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