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10+ Best Stay At Home Mom Jobs For Extra Cash (Updated 2020)

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Being a stay at home mom is so beneficial for my family. We don’t have to pay for daycare, and I get to spend plenty of time with my son. Some parents hesitate to stay at home because it reduces family income.

Fortunately, that’s not always the case anymore. I’m a stay at home mom, but we’re still a two-income family.

I work from home part-time and earn enough money to cover rent, utilities, groceries, and dozens of other expenses. There are so many great stay at home mom jobs to choose from.

The tricky part is finding legitimate opportunities, but don’t worry about that. I’ve compiled this detailed guide about 10 work from home gigs. Check out the list below to find an opportunity that suits you!

1. Get Paid To Share Your Opinion

About The Job

Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can take as many as you want, whenever you want to, and you don’t need any prior experience.

Many people take them for a few extra bucks. However, it’s totally possible to turn survey taking into a part-time job.

Paid surveys are done for research purposes. For example, major brand names use survey sites to anonymously collect feedback. Universities also pay people to take surveys for scientific research. The info you provide is valuable, so you get rewarded for it.

Who’s Hiring?

Survey sites are always accepting new users. Frugal For Less features many great articles about getting paid to take surveys. There are several dozen sites for you to choose from. Check out these sites:

Earning Potential

For survey takers, earning potential is based on a few factors. The two main factors are how many different sites you use and how much time you can commit to the job. As you can see from the posts above, it’s possible to make $300 to $600 per month.

I suggest joining as many sites as possible, choosing the ones you like the best, and forming some type of schedule. Even a loose schedule such as three hours total per day will help you stay focused. With time, you’ll get into a groove that works for you!

2. Transcriptionist

About The Job

A transcriptionist is a person who transcribes handwritten documents, audio clips, and videos into high-quality text. This is usually done for business and legal purposes.

Some transcriptionists also write captions for T.V. shows, online videos, and more. Positions in this field don’t always require experience. Full-time and part-time opportunities are available.

Who’s Hiring?

Three popular transcription websites are TranscribeMe, Scribie, and Rev. These companies have simple requirements, and experience isn’t necessary. They often hire users in 1-2 days.

Earning Potential

The average transcriptionist earns $240 per month. The top monthly earners make $1,495 per month. Your typing speed and accuracy have a big impact on how much you’ll make.

But if you practice and dedicate time to transcribing, you can easily make hundreds of dollars each month.

3. Customer Service Agent

About The Job

Customer service agents who work from home provide support via phone or chat logs. These positions usually pay on an hourly basis, and you work set hours every week.

This type of job is great if you’re looking for consistent part-time or full-time work. In most cases, customer service experience is required or preferred.

Who’s Hiring?

Many well-known companies hire customer service agents to work from home. Some examples include Apple, Amazon, and Xerox. I reviewed the Apple At Home Advisor position in this article. These companies hire part-time and full-time employees.

Earning Potential

The pay for customer service agents depends heavily on the employer. Recent statistics show that the Apple At Home Advisor position pays $14.89 per hour.

According to, Amazon customer service representatives earn an average of $11.00 per hour. Glassdoor also reports that Xerox customer service representative earn $11.04 to $11.26 per hour.

4. Search Engine Evaluator

About The Job

This job title may sound strange, but the job itself is straightforward. Major search engine companies hire people to evaluate search engine results that come up when keywords are used.

Workers follow a set of criteria to determine if the results are relevant to the keyword.

This position typically pays on an hourly basis. In most cases, workers are hired part-time. Some full-time opportunities are available depending on the needs of the company.

You may have to work specific hours every week, but the scheduling is usually flexible.

Who’s Hiring?

There aren’t a lot of search engine evaluator companies. Fortunately, the leading companies are frequently hiring. Lionbridge and Leapforce are the two major players. If you’re interested in this position, read my Leapforce review.

Earning Potential

In my Leapforce review, you’ll see that this position pays at least $13.50 per hour. According to Glassdoor, Lionbridge pays about $13.49 to $14.39 per hour.

5. Content Writer

About The Job

Content writers are people who write articles and blog posts for companies. Simple content may include 100-200 word blog posts. In-depth content may include research articles that are 2,000 words.

Content writers are hired by content mills. Mills are third-party companies that act as the middleman between you and business clients.

Experience usually isn’t necessary to write for content mills. However, your writing abilities can impact how much you are paid per word. Content writers usually don’t follow set work schedules, so this is a good opportunity if you need complete flexibility.

Who’s Hiring?

There are plenty of content writing websites to choose from. As of December 2017, the following companies are accepting new writers:

You can read my detailed review about each of these websites at Top 8 Online Companies That Pay You To Write and 17 Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners.

For an in-depth look at Textbroker, read Textbroker Review: Is This A Good Way To Make Money Writing Online?

Earning Potential

The earning potential for content writers is very diverse. There’s no set number or statistic.

Your income depends on how much the company pays, their payment method, how much work they have available, and how much time you dedicate to working.

During my first week with Textbroker, I earned $126.69 writing part-time. Over the next week, I earned $249.55 writing part-time.

This was in 2012, and I had zero experience with content websites then. So I think it’s safe to say you can earn a few hundred per month with content writing.

6. Virtual Teacher

About The Job

Virtual teaching is a unique work from home job that’s great for college-educated moms. Most positions require a Bachelor’s degree or teaching experience.

Teaching English is common, and you don’t need to know a second language to do so. Tutoring positions are also available. Scheduling is usually flexible and the work is part-time.

Who’s Hiring?

VIPKID is one popular company that hires English teachers. I’ve reviewed this job in a previous article. You’ll also find a diverse list of online teaching jobs in the post 10 Part-Time Online Teaching Jobs For A Great Side Hustle.

Earning Potential

The earning potential for virtual teachers is pretty fair. VIPKID pays $14 to $22 per hour, and most teachers report making $18 per hour or more. Cambly pays English tutors $10.20 per hour. Chegg Tutors pays their tutors $20 per hour.

7. Data Entry

About The Job

Data entry jobs are ideal if you’re looking for something flexible that doesn’t require experience. As long as you’re proficient at typing, you will likely pick up a steady working pace.

There are part-time and full-time positions available, and you can work for multiple data entry sites. If you enjoy basic computer work, this may be the ideal gig for you.

Who’s Hiring?

I recently wrote 10 Best Data Entry Jobs From Home, and most of these companies are currently hiring. Some examples include DataPlus+ and BabbleType. Many of these combine transcribing with data entry.

Earning Potential

Data entry job pay is based on a few different things. Like transcribing, your typing speed and accuracy make a huge difference. The pay also depends on the company you work for.

SpeakWrite typists earn $12 to $15 per hour minimum. Xerox pays about $13 per hour for data entry positions. Many sites pay per word or per document.

8. Uber or Lyft Driver

About The Job

Uber and Lyft drivers don’t work from home, but this is still a good opportunity for many moms. If your children are in school, you may have several free hours to spare.

Driving for these companies allows you to get out and explore your city. You provide taxi-like services, and you can even work for both companies at once. The hours you work are 100% based on your preferences.

Who’s Hiring?

Uber and Lyft are always hiring new drivers as long as you meet their requirements.

I covered the requirements and much more in the posts Drive For Lyft: Everything You Need To Know and Drive For Uber: Review, Important Info, And Tips. These jobs are very straightforward, but there are other opportunities.

Check out 23 Ways to Make Money Driving Around for more income opportunities.

Earning Potential

The number of hours you drive is the main factor in how much you’ll earn. Another big factor is how popular Uber and Lyft are in your city.

In my Uber review, the reported pay ranged from $5.00 to $50.00 per hour. Glassdoor reports that Lyft drivers earn $14.28 to $16.28 per hour.

9. Nanny / Babysitter

About The Job

Nannying and babysitting gigs are flexible options for stay at home moms. If you babysit, you can offer services from the comfort of your own home.

This allows you to enjoy time with your children, they get to make new friends, and you’re getting extra income. In some cases, you can bring your children with you while nannying. Most jobs you’ll find in this niche are part-time positions.

Who’s Hiring?

There’s a good chance that parents in your city are hiring babysitters and nannies. You can advertise your services on, which is a major platform. There are also options for providing service to elderly individuals.

Earning Potential

Nannies and babysitters have the freedom to set their own prices. One Frugal For Less author shares advice about how you can earn $17 per hour.

In 2016, reported that babysitters earned an average of $15.71 per hour. reported that nannies who worked in family homes earned an average of $13.63 per hour.

10. Website Tester

About The Job

Big name companies like Target and Facebook have very user-friendly websites. That’s because their websites are tested out before they’re launched.

As a website tester, you give your input about the way a website looks and operates. You don’t need any sort of experience to do this. You simply provide genuine and honest feedback. Companies use this to improve their websites.

Who’s Hiring?

Website testing companies are increasing in popularity. One site I particularly enjoy is UserTesting, and I reviewed it here. Some other top picks include and TryMyUI.

Earning Potential

Website testers are paid per review. The number of reviews available can vary greatly. Your demographic info usually determines how many tests will be available to you.

Some people get multiple tests per day, and others only get one per week. To maximize your earnings, sign up for as many website testing sites as possible.

UserTesting pays $10.00 per test, and each test lasts 10-15 minutes. pays UK testers £8.00 per test. TryMyUI pays $10 per test, and each test lasts about 15-20 minutes.

Stay At Home Mom Job Tips

As an experienced work at home mom, I love sharing tips with others. It takes some time to get used to staying home while also making money. Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot along the way. Here are some of my personal tips that I think are the most crucial ones to know.

  • Understand self-employment taxes and save money for them.  Most work from home positions are considered 1099-MISC or self-employment. This means you aren’t taxed each time you get paid. The self-employment tax rate is 15.3 percent. That means you’ll owe the IRS 15.3 percent of your total earnings. The easiest way to take care of this is to save a percentage of your income each month. You can also pay quarterly taxes to ease the financial burden.
  • Use free tools to track your hours, income, and more. Instead of paying for Microsoft Office, I use Google Docs and Open Office. I keep a spreadsheet of how much I earn per day and add up the weekly and monthly totals. I have columns for every source of income – my freelance writing clients, surveys, and so on. Toggl is a great tool for detailed time tracking.
  • Never put all of your eggs in one basket. This is the most common mistake I see, and I even made this mistake in my first few months. I was only writing for one content mill, and it went out of business without warning. Since then, I keep at least 3-5 sources of income on my radar. So whether you take surveys or perform data entry, keep a backup gig or two in mind.
  • Practice and patience are key. Honestly, there’s no way to instantly understand the ins and outs of working from home. It takes time and lots of learning. You might make mistakes, and that’s perfectly normal. I take notes whenever I make mistakes, even though I’ve been at this for six years. Just keep pushing forward, and you’ll find the work from home jobs that suit you.

Work From Home Wrap Up

As you can see, stay at home mom jobs are the real deal. With these 10 options, you have a lot of flexibility to make money online. You can take surveys and write content in your spare time for hundreds of dollars per month.

If you want an hourly position, you can work part-time or full-time as a teacher or customer service representative. The choice is 100% yours.

I’ve linked dozens of great Frugal For Less posts throughout this article. For our full list of income opportunities, visit the Make Money section of the website.

From selling old clothes to playing smartphone games, there are tons of fun and unique ways for you to earn extra cash. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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