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Sticky Crowd Review: Make $20/Month To Watch Your Computer Screen

Sticky Crowd Review: Make $20/Month To Watch Your Computer Screen
Jason Wuerch Sep 11, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Note: This service no longer exists.

Are on the computer for hours on-end during the day? You might as well get paid for it. A web-based company called Sticky Crowd will pay you cash just to track your eye movement across the screen. Use your computer like you normally would and receive a little bit of extra money at the end of the day.

What Is Sticky Crowd?

Sticky Crowd is an an online website that tracks your eye movement, and can actually be quite enjoyable. It does this by accessing your webcam and doing a calibration test to see where your eyes or moving. This way, Sticky Crowd can receive data on how the human eye words and how you browse the web. This information can then be sold to other companies who can use it for design and other market data.

You must make sure that your computer is laid on a flat surface, and it’s best to sit in front of a screen that’s comfortable. If you’re worried about your privacy, Sticky Crowd will notify you each time when your webcam is being accessed. This way you know no one is watching one when you’re not participating in a Sticky Crowd Survey.

The webcam isn’t continual, but is only active when you choose to participate in their short surveys. They usually take between 1-2 minutes and consist of you watching a short video and seeing where your eyes move. They want you to sit back and try not to move your head, but only your eyes so that they are easier to track.

The fact that Sticky Crowd offers untraditional surveys makes it so that you’ll never be bored. Instead of answering a bunch of multiple-choice questions, all you’ll be doing is watching a video. There’s never been an easier way to make money.

How Can I Sign-Up For Sticky Crowd & Start Earning Money?

Signing-up for Sticky Crowd is a very simple process, but a little bit lengthy. Here we break it down into 5 steps.

1. Register. You can register for a new Sticky Crowd account by clicking this link here. Click on the “Apply To Join Now” button.

2. Validate your computer. Just make sure to follow the on-screen instructions. They want to make sure that you are relaxed and won’t move your head too much. Your computer must be on a flat surface.

3. Do the eye calibration test. Once they validate your computer, you’ll do an eye calibration test by following a moving dot across the screen.

4. Watch a video. This is essentially your first test. Watch the video and move your eyes like you normally would. Try to sit back in your seat so you don’t move too much. You may have to do another quick eye calibration test afterwards.

5. Sign-up. After you finish the video, you can enter in your basic information such as your name and email. This way more tests will be sent to your inbox in the future.

Final Thoughts

Sticky Crowd is a lot more fun than those traditional survey sites. This way all you have to do is watch a video and get paid for it. Expect to earn around $10 – $20 per month from all of the offers you receive via email to complete surveys. You can also log-in to check.

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If you have any questions about Stick Crowd or anything else, don’t hesitate to leave it down in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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