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Still Paying For Apps? Amazon Underground Gives Them For Free

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Amazon was already offering mobile games to registered users, but with their new Amazon Underground Page launched in August, they have more than tripled their selection of free apps and games. Instead of paying anywhere from $1 – $5 per app, now you can get them for free. Not only that, but developers who submit their app can get paid each time they’re used.

What Is Amazon Underground?

Amazon Underground is meant to be a haven for Android mobile users where in-app offers are 100% to Amazon customers. These apps are available to users in the US, UK, France and Germany who own Amazon and Android Fire Devices. In short, it’s basically a free App or Google Play Store.

You may be thinking that since these are freemium apps, you’re most likely not going to find any entertaining games or anything very useful. However, Amazon provides an incentive to app developers that makes them create the best apps out there.

Each time an app is downloaded, the developer gets paid a certain amount of money ($.002 cents per download). This allows developers to focus less on monetizing their apps and more on the user experience.

In order for an app to be listed on Amazon Underground, it must already be listed on the App Store or Google Play Store for a purchase fee, or contains in-app items that come with a cost. This means that the apps you see listed on your iPhone or Android for a price can most likely be found on the Amazon Underground Page for free. Always check before downloading a paid app.

There are currently over $10,000 in apps listed for free, and they contain categories that range anywhere from games and entertainment to education and travel. This is not a limited-time offer, and once a developer posts an app it’s most likely there to stay.

Accessing apps from Amazon Underground is slightly more complicated, as you can’t download it directly from your phone. You must go to the Amazon page and request a link be sent to you via text or email to download the app.

How Do I Get Started With Amazon Underground?

Getting started with Amazon Underground is very simple and can be done in just 3 simple steps.

1. Download. You’ll need to download the app via their website by clicking this link here. Type in your phone or email in the box provided to have a direct download link sent to you.

2. Follow the steps. Amazon gives you instructions on how to proceed. Follow them in order to get the app installed on your phone.

3. Download apps. Download any app of your choosing. The best part? They’re all free!

What Awesome Apps Are There For Me To Try?

We decided to take a look at what cool and popular apps were listed on the Underground Page. These ones had the highest amount of positive user reviews.

I Was So Mad – Little Critter

This interactive book app is for kids who wish to learn new vocabulary and follow along with the little critter in order to improve reading comprehension. You can also tap objects to hear them aloud and is a fun way for children to improve literacy skills. Download link here.

Color Tower Blocks Pro

This app is a fun little game that you can play on your breaks or while waiting on the bus. It helps improve your coordination and relaxes your mind. You just tap the screen to drop a scrolling block on top of one another. Download link here.

UFO 51 Crush

This app is a game that has you attack flying spacecraft along to the sound of a music track of your choosing. It’s very fun and easy to play, and is an Amazon exclusive app. Download link here.

Final Thoughts

If you ever see an app on the App Store or Google Play Store listed at a price, be sure to check Amazon Underground to see if it’s listed for free. Most likely you’re going to find it there since they currently have listed over $10,000 in apps.

If you’re a developer, consider placing your app on their page in order to earn some extra cash. Each download only nets you $.002 cents, but it can definitely add up. Tell us what apps you’ve downloaded so far!

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