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10 Honest Survey Sites Reviews To Make Money Online Right Now

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Whether in public or private, fiscal needs are often voiced. The origin of these might lie in simple unhappiness or even in an imminent fear. When I listed to these voiced outlets, I wonder what they’re willing to do to meet this goal, but I often hear the same answer.

“I want more money, but I don’t want to do a lot more than I am now.”

Normally, this type of response might raise a few eyebrows, but the digital age has made it a very realistic criterion for the part-time money seeker. There are a lot of moneymaking tasks that simply need some more informed information.

For those willing to share a bit of information and opinion, enter survey sites. Although these can still catch a bad rep, you need no longer fear going it alone. With a bit of guidance towards the best sites, you’ll no longer need to feel like you’re gambling with your time.

Instead, you’ll earn some money at your own distinct leisure to help you earn that extra amount in your time of need. Without further ado, we’re going to break down ten of the best by what they looked like at first glance and what was offered after.

Want to skip the reviews and test out the sites yourself? Here’s a short list of what we’re going to cover:

1. Survey Junkie


Wherever you search, you’re going to find your old, reliable community favorites. Survey Junkie tends to be on the top of every list, and it isn’t hard to see why with a big number of active users, good rates, and ways to maximize the survey opportunities available.

Still, in looking at a survey site to suggest, I always look foremost to what sorts of testimonials are offered and what the help system is like should there be an issue.

Clicking on the testimonials leads to what one would expect in terms of the positive: it’s an easy way to make money. The bad—it’s there and not filtered out which is a positive—usually amounts to an angry misunderstanding with a system issue.

Similarly, the help system starts with a very comforting detail: If you can’t find the answer to your question, there’s a direct link to ask your question to customer support. There’s no digging around. If the very detailed FAQ doesn’t answer your question, you can go straight to the source.

Your takeaway from this is there are some actual clear practices at work here to back up the touted site’s reputation and over three million members. Now, I want to direct you to the details that you guys should really want to know.

Let’s start looking at what will your gain potential be like in the next section.

The Money Details and Review
  • 25 point sign-up bonus (very low)
  • Your potential to earn can range from between $5 to $18 per hour; it’s possible to stick to the higher end depending on qualifications
  • You’re always going to know how long said survey will take and what you’ll be paid upon completion
  • Payment comes either via PayPal, e-gift cards, or via Dwolla (direct bank transfer)
  • Cash out is at 1,000 points or $10 (this is much lower than the typical rebate apps like Ibotta that require twenty dollars or higher)
  • New surveys are often added with plenty available by default
  • Variable, potential small payment for surveys screened for but not qualified for

For a survey site, Survey Junkie has been designed to really bring you in and let you find an avenue that works for you—whether that’s time or money-based on your part.

My suggestion for the on-the-fence survey takers is to not overthink the process too hard. Give Survey Junkie a try for a while, and I’m pretty certain you’ll be pleased with it. Even if you want out, it shouldn’t take too long to earn $10 and have an item to show for your time.

2. Vindale Research


As far as first impressions go, Vindale Research goes the extra mile and makes it very easy to see that it’s a reputable site. You have your video, reviews by Trust Pilot (featured at the top and bottom), testimonials, photos, and easy access to survey examples showcasing their pay ranges.

The FAQ section is slightly more barebones, but it’s because of the survey example pages, survey info pages, and the other bits of information being featured on the front-page itself.

In terms of contacting, three options are offered: phone, email, and fax. Despite this, I saw no cause for concern with the reviews as they followed a trend similar to Survey Junkie.

The Money Details and Review
  • $2 offered as a registration bonus
  • High-paying surveys (up to $50) with more in the $1 to $15 range; it’s noted that there’s the rare potential for up to $75
  • $5 referral bonus – if you’re able to target friends to go down this pathway with you then it’s all the better
  • Can be paid via PayPal or by check (as cited on their front page images)
  • Exit pay bar is higher – $50 cash-out to tie-into higher paying surveys
  • You’re always going to know how long said survey will take and what you’ll be paid upon completion with pay corresponding to topics and time-invested

For those looking to go even deeper down the survey rabbit hole, there are a wide variety of topics to explore while encouraging social involvement and offering way more earning potential.

It’s the second most lauded survey site, so if you’re looking for just a bit more than Survey Junkie offers—it’s an easy recommend.

If you can just do two, I definitely recommend Survey Junkie and Vindale Research.

3. Ipsos i-Say


In terms of first page impression, i-Say doesn’t necessarily boast the heritage or front-page upfront nature of the prior choices, but it does once again have over three million users. However, in contrast, it has contests and prizes listed up front with plenty of user reviews attesting to the process.

Similarly, the FAQ page has a rather expansive topic list once you click on the core topic. I was happy that there was a very easy to access link leading straight to a contact form should you have anything going on with your account.

Still, there’s nothing suggestive of any shady behavior, and i-Say is really focused on drawing in others with the unique contest options available for those doing more surveys.

The Money Details and Review
  • No sign-up bonus
  • Entered into contests for each survey link clicked
  • Can use points towards other contest prizes (if a gambler)
  • i-Say pays via PayPal (starts at $15), pre-paid Visa cards (starts at $10), and e-gift cards (starts at $5)
  • Abundant amount of surveys if you fit the demographic
  • Surveys list point-earnings and estimated time for completion before you start
  • Earn between $5 to $12 per hour
    • Pay is lower to circumvent earlier exits and prize potential

Comparatively, i-Say has more options for cashing out and utilizing your earnings if you’re not stressing over your maximum gains. Additionally, it has a lot of survey options for those looking to simply expand on their present sites.

It’s a type of site that will mesh very well with users, or it’ll be unremarkable to them. It’s a great try it out site, without investing too much time, especially if you fall into some of their target demographics. Just be wary if you’re not a fan of point-based sites and prefer direct cash earnings.

4.  Pinecone Research


As far as sites go, the home page starts off pretty bare. There are sweepstakes winners, but there’s no actual testimonials listed. For information actually on how it works, it’s all contained within the FAQs.

At the top of the FAQ page, there’s easy access to the contact us form, and if you’re looking anywhere else it’s also located at the bottom. With how expansive the FAQ section is regarding Pinecone, I would be hard-pressed to find an unanswered question.

It’s a simpler system, but the details of how it actually works makes the presentation make a lot more sense. This is a quick add-on survey site with a reputable reputation as long as you understand the full system that you’re agreeing to.

The Money Details and Review
  • Each survey pays a flat-rate of $3.00 (easy to track)
  • Surveys last an average of 10 to 15 minutes
  • The short time makes you technically earn $12 to $18 per hour
  • Not a lot of surveys per week (1 to 2 on average as they’re invite-only)
  • Payout can occur via PayPal, pre-paid Visa cards, physical merchandise, and e-gift cards
  • First 300 points will arrive as a check to establish account; the cash out is lower for the other routes thereafter

As a casual site, Pinecone Research is a great favorite to add onto anyone’s list. You’re not required to do a lot of surveys, and you earn well for your time. Of course, you have to follow the rules in order to do so.

This site highly expects you to be a repeat survey taker. If you’re not going to be able to take surveys, you can put a temporary stop on your account if you contact Pinecone Research. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a suspended account.

If you’re let in, I still highly recommend the site. It’s very structured, and you don’t have to do any real overthinking about the profits because of the flat fees. It’s a great add-on for the casual survey taker.

5.  YouGov


When going towards the middle of any list, it’s refreshing to see names like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Bloomberg. With a touted international number of six million, it definitely comes across as an established organization.

Although there’s not much given in terms of information up-front about payment, it’s very much designed to draw the user in while establishing their credibility. It’s a different kind of survey site, and it’s built that way from the start-line of the user experience where it expresses how much your opinion matters and makes it the centerpiece.

The Money Details and Review
  • $2 Sign-Up Bonus
  • An average range of $5 to $20 per hour
  • The surveys will take 5 to 7 minutes on average to take; the longer surveys should cap out at 20 minutes
  • Point earnings can be redeemed PayPal, pre-paid Visa cards, and e-gift cards.
  • Cash-out earnings at 5,000 to 25,000 point range
  • Rather than typical topics, there’s a heavier focus on politics, entertainment, and technology

With so many survey sites requiring you fit their criteria to get adequate pay, it’s really refreshing to have a good-paying site that values your input. I certainly wouldn’t expect to answer whether or not I’ve eaten insects on any other survey site.

Seeing the same questions and question formats can be an easy way to get burnt out, so it’s a nice variant to break-up the crowd of traditional sites.

If you’re looking to let your opinions be known about everyday life events, this is a great outlet to do so via a few short questions. Try this if you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply need to reconnect with everyday life and think about what’s going on with the world.

6. Toluna Opinions


Unlike other investigated sites of heavier repute, my first experience with Toluna came because the name stood out to me. As a coincidental discovery, it felt much like a happy accident once the relief of seeing large corporations like Amazon, CBS, and Expedia as partner brands settled in.

In light of the partners, there were only a few positive featured testimonials, but the FAQ section was quite extensive. Unlike many other sites, it listed all the reward options without having to become a member and make an account.

Additionally, the contact form provided a quick email form to ask any questions that weren’t touched upon.

The transparency makes it become a quick recommend after a quick review of all the provided information.

The Money Details and Review
  • $2 Sign-Up Bonus
  • Points can be redeemed for PayPal (increments of $30) or e-gift cards in amounts from $10 to $25 as their minimum depends on the store
  • Surveys typically pay between $1 to $5 per survey
  • It should take about 15 to 30 minutes per survey
  • As is standard, you’ll want longer surveys to earn more

While it can take longer to cash out with Toluna via PayPal, it’s easy to recommend or not recommend based off what users are looking for. If you’re interested in gift cards, there are a lot of lower cash-out options that happen almost immediately.

Be sure to check the rewards section for an easy way to check if it’s a survey supplement worth your time.

7. MySurvey


Upon first glance, MySurvey didn’t have the standards tabs that I was looking for. I had to move to the about us page to find my first contact us link, but it was at least hyperlinked. I was happy to find another site that explained the most popular awards without having to register an account.

It looked like a very mid-tier kind of survey site; I was happy to see PayPal and Amazon were the suggested exits and not just a late-tier option. Additionally, the international extension of their network let me feel comfortable that it wasn’t localized.

Not every site could have a fun name or extensive social feel, so it offered the bare minimum.

The Money Details and Review
  • $2 Sign-Up Bonus
  • Points can be redeemed via PayPal and e-giftcards such as Amazon, Applebee’s, and CVS Pharmacy
  • You’re always going to know how long said survey will take and what you’ll be paid upon completion
  • Surveys seem to be shorter and offer a standard of $5 per survey on average (though you may get a lower pay ones as well)
  • The more you stick with the site, the higher earnings you’ll get on your surveys

All in all, MySurvey is a solid addition if you want to do more surveys on a monthly basis. If you’re serious about earning from surveys, you’re always going to be looking for more avenues to earn.

It’s not the best immediately, but it’s nice that it will scale up for loyal survey givers while being pretty low investment. If some of the rewards interest you, consider adding it to the rotation.

8. Swagbucks


When encountering Swagbucks, they start off by letting the potential user know exactly what they’re going to be able to earn. There are the featured testimonials, TrustPilot reviews, and the amount of money that has been paid out as well, but you’re primarily going to notice you can get your PayPal cash or cards for the most popular online stores.

If you’re interested, you won’t have to do a lot of digging. There’s no giant FAQ sheet, but you’re able to quickly pinpoint any information with the pretty direct categories. Just go in knowing that while you can do surveys, there’s a lot more you can utilize.

The Money Details and Review
  • $5 Sign-Up Bonus if 2,500 points earned within first two months
  • If you refer anyone, you’ll get 10% of the referred user’s earnings for your own for the life of the account
  • Pay for surveys is widely variable based off the complexity of the task with it ranging from cents to a few dollars
  • Able to swap out from surveys to watching videos and other income routes
  • Payout comes in the form of PayPal and e-gift cards from popular stores (Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart)

Like with YouGov, it’s incredibly important to have some diversity in your survey profit portfolio. As a site that offers more than the typical survey offerings at the $5 to $10 per hour pay range, the simple bit of choice makes it stand out.

Also, SwagBucks offers a generous sign-up bonus and time-window to complete it in while also incentivizes that you get friends on-board and actively participate. It’s not the usual one-time bonus, so it stands apart from that alone.

If the top two options of this list don’t appeal to you, SwagBucks does a lot of things right all in one place. Consider it as another option if you don’t have a lot of time to devote elsewhere.

9. Panda Research


As with Toluna, my interest came from the name and how bizarre it sounded for a survey site.

The initial investigation came with some quirks. Particularly, the fact that the FAQ portion of the page had scripts not enabled by default, so it required a bit of browser magic to see all the details. Panda focuses on using Internet Explorer for its offers, so it has a bit of an unusual rule choice there.

In terms of reliability, the website quickly lists out how much it has already paid out while also being very upfront about how much it pays out and when.

It features some testimonials, but the most interesting note is that it lists the top playing surveys at this time. It provides a really quick screening for interested individuals along with the free membership survey highlighted on the main page.

Rather than super highlight the customer experience and overload the viewer with images or what they can earn, it’s a very straightforward website.

The Money Details and Review
  • $3 Sign-Up Bonus Upon Completion of Screening Survey
  • Paid via PayPal on the 1st and 15th of every month
  • Only pays out in increments of $50, so it will sit on your account until you reach that threshold
  • Diversify: Earn extra income reading emails (Maximum $25 per payout)
  • Surveys range between $0.50 and $10 except for the rare $50 to $75 offers if you qualify
  • Surveys take 10 to 15 minutes on average
  • Like SwagBucks, if you refer anyone, you’ll get 10% of the referred user’s earnings for your own for the life of the account

Although the cash-out requirement for Panda Research seems like it’s a lot higher than most sites, the fact it’s automatically paid and drafted makes it a very easy to just do and come out with a nice surprise. If you end up fitting the right surveys, you can easily hit it in one go as well.

Additionally, with the nice referral program approach being applied to Panda Research as well, if you can get a few friends on board, you’ll find yourself being able to cash out a lot more.

I may be repeating this a lot, but it’s not hard to imagine getting burn out if you don’t diversify your moneymaking tasks. The ability to read e-mails as an easier alternative makes Panda Research very inviting as a diversity site to sign-up for.

Unless you have a strong opposition to Internet Explorer, Panda Research should be one of your top supplemental picks to try out. With a slightly higher sign-up bonus than the norm while also offering incentives to referring others, it makes it a very inviting site to stay with for the long-term.

10. Springboard America


There’s not a lot to say at first glance with the site; it’s made clear you’re being called on to give your impression by the familiar blue text.

There are no peer testimonials listed upfront, but the main page does tout the latest monthly earnings by users. In terms of information, the FAQ page does lead in with an email link if you have any questions not answered in their question guide. You can search support as well to speed-up the process.

If you’re going to invest further, it will probably be due to the linked Facebook page that shows some of the relevant topics that addresses hot topic issues within the United States.

The Money Details and Review
  • Entered to win $1,000 on sign-up
  • $2 per friend referral
  • You can be paid via PayPal or e-gift cards, but the payout is once again $50
  • Based off your data, you may receive between one and four surveys a month
  • Before you take any survey, you’ll be told how much you’ll earn and how long it will take

Although there’s no flat sign-up bonus, the $1,000 potential offers the lucky user a chance to make their investment immediately pay-off. If you have a lot of friends, Springboard America also makes it easy to earn some cash from referrals for your payouts.

While not quite as enticing as the last two options, the ability to express your opinion more on American terms may appeal as a diversity point. At the very least, it’s another larger sum to look forward to on a month you may need some monetary aid.


Hopefully, this observation into survey sites has done some of the legwork for anyone interested but not ultimately sure about doing surveys for additional income.

Many survey sites are focused on providing additional avenues for which you can actively earn income, so you shouldn’t consider it solely the surveys of old where you’ll be trapped in a pit of repetitive, inapplicable questions.

Now is the perfect time to take the leap and invest in future ways to expand your income avenues. There should be at least one survey option that fits you well, and I challenge you to find it.

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