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SurveyRewardz Review: Is This Basic Survey Site Right For You?

SurveyRewardz Review: Is This Basic Survey Site Right For You?
Amy Boyington Apr 6, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

We’ve reviewed dozens of survey panels on this site to help you discover what ones might be worth your time and what ones may not be the best fit for you.

That’s why we give you unbiased overviews of each panel so that you can determine if you might fit the mold they’re looking for.

One of the newer panels on the scene is SurveyRewardz. Like other similar sites, this one transfers you to surveys given by market research companies and pays you for your time.

There isn’t a lot of information about it online, so I signed up to get a feel for it myself. You can check it out here:

From my experience, this platform seems to be straightforward and simple to use. Here, I’ll break down everything I’ve figured out so that you can decide if it’s the right panel for you.

What is SurveyRewardz?

There isn’t a lot of information floating around about SurveyRewardz on the internet – or even on its website. One thing I don’t particularly like is when survey panels don’t offer much information about themselves to members or prospective members.

Honestly, that’s a huge trust factor for me when I consider whether I want to use a survey panel.

I did, however, notice in the footer of the site a link to Points2Shop, indicating that SurveyRewardz is its child company. Points2Shop is a legitimate rewards site that pays you to download apps, play games, watch videos, and more. Knowing that it’s involved with SurveyRewardz ups the survey panel’s trust factor for me.

Even without a little ‘About Me’ section or company information, I can conclude that this is an ordinary survey panel that pays members to take surveys for market research purposes.

Like other panels, you answer several questions about yourself, products, services, advertisements, and any other topics market researchers need to cover.

Once you complete a survey, you’ll receive the amount SurveyRewardz told you you’d get for the survey in your account as a “thank you” for taking it.

SurveyRewardz also has a Quality Score that rates the quality of your responses, so it’s important that you don’t rush through them. This score can help you land more survey opportunities, so you should always aim to keep it at 100.

Who Can Become a Member of SurveyRewardz?

From what I can tell, people from any country where this type of site is allowed can participate in SurveyRewardz. However, most surveys are in English and cater more toward people from English-speaking countries. Therefore, living in a non-English speaking country may not yield you as many opportunities to take surveys.

You need to be at least 18 years old to join the panel and earn money. Or, you can be 13 in countries where joining is allowed with parental permission, like the United States or Canada.

Once you join, you’ll stay a member for as long as you want to. But, again, be sure to watch your Quality Score. It’s possible that you get booted from the panel if you don’t spend time accurately answering questions on surveys.

Is SurveyRewardz Different Than Other Survey Panels? How Does It Work?

SurveyRewardz differs slightly than other survey panels, but you won’t notice huge differences if you’re a member of any others. This site is a very basic survey site. There are no other ways to earn money here, like through paid emails, videos, or referring your friends, like many other similar sites offer.

But, if you came here just for the surveys, then you’ll find that it has everything you’d expect it to. The simple interface makes it easy to find surveys that you can take. In fact, they pop up on the home page as soon as one is available (and it seems like there’s almost always one available!).

You’ll find your Quality Score up at the top of the site. Click on it to see if SurveyRewardz made any recent changes to your score based on surveys you’ve taken.

Once you complete a survey, you’ll see your reward in your account, so you can keep track of everything you’ve earned so far.

What Kinds of Surveys Will I Get at SurveyRewardz?

From my experience with SurveyRewardz, the site offers a wide range of survey topics for panelists. My first survey offer was actually one that my kids could participate in with me, which was pretty fun for us! The topic was for toys and games and what ones they like to use most.

But, I’ve also had travel, business, and grocery-related surveys pop up in my feed, so it’s safe to say that there’s a good variety here. You won’t get bored answering questions about the same topics over and over again.

Pros and Cons of SurveyRewardz

SurveyRewards is one of the most straightforward survey sites I’ve seen. It’s simple to use and the site isn’t full of messy, cluttered things you don’t need. Of course, any way of making money online has its ups and downs. Here are a few of the pros and cons of SurveyRewardz:

Pros of SurveyRewardz:
  • Most everyone will have several surveys available at a time to try to qualify for
  • Most surveys are easy to qualify for
  • Simple website design that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for
  • Thorough FAQ section for when you need any help
  • $1 minimum cash out for PayPal
  • All countries allowed to join
  • High potential survey payments
  • Receive payments via Amazon, PayPal, check, Global Virtual Visa Reward card, or various other gift card options
Cons of SurveyRewardz
  • Some panelists say they’ve had a tough time qualifying for surveys
  • No referral program for extra cash
  • No emailed invites, so it can be difficult to remember to check for surveys
  • Customer service could be quicker and more helpful

SurveyRewardz Features

Here are some of the most stand-out features of SurveyRewardz:

Quality Score

The Quality Score may seem like a nuisance to you if you don’t understand the reason behind it. At face value, it seems like a score that’s ready to judge and penalize you if you end up mistakenly answering something wrong in a survey.

In reality, this score shows that SurveyRewardz is dedicated to having real, honest participants who want to spend their time aiding market research for top brands.

Yes, this score can determine whether you receive a lot of survey offers. But, as long as you’re truthful in your responses and don’t rush through surveys just to get a payment, you’ll see your Quality Score stay at 100.

I prefer survey panels that have quality assurance measures in place for panelists. It shows me that I’m participating in a worthwhile panel that values both its panelists and partners and wants only quality respondents to participate in surveys.

Low Minimum Payments

Imagine you’re a panelist at another survey site. You take several surveys and have a balance in your account of $25. You think this is enough to finally cash out until you go to withdraw your earnings and find that you, instead, need at least $50 to transfer it to your PayPal.

That happens with a lot of survey sites. It’s frustrating because you may not get enough surveys to reach that amount for a while. SurveyRewardz lets you cash out for as little as $1, though, making it one of the few survey sites I know of that allows such a small amount as a minimum payout.

You’ll need to cash out with PayPal to take advantage of the $1 payout. Other payment methods are in place, like a check or Best Buy gift card, but they’ll be a little more money to get.

Still, they’re super low compared to other survey sites that require $10 or more. You can get a Panera Bread gift card for $2 here, or an Amazon gift card for $5.

Several Payment Methods

I like that SurveyRewardz offers various payment methods. Personally, I like to stick with PayPal or Amazon for all my rewards from survey sites just because they’re what I use the most. But, it’s nice to know that you have options here that let you save up for something you really want.

In addition to various cash methods, there are also several gift cards to choose from.

Earning Money with SurveyRewardz

To earn money with SurveyRewardz, you’ll need to visit the site daily to see what surveys are available. SurveyRewardz is a little different from other survey panels in that it doesn’t send invites for surveys via email.

That could be a good thing if you hate having a cluttered inbox. But, if you’re not good at remembering to check the site for surveys, you might forget all about them.

There seems to be more opportunities available every day, which is why I suggest checking daily. Your available surveys will show right at the top of the page. Click ‘Complete This Survey’ to fill one out that strikes your interest.

For maximum earnings with SurveyRewardz, you should aim to complete as many as you can whenever you visit. Surveys fill up fast, so you don’t want to miss a chance to complete one.

Also, remember that your Quality Score significantly impacts your ability to receive more survey opportunities. Take your time, read each question thoroughly, and answer them honestly.

How Does SurveyRewardz Pay?

Once you complete a survey, you’ll see your earnings in your account immediately. You can check your account balance at any time by clicking ‘Withdraws’ at the top of the page. Your balance will show in a blue box. Underneath that are all of the options for withdrawing your cash.

SurveyRewards lets you withdraw your earnings in the following ways:

  • Amazon gift card, minimum $5 payout
  • Global Virtual Visa Reward card, minimum $5 payout (fees involved)
  • PayPal cash, $1 minimum payout ($0.10 fee if less than $10)
  • Check, $5 minimum payout
  • Dwolla, $1 minimum payout ($0.25 fee if more than $10)
  • Panera Bread eGift card, $2 minimum payout
  • Best Buy eGift card, $5 minimum payout
  • CVS eGift Card, $2 minimum payout
  • Dunkin’ Donuts eGift card, $5 minimum payout
  • iTunes code, $5 minimum payout
  • Regal Cinema eGift card, $5 minimum payout
  • The Home Depot eGift card, $10 minimum payout
  • Walmart eGift card, $5 minimum payout
  • Xbox eGift Card, $15, $25, or $50 amounts only

You have a lot of payout options here. Most of them have extremely low payout amounts compared to other survey panels. There’s no waiting a certain length of time before you can cash out. Withdraw to your preferred payment method whenever you rack up enough rewards.

How Much Money Can I Make with SurveyRewardz?

You’re not going to make hundreds of dollars per month with SurveyRewardz. However, that’s true of most survey sites. They’re intended more as a way to get extra money rather than act as a form of steady income.

Let’s do a little breakdown, though, based on my experience with SurveyRewardz.

My first week on the site, I completed three surveys. One was for $1.65, one was for $1.00, and another one was for $1.25. None of them were ridiculously long and I was able to complete them in about 15 minutes each. That’s $3.90 for 45 minutes.

There were other surveys available too. I tried two of them but didn’t qualify. Those took me a total of about 5 minutes for the pre-qualification process. We’ll add that to my total time of 50 minutes that I spent on SurveyRewardz for the week to earn $3.90.

For good measure, we can say that I would have made somewhere around $4 in an hour on the site. That’s not bad for a spare hour of my time just answering some questions.

The surveys were interesting to me and covered topics I enjoy, so it didn’t seem like a chore to answer them like some surveys I’ve taken on other panels.

Using my example rate, I would say it’s possible to make between $20 to $30 per month here if you take surveys leisurely like I do. If you plan to take several more per week, you could easily make $50 or more per month.

What Do Members Say About SurveyRewardz?

I’ve checked out some online threads about SurveyRewardz to see what other members say about the panel. The reviews are mixed, but here are a few complaints that seem to be common:

Negative Customer Service Experiences

Several members who have contacted the SurveyRewardz customer service team have mentioned that it could use some help. Either they have to wait days to receive a response or they get no response at all. Either way, the customer service definitely can use some improvement.

Takes a While to Pay

Some members have mentioned having to wait a couple of weeks for their eGift cards to arrive. Since SurveyRewardz delivers these electronically to your email, the wait shouldn’t be that long. Most panels deliver eGift codes within two or three business days.

I searched the site to see if I could find the payment policy that gives some idea of how long to expect to wait for payment. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any help in that area.

Some Members Get Banned

I read a few threads from members saying that they got banned from the panel. Some panels ban members when they’re using sketchy practices, like flying through surveys just to get their money. However, these members noted that they hadn’t done anything wrong and never received an explanation.

SurveyRewardz isn’t without its faults. But, I have seen several other members say that they’ve gotten paid and have had success contacting customer service. It seems like everyone’s likely to have different experiences here.

Is SurveyRewardz Legit or a Scam?

SurveyRewardz, from my experience and research, is legitimate.

Yes, some members have had problems with their accounts closing unexpectedly. However, I’m willing to bet that maybe their quality score dropped because they weren’t taking care to answer questions honestly.

SurveyRewardz doesn’t tolerate that, so it makes sense that the panel would periodically check accounts and close them if necessary.

I’ve had no issues since joining and I was even able to cash out a PayPal payment. I’ve seen plenty of other members say that they’ve gotten paid, even if it took longer than expected.

How Can I Sign Up for SurveyRewardz?

Signing up for this panel is simple.

Head to SurveyRewardz. You’ll need to fill out your basic information to sign up. There’s no requirement to check your email and confirm your address to get started since SurveyRewardz doesn’t send email invitations.

Once you fill out the initial questionnaire, you’re ready to start taking surveys. Choose any of the surveys on the homepage to complete. You’ll see the reward along with the survey, so you’ll know how much you can make from it.

Final Thoughts

I hope this SurveyRewardz review helped you decide if the panel is a good option for you to join. You can always try it and see what it’s like. It’s quick to join, so you won’t have to worry about wasting time setting up your account only to find that you don’t like the panel.

Are you looking for some more great survey sites to join? Check out this list of our favorite survey sites at Frugal For Less.

As always, we want to hear from you! Let us know in a comment if you’ve tried SurveyRewardz and what your experience was like.

Amy Boyington

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Sorry, but i do only 3$ per month, so i truly dont believe you can do 50$ per month, not possible at all. Thats a false info.

SurveyJunkie, ERewards, OpinionOutpost, and OneOpinion are legitimate, verified money making survey websites. SurveyRewardz will take your money and refuse to give you any customer service. You will be out of all your money and they will give you no recourse to defend yourself. There are hundreds of similar complaints against Survey Rewardz and the BBB has a huge warning banner on the SurveyRewardz section of the website because they do the same thing to everybody.

Hi QualityPoints,

Thanks for sharing your opinion on the matter, and sorry it didn’t work out for you. I’m glad you were able to find alternative sites to use.

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