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Texture App Review: The Netflix Of Magazines (Updated 2019)

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texture app review

I love reading magazines. My problem is that I love them so much that I continuously add new subscriptions to my collection. One subscription is usually affordable, but once you start adding more subscriptions in, you can easily spend $100 or more every year on magazines.

When I heard about the Texture app for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices, I was amazed that such a thing existed. This app promises to give you access to over 200 of the best digital magazines out there.

All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee to Texture. It almost sounds too good to be true, but this app may just be the future of digital magazine subscriptions.

What is the Texture App?

The Texture app is completely free to download. Others have dubbed it “Netflix for magazines,” which is a pretty accurate description.

Instead of paying for individual magazine subscriptions, you can sign up for Texture, browse the selection, save your favorites, and add them to your library to read when you’re ready.

Basically, you’ll get access to the full catalog of over 200 digital magazines and their most recent issues when you sign up. No more individual subscriptions to keep track of and pay for.

Texture likely has your favorites in its catalog, and you can get them all for a monthly fee.

If you’ve ever heard of Next Issue, then you’ll be somewhat familiar with how Texture works. In fact, Texture is the newer version of Next Issue with a spiced up look and an intuitive interface.

Real people comb through the selection of magazines to ensure that they’re categorized properly, new and interesting stories get highlighted, and that you receive recommendations for magazines and stories that interest you.

What Magazines are Included?

There are tons of magazines included with your Texture subscription. When Texture says you receive access to over 200 digital magazines with your subscription, it isn’t kidding.

You can check out all the Texture titles here.

Where this app really shines is in its delivery of not only monthly magazines, but weekly ones, too. You can gain access to weekly People, Time, and US Weekly, for example, giving you even more bang for your buck and saving you tons of money on a yearly subscription or the price you’ll pay at the newsstand.

How Does Texture Work?

Once you sign up, Texture will prompt you to select some of your favorite magazines to place into your library. It takes just a few seconds and you’ll immediately have access to the magazines you saved!

You can continue to browse through the categories and find other magazines to add to your library. Or, just begin reading your saved selections.

New issues of your favorite magazines will automatically show within the Texture app, organized conveniently within your library. You won’t have to search for them every time a new issue is out.

Tap on the magazine you want to read, choose an issue, and enjoy! You can either tap on the side of your screen or swipe each “page” to continue reading and you can zoom in or out by pinching the screen, if needed.

It’s so simple and intuitive, even non-techies can learn to use the app!

Awesome Features

Texture is packed with such great features that really make it stand out as a digital reading app. Some are so subtle that you might not catch them at first, but you’ll be glad they’re there.

My Library

The My Library feature is the heart and soul of Texture. This is where you’ll find all of your saved magazines, browse new issues, and read each one. When you sign in to Texture, your library will automatically pop up, but you can always access it again from the menu if you happen to scroll away from it.

Your library conveniently stores your magazines neatly on its digital shelves. And, to keep it from getting cluttered, Texture stores each new issue in a group with the other issues of the same magazine.

If you want to browse through all the available issues, you can click on the most recent magazine cover and your library will open up a new shelf filled with all the issues you can choose from.

You can also sort your library alphabetically, most recently opened, or newest first, to suit your tastes. I prefer to keep mine sorted alphabetically (which happens to be the default setting), simply because it seems a little tidier to me.

From your library, you can also find all of your saved stories (I’ll get to that in a moment) and your downloaded issues.


When you sign into Texture, your library acts as your main screen. But, you can tap on the three lines in the upper left corner to access the menu, which will give you some more options. One of them is Highlights, and I think this is an incredible addition to the app.

I’ll admit that I get stuck on my tried and true magazines. I rarely veer off into new reading territory. But, the Highlights section changed that for me.

Highlights is a section of some hand-curated stories and articles from Texture editors. They’re thoughtfully organized into fun categories, like “Quick Reads,” for when you’re in a time crunch, and “Top 10 Reads,” for when you want to check out the trending topics for the day.

This feature has helped me branch out a little and choose some stories that I wouldn’t normally find because they’re not in the magazines I tend to read. Since I enjoyed the articles so much, I added their magazines to my favorite selections, giving me an even broader range of magazines to read.

And, for the other bloggers out there like myself, you’ll probably love all the blog topics popping in your head as you browse through the Highlights section. It’s the perfect way to drum up some new blog post ideas or even interesting dinner conversations based on what you read.

Browse Categories

Browsing through Texture’s selection of magazines couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Categories feature. This is another feature you can access via the menu.

Texture has several categories that help narrow your options so you can find what you’re looking for quickly, or to browse through magazines related to your interests. Entertainment, Food & Cooking, Men’s Lifestyle, and Automotive are just a few of the categories to look through.

You can also use the Most Popular category to see what magazines everyone else on Texture loves to read!  I’ve also found some interesting options that I normally wouldn’t choose in this category.

Texture Search

You would think that Texture’s “Search” function would probably be for searching for magazines. You can use it for that, of course, but it actually has much more functionality – and you’ll love it.

Texture’s search lets you search through its entire database of magazines for articles and stories related to your search.

So, for example, I can type in the phrase, “hearing loss,” and the search feature will bring up all magazine clips that match that phrase. This search brought up stories like, “Why Curing Deaf Mice’s Hearing Means for Humans” from Newsweek, and “Loud and Unclear Generation Deaf” in Cosmopolitan.

This feature can help you find articles you want to read for entertainment purposes, but it can also help with research projects, blog post ideas, and more.

Clip and Share Articles

If you use Evernote, you’ll like the fact that you can clip articles to save in your Evernote app. Keep your most important articles handy for future reference. Just make sure that you leave a description and tag with your clipped articles so you can find it easily later.

You can also create collections to which you can save stories that you want to read later right in the Texture app. When you’re reading an article, click the icon that looks like a blank page with a ‘+’ sign to save it to one of the already-created collections (Read Later, Recipes, and Ideas), or create a new one. I love this feature for recipes, especially, since inevitably lose most of the recipes I try to save from print magazines.

And, you can even share articles you love on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest using the “Share” feature.

Click-Through Stories

Unlike a print magazine, you have the option of tapping a story in the contents of an issue to go straight to that story. Texture really outdid itself with this seemingly simple feature, but it’s one that you won’t find in similar reading apps.

This really saves me time when I have a particular story I want to read that I saw on the cover of one of my issues. I can find the Contents section of the magazine and click on the story to go directly to it, instead of scrolling through each page to find it.  


One of the few things that may make this app somewhat iffy for users who don’t have a ton of extra space on their device is that you have to download each issue you want to read. Fortunately, Texture combats this problem with its helpful Settings menu that includes storage settings.

I suggest setting these up before you start using the app. You can change your maximum storage setting, which is set to the default 50% of your device’s storage, to a lower or higher setting. I placed mine on 10%, the lowest option, because I don’t typically need more than a few issues downloaded at a time. Once I read them, I can remove them from my device.

Texture makes it easy to do that, too. Go to Settings, and then Remove Issues. You can quickly remove all issues you’ve downloaded, all opened issues, or those you’ve had opened for more than a week or a month. Of course, you can remove them individually from your library, too. But, these intuitive settings place the icing on the cake for this app.

How Much Does It Cost?

Texture has two different subscriptions to choose from.

The Unlimited Basic Plan is $9.99 per month. This gives you access to all magazines on Texture, except for those with weekly issues.

The Unlimited Premium Plan is $14.99, which gives you access to every magazine Texture offers, including the weekly issue magazines.

I’m admittedly not a fan of monthly subscriptions for anything. As much as I love my Netflix and Hulu, I don’t particularly love paying a monthly fee. I’d rather just pay for something and be done with it. Except that, like Netflix and Hulu, Texture offers such an incredible selection that its monthly cost is worth it.

If you think about it, most magazine subscriptions cost between $15 to $20 every year. A weekly magazine subscription is more like $100 or more annually. If I subscribe to just two weekly magazines and two monthly magazines, I’ll pay somewhere around $240 every year for just four magazine subscriptions.

With Texture’s Unlimited Premium Plan, I’ll pay less than $180 a year and I’ll have access to any of the 200+ magazines available. I’d say the cost is worth it for avid magazine readers.

The best part? Texture offers a 30-day trial period when you sign up on the app! You’ll get a full month for free. That gives you plenty of time to learn about the app and see if you like it before committing to a monthly subscription.

You can cancel any time during your trial if you don’t love it. If you do, Texture will automatically put you on the Unlimited Premium Plan unless you specify that you want the Unlimited Basic Plan in your account settings.

Get Your Cost Down!

Texture even gives you a chance to lower your cost of a subscription by referring your friends, which is an easy way to make Texture even more valuable to you.

Share your thoughts about Texture on your blog, favorite social media networks, or in person. Every friend you refer who completes a free trial will give you a $15 Amazon gift card!

While you won’t get your subscription for free, technically, you’ll get your cost of a subscription paid for in a roundabout way. You might as well make some money off your love for Texture!

Give a Gift

Do you know someone who’s a magazine lover? Texture lets you gift a subscription to your loved one!

You can access this feature via your web browser or right through the app. Choose from a three-month, six-month, or twelve-month subscription, or you can even give your recipient three years of Texture!

Each gift saves you money over the regular monthly prices, and you can save a massive $120 from the three-year gift.

Texture even gives you the option to print a card with your gift information on it to give to your recipient or send them an emailed card with the info.

Pros and Cons of Texture

There are so many things I love about Texture, but there are a few things that could be improved. Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons:

  • On-demand reading of the most popular magazines on the market
  • Super-convenient search function helps you find magazines and stories of interest
  • Save articles to read later in your custom collections, or share interesting articles with friends and followers
  • Some magazines have enhanced content, like video interviews and photo slideshows, that add to your reading experience
  • Saves avid magazine readers a lot of money annually over the cost of magazine subscriptions
  • You can read your downloaded magazines without needing access to the internet
  • You can use one account on up to five different devices (including your web browser)
  • 30-day free trial gives you plenty of time to test it out
  • The Twitter share feature only provides a clunky URL to your Twitter feed; you’ll need to add in the title or your own text
  • Occasionally, scrolling through an issue will skip some stories and you’ll have to go back to find them
  • The subscription cost simply may not be worth it for people who only read magazines once in a while
  • It takes up a lot of space if you’re not diligent about cleaning out read issues or changing your settings
  • The app may not perform well on some devices, which is usually dependent on storage

Is Texture Worth It?

If you subscribe to several magazines that are on Texture’s list and don’t mind swapping your print copies for the digital versions, then yes, Texture is probably a great option for you.

But, if digital magazines aren’t your thing and you only read one magazine, then you won’t be doing yourself a favor by subscribing to Texture.

If you do decide to subscribe, make sure you cancel your print subscriptions, or you’ll essentially pay twice for your magazine.

Is The Texture App A Scam Or Legit?

Definitely not.

I’ve spent a lot of time using Texture and it doesn’t have a single red flag. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you signed up using your PayPal account, just be sure to cancel your automatic payments through there, too.

And, you don’t even have to pay before you have the chance to try it out. You get a full 30 days to test out the app before you get charged, unlike scams, which typically charge you to sign up.

If you don’t want to trust just my opinion, I completely understand.

You can also check out the reviews on the app stores, which are from real people like me who have tried Texture:

The thing I really love about Texture is it doesn’t try to entice you to make any other purchases. You pay your subscription fee every month and it leaves you alone. There’s no talk of paying more for extra features or getting more magazines. It’s literally all right there, waiting for you to use it for one monthly cost.

How Can I Sign Up for Texture?

Signing up for Texture is simple. You can do it either on the website or on your device.

On the web, visit Sign up with your basic information to take advantage of the 30-day free trial.

Or, download the app on Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Open Texture and fill in your details on the signup form. You’ll have the same trial offer if you choose this route.

Final Thoughts

Texture is such a great way to save money if one of your favorite forms of entertainment is reading magazines.

I encourage you to total the cost of your current magazine subscriptions or newsstand prices and check Texture’s list of magazines to make sure your favorites are on it (which they probably are). Do your subscriptions or magazine purchases total over $180 per year? If so, you’ll save money with Texture.

With a 30-day trial, you can’t go wrong. That gives you plenty of time to test out every feature and make sure the app is going to work for you before you pay a cent. In that time, you can catch up on all your favorites for free! It’s a fully-functional trial so you can test every facet of the app.

If you’ve tried Texture yourself or have any comments or questions about it, we would love to hear your thoughts in a comment!

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