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The AppJoy Nana App Pays You To Download Apps To Your Phone

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If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash on the go, the AppJoy Nana App pays you to download free apps to your phone. Apps that pay you to download apps typically require minimal effort for a great payout rate.

What Is The AppJoy Nana App?

The AppJoy Nana App (also known as AppNaNa) is a free mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. They pay you to install and run apps on your phone. All of the offers they have are completely free.

Most of the time the only requirement is to download the app and run it at least once in order to receive credits to your account. However, we suggest running the app and clicking around for 30 seconds. This way you can ensure that your account will get credited.

There are a few exceptions to this. Sometimes you will be required to open the app and complete some task or fill out some information. Be sure to read instructions on each offer carefully. For these type of offers, usually the payout is a bit higher.You can also earn credits by doing a daily check-in. Once every 24 hours, simply open the app and get rewarded.

Each time you download an app or do a daily check-in, your account is rewarded with points called nanas. These nanas can be exchanged for cash prizes such as gift cards to Amazon or direct deposits to your PayPal account.

The best part about this app? It’s available for international use. No matter where you are or what country you’re in, you can download apps and earn cash from across the globe. Keep in mind that different offers might be available depending on where you are.

How Much Can I Earn With The AppNaNa App?

30,000 nanas is equivalent to $1 USD, and you need a minimum of this amount to cash out. The more you save, the higher the value of your nanas. At the current rate of 30,000 per $1 USD, you would need 300,000 nanas before you can cash out for $10. Save up for a higher offer and you can cash out for as little as 160,000 for $10, almost half of what you would normally need.

The amount you can potentially earn with this app entirely depends on the amount of effort you’re willing to put in. However, there are only a limited amount of offers available. When you first download the app, there should be enough offers available to get you your first $1.

Once you get through these initial offers, you might see 1-2 new offers per week. For this reason, there’s no need to check back more than a few times per month -unless of course you’re doing the daily check-in. This gets you an extra 400 nanas. Definitely worth the effort since all you have to do is open the app once every 24 hours.

Refer Your Friends For Extra Cash

The cash doesn’t stop at just downloading free apps and doing check-ins. You can earn even more cash with AppNaNa by inviting your friends. For each friend you refer that uses your invitation code, you get a bonus of 2,500.

Not only that, but your friend also gets 2,500 once they enter the code successfully. I personally tell them this as a great motivator for them to enter my referral code. If you’d like to support FFL and get a 2,500 nana bonus, you can enter the invitation code w6758317. We’d greatly appreciate it!

How Do I Get Started With AppNaNa?

Getting started with the AppJoy Nana App is incredibly simple. However, in order to make sure you don’t miss a step, we’re going to break it down in just 4 easy steps.

1. Register.

You can register for a free account by clicking this link here. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


2. Download Apps or Check-in.

Start earning nanas right away by downloading free mobile apps or checking-in. There should be enough offers when you first log-in to get you your first dollar. From there, we suggest checking back about once a week for new offers.


3. Refer Friends.

Get some extra cash by referring your friends. Each time your friend signs-up and uses your referral code, you both get a bonus of 2,500 nanas. If you’d like to support FFL and get that bonus, use invitation code w6758317. Thank you!


4. Cash Out.

Once your account reaches a minimum balance of 30,000 nanas, you can cash out for gift cards or direct deposits to PayPal. However, we suggest waiting until you save up for more points. The more you save, the higher their value is.


What Are Other Apps That Pay You To Download Apps?

You don’t have to stop at just the AppNaNa App. There are plenty of other rewards apps that pay you to download apps to your phone. We’ve briefly listed our top 3 here. If you’d like a full list, you can view our top 10 list.

1. AppMan

AppMan is one of my favorite apps out there. They always have offers available, their payout rate is high, and they have an incredibly high referral rate. I typically find that I can earn at least a few dollars a week. If not, I know that each one of their apps has a payout rate that makes it worth my time.

On top of all of this, they give a $5 bonus to each person who registers as a new user. Furthermore, Their referral bonus is one of the highest in the industry. You get 50% of all of your friends’ earnings for life. You need a minimum of $10 to cash out, and your points can be exchanged for gift cards or direct payments to PayPal.

One thing we would like to warn users about is how they strict about using a VPN. If at any moment they get the slightest suspicion that you’re using a VPN, they will suspend your account. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to get your account back. In order to avoid this, be sure to never install any VPN software on your phone and always use a stable internet connection.

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2. CashPirate

CashPirate (bonus code XZQBIU) has been one of the fastest-growing apps in terms of apps that pay you to download other apps. While the payout isn’t quite as high as AppMan, it’s still worth your time.

If you’re looking to get an app with a decent referral bonus, this is also a good place to look. For each friend you refer, you get 10% of all of their earnings’ for life and 5% of all of their referrals. Not only that, but your friends also get a bonus of 500 coins when they register using your code.

When you first install the app, you can usually easily make an extra $3 – $ dollars. From there on out, expect to only make a couple of dollars per week at most since they don’t frequently provide new offers. This app is a great way to make a few extra dollars on the go for minimal effort

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3. Gift Bay

Gift Bay (bonus code 3b92e05) makes this list due to the fact that they have the most abundant amount of offers out there. It’s not uncommon for me to have quite a few extra downloads per week. Not only that, but the payout rate is quite high with a quick turnaround time. I always find that my reward has been given to me within 24 hours.

The great thing about Gift Bay is that you can also complete other tasks such as checking-in daily  or watching videos for more points. The more you check-in consecutively, the more points you get for this task.

The referral bonus is also quite high at 30% of all of your friends’ earnings for life. Since the offers are so abundant and keep on coming, you’re more likely to earn more money based off of referrals from this app. In fact, the offers are so abundant that you should be able to get around $5 when you first install the app.

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Final Thoughts

The AppNaNa App is a great way for you to make some extra cash on the go. Although you’re only required to install the app and open it (most of the time) to receive credit, we suggest opening it for a minimum of 30 seconds. This way you can ensure that you’ll earn nanas.

Convince your friends to use your referral code to earn even more points. If you have any questions or comments regarding the AppJoy Nana App, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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