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The New Amazon Prime Store Card: Get 5% Cash Back And A $40 Sign-up Bonus

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If you make frequent purchases from Amazon, the new Amazon Store Card is definitely worth taking a look at. We’ve already looked at ways to get up to 16.5% off of all Amazon purchases, but this method can’t be used one-hundred percent of the time.

The Store Card on the other hand makes it simple and gives Prime members a choice of either 5% cash back on all purchases or special promotional financing options. Currently there’s a limited time offer that gives you $40 dollars in Amazon credit just for signing-up. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

amazon-displayHow Does The Cash Back Work?

Amazon previously introduced the Amazon Rewards Visa Card from Chase giving its members 3% cash back on all Amazon purchases in the form of points. These points could either be redeemed as statement credit, cash or be converted into Amazon credit. Definitely not a bad option.

The Amazon Store card takes it up a step further and gives Non-Prime members an even bigger reason to sign-up for Amazon Prime. Cardholders will receive 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases every day.

Amazon-Store-Card-Prime-Card-5-percent1Of course there are a few exceptions. After reading some fine print you will find that the only categories excluded from this special cash back offer include digital newspaper and magazine subscriptions, Amazon Prime memberships, along with games and software downloads. This is where your Amazon Rewards Visa Card becomes handy, still giving you 3% cash back on these three categories.

Cash back takes up to two billing cycles to be shown in your account and is only given in the form of Amazon credit. This means that any cash back you receive from the Amazon Store Card cannot only be used toward future purchases on Amazon.

Still, it’s a sweet deal, especially if you’re frequently buying things off of Amazon (and who isnt?). This card is great because it gives you a chance to earn some extra cash and doesn’t include an annual fee.

What Special Financing Offers Are Available?

There’s a lot of specifics and fine print that go into the promotional financing this card offers, but here we’re just going to give you the key points that you need to know. There are 4 financing options available.

amazon-store-card-financing1. 6 Months Of Special Financing. If your total purchase amount is at least $149 dollars, you won’t have to pay credit card interest as long as the card is paid in full within a 6 month timeframe. However, you still have to pay the minimum balance each month (usually around $25.00).

2. 12 Months Of Special Financing. Same thing as the offer above, but this time if your total purchase amount is at least $599 dollars you can qualify for up to 12 months of no interest.

3. 24 Months Of Special Financing. This offer only applies to select Amazon-sold items that are advertised as eligible products sold by If you buy from third-party vendors, this won’t apply. However, if any order contains at least one item that qualifies as an Amazon-sold item, that third-party item will also qualify.

4. 12 Months Equal Pay. The eligibility of this promotion depends on your credit score. Again, this offer only applies to select Amazon-sold products. Basically this option allows you to make 12 equal payments over the course of 12 months. As long as you pay that balance, no interest will be charged.

Just make sure you pay off your balance each time or you’ll be charged with a hefty 25.99% interest rate with a minimum interest charge of $1.50. The one important note that I want to make is that you can only choose between 5% cash back or promotional financing, but you can’t select them both.

Upon approval for the card, your purchases will automatically be selected for the cash back option. If you want to change to special financing, visit the “Your Account” page and select the desired option.

Other Methods Of Saving

There are a few other ways on how to save on Amazon that can be used in addition to the Amazon Store Card.

Shopping Portals

You can get extra cash back by making purchases through an online shopping portal. The one we recommend specifically is, giving you a chance to add an extra 8% off of your Amazon purchase.

All you have to do is create an account and use their Amazon link to make a purchase and you’ll receive extra cash back.

befrugal-cash-back-amazonIf you want more information on how this works, I’ve already written up a guide that shows you how to get the most cash back at Amazon.

Amazon Subscribe And Save

Amazon Subscribe And Save is a great way to save on everyday items. Search for items that you purchase on a monthly basis and you’ll be sure to find something a product that is eligible for Subscribe & Save.

Subscribe for one item and you get 5% off, or 5 or more items and get up 15% off. The Amazon Store Card with 5% extra in cash back added on top makes it gravy.

amazon-subscribe-save-frugalIf you want to learn more about the best way to maximize your savings on Subscribe & Save, you can check out my complete guide here.

What If I Already Have The Amazon Store Card?

If you applied for the Amazon Store Card before, you were getting 3% cash back on all purchases. If you applied for the card on or after March 1st, 2015, your card will automatically be upgraded to receive 5% cash back on all purchases.

However, if you applied for the card before this date, go to and click on the “Upgrade Now” button. All of the terms that were on your card previously will remain the same.

FILE - In this Monday, Dec., 1, 2008, file photo, an employee grabs boxes off the conveyor belt to load in a truck at their Fernley, Nev., warehouse. Inc. says it is adding 7,000 jobs in 13 states, beefing up staff at the warehouses where it fills orders, and in its customer service division. The company says it will add 5,000 full-time jobs at its U.S. distribution centers, which currently employ about 20,000 workers who pack and ship customer orders. (AP Photo/Scott Sady, File)

The only change that you may need to make to your account is by becoming an Amazon Prime member. If you aren’t a current Amazon prime member, the sign-up bonus is only $10. So make sure to sign-up for Prime first and then go apply for the credit card to get the $40 credit.

Final Thoughts

After doing a price comparison with Walmart, we know that Amazon has some of the best prices around. Getting extra cash back on top of that is just extra gold that you can take home. If you’re thinking of applying, do it now while they still are offering $40 in Amazon credit as a sign-up bonus.

Remember that this 5% applies to all Amazon purchases except for the 3 exceptions mentioned above. When looking at financing, be sure to read all terms and conditions before.

In order to use special financing, be sure to activate it under “Your Account” page, otherwise you’ll automatically be selected to receive 5% cash back in the form of Amazon credit.

Amazon offers a wide selection of credit cards with different sign-up bonuses. You can check them out by viewing their credit card page. Thanks for reading and enjoy your new Amazon Store Card. Happy Frugaling!

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