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These 3 Browser Extensions Will Save You Tons When Shopping Online

These 3 Browser Extensions Will Save You Tons When Shopping Online
Jason Wuerch Oct 26, 2015
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When shopping online, it’s difficult to find the best prices when there are hundreds if not thousands of retailers that you have to compare prices with. Maybe after about an hour or so you find the item you’re looking for at the price you want, only to find out a few minutes letter that you could have gotten it from somewhere else even cheaper.

Fortunately, there are a few browser extensions that you can download to help you avoid all of this hassle. They will help you compare prices on the item you’re looking at before you make the purchase. Take note that these extensions are only available for the Google Chrome Browser and are 100% free.

1. Honey

The Honey Extension is my favorite of the three. Now you can stop searching for coupon codes all across the web. When you’re viewing an item to purchase, the Honey will display a pop-up box that shows you available discount codes and coupons that can be applied to your purchase. In fact, these coupons will be applied automatically upon checkout so you don’t have to enter in any extra information. On average expect to find at least 1-2 codes per purchase depending on the shopping site.

2. PriceBlink

PriceBlink is another Google Chrome extension that stays hidden until you start shopping online. Once you’re viewing an item that you’re interested in, PriceBlink will automatically find the exact same model and compare it to other retailers, giving you the cheapest option available. Not only that, but PriceBlink also gathers coupons from across the web. Unlike the Honey Extension, you will have to enter these codes manually. The feature that I personally like best is that PriceBlink will help you make better shopping decisions by showing you user reviews. Sometimes a website doesn’t offer any user reviews. Click on the PriceBlink user review button, and you’ll see how it reviews on other retailers. This can save you a ton of time.

 3. Camelizer

The Camelizer Extension is a little bit different from the other two. When you view a retailer’s page, a Camel icon will appear in the URL toolbar. Click on it to view historical trends and previous prices on specific products. I personally find this great because I can compare when prices are the cheapest depending on the time of year. For example, you might find the greatest price drop around Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The Camelizer will help you realize whether a current price is actually considered good or not by comparing past prices. You can even sign-up to be notified when a price drops via your email or Twitter account.

4. Save More Money With Online Shopping Portals

While this doesn’t include another Chrome extension, it’s still a great way to save a ton of extra cash on your online purchases by using online cash back portals. We’re here to walk you through it step-by-step.

What Are Portals?

Online Cash Back portals are websites that pay you a commission each time you use one of their affiliate links to make a purchase. When you do this, they earn cash, and give most of that money (or all of it) back to the user, you.

There are lots of portals available, but my personal favorites are Giving Assistant ($5 sign-up bonus), TopCashBack, and BeFrugal. You can also view our list of Top 10 Cash Back Portals.

These portals are linked to thousands of retailers online, so it’s always a good idea to use one no matter what you’re purchasing. On average you should be able to save 7% extra on every purchase. Once you get a minimum amount of cash back in your portal account, you can redeem it for gift cards or have it directly deposited into your PayPal.

Compare The Portals

Since there are so many portals to choose from, we need a way to quickly compare the best ones. Fortunately there’s a website that helps us do that called CashBackMonitor. Type in where you want to shop and you’ll see how much each portal will give you in cash back for that specific retailer.

CashBackMonitor has quite a few portals in their database, but I do not recommend using just any of them. After many experiences making a purchase with each purchase, I found that some were reluctant to give me any cash back after my purchase. The portals on this list are all the ones that you can trust.

We’re going to use Home Depot as an example. Go to the CashBackMonitor website and type in “Home Depot” and you’ll notice that TopCashBack gives you the best rate at 5.1%.

From there we go to TopCashBack and type in “Home Depot” in their search bar. Your results should display you getting 5.1% cash back, just like on the CashBackMonitor page. Click on the link and you’ll automatically be redirected to the Home Depot webpage. Make your purchase like you normally would, and within a week you’ll get 5.1% of your total purchase price in your account.

Final Thoughts

Before you start your next shopping adventure online, make sure to use these 3 extensions as well as a cash back portal to get the most out of your savings. From using both of these alone, I tend to save an average of anywhere from 5% – 10% on every online purchase.

Do you have any other extensions in mind that can help you save when shopping online? Let us know down below, as we’d love to hear about them!

Jason Wuerch

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